The Math of 150 Quiltmakers; Giveaway!

Today’s the day the March/April ’13 issue of Quiltmaker officially goes on sale. We’re very excited about this issue—it’s our 150th! One hundred and fifty regular issues, times an average of 10 patterns, is 1,500 quilt patterns.

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Each and every one has had a quilting plan, so that’s 1,500 quilting plans! Let’s use a nice round number for average patches per quilt: 500. So that’s 500 x 1,500 for a total of 750,000 patches. Wow!

150Blocks The Math of 150 Quiltmakers; Giveaway!

We celebrate our 150th issue by giving you something really fun: A Block Bonanza! You’ll find it on page 75: 150 block diagrams in two or three colors, all made from basic shapes (mostly half-square triangles). Later this week I’ll share some more math with you explaining how you can make these blocks in any size you want.

QMMP 130400 spring 450 The Math of 150 Quiltmakers; Giveaway!

Spring Skinnie by Margie Ullery

Like a breath of fresh air, our Spring Skinnie designed by Margie Ullery will lift your spirits.

QMMP 130400 spring wool 450flat The Math of 150 Quiltmakers; Giveaway!

This version of Spring Skinnie features wool applique.

If you’d like to do the applique in wool, we have a great page full of how-tos and tips.

QMMP 130400 tote 450 The Math of 150 Quiltmakers; Giveaway!

Haute Tote by Sue Marsh

If you’d like a new bag for spring, Sue Marsh’s Haute Tote will fit the bill. She used leftover strips from another project and a cream solid for a fresh, modern look.


QMMP 130400 tote back 450 The Math of 150 Quiltmakers; Giveaway!

…and here's the view from the other side.



Dressing a table is always fun in the spring, so do it with Edyta Sitar’s Bloomin’ Baskets runner.

QMMP 130400 bloom 450flat The Math of 150 Quiltmakers; Giveaway!

Bloomin' Baskets by Edyta Sitar

Use the earthy colors shown or adopt a different palette. The choice is yours! We give detailed instructions for Edyta’s easy fusible machine applique method. You’ll love it.

*     *     *     *     *

That’s just the beginning of what’s in this issue. There is lots more! So how about a giveaway?! We know not everyone who reads Quilty Pleasures is a subscriber, so if you’re not and you’d like to win a copy of March/April ’13 plus some pretty fat quarters, leave a comment below by midnight Wednesday, Feb. 6. Answer this question: Of the projects you’ve seen so far, which one(s) would you like to make? We’ll choose three winners and send them their prizes promptly.

The winners are: Hueisei (#62), Kimberly M (#182) and Karen (#21). Thank you to everyone who participated!

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