How to Hurt a Quilter’s Feelings

k4384193 How to Hurt a Quilters Feelings

The sewing machine repair guy hurt my feelings last week. I took my machine in for a checkup, and when I got it back, he was not shy in expressing his distaste for its state.


repair1 How to Hurt a Quilters Feelings

Writing “very dirty” in his labor list didn’t bother me too much.



repair2 How to Hurt a Quilters Feelings

It was when he wrote it again, with emphasis, that my psyche took a bruisin’.



MB900434403 How to Hurt a Quilters Feelings

Gosh, did you really have to circle it three times? It’s not like I keep it in the barn…but…but then I think back, and I remember the time several years ago when I grabbed my spraycan of air and doused my machine’s guts with it real good.


Only to realize that the can was actually one of basting spray—the sticky, gooey kind that was marketed long ago.

MB900354598 How to Hurt a Quilters Feelings


I didn’t tell Mr. Repairman about that incident. I figured what he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. In hindsight, maybe I should have. It would have prepared him for the carnage. Imagine all the stuff that stickiness attracted. It makes me shudder.


repair9 How to Hurt a Quilters FeelingsHe politely put a sticker on the machine indicating when it would be time for another checkup. You can bet I won’t go a day past one year. I set up a text reminder on my calendar and my phone.

But seriously, this did make me consider some questions.

• Am I performing routine maintenance?
• How long had it been since the machine was serviced?
• If I covered the machine when not in use, could I keep it cleaner?
• Should I be using different thread, to reduce the amount of lint?

And these questions gave me an idea for Quilty Pleasures.

I suspect I’m not the only one who puts off small maintenance tasks in the sewing room. Wouldn’t it be great if someone reminded you to do them? Well, Quiltmaker is going to do just that. On the 20th of each month, we’ll remind you, and we’ll call it Tune-Up on Twenty. We’ll start with tomorrow’s blog post: 2/20/13. Tune-Up on Twenty. See you then!

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