A Chat with Judy Laquidara of Patchwork Times

QMMP 130200 cover 200 A Chat with Judy Laquidara of Patchwork TimesThe Jan/Feb issue of Quiltmaker, on newsstands now, features Dawn and Dusk, designed and made by Judy Laquidara.

QMMP 130200 JUDY 450flat A Chat with Judy Laquidara of Patchwork Times

Dawn and Dusk by Judy Laquidara. Fabrics: Gentle Flowers by Quilt Gate USA.

You may know Judy from her popular blog, Patchwork Times. She has 21 free quilt patterns there and this one is my favorite:

FebQOV7 A Chat with Judy Laquidara of Patchwork Times

It’s called Pick a Pinwheel. Check them out when you have a chance. I chatted with Judy by email to learn more about what she’s up to these days. I hope you’ll enjoy her answers.

*     *     *     *     *

picture 72869 A Chat with Judy Laquidara of Patchwork Times

Judy loves her chickens.

I know from your blog that you divide your hours between sewing, cooking,
knitting, blogging, chicken-keeping and more. How do you find the time? How
do you prioritize?

Some of those things kinda prioritize themselves. The chickens have to be let out at daylight so that gets me up and going early. During the summer, the gardening needs to be done very early in the morning. By mid-morning, the rest of the day is mine to sew, or knit. By mid-afternoon, it’s time to get the cooking done. After dinner, I’m back out in the garden ’til dark.

DSC01633 A Chat with Judy Laquidara of Patchwork Times

Judy's garden











I take breaks—usually waiting for the iron to heat up or water to
boil, and it’s those times that I find a few minutes for blogging.

I am not a TV watcher nor a shopper, so almost every waking moment is spent in the sewing room, in the garden or in the kitchen. I love all my hobbies and never feel like cooking or pulling weeds is a chore.

DSC01589 A Chat with Judy Laquidara of Patchwork Times

Some of Judy's garden produce


I’m either blessed or cursed, however you look at it, that I have a
very high energy level and cannot sit still for long. The more I have
going on, the less likely I am to drive my husband crazy!

Tell us about the chickens please! How did it start and how is it going now?

When I was a young child, my grandparents had a farm a couple of hours from where we lived and I loved spending time there and playing with the chickens. I begged Vince for years and years to let me get chickens and he would not.

28681690 400x400 A Chat with Judy Laquidara of Patchwork Times

When we lived in Missouri, we lived in the city limits and Vince made the mistake of telling me that he so wished we could get chickens but, “…sorry honey, they’re not allowed
in the city limits.” One day I was talking to our mail carrier and telling him how I wished I could have chickens but they weren’t allowed in the city. He said “That’s not true. You can have chickens in the city.”

 A Chat with Judy Laquidara of Patchwork Times

Judy's chicken coop

I made a quick call to city hall, got a copy of the ordinance, and when Vince walked in the door, I said, “We CAN have chickens!” He was shocked but what could he say? We got 10 hens. We could not have roosters in the city limits, but we could have hens.

We had them about 1-1/2 years when we found out we were moving to
Texas. There was no way I could bring them and they were all pets by
then with names and personalities! I was at the dentist before we were leaving and he asked me what we were doing about our chickens and I busted out crying. It ended up that one of his hygienists had a few hens and she said she would take them. In the process, both of her young children ended up with quilts I made for them!

 A Chat with Judy Laquidara of Patchwork Times

There are always fresh eggs at Judy's house.


When we finally found a house and got set up here in Texas, we had a
coop built and got 8 hens and then the babies were so cute, we got 8 more, then a few more, and then we had to build a second chicken coop. Our chickens
are pets and we have fun with them.

Dawn and Dusk is an interesting mix: neutral colors, traditional blocks and
lovely feminine fabrics. What is this quilt’s story?

The truth is y’all asked me to use those fabrics!  (Don’t print that!)

QMMP 130200 JUDY 450flat A Chat with Judy Laquidara of Patchwork Times
Dawn and Dusk by Judy Laquidara. Fabrics: Gentle Flowers by Quilt Gate USA.


Most of the quilts I design do use traditional blocks.  I believe that
with pieced quilts, the fabrics used can totally change the look of
even the most traditional blocks. When Dawn and Dusk was first
designed, the fabrics were bold and bright.  I was apprehensive about the neutrals but the more I fondled the fabric and began putting them together, the more I loved the softness, the blending and the overall comforting look. The minute my husband saw the completed quilt, he asked if we could use that on our bed and that is exactly where it is currently.

What projects are in the works for you now?

I’ve just finished a quilt to send to a friend who is going through chemo. I’m about to finish the second of three identical Quilts of Valor. I’m in the middle of making a quilt for my daughter-in-law Nicole. There are always more quilts dancing around in my head than I’m able to make. This time of year I’m able to get more quilting done. Soon the garden will demand more of my time.

Anything else you’d like QM readers to know?

I want everyone to have as much fun as I do every day! From the
minute I awake in the morning, until I go to bed late at night, I’m
trying to figure out how I can squeeze more activities into my waking
hours. Every minute that passes is a minute that’s gone forever and
we all need to enjoy life and make the most of our time.

*     *     *     *     *

QMMP 130200 cover 200 A Chat with Judy Laquidara of Patchwork Times

You’ll find Dawn and Dusk in the Jan/Feb ’13 issue of Quiltmaker.

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I'm an editor for Quiltmaker magazine in Golden, Colorado, USA. For six years, I wrote pattern instructions, product reviews and how-to articles. Then I spent four years as QM's Interactive Editor, working to generate much of our online content. Now I'm back to patterns and how-tos, which is a great fit for me. I still love writing about quilt-related topics for Quilty Pleasures, and I always have my finger on the pulse of the quilting world. I teach a variety of quilt classes and give guild programs, too. Reach me by email: editor@quiltmaker.com.
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12 Responses to A Chat with Judy Laquidara of Patchwork Times

  1. Linda Smith says:

    What a great article and beautiful quilts! Judy is so creative and inspiring! I just subscribed to Quiltmaker in December. I hope my subscription begins with this issue including Judy’s quilt on the cover. I can hardly wait to receive it! Thanks for including Judy in your publication, and also for the terrific job all the folks at Quiltmaker do to make it a wonderful publication.

  2. Laurel Davis says:

    What a great interview. Thanks for chatting with Judy! She gets more accomplished in a day than any person I know of!

  3. Betty Price says:

    A great article. I love you magazine also. Thanks for all of that.

  4. Wholey moley! i almost bought that issue at joanns today, but I was running late and left it behind. Well next time I’m there….

  5. A wonderful interview with one of my favorite quilters!

  6. Nann says:

    Reading Judy’s blog is like having a daily visit with a dear friend. I especially appreciate the participatory features — Color Palette Challenge, Stash Report, and Design Wall Monday. Judy is gracious and generous.

  7. Rose Nutira says:

    I too follow Judy’s blog daily, she is such an inspiration and a delight … even to those of us living at the bottom of the world :) I love being afforded the opportunity to be a small part of her exciting and oh so busy life!

  8. karen clark says:

    I, too, follow Judy’s blog. I love her quilts, stories, etc. She does so much for everyone who reads her blog. I wonder if she know how much we appreciate everything! She has even taken the time out to answer my questions on knitting socks and chickens! Judy is one person who I would love to have as a neighbor and friend.

  9. Ann says:

    wonderful article. I am a follower of her blog too, delightful.

  10. Judy is a delight. Her blog makes me laugh every day. She is so encouraging and enthusiastic to us who don ‘t have her energy. Truly an amazing woman who lives life every moment to the fullest. Thank you for the excellent article and yet another great pattern.

  11. Erin says:

    Love this article! I too follow Judy’s blog! Learned more about her! Thank u!

  12. Joanna Guglielmino says:

    Thanks for this very interesting article! I follow Judy’s blog, but there are some little details of her journey that I didn’t know (the chickens-in-the-city story, for example).
    How inspiring to see Judy’s productive garden!

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