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Quiltmaker celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2012 with the publication of Quiltmaker’s Garden as a series quilt. Our quilt was made by Peg Spradlin from Cozad, Nebraska. Peg has sewn for us and our sister publications for many years. She often has helpful insights after completing a QM project.

14151 pattern img Helpful Hint on Machine Quilting

Quiltmaker's Garden, a series quilt from 2012 issues of Quiltmaker


A Tip on Meandering

By Peg Spradlin

I find meander quilting to be more challenging and difficult than following a marked design. When a design is marked, I can go on auto-pilot and let the rhythm flow. But when the design is not marked, having to decide where to take the next stitches interrupts the flow and makes the process less relaxing.

I worked out a compromise when I quilted Quiltmaker’s Garden. I first marked the daisy motif on the quilt top in a random but evenly spaced pattern.

Anni. quilt quiltinga 300x225 Helpful Hint on Machine Quilting

Mark the daisy motifs


I placed a pin on each of the marked daisies, but I made them highly visible with Pinmoors so that I could easily spot them as I was meander quilting.  The Pinmoors helped to draw my attention to the daisies.

Pinmoors are small, soft anchors shaped a bit like a pencil eraser. Pins sink easily into Pinmoors, which are brightly colored and feel spongy like an earplug. I used the Pinmoors to draw attention to the pins—it was like giving myself a warning light saying, “There’s a daisy coming up.”

Anni quilt quiltingb 300x225 Helpful Hint on Machine Quilting

Mark the designs with highly visible pins.


This made finishing up Quiltmaker’s Garden easy and fun!

Anni. quilt quiltingc 218x300 Helpful Hint on Machine Quilting

The finished quilting


All of us at Quiltmaker look forward to seeing many reader versions of this beautiful quilt. If you’re working on it, you’re invited to send in-process photos to us: We’d love to see how it’s coming along!


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7 Responses to Helpful Hint on Machine Quilting

  1. DianeH says:

    I struggle with meandering and will certainly give this method a try. Thanks!

  2. Patricia says:

    I love this tip! Thanks for sharing!!!

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  4. MarciaW says:

    this is a helpful post

  5. Peg Spradlin says:

    Glad you like the quilt, Marilyn. It’s a beauty and was presented as a 5 part series in the 2012 issues of Quiltmaker starting with the March/April issue.

  6. Marilyn Snow says:

    Thanks for the great idea! I absolutely love the quilt!!! such a cute design. Which issue of the magazine is the pattern in? I want to make one for my wall. Thanks!!!

  7. Judy says:

    That’s a great idea… incorporating motifs with meandering!….Gonna try this!
    Your work is beautiful!

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