Giveaway! 2013 Quilting Calendars

This is the final week of Quiltmaker’s Countdown to Christmas. I’m glad you’re here!

QMs CountdowntoXmas2 Giveaway! 2013 Quilting Calendars

The folks at Martingale have outdone themselves with beautiful calendars for 2013. We’ll pass them along to you as a giveaway below.

71359 Giveaway! 2013 Quilting Calendars

Kim Diehl’s Simply Beautiful Quilts 2013 Calendar features quilts from her popular Simple series of books. The quilts are featured in cozy setup shots with antiques and seasonal items. Just a whole lot of fun to look at!


71358 Giveaway! 2013 Quilting Calendars

Get a lot of bang for your buck with That Patchwork Place Quilt Calendar 2013. Complete instructions for making each of a dozen favorite designs from the likes of Nancy Mahoney, Carrie Nelson, Kim Brackett and Amy Ellis. Each monthly image is a flat shot of the quilt and styles range from traditional to contemporary. Remember: you get a pattern for each and every quilt!

71360 Giveaway! 2013 Quilting Calendars

Seriously special quilts are the focus of Award-Winning Quilts 2013 Calendar. This one features quilts from the International Quilt Association, producers of International Quilt Festival and International Quilt Market. Each featured quilt won an award at one of IQA’s several shows around the country. These are the kind that take quilting to a whole new level.

MAIN Phalen2013Calendar Giveaway! 2013 Quilting Calendars

Three equally gorgeous calendars arrived recently from Landauer Publishing. First there’s Quilts from a Painter’s Art 2013 Calendar. Watercolorist Diane Phalen is best known for her popular American quilt series—a vibrant collection of paintings featuring the flowers, cottages, barns, country stores and Amish of rural Pennsylvania.

MAIN TBCalendar2013 Giveaway! 2013 Quilting Calendars

Lynette Jensen’s Thimbleberries 2013 calendar features a collection of beautiful photographs showcasing quilts selected from her most popular books. Thimbleberries fans will enjoy the beauty of Lynette’s designs set in lush natural surroundings and cozy cottages.

MAIN LBQ2013Calendar Giveaway! 2013 Quilting Calendars

Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts has put together a calendar to make you look forward to each new month. Gorgeous photos from her book Scrappy Firework Quilts are showcased all year long. Edyta’s beautiful batik fabrics highlight every page.

QMs CountdowntoXmas2 Giveaway! 2013 Quilting Calendars

Four of these calendars are up for giveaway! Leave a comment below before midnight Tuesday, Dec. 18 for your chance to win one calendar. There will be four different winners. In the comment, tell us one quilt-related goal you have for 2013. We’ll choose winners and announce them here. It’s been so much fun to see what goals you have for 2013—and it will help us think about what kinds of things you might like to see in Quiltmaker. Thank you for sharing them with us. The giveaway winners are Mary-Frances #30, Christy #152, Denise #177 and Diane #68. Each has been notified.


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I'm an editor for Quiltmaker magazine in Golden, Colorado, USA. For six years, I wrote pattern instructions, product reviews and how-to articles. Then I spent four years as QM's Interactive Editor, working to generate much of our online content. Now I'm back to patterns and how-tos, which is a great fit for me. I still love writing about quilt-related topics for Quilty Pleasures, and I always have my finger on the pulse of the quilting world. I teach a variety of quilt classes and give guild programs, too. Reach me by email:
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283 Responses to Giveaway! 2013 Quilting Calendars

  1. Christine says:

    In 2013 I plan to finish the quilt for my guest room – it has been way too many years in the making! A nephew is getting married, so I will be hosting a Quilting Shower and will do the quilting after the top is pieced. Most importantly, two quilting friends lost their husbands this year; so I want to spend more quilting time with them as they go through the grieving process.

  2. Sandy W. says:

    One of my quilting goals for 2013 is to use up my existing containers of scraps by making quilts for small children.

  3. Debbie Goad says:

    One goal is to quilt some of my finished tops that have been put aside while I piece new ones. I have a wedding quilt to make, a quilt promised to my niece and a quilt my dad asked me to make. Lots to do and wish I had more time to sew.

  4. Brooke Ehly says:

    My goal is to quilt the tops I have hiding in my closet… 6 or 7 of them!

  5. Martha says:

    My goal for 2013 is to finish the quilt I started in 2004 and to make a baby quilt for a former coworker. And then…..

  6. Allison42 says:

    I want to do more quilting on the tops I already have stockpiled in the closet so my good intention for 2013 would be to come out of the closet (so to speak! :) )

  7. Karen A says:

    I recently got a new sewing machine that has lots of space to allow quilting. I have no more excuses for not getting my tops quilted now. 2013 will be the year of finished projects!

  8. Toni Stone says:

    Wow I can only list one. It would have to be the quilt and accessories I am making for my room. I have portions done on the quilt and shams and material bought for the pillowcases. Just trying to find the right sashing material for my quilt.

  9. Susan B says:

    My goals are to finish some UFOs and to better organize all my fabrics and notions. Thanks for the giveaway – I love the calendars.

  10. Sandy says:

    How ’bout to make a freakin’ quilt?? :D

  11. Susan Schwager says:

    I have so many projects that need to be finished! I hope to finish ONE of them in 2013. Let’s all cross our fingers!

  12. Linda Webster says:

    My goal for 2013 si to finish some of the unfinished projects I still have from 2012. They are projects I do want to finish but just haven’t had the time. Next year, I’ll be making time for them!

  13. carol l says:

    Working on a quilt for each member of my family, bed size. Wonderful calendars, count me in.
    Carol L

  14. Annaleena says:

    First I should finish couple old ufos so I can start new projects. I’m planning to improve my skills in quilting with domestic sewing machine and hand appliqueing. I think I’ll have a very interesting and enjoyable quilting year 2013. Thanks for a chance.

  15. Claudia says:

    Psst, Santa, the Award-Winning Quilts 2013 Calendar would look really great on the wall in my studio to keep me on track for the year. One goal: first, clean up the mess that has accumulated from this year. It is a disaster area. Second, complete my Hoffman challenge. Third, I sent for the challenge package for another challenge yesterday. Mostly, make more quilts to send to the Hurricane Sandy survivors, and possibly one to Newtown. And at least one QOV for a veteran.

  16. Brenda says:

    I need to seriously use my stash and make some quilts. I recently moved to another state and it took half of a moving truck just for my fabric. I love fabric and the beautiful things created with it. I made myself a promise to use what I have before purchasing more…well, it was a nice goal. Maybe for 2013 I will do better, or maybe just sew more so I can use up what I have and still begin a new stash for future projects. After all, fabric withdrawl could be dangerous to my health, right? Thanks for the chance to win. I love new projects.

  17. Lyn says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I would like to learn to FMQ on my new Janome 7700 (which I also have to learn to use!)

  18. Sharon says:

    I love quilt calendars – I would really like to play with Batiks in 2013. They are a fabric I love, but have never worked with.

  19. Cindy says:

    My goal is to make a large lap quilt for my sister which I am hoping to FMQ. That means I have to practice, practice, practice since I’m a beginner. Would love to win a quilt calendar! Thanks for the giveaway.

  20. LizaA says:

    I plan on to finish a paper pieced quilt I began last year AND to quilt some of the unfinished quilt tops accumulating in my sewing room.

  21. Peggy Ramm says:

    I really must finish a 50th birthday gift for a friend…(who will
    turn 53 in 2013!) You can’t rush these things!!
    And I know somewhere is a quilt I started when I first met my
    husband (20+ yrs ago!).

  22. Nancy Fraser says:

    My goal for 2013 is to quilt my King size log cabin quilt, which is pieced using 4″ blocks.

  23. Sandy carter says:

    Love the calenders!! I hope to complete a quilt for each of my grandchildren and one for my husband!!

  24. Donna Chambers says:

    I love your calendars. My 2013 is to make and finish five quilts for family members and also learn how to hand quilt. :-)

  25. Nancy McEnanly says:

    I can’t wait to see the quilts in these calendars. Then I can finish the quilts I am trying to make my nieces, and start and finish one for our grand-niece who is getting married in August!

  26. Debbie Tarangul says:

    my goal is to finish as many UFO’s as possible, use up some of my stash and most of all….finish my son’s wedding quilt. I plan on being in my studio a ton in the coming year!!!

  27. Loretta Griffin says:

    My 2013 goal is to finish my first big quilt ever.

  28. Nancy Sue says:

    Having just moved in November, and yes, still unpacking, I’ve placed my hands on my UFOS twice now. Once to pack it, and another time to unpack it. Realizing how many UFOs I have, I’m going to try to chip out time EACH day to sew. I’ve said it before, but I’m really going to try to stick to it. So what if I’m sewing at 11.59pm trying to reach my goal:)

  29. Elizabeth says:

    My goal is to quilt those 10 tops I’ve been piecing this year. Playing catchup!

  30. Karen says:

    I would like to complete an ocean waves quilt for a gift for a fiftyth wedding anniversary and then start on a wedding quilt.

  31. hueisei says:

    My goal is to finish an i spy quilt for my son

  32. My goal is to make christmas quilts and gifts all year long, so I will have things for myself and lots of gifts to give to others.


  33. Ellen Kuber says:

    My goal is to complete the wedding and baby shower quilts that I owe my son and daughter in law & quilts for my 3 other grandchildren.

  34. JoAnn says:

    My goal for 2013 is to finish more projects than I start. That has been my goal for several years, and I think I might be gaining on my many UFOs!

  35. Barb Colvin says:

    My first goal for 2013 is to finish my son’s red/black/white quilt. I only have a few blocks to finish piecing, so this is very doable. Then maybe I can finish my quilt! I hope everyone enjoys the holidays!

  36. Mary E says:

    I would like to strengthen out my sewing room so that I can find and complete some of my unfinished projects some dating back 3 years.

  37. Barb Taylor says:

    I would like to make a new quilt for our queen size bed– I have the pattern, fabric, everything but time. Life keeps getting in my way.

  38. Patricia Hersl says:

    I want to make 4 really gorgeous quilts this year!

  39. ritainalaska says:

    i’m going to make a runner for my entry table for each month , appropriate to the month, season or holiday. i’ve collected a few patterns and ideas, enough to make a start on my project. my entry table needs a pick-me-up!

  40. Judy says:

    I would like to finish some, if not all, of my UFO’s. I have multiple projects that beg to be finished!

  41. Charlotte Henley says:

    My primary goal for the new year will be a quilt for my new grandson. I also plan to complete a wall hanging of the three wise ment in time for Christmas. And in between maybe a quilt for my husband. I have made many many quilts, and he should be at the top of my list. I love the “Simply Beautiful” calendar!

  42. Pam Seigl says:

    I have purchased all the material for finnally making myself a quilt. I plan on working on it everychance i get. Also attempting a wool hand sewen quilt being offered by my local quilt store as a block of the month program.

  43. Di J says:

    In 2013 I would love to finally create a quilt that I deem worthy enough to go in a competition :-)

  44. Diana says:

    My goal is to actually set aside each Wednesday as quilting day. Put other stuff aside and get up in the studio to quilt! Wish me luck!

  45. Ruth Coleman says:

    Since I bought several projects in 2012 which I have not yet started, my 2013 goal is to make time on my calendar to work on a specific part of each project. One week cut, next week sew, on so on, until I have a pile of completed quilt tops!!

  46. Deb Brandt , Prior Lake MN says:

    I was just in my sewing studio and noticed my calendar and thinking I need to get one for 2013! I would love to win one of yours. My goals are to finish the 2 mystery quilts I am working on right now and to make at least 3 quilts for charity in addition to all the other ones! I think it is very doable!

  47. Robin Long says:


  48. Sheral Brewer says:

    My goal is to finish all the quilts I started in 2012.

  49. E. Engman says:

    I love calendars and have them all over in our house. If I have no room anymore at home, I put them up outside my office space so others can enjoy them, too.

  50. Tina says:

    My mom and I love to hang quilting calendars in our sewing room. Not only are they pretty, they also inspire us with ideas for projects to work on. Would love a new calendar for next year!

  51. Silvia Wright says:

    Usually this time of year I have my Quilting Calendar for the new Year. Not yet this year. I try to make at least one of the quilts in each Calendar I buy. Hopefully I can win one.

  52. Nancy Stever says:

    I would like to finish several quilt projects that I started in 2012. Also working on some smaller quilting projects such as table runners. I would love to win a new quilting calendar.

  53. Kay Jump says:

    These calendars are just beautiful. I would love one.

  54. laura says:

    My goal for 2013, is to create and publish more quilt patterns! Gives me a reason that my DH understands as to why I need more material!

  55. Pat D. says:

    I’d love to win a new quilt calendar. I could keep track of all the upcoming quilt shows and get some new patterns to make more quilts!

  56. Paule-Marie says:

    We will be moving into a new home in January, so my goal is to get my sewing studio organized so I can start working on my UFOs. While we have been in the rental house, I have been making tops so I have a lot to complete.

  57. Michele says:

    I want to reduce the number of UFOs cluttering up my quilting room. I am retiring this month and while I will be looking after my 3-month old GD, I hope to find time to get some quilting donr

  58. Judy says:

    I will continue to finish up some more of my UFOs in the coming year. With a quilting calendar, I could keep track of my progress!

  59. Cathy Koester says:

    I have a number of baby quilts to do by May, one of which is for my 6th grandchild.
    And then I would like to try my hand at an art quilt.j

  60. Claire Gregory says:

    Oh, I’d just love one of these gorgeous calendars.Thanks for the giveaway.

  61. Roxanne Hartwig says:

    Who wouldn’t want one of these calendars! They look fantastic! My goal is to finish several UFO’s and to begin my new king-sized bed quilt, which I swore never to do another one! Merry Christmas everyone and God bless you and yours!

  62. I learned to cut { post card quilts} with my Grandma Bagley when I was young. then started to sew clothing in 62, as 4H project. Now I’m blessed to be quilting with a grate group of ladies at the Patchwork Quilt Guild, in Baker, Mt. My first one was a round robin{row by row} nine patch.My recent was a strips and curves using 75 different fabrics. I would put it in my sewingroom, so i could enjoy it every day.

  63. Shirley Wells says:

    Oh my gosh. My 2013 goal is the same goal I have every year: finish up those UFO’s!! (Have you ever heard them called PIGS? Projects in Grocery Sacks. HA!)

  64. My goal would be to get my “Hobo Quilt” quilt top quilted – Oh boy try to say that fast a few times – LOL

  65. Judy says:

    My goal is to finish the quilts that I didn’t finish this year and make a quilt for myself from some fabric I love that I purchased a few months ago.

  66. Karlene says:

    My goal is to make an applique quilt. The calendars are all beautiful!

  67. Susan Paxton says:

    My goal for 2013 is to master free motion quilting on my sewing machine. I would love to win one of theses beautiful calendars. We don’t have anywhere in town that sells them….If i don’t win one I will surely buy one online.

  68. Lis Martion says:

    My goal for 2013 is to finish off my ‘Teddy Bear’ quilt. I have been trying to quilt around them with a walking foot. Impossible to do. I have nearly ended up in tears over them. So, when I buy a FMQ foot, I will finish off the quilt in the new yr. Feeling much better about the quilt, hopefully…

  69. Sherill says:

    I have a new grandbaby coming in April and I need to make a baby quilt! Also finish some UFO’s (doesn’t every quilter have a few of them?).

  70. Azreal Kazmierczak says:

    My goals are simple. i want to finish the two quilt tops i have planned, plus maybe one more so that i can then hand quilt them on my custom frame! i love the quilting part more than the sewing part, but i have to make the quilt tops before i can get to the quilting. i have a psychedelic quilt in process, and a curlique one that i have the fabric but havent touched yet!!!

  71. MarciaW says:

    One of my goals is finish a queen-sized Japanese Fan Quilt – which needs sandwich and quilting.

  72. Helen Bowie says:

    My wish is to finish what I started and not see something so stunning that I just have to make it! I will never live old enough to finish all my projects haha.

  73. Sue G says:

    I have many quilting goals for 2013but just a couple of them are to finish at least two unfinished projects for every new one that I start and the other one is to make more quilts of valor plus kids quilts for donation. It is going to be another busy quilting year.

  74. Krista Y. says:

    I am a longarm quilter so my goal for 2013 is to find more balance so I can work on my own projects, also. Thank you for the chance to win!

  75. Debbie H says:

    My goal is to make a quilt for me!!

  76. liz says:

    I will try new technique each month no matter how intimidating it seems.

  77. Barbara Murphey says:

    A calendar with patterns to challenge me more. This year my Christmas sewing starts in January and two quilts per month. (But first to the repairman I go, while wishing Santa will bring a new machine.)

  78. Carol says:

    To hand quilt the flower garden quilt my mother-in-law hand pieced several years ago

  79. Sher7753 says:

    My 2013 goal is to finish the many projects I have started. Plus I have been thinking about making a quilt for my husband. I also have other projects such as crochet, cross stitching and others to work on, I would love to win the calendar.

  80. Gloria Pietruszka says:

    My goal in 2013 is to finish 2 UFO quilts I have hanging in my sewing room.

  81. Jan F says:

    I need to get the grandbabies quilts done – oh yeah, they aren’t babies any more!! I need fabric!

  82. Mary Morris says:

    I want to finish a couple projects that are mostly done and improve my skills for free motion quiltying.

  83. Debbie says:

    My goal is to finish all the tops I have oieced together and not yet quilted, that should keep me busy all year and then some…..

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