Barn Quilts for Your Home + Giveaway

Barn quilts are quilt blocks that are typically painted on boards and mounted on barns. If you’ve been on a road trip recently, perhaps you’ve spotted some–they’re popping up all over the country!

Mark Fitzgerald of the Classic Metal Company has seen them too, and they were his inspiration for quilt blocks made from steel. You don’t need a barn to display these beauties. Maybe you admired his barn quilts in Quiltmaker’s  November/December ’12 issue. We asked Mark to share a little more about his product:JeansHouse Barn Quilts for Your Home + Giveaway

How did you get started at Classic Metal Company?

An old friend of mine, Ted, invited me to take a tour of a machine shop he was managing. I watched in fascination as his computer-guided laser cutters cut large sheets of thick steel as if they were made of butter.

A short time later, I had a “divine spark of inspiration” to make barn quilts using this process. I had always admired both barn quilts and fabric quilts I had seen, but had no experience with quilting in my family. I made one prototype and showed it to Tami, a co-worker who is a quilter. She gave it her hearty approval and thought other quilters would like them too. After building an on-line store to showcase the barn quilts and attending several regional quilt shows, I was convinced that I should pursue creating barn quilts full time and quit my career of 27 years. It was a great decision–I couldn’t be happier being a part of the quilting community.

What inspired you to make your barn quilts?

After coming up with the initial idea, I thought about how barn quilts were becoming so popular across the country. Most people don’t have barns or don’t want to make a traditional painted wood block, so making it easy for everyone to enjoy the artistry of a barn quilt seemed like a good niche to fill. Having come from a commercial printing and graphic design field, I also enjoyed the beautiful designs I discovered as I started collecting books devoted to quilt block designs.

P1000364 1024x768 Barn Quilts for Your Home + GiveawayCan you tell us a little more about the manufacturing process?

First, I create a design for a quilt block in Adobe Illustrator. I have to think in reverse because the parts I draw are the parts that are cut out of the metal. What is left becomes the barn quilt. I then email the design to Ted’s machine shop and he converts my drawings into a language his computer uses to guide the laser-cutter. The barn quilts are cut from 4′ x 6′ sheets of heavy gauge steel.

The barn quilts are then taken to another facility for powder-coat painting. The metal squares are washed several times and then are hung on a conveyer that slowly takes them through a paint booth where they are coated with paint powder. The blocks move through a very hot oven where the paint powder melts and spreads–totally covering the barn quilts for a durable, outdoor finish.

P1000368 1024x768 Barn Quilts for Your Home + GiveawayDo you have plans for other block designs and sizes?

I plan to add new designs on a regular basis. Larger 3 and 4 foot sizes have been recently added. I don’t stock many of the larger sizes–at this time they are created as custom orders.

I am also adding napkin holders (or fat quarters) utilizing the barn quilt designs. Many other home decor items incorporating the barn quilt designs are in the design stage and I plan to start introducing them in 2013.

Is there anything else about your barn quilts that you’d like our readers to know?

I attend 6 to 8 regional quilt shows a year and invite quilters to stop by my booth. I really enjoy talking with quilters–they inspire me with their creativity and fun ideas. At a recent quilt show, I learned that one of my barn quilts now adorns an outhouse! My event schedule is listed on my website:

P1000554 1024x953 Barn Quilts for Your Home + Giveaway

Large, 3 foot Mariner's Compass Barn Quilt

Mark has generously supplied five barn quilts of various sizes (including the large Mariner’s Compass barn quilt above) for a Quiltmaker giveaway. To qualify, leave a comment below telling us where or how you would display the barn quilt or suggest a traditional quilt block you would like to see Mark add to his list of designs. Leave your comment by 12 noon MST on Monday, November 26, 2012.  We’ll draw five winners at random.

The winners are: Robyn Brown (#33), PaulaK (#66), Dee Davis (#326), Martha Moore (#457) and Judy Johnson (#94). The winner of the large Mariner’s Compass is  Donna Amos (#160). Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you everyone who participated!

About Eileen Fowler

I am an Associate Editor at Quiltmaker. My quilting hobby, that began over 20 years ago, turned into a career when I was hired by Quiltmaker in 2008. My quilting passion is slowly taking over every nook and cranny in my house. I have a supportive husband who makes it all possible.
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617 Responses to Barn Quilts for Your Home + Giveaway

  1. Karen Netzband says:

    I would love to put one on the front of my house! I would love to learn how to make these!

  2. Maryann McGee says:

    I Love your metal barn quilts! My husband painted a barn quilt for our barn shaped house. We have a barn red potting shed with white trim and a metal barn quilt would look perfect on it.

  3. Judy A says:

    Made in the USA! Way to go,Mark! Love the Rusty works, too!Great pics on your site!

  4. Mary Ann says:

    There are large wood panels on the side of my garage that faces the street. A barn quilt would look great there!

  5. Cynthia Knapp says:

    I would hang the block next to my front door. My favorite block in the bear paw. Thanks!

  6. Sallie says:

    Would love to see a Dresden plate. Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. Judy says:

    I would display the metalworks in my sewing room. The Mariner’s Compass is beautiful on the barn wall, Mark. Thank you for your donation.

  8. lee says:

    I have a wood fence when you pull in our drive and you see from the road – I would love to put a block on that! thank you!

  9. Lynn Wilson says:

    Winning this would be the best Christmas ever! I have loved the Bear Paw Block for as long as I can remember! Thank you for the opportunity to win one! It would have a proud place to grace the wall of my quilting studio!

  10. Krista Y. says:

    I would put it either on my pumphouse so you could see it first thing coming up my driveway or I would put it next to the front door so I could step outside to see whenever I wanted. I really love these! Thank you for the chance to win!

  11. Denise Mitchell says:

    OMG!!! Any design would work for me! I would love to hang it at my front door …don’t have a barn! LOL!! I love quilting and anything that has anything to do with quilt designs!

  12. Alice Brown says:

    I would place a barn quilt right on the front of my house because, being in a cul-de-sac, it would be visible all the way down the block and everyone would see that I am a quilter. My choice of blocks would be the Mariner’s Compass because my dad was a boat captain and it would remind me of him every time I looked at it.

  13. Shelley C says:

    Was trying visualize where one of these would look best on the house, when I realized we have a barn across the street where I could see it every day! Many days I don’t leave the house, so this option has ME as the beneficiary of it’s charm!

  14. Gary says:

    I’m 73, making my first quilt and love it. Would love one of your quilt block sculptures for OUR sewing room. Wife is teaching me. Piecing is a lot like carpentry. She says I’m a fast learner. And now we have even more in common.

  15. Mary F says:

    These are beautiful! I board on an actual farm, but the barn would not come even close to doing these barn quilts justice. I would have to display it on the house itself.

  16. Darlene Angelle says:

    I would love to win one of these Barn Quilts for my mother she loves to Quilt. Thank you for a chance to win one

  17. Judy says:

    Any one of the metalwork pieces would look great on my sewing room wall.

  18. Janice says:

    I think hanging one on my gate to identify the occupant as a quilter would be sensational

  19. Judy says:

    Beautiful metalworks, Mark. Quilt without the quilting:)

  20. Carol Ann Burgermeister says:

    Depending on the size, I would display it on the end of our large barn (live on a farm) or on the side of our wide brick fireplace chimney on the side of our house beneath our large wrought iron “B”.

  21. Sharon Meyer says:

    These are absolutely stunning. I have the perfect place for one either on my front porch or my garage. Thank you so very much for the chance to win.

  22. Helen Aneskewich says:

    These are beautiful. I live out in the country and have an old shed by the road. It would hang there beautifully. Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. Ruth Hansen says:

    I was thinking this metal quilt block would be a perfect giveaway for our quilting group at our annual silent auction at our church. What an absolutely awesome idea to make the quilt blocks in metal.

  24. BobbiD says:

    I have the perfect spot on my front porch. Since i live at the top of a cul-de -sac it will be viewed by many. These are outstanding! Keeping my fingers crossed.:)

  25. Pamela Coughlin says:

    Thank you to Mark for these wonderful quilt inspired metal barn quilts! What a wonderful idea and as I was reading this, I thought four of them on point would be cool on our pole barn. this is a wonderful way to show our interest in the great way of quilting! Thanks for the give away! Happy Thanksgiving!

  26. Mary Arline Smith says:

    “Thank you” to Mark for offering the beautiful and unique quilt blocks. I would be so pleased if I won one to mount on my brick porch alcove.

  27. Janey Cook says:

    These are wonderful! I would use one on my work shed since I do not live on a farm. It would stand out for all to see against the steel blue paint which adorns it. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Judy says:

    Mark, Your metal works are beautiful…. thank you for sharing.

  29. Marguerite Namdar says:

    These are great. I have a wall that’s empty in my bedroom where that carpenter’s wheel would look terrific

  30. Sandy Critchlow says:

    It take a true artist to make something like these metal quilt blocks. How beautiful they are and to think that quilting doesn’t have to be just using fabric. I love old country “things” and think to would be a wonderful addition to my home.

  31. Carol W. says:

    This past summer my husband and I have worked on sprucing up the front and back porches in our Circa 1900 home to be extended outdoor living areas. I have seen these quilt blocks at quilt shows and was looking to purchase a few for the blank walls of my porches to finish out the look of an outdoor living area. Would love to be able to win one. My granddaughter loves to sit on the porch with me and read books and do other activities.

  32. marion says:

    In Texas you see a lot of metal stars on homes. I’d love to have metal quilt to identify my home to be different.

  33. Gwen Burwell says:

    I live by Galveston Bay where boating is very popular, and would love to have the Mariner’s Compass hanging on my front porch!

  34. I have a small one and was thinking of getting the bigger one. Love the one I have!!!

  35. Carolyn says:

    I’d love to have one of these for the side of my shed, they’re just beautiful!

  36. Jane P says:

    I love barns quilts, saw some wonderful ones in Tillamook, Oregon. I’d love to find a way to attach one to our RV, when traveling around the country.

  37. Becky Gabbard says:

    I would love to hang one on the porch at my house. It would make a great accent next to the porch swing where I do photo ops of my quilts before I post them. I love driving in East Tennessee where you get a glimpse of the ones that have been on barns for years.

  38. Shairon Burton says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful way to have a barn quilt/block to display. As I have not got a barn I would love to display my love of quilting with one of these great designs on the front porch of my house – it tells so much by just being there. Where can we get these in Canada?

  39. Christy Leonard says:

    So cool & w/no color ~ black goes with everything!!

  40. Grace PATANE says:

    I love these! Don’t have a barn, but would happily display it on a wall in my apartment. I would love to see them do a Churn Dash pattern.

  41. Ronda C says:

    I LOVE these!!! I would love to have one for my garage or house! I could replace the old one I painted many years ago then! Please….

  42. Shirley Ratliff says:

    A beautiful way to continue the tradition of barn quilts. I would love to put one on my front porch, since I don’t have a barn.

  43. Lorna says:


    Your work is beautiful!


    Thanks for sharing!

  44. martha moore says:

    I am making Aa sitting area in my garden and a barn quilt square would be a finishing touch. Thank you

  45. Sue says:

    They are all so beautiful ! I could definately see one on the front of my house.

  46. Janet Plentl says:

    The mariners compass would look great right beside my front door ! It would save me the trouble of trying to paint one !

  47. Pamela Reim says:

    It would be wonderful to have my own Barn Quilt to put, where else, but on my Quilt Studio where my long arm machine resides! thks

  48. Susan Green says:

    I would prominently display it on our barn in town where everyone could see it! Gorgeous!

  49. Elvia Edwards says:

    Really like the look of these, would love to have one of my very own.

  50. Wilma says:

    If I should be so lucky as to win one of these awesome barn quilt blocks, I would put
    it on my barn, of course.

  51. Mary Jo says:

    What am awesome idea! I love these. I would display this on the inside of my house to!!

  52. Linda McFall says:

    Hubs, just built a new barn and it is just screaming for one of these barn quilts!! I think they are absolutely fabulous and would love to have one.

  53. Mary Mahan says:

    I would love to hang it on my barn.

  54. domestic diva says:

    I’d hang it on the side of our shed (we call it our barn).

  55. Cecilia says:

    I would put it on my front porch. I love the way these blocks look, especially the stars.

  56. Joyce Robertson says:

    I’ve admired the barn quilts on Mark’s website previously & put it on my wish list. I have the perfect wall on the front of my house to showcase a barn quilt. I’m sure we would soon have barn quilts popping up on the other quilter’s homes in my neighborhood! How cool would that be!

  57. Kathy M Boice says:

    I have the perfect place for the Barn Quilt if I would win. I have a Potting shed with a Rose bush growing in front of it and flower box at the end. I have wanted to paint some quilts to hang there and this would be awsome on the shed. The shed faces the road. I would like to see an Ohio Star pattern also.

  58. Julie Goedeke says:

    I love these! I have been keeping my eye on them at Quilter’s General for a while now. They are so unique and would add the country flair to my front porch that I like.

  59. Tara A says:

    Love them! I would hang it on the fence next to the house and facing the street?

  60. Shari Rich says:

    We are remodeling a country school house to be our new home. One end has a gable with out a window. That plain area would be fabulous with a barn quilt there. This is such a neat idea. Barn quilts are so cool.

  61. Sue says:

    What a terrific way to move quilts outdoors. I have a log home and would display it by my front door.

  62. Linda Fairbrother says:

    I would display this on the wall in my porch. thanks for the chance to win.

  63. Pat Bond says:

    I love barn quilts. I just returned from a road trip throughout North Carolina and one of the towns had painted quilt blocks on many of the local businesses, it was stunning.

  64. Nancy Nehez says:

    Love barn quilts! I have the perfect spot for one of Mark’s Ohio star barn quilt next to my front door. It would look perfect against the white siding! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  65. Jean Heer says:

    I love anything and everything “quilty”. These are dramatic and beautiful. Mine would look great on the front of my house.

  66. Rhonda Desgranges says:

    I live in an apartment. I would either display in in my living room or kitchen, or on my front porch by the front door. Thanks for the chance to win!


  67. Barbara Scofield says:

    I would put a barn quilt on the end of our barn facing the road in our little Southern rural community. Then everyone who passes our place would be able to see and enjoy it. And, then, I would put another on on the opposite end of the barn, and then one on the front, and one on the back of the barn, and then I would just keep on adding barn quilts until I ran out of room. I would like to see a Lone Star quilt block made into a barn quit and also a traditional Alabama block.

  68. So beautiful. What a great decoration.

  69. Carol Hupp says:

    I would like to see the Martha Washington star block. It is my favorite block to make in red, white and blue. I put this block in a Marine Corp Quilt for my son and it frame the Marine Logo that I hand embroidered in the center. I would hang the barn quilt on a post at the entrance to my driveway or have it on the front top of the machine shed or grain bin for all to see.

  70. Rita Schiavone says:

    These are really nice!! I would hang one by my front door! Love the Mariner’s Cross. Would love to see a Shoo Fly or Ohio Star.

  71. Dawn Hollingsworth says:

    I would love to win one of these for my mother-in-law! She holds a family/friends crafting/quilting get together a few times a year so, one would look just awesome above the door to the her separate get-together building :)

  72. Christie R says:

    I would display the barn quilt block on the side of our house, when it’s stationary! We are transitioning to gypsy-living by purchasing a camper trailer as our new house on wheels!

  73. Cheryl Ward says:

    These are gorgeous artwork and make quite the statement. I would hang one on the front of my house, which is cedar sided and has just the perfect size piece of empty space up high on the second story.

  74. jean says:

    I have admired these in magazine articles, and drooled over the patterns he uses. Love them! If I won, I’d put it in my sewing area.

  75. Bev Gunn says:

    Still hoping to win one of these-they are so unique!!!

  76. Linda Joy says:

    These are beautiful pieces and would look awesome on our front porch. The perfect greeting to anyone coming to visit our home. I’d love to have one!

  77. pam Pollinger says:

    I have wanted to paint a board with a quilt block on it for years to hang on the front of my house between the bedrooms windows to say that a special person lives here and I think your one of your quilt blocks would be perfect.

  78. Marie Gilkey says:

    Oh this would be so neat to own. Would love to have one to put on the outside of my home. And I wouldn’t care which one I would win!!!

  79. Lynn Paul says:

    It would be fun to find the perfect spot and oh goodness, what block? Must need more than one…

  80. Mary Ann says:

    These are so beautiful!! I would hang one at the entrance of my Quilt Studio, where all could enjoy it, when they came to visit!! All the Best!
    Mary Ann in Denmark!

  81. Jennifer Kandy says:

    I also make Stained Glass pictures as well as doing quilting and I think these metal ,quilts complement both of these things. I would put one in my front room, with a stained glass picture the other side with a quilt in the middle, that I think would make the room a Quilters Dream

  82. Doreen Lund says:

    Very unique, great idea, it would be great to hang one on our home, because everyone knows how much I love to quilt, this would be a great welcome to my world. Wishing you all the best in this great career

  83. Gina says:

    The Mariners’ Compass at the top of this page is awesome! I have a space on the house between the driveway and the front door, where everyone would be able to enjoy it. Thank you everyone for this wonderful opportunity!

  84. Judith says:

    I would love to display on our barn. We grow organic veggies and berries, so I think it would be fun. Quilting and growing go together! Thanks for the chance to win.

  85. Sheila M says:

    Beautiful designs! I would hang it on my front porch wall.

  86. Denniele says:

    These are wonderful. I think I would put it on the South end of the house so that everyone coming around the corner could see a quilter lives here! I wonder if he could do some sort of Dresden Plate?

  87. Deborah Lafayette says:

    I have seen these barn quilts in other magazine’s. They are beautiful and I would love to display one either by my back door or maybe on the garage. And since I have chickens my block suggestion is “hen and chicks”

  88. Karen says:

    These will look good incorporated in to my flower trellis my nephew is making me.

  89. Carol Johnson says:

    I live on a farm and have the red barn to put it on!

  90. LouAnn says:

    Barn quilts make any trip more interesting, I always wonder what the reason for them picking that design, our county printed a flyer explaining just that, along with a map of all the barn quilts in our county.

  91. Patty Lennon says:

    These barn quilts are beyond beautiful. I am not sure my quilts will still be around in 100 years but yours sure will!

  92. carol spencer says:

    This look is wonderful, especially on a side of my house. Nice idea, Different look besides the stars…

  93. Bunny says:

    Oh these look wonderful – I am a city quilter (so no barn) but I think this would look lovely on the gable of my garage.

  94. Jan G. says:

    I would have to hang it on the front of my house so when folks come up the long driveway they will see it!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  95. Esther Sorber says:

    I have the perfect place for one of these! On the end of our typical split level house over the garage entrance. It is no longer a garage, but an apartment for my 94 year old father. Any one of these would look great above his big windows!

  96. Susan says:

    I would love to display this on my Home…of course by the front door.. to announce to all that a Quilter lives here!!

  97. Nikki says:

    My grandmother passed away two months ago and i was blessed witj the ability to move into her home. My grandmothers house was the rock for all of use we had every holiday here and it was always full of love. I would Love to display the mariners compus on the front of her home as a reminder to all of us that no matter where we are in life we can always find our way back home.

  98. Darlene Jacolik says:

    I have a plaque near my front door that I would absolutely love to replace with one of these. They are so beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity.

  99. Kathy C says:

    I would put it on the fron of my house near the front door right next to my glorious blazing red maple. It’s the perfect spot for it!

  100. Wini Brady says:

    I have a broad open area on the front of my house. I would display the quilt metal work there. I have a lot of stop by traffic because I just redid my landscaping and have made my entire front yard an eatible garden. How quaint this work of art will be as it and the garden will complement each other.
    Thank you for such beautiful work and the chance to be picked to display it.

    Wini – near Tomball, Texas

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