Why Quilts Matter: A Documentary; Giveaway!

barquilts Why Quilts Matter: A Documentary; Giveaway!
I spent time over the weekend watching all nine episodes of Why Quilts Matter: History, Art & Politics. Presented by The Kentucky Quilt Project, Inc. and Executive Producer and host Shelly Zegart, Why Quilts Matter presents a wonderful overview of quilt culture.

whyquiltscover Why Quilts Matter: A Documentary; Giveaway!
I love the title chosen for the series. Why Quilts Matter says it all. I can think of many other possibilities for naming such a series—”Everything About Quilts”, or “Quilts Then and Now”, or just “Quilts and Quilters”. But they all pale in comparison to Why Quilts Matter, which sums it up perfectly.

So why do quilts matter? Some of the ideas explored that I found most interesting were these:

• How quilts have elevated women’s place in the world

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• Why quilts are universally loved as a symbol of warmth and home

• What events brought quilt culture to its present-day status as a $3.6 billion industry (yes, that’s billion with a b)

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Harriet Powers Bible quilt

• How and why quilts are studied; their place in the larger context of American life

• Controversy in the quilt culture: honest examinations of hot topics like Gee’s Bend quilts and the Underground Railroad theory

I came away knowing that absolutely, quilts DO matter!

collagewhy Why Quilts Matter: A Documentary; Giveaway!
I’ve been in love with quilting for 30 years and have worked in the industry for the past decade, but realized as I watched that I still didn’t really have a firm grasp on the “big picture”—an understanding of everything that makes up the quilt world.

You and I are often busy being creative in our sewing spaces, but there’s so much more going on. Have you thought about these areas?

• Quilt collectors and dealers; the buying and selling of antique and contemporary quilts by folks whose living is made on quilts

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Caryl Bryer Fallert

• Quilts and their place in the art world

• Quilt-related businesses producing or selling goods or services: fabric, thread, books, magazines, patterns, notions, sewing machines, quilting machines, software, web design/management, events and many more

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• Quilt competition
: there are people who make quilts exclusively for exhibition and competition; money and prestige are the prizes

And the list goes on and on. It was so interesting to watch this documentary and realize how large the quilt culture has become.

Many wonderful quilts are seen in the documentary and image resource guides are available on the Why Quilts Matter website. The guides give additional information about every image in the series so you can do further research if you like.

ShellyZegart 150x188 Why Quilts Matter: A Documentary; Giveaway!

Shelly Zegart

Zegart herself is a woman who gets things done in the quilt world. It was fascinating to learn about her 30-year influence and all that she has touched. Read more here.

Why did Zegart create the series? Hear the answer in her own words here: