Hexagons and a Giveaway!

It seems like many quilters have a go with hexagons at some point. I have an ongoing hexagon project based on an antique quilt I saw in a book.


hex222 Hexagons and a Giveaway!

My years-long ongoing hexagon project

It’s been years and the end is nowhere in sight, but I’m sticking with it because I love the fabrics and I am going to love the quilt someday.

Screen Shot 2012 08 29 at 8.19.44 AM Hexagons and a Giveaway!

If you like hexagons, Ali at the blog a²(w) (read as “a squared w”) recently hosted a Festival of Hexagons that was two weeks worth of tutorials and hexie projects from a variety of bloggers.


Screen Shot 2012 08 29 at 8.16.57 AM Hexagons and a Giveaway!

This is just a screen shot of the link party, but it's linked to the real party. Please click through to see all the hexagon projects.

Now there’s a link party going on, which means that various readers have posted links to hexagon projects they are working on. So much inspiration!

And if all of that isn’t enough, you can visit Ali’s Pinterest board of hexagon projects to get your creative juices flowing.

10814 Hexagons and a Giveaway!The friendly folks at C&T’s Stash Books recently sent me a review copy of Hexa-Go-Go, the new title by Tacha Bruecher featuring 16 English paper piecing projects. It’s a wonderful book for anyone interested in hexagons and the myriad projects in which they can be used.

See a Google Preview of Hexa-Go-Go. My favorite projects are the Union Jack Quilt  shown below and the Treehouse Hideaway Quilt.


 Hexagons and a Giveaway!
The Union Jack Quilt from Hexa-Go-Go by Tacha Bruecher

Let’s give this copy of Hexa-Go-Go to a Quilty Pleasures reader who wants to try some hexagons. Please leave a comment below by midnight Friday, August 31 to be entered in the giveaway. Answer this question: Have you ever tried hexagons or English paper piecing? We’ll announce winners after the U.S. Labor Day holiday next week.

The winner is Cindy Prince, comment #24. Thank you for playing along with Quiltmaker.

About Diane Harris

I'm an editor for Quiltmaker magazine in Golden, Colorado, USA. For six years, I wrote pattern instructions, product reviews and how-to articles. Then I spent four years as QM's Interactive Editor, working to generate much of our online content. Now I'm back to patterns and how-tos, which is a great fit for me. I still love writing about quilt-related topics for Quilty Pleasures, and I always have my finger on the pulse of the quilting world. I teach a variety of quilt classes and give guild programs, too. Reach me by email: editor@quiltmaker.com.
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121 Responses to Hexagons and a Giveaway!

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  2. Sue Monsey says:

    Have two hexy projects going – one using 3/4″ in black/white (just started) and another using scraps and a larger hexy (not sure of size, would have to go measure) that is farther along. I did finish a table runner using my first group of hexies – would love to win a book with ideas. This is going to be my take-a-long project now that I have finished my last one.

  3. SewCalGal says:

    I love EPP and Hexies. My absolute must have project for when I go on trips.


  4. Dorothy Schreyer says:

    I am working on a hexxie project, it is one I inhereted from my grandmother, it actually started out with the 6 pointed stars that have been sewn into rather large hexagons, now I have to finish them. But, I want to do a smaller quilt like some of the old mosaic style quilts!

  5. Donna says:

    I LOVE hexies and I too have an unfinished hexagon quilt that I have been working on (and off) for years. I would really like some suggestions to use up all that I have made.

  6. Judy says:

    I am currently working on a hexegon table topper for my sister who is in desperate need of some tlc. This is my first attempt and am completely hooked. I am wishing my self good luck on this book as I saw a pattern I would really like to try (one of these days).

  7. Janice says:

    Yes, I’ve done both and love them. My favorite quilt is the grandmother’s flower garden which I will do someday. Thanks for the chance on the book. Wish me luck!

  8. TheaM1 says:

    I’ve been a hexie-addict for many years… even managed to finish one hexie quilt!
    —fortunately, they also make great pincushions!

  9. MarciaW says:

    I started making some double hexie flowers for a GFG quilt. It is my seven year project as I handcut my papers and sew real slow, all the hexies are handstitched using my cobbled together methods. I would love to learn the proper EPP method to making hexies and diamonds, since am thinking about how nice an applique hexie flower border might look. Thanks for the chance to win Hexa Go GO as like what I’ve read about the book.

  10. marci says:

    ive NEVER tried hexagons … im still quite a quilting beginner… but my dream would be to make something so amazing like the Union Jack Quilt!
    thank you fotr the giveaway!

  11. Andee in aZ says:

    Thanks for the chance! I have a few handsewn hexie projects in the works, but none done!

  12. Nancyanne C says:

    I’ve got them in a container for my car project. Easy to work on if I’m waiting for an appointment.

  13. Patsy Knight says:

    I’ve been doing hexies for several years. Lately, there have been darling projects using them. I am dying to buy the new book!

  14. Barb J says:

    I picked up a free starter kit for hexagons at a quilt show a couple years back. It included 7 2-inch squares of fabric and 7 paper hexagons to make a flower. It sat forgotten in my sewing room for awhile, until one day I needed a small, portable project. I grabbed it and a spool of thread, and by the time I finished it, I was hooked! I don’t have enough of the flowers done to make anything out of yet, but I really like having something to work on that I can throw in my purse and take to doctor’s visits, car repair shops, car trips, etc.

  15. Beth C. says:

    My hexie project has been put on a shelf for al very long time. I need to get it out and work on it again. It is 3/4 of the done!

  16. Pat says:

    I have never tried hexagons but would like to give them a try. I have done an English paper piecing project. I was looking for a project to take on long drives and decided to try that. It was suppose to be a baby quilt but I finally made it into a table runner.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a book.

  17. sharon says:

    I inherited some gfg hexies that I have been working on for 3 years. I love doing them, such an easy pick up and go project. They are very addicting! I would love to win this book!

  18. Lynn S says:

    I’ve taught my daughters how to do paper piecing hexagons–they are addictive. I need to make a bunch in the next week or so for a small quilt project. I’ve made a table runner using these too.

  19. I have an ongoing Grandmother’s Flower Garden which I may even finish because it is a mini at 3/4 of an inch. It is in an easily “travelable” container and is my go-to for longer road trips and quilt demonstrations at local heritage festivals.

  20. Becky King says:

    I have only been quilting about 4 years now and have not tried hexagons or English paper piecing but I am ready to try! Took a Dresden plate class with Diane Harris in Williamsburg,VA this summer had a great time and learned a new technique then too! Thanks Diane!

  21. KT says:

    I have not yet tried hexagons or English paper piecing–but both are on my list of things I want to do someday. Thanks for the chance to win the book!

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