Hexagons and a Giveaway!

It seems like many quilters have a go with hexagons at some point. I have an ongoing hexagon project based on an antique quilt I saw in a book.


hex222 Hexagons and a Giveaway!

My years-long ongoing hexagon project

It’s been years and the end is nowhere in sight, but I’m sticking with it because I love the fabrics and I am going to love the quilt someday.

Screen Shot 2012 08 29 at 8.19.44 AM Hexagons and a Giveaway!

If you like hexagons, Ali at the blog a²(w) (read as “a squared w”) recently hosted a Festival of Hexagons that was two weeks worth of tutorials and hexie projects from a variety of bloggers.


Screen Shot 2012 08 29 at 8.16.57 AM Hexagons and a Giveaway!

This is just a screen shot of the link party, but it's linked to the real party. Please click through to see all the hexagon projects.

Now there’s a link party going on, which means that various readers have posted links to hexagon projects they are working on. So much inspiration!

And if all of that isn’t enough, you can visit Ali’s Pinterest board of hexagon projects to get your creative juices flowing.

10814 Hexagons and a Giveaway!The friendly folks at C&T’s Stash Books recently sent me a review copy of Hexa-Go-Go, the new title by Tacha Bruecher featuring 16 English paper piecing projects. It’s a wonderful book for anyone interested in hexagons and the myriad projects in which they can be used.

See a Google Preview of Hexa-Go-Go. My favorite projects are the Union Jack Quilt  shown below and the Treehouse Hideaway Quilt.


 Hexagons and a Giveaway!
The Union Jack Quilt from Hexa-Go-Go by Tacha Bruecher

Let’s give this copy of Hexa-Go-Go to a Quilty Pleasures reader who wants to try some hexagons. Please leave a comment below by midnight Friday, August 31 to be entered in the giveaway. Answer this question: Have you ever tried hexagons or English paper piecing? We’ll announce winners after the U.S. Labor Day holiday next week.

The winner is Cindy Prince, comment #24. Thank you for playing along with Quiltmaker.

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121 Responses to Hexagons and a Giveaway!

  1. Mike Pearson says:

    I just recently finished a huge queen hexy quilt. I am now working on a throw made entirely out of them. I use English paper piecing and I usually make them and sew them together on my morning commute on the train. :)

  2. Debbie says:

    I would love to give EPP a go. I have never tried it.

  3. Jennie P. says:

    I’ve never done either, but I want to learn. Thanks for the chance!

  4. Renee G says:

    I am working on finishing a grandmother’s flower garden quilt that my grandma had started, but never finished. Would love to have this book for ideas to use all the hexagons I received from her.

  5. Judy says:

    I took a class to learn how to make hexagons years ago. I’m beginning to get interested in doing some more!

  6. Hueisei says:

    I loved making hexies flowers. I have a years long hexies quilt still in the progress

  7. Kathy MacKie says:

    I have started to do hexies as a portable project when I travel but haven’t put them together yet.

  8. Rachelle says:

    I’ve not tried hexies yet, though I did make a patchwork prism quilt which ends up with hexagon shapes from all the triangles in it.

  9. ritainalaska says:

    i’m doing my first epp project and loving it. it is addicting … and i love it! would love to win a copy of this book for more ideas and inspiration to make more hexie things!

  10. Nancy McFall says:

    I just recently tried English paper piecing. I was going on vacation and thought this would be a nice mindless activity I could do in the evenings before retiring. I soon learned that although I find the handwork to be soothing, it is anything but mindless. You have to pay attention, small errors have a way of growing into big ones! I love the final result, a tablerunner, and am looking forward to planning my next project.

  11. Deborah says:

    I have yet to do hexagons. This book looks like it is just what I need for inspiration and confidence.

    homemakerhoney @gmail .com

  12. I am addicted to English Paper Piecing! It’s a great addiction to have! LOL I am working on a 4″ block sampler quilt using English Paper Piecing as the technique. The book I am using gives no instructions on piecing the blocks, so I am making my own paper pieces for each block. So far it is working great! My trick is using photo paper. It is stiffer and you can use it over and over. I like to use a glue stick to baste. you can see one of my hexie quilts on my blog, http://www.hallbrookdesigns.blogspot.com

  13. PattyS says:

    I haven’t tried the hexagons as I am still working om YoYo’s but you make them look like fun. May have to try some in between.

  14. Jeanne says:

    I have done hexies and paper peicing. Great book to win. Thanks for the chance.

  15. Shirley in Canada says:

    I just started doing hexy’s and they are very, very addictive!!! Like VERY addictive. Started a 1″ hexy scrap project and then another using 1/2″… Love doing them!

  16. Katie Y. says:

    I have not tackled hexagons or paper piecing yet. In fact, I just began quilting about a month ago. I am already pretty addicted, though :)

  17. Melinda says:

    I have a long term hexie quilt in progress. I also have one finished. It is my Y2K quilt with 2000 (exactly) 1 inch hexagons. They are all Christmas fabrics and I love putting it on my bed at Thanksgiving each year.

  18. Amy Losordo says:

    I want to join the bandwagon and make a hexa quilt project> My friends in love it! It looks like a great take it anywhere type of project. Thanks for the opt to win a neat looking book and to share the links!

  19. Laura P says:

    I have never tried these techniques before, but Tacha had me hooked as soon as I saw the Union Jack quilt above! I’ve been tempted in the past to try English Paper Piecing, but this has made me a believer. I love the scrappiness, and fresh colors, and am eager to try something new. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  20. Sandy A in St. Louis says:

    I learned how to do hexies last summer but haven’t picked them up again since then. I am tired of the typical flower setting and am looking for something different. This would fit the bill!


  21. K B Parnell says:

    I’ve never tried to do a hexagon quilt…most patterns seemed too “old fashioned” for my taste. Very nice to see some new “twists” and variations that are more modern. Perhaps I will try some!!

  22. Pat Hersl says:

    Y’all are starting to win me over. Itching to try.

  23. Joyce Carter says:

    Yes, I have made hexes and I love making them. Right now, I have some flowers made that I am going to join and make into a lap-sized quilt. My ultimate goal is to make a Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt some day. Would love to win this book. Thanks for the chance.

  24. Lee Ann L. says:

    Wow! I’m loving that Union Jack done in all Hexies! Thank you for a chance to win.

  25. Florence Dupuis says:

    I have been working on a hexagon quilt for almost ten years. I would try another. When I get this one done. My goal is to have it done by the end of the year.

  26. Sharen Jahnke says:

    I’ve been wanting to try some hexies and hope to win to inspire me!

  27. Judy says:

    I have not tried hexagons or English paper piecing but am always willing to try something new.

  28. Karen A says:

    I have not done any hexies recently. I think I did them on one of my first quilts that was a sampler. It was done over 25 years ago.

  29. Kathy O in GA says:

    I love your project…have a few ongoing EPP projects of my own…you should see if you can post a photo of Bonnie Hunter’s project too! I’d love the book just from the Union Jack, and hope I win it…thanks for the chance!

  30. lindawwww says:

    I’ve done a little English paper-piecing and love it.

  31. Patty Hall says:

    Yes, I have an ongoing Grandmother’s Flower Gardern going. I’ve never tried paper piecing before. Thanks for the chance to win this book!

  32. Nancy Smith says:

    Oh, I would love to win a copy of the book. Hexies are so much fun to play with. I would to have some new ideas. Thanks

  33. Cynthia Hay says:

    I Love making little hexagons, now a pattern book would give me a direction for my craze!

  34. Bea Morris says:

    I made a table cloth years ago with Hexagons and I love it, It took a while to make, and I want to do another one. Bea Descanso, Ca.

  35. Heather says:

    I’ve never tried either but I have it on my list of things to do. I so love the hexagon project I see all over everyone else’s blogs. The Union Jack done in hexies is so cool!

  36. fleurette says:

    I love making hexies. I have made 615 todate (see my blog) Would love this book to use my hexies in a modern design. Thank you for the giveaway.

  37. Cheryl Signorelli says:

    I haven’t tried hexagons yet but would love to give it a try. I have done English paper piecing.

  38. Sherill says:

    Yes, I have been bitten! I have an on going flower project; I’m not sure it will ever be finished. I’m using my scraps to make it.

  39. Debbi says:

    I’m working on a hexie project but instead of English paper piecing I’m using a stamp and hand sewing them together. IMHO it eliminates some of the steps. It’s a great project for take along!

  40. Celeste says:

    I ventured into a paper pieced hexagon project 3 years ago using 1 1/2″ hexagons. I only work on them on long car trips or on flights so it will most certainly be the most traveled quilt I own when I am finally finished with it. I am sure I will be working on it for at least another 3 years, but I know it will be worth it when I am finished.

  41. Kate says:

    Love paper peicing, did a 48 piece Judy Martin block with that method. 15 years latter Im still hand quilting it. Sigh. But Id love to do hexies, have 2 1930′s flower garden quilts my great, great aunt made. Its on the list of things to do!

  42. Carol Vickers says:

    I have tried it one time – part of a sampler quilt. I left that block for last because I thought I wouldn’t like doing it……….but it was so much fun. I’d like to try it again!

  43. Deborah Tell says:

    I have always loved the Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt pattern and appreciated all the work in the ones I’ve seen. Wanting to own a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt, I decided to try by starting with a smaller project, a table runner. Handwork has never been a technique I’d done, so I am pleased to say I’m enjoying it and it’s portable nature. Once the runner is finished I think a bed quilt is now on my bucket list.

  44. Claudia says:

    Oh, yes. I have the bug. Mine is a red-white-blue project, but I decided to use 1″ on the side hex’s and they are paper-pieced. I’ve loved hexagons forever, probably going back to the days my dorm room windows were hexagon shaped, and I was studying organic chemistry. When I met hexagons in my early quilting years, I finally realized “why I wasn’t a round peg, and I wasn’t a square hole”. I was a HEXAGON! and proud of it.

  45. Laurel says:

    It really is a lifetime project – but worth it!

  46. Colette says:

    Amy Gibbson (from Craftsy) actually introduced me to hexagons and English paper piecing. I really enjoyed our blocks that month that includedd hexagons but haven’t had the chance to reacquaint myself with them since. It would be nice to reintroduce each other. :)

  47. carol baker says:

    I have recently finished a hexagon quilt using large hexagons! I have never tried EPP,
    but have gradually gathered supplies and about to get started.

  48. Gill says:

    I made hexagons back in the 80′s ! and I’m loving the new modern take on them!
    I love the Union Jack!

  49. Barbara Bennett says:

    I began a Grandmother’s Flower Garden April 1st while sitting by my dear 91 year old Father’s bedside with NOTHING to do. I went to a nearby quilt shop and this was all they had for hand work. I had left home with nothing thinking I was going to pack him up and bring him home to my sister’s house. However, God had other plans and he is now in a nursing home. I have always loved the hex but never got around to it. I am SO glad that I began! It is like eating potato chips. I now have 40 made with 2 layers of petals after the center. They are made from reproduction Civil War fabrics. I am shooting for about 100 so I am halfway there in these 5 months. While doing many other projects as well. They are my sanity stash! I have many doctor appointments for my husband who suffered a massive stroke 17 months ago so it is a joy to have a “travel project”. I never mind sitting in an office b/c I always have something to do. I am using the English paper piecing method with 1.5″ hexes. I have a punch that size and punch them from card stock paper. Now I am dreaming about how to make it unique in its fully pieced quilt with maybe applique on it as well? What fun!

  50. Sue Fry says:

    I am making a hexagon table mat as I write, from Quilts and More magazine. Plus I am appliqueing flower hexagons onto blocks for a full size quilt. Love the hex’s!

  51. A quilt shop that I used to go to gave away little sample packs that would make 7 little hexi’s, needless to say I’m still working on them. A book of patterns would be wonderful to have.

  52. Michele Etter says:

    I Love hexi’s I’m currently working on a flower garden quilt and have taught and gotten many others just as addicted as I am! I am getting ready to start a mini hexi project and I’m always looking for new ideas for other hexi projects! I would love to have this book!

  53. 14 years ago, I started my first quilt ever….a Grandmothers Flower Garden of hexagons. I made that quilt and 3 more using my childrens outgrown baby and toddler clothes. I’ve made over 300 quilts since then, including 4 or 5 more hexagon quilts. Just finished a hexi table topper. I LOVE hexagons!!!!!

  54. Cindi C says:

    I have a bag of them I’m working on too. What a great way to spend some quiet time!

  55. Lisa says:

    I am lucky to be the owner of a traditional Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt pieced by my great-grandmother. I’ve always admired it and marveled at the many hours it took to complete. Love the idea of starting with a smaller project and improving my skill level. It would be great to make the Union Jack project in your book.

  56. Susie Perez says:

    My new favorite take-a-long project this summer has been HEXI’S… Keep Calm and Get Your Hexi ON!!

  57. Alherta Price says:

    I pieced a Grandmother’s Flower Garden as my very first quilt which was over 40 years ago… that quilt is long gone as I didnt have any idea how to care for it… This was done before I knew anything about paper-piecing so I used a cardboard template… marked all my cutting lines, and sewing lines… sewed it together and then handquilted it… now I am working on 2 paper-pieced GFG quilts among other projects.

  58. Linda says:

    It’s on my list. getting closer and closer to the top! Someday.

  59. Phyllis Miles says:

    I am quilting, by hand , an old top for a friend and would love to piece my own.
    Thanks for the chance.

  60. Megan Whited says:

    I tried hexagons for the first time during Craftsy’s BOM. I fell in love with them and made my mom a hexagon rug mug of my own design for Mother’s Day.

  61. Krista Y. says:

    I’ve done lots of hand piecing but never hexies. Maybe I need a good book to get me started!

  62. Gloria P says:

    I love making hexies. I have been swapping hexi flowers for the past 2 years with other hexie lovers all over the globe. Have made several hexie projects and taught a class last week to teach others the fun of hexies. Thanks for a chance to win the book.

  63. Donna Engelhart says:

    I am working on a flower hexi table runner right now. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  64. Sharon Crum says:

    I’m hand quilting a Grandmother’s Flower garden quilt that I hand pieced. The hexagons are 4″ and the quilt is really big. The hand work is very relaxing to me and I’m loving it.

  65. Kathy P. says:

    I just love hexie projects! I’m on my 3rd bedsize Grandmother’s Flower garden. I’m about half way putting it together. Would love to have the new book for some new ideas. This for giving us this oppertunity for the give away.

  66. I LOVE hexagons! I have made several projects, including a quilt with EPP hexagons.

  67. Connie Wood says:

    Grandmother’s flower garden–one of my favorite oldie patterns.

  68. Barbara says:

    On a recent quilt shop hop instructions for English paper piecing were giving out. Once I started working on the small kit I was hooked. I love the portability and perfect matches.

  69. Laurel Giard says:

    I really like the last look of hexagons but they seem a little scary to give them a try. Your instructions make them a little easier to accomplish

  70. Bev Gunn says:

    I picked up some “quilt Patties” years ago and started a project-it is now buried somewhere in my sewing and quilting collection!

  71. Pat Yamada says:

    Thanks. A book on hexagons.

  72. amy tanner says:

    i have a grandmothers flower garden quilt on my wall. i love it and i would love to do hexagons. that would be fun.

  73. Lisa Marie says:

    I haven’t tried it yet but have seen a lot of things online that have gotten me interested.

  74. karen says:

    I have tried hexagon work, in a small pillow project at first, having to teach myself at that time. It was not easy, but it was amazing to see how far I’ve come since that attempt.. Thank you for the givewaway!

  75. Teresa says:

    I have been quilting for 15 years and NEVER tried Hexies…..I’ve been hearing alot about them lately and am thinkin’ it’s time to try them

  76. Michele Moore says:

    I tried 3/4″ hexagons for the first time in 2011. I was diagnosed with kidney cancer and needed a recuperation project. For the six weeks I was off I appliqued 20 bunnies and did four grandma’s flower gardens with the hexagons and also pieced some cancer ribbons all in orange batiks. My Recuperation Quilt is not a top and ready to be sandwiched and hand quilted. I have become addicted to the hexagons and have so many more projects I want to try!

  77. Cindy Prince says:

    oh yes, I have an ongoing hexagon project too, a Grandmother’s Flower Garden. I love those quilts! and I’m thinking about starting a Christmas hexagon project, having been inspired by Bonnie Hunt’s ongoing hexie project ;)
    Thank you, Cindy Prince, Mississippi

  78. Linda says:


  79. Cheryl T in Missouri says:

    I fell in love with the look of hexies after someone presented a trunk show on them at my quilt guild. I have made many but haven’t decided what to do with them yet! I need some inspiration!

  80. Evelyn says:

    I haven’t done either, but this book would certainly get me started. Thanks for the chance to win.

  81. Kay Mc says:

    I have done just a little bit with English Paper Piecing, but I really want to do some more. I just recently saw this book & am thinking it would be great to get started on a project from it.

  82. Jackie Warren says:

    I have been making hexagons too!. Got a “take along” bag for the car. Made 8 2″ just last night while hubby was in a meeting. Decided that the 2″ went so much faster than the 1″. What fun I am having. thanks for the chance to win the book.

  83. Marcia K says:

    Oh I do love EPP. I have a Hexagon quilt that I have been working on … forever. I love the peacefulness of hand piecing. I’m not quite as thrilled with the hand quilting, but that is another thing I need to learn to do so I can love it. I would REALLY love to see some more EPP projects. Different shapes as well as ideas for hexagons besides Grandmothers Flower Garden. This new book that is out promises just that. New hexie ideas. I just can’t wait to get my hands on one. I’d also love to see a return of lap quilting projects. Shocking!

  84. PAM BRICHER says:

    I have worked on hexs for years. Would love some new ideas…..

  85. Carolee Herechski says:

    I am new to quilting and have started with table runners to work my way up to quilts. I love the look of hexagons, but have not risen to the challenge yet. But, I look forward to learning how to do all types of quilting.

  86. Linda says:

    Yes, I am currently working on one using scraps from a 30′s quilt and I don’t know how to finish it! I would love some ideas!!!

  87. LizA. says:

    Most definitely yes. I have three in various stages. Unfortunately I’m having some troubles with my thumb which severely limit hand sewing. All three projects are English paper pieced. So I pick one of them up and do a flower or two every so often. I might have to reconsider what their finished size is going to really be…..

  88. Elaine Petrik says:

    I made a Grandmother’s Flower Garden in the 80′s with one inch hexagon papers which I remember xeroxing to make. Now , I ‘ve been bitten again with those hexagons but absolutely love the small 1/4 to 1/2 inch available from Paper Pieces so no more xeroxing. I always have them with me…such a great portable project.
    The hex book looks wonderful…this for a great giveaway opportunity!

  89. Linda Carhill says:

    Thanks for offering this hex book. I’ve been eye-balling it for a while. English Paper Piecing is relaxing and portable!

  90. Cecilia Young says:

    I have a project of 30′s hexies that I am working on. I haven’t found the exact project I want to make yet, but there might be one in this book. I really enjoy making the hexies and the flowers are so cute! Thanks for the chance to win.

  91. Deb G. in VA says:

    I’ve never tried EPP or hexies, but I would love to give it a try! Thanks for the giveaway!

  92. Jackie says:

    I made a hexi table runner, I worked on it over several years. It was a great take-along project.

  93. Julia P says:

    Nope, haven’t tried hexies, that is is my quilt bucket list! The book looks absolutely fabulous! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  94. Rachell R says:

    I love hexagons, and diamonds!
    My very first quilt, I found a Grandmothers Flower Garden, and I decided to hand-piece it! I took it to my college class with me, and got a 12″ block pieced in 3 class periods! Then I learned how to appliqué, sewing fusible appliqué right sides together, turn out, and fused it to the background. It turned out wonderfully scrappy and so cute!
    Since then, I’ve wanted to do another, and I’ve also recently realized once again that I love to hand-piece. A new book all about hexies would be awesome!
    Thank you!

  95. Leanne says:

    I made a notebook holder for a Christmas gift for my niece a few years back and used scraps of green fabrics (her favourite colour) to make hexagons for the outside. She loved it, and I loved working with the hexagons.

  96. Becky Greene says:

    I am completely hexie-obsessed right now. I am doing a scrappy flower quilt using 1.5-inch hexies. I am also making at least one 3/4-inch hexagon of any fabric I use; that hexie goes into a collecting bucket for a project to be dreamed up later :-) Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  97. Karen says:

    I haven’t gotten into English Paper Piecing but I am making a different style of hexie quilt by hand – Lucy Boston, Patchwork of the Crosses – one day a hexie quilt is calling me.

  98. Patricia Boyle says:

    I have done EPP and I love the method. EPP projects are great for a take along project and often starts a conversation. The method is also great when you get together with your quilting friends because you can sew and visit too!

  99. Alison says:

    I haven’t done any hexies yet, but I definitely keep thinking about it!

  100. Mary Kastner says:

    Oh yeah. I’m on the hexie bandwagon. Can’t live without a hexie project going now. I really do like them and have been using cards from Paper Pieces which are great. Thanks for the chance to win this book. It looks great!

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