QM Scrap Squad: Jill’s Old “Gory”

QM scrap squadB3 QM Scrap Squad: Jills Old Gory The QM Scrap Squad is a select group of seven QM readers. They take one pattern from each regular issue of Quiltmaker and make their own scrappy versions to inspire you.

QMMP 120800 PATRIOT flat QM Scrap Squad: Jills Old Gory
Old Glory by Margie Ullery appears in the July/August ’12 issue of Quiltmaker.


The Scrap Squad project from the July/August issue of Quiltmaker is Old Glory, designed and made by Margie Ullery of Ribbon Candy Quilt Company.


JillMontgomeryopt QM Scrap Squad: Jills Old Gory

Jill Montgomery


Today’s featured quilt is by Jill Montgomery from Fairfield, Ohio. Jill blogs here, and you’ll hear from her in her own words below. She calls her quilt “Old Gory” and you’ll soon see why.

*  *  *  *  *

When I first saw the Old Glory pattern, I pictured the quilt in a Halloween theme with bubbles floating up the quilt from a spooky brew. I planned a color scheme and pulled fabrics that were leftovers from a set of Halloween wall hangings.

1 fabric  300x225 QM Scrap Squad: Jills Old Gory
Old Glory fabric

While on a weekend with quilty friends, I found the extra colors I needed for the strips and a wonderful border fabric with witch hats and shoes.

2 Mistyfuse 216x300 QM Scrap Squad: Jills Old Gory

I also picked up some Mistyfuse to use for the applique. I wanted to use a very thin fusible that wouldn’t add bulk to the quilt.

Mistyfuse and Angelina 224x300 QM Scrap Squad: Jills Old Gory Angelina


For the bubbles, I decided to use Angelina fibers. I found two colors, and got 007 Bo-Nash bonding agent to fuse the Angelina to the quilt.


4 testing Angelina 300x225 QM Scrap Squad: Jills Old Gory

Angelina Tests

To decide which of the fibers to use (the Ultraviolet color is on top, Forest Ablaze on bottom), I pressed some of the fibers and pinned them to the quilt top with a piece of plain black fabric. My plan was to make a piece of fabric with the Angelina, adhere it to the black and then fuse the whole thing to the quilt.

5 mistyfuse on back of fabric 300x225 QM Scrap Squad: Jills Old Gory

Mistyfuse to back of fabric


QM Graphic Designer Denise Starck created a cauldron for me. I cut a piece of the Mistyfuse almost as big as the fabric that I needed for each piece. As you can see above, the Mistyfuse is see-through and is very delicate. It is like a webbing and it’s a lot thinner than even the thinnest fusible I have ever used.


6 press MF to back of fabric with pressing sheet 300x225 QM Scrap Squad: Jills Old Gory

Use Pressing Sheet


In order to apply the Mistyfuse to the back of the fabric, I pressed the combination onto a non stick pressing sheet.


7 peel fabric and MF off pressing sheet 300x225 QM Scrap Squad: Jills Old Gory
Peel Mistyfused-backed fabric carefully off pressing sheet, above

Once the fabric cooled, I peeled it off the pressing sheet, making sure the Mistyfuse was adhered to the fabric. It stuck to the pressing sheet a little, but once I helped it with a fingernail, it came right up.


8 design drawn on freezer paper to front of fabric 300x225 QM Scrap Squad: Jills Old Gory
Design on Freezer paper to front of fabric


Because the Mistyfuse isn’t attached to paper, I copied the cauldron shape to freezer paper. Using a pressing sheet under the fabric, I ironed the freezer paper to the right side of the fabric. I peeled it off the pressing sheet and cut out the design. When I had done this for all of my pieces, I pressed them to the quilt and was ready to stitch them down.


9 Angelina on fabric template 300x225 QM Scrap Squad: Jills Old Gory
Angelina on Fabric template


Using the AccuQuilt GO! circle die, I cut circles from the black fabric and used them as a template for the Angelina bubbles. I laid Angelina fibers over the fabric on the pressing sheet. With my iron set to silk, I folded the pressing sheet over the fibers and quickly ran the iron over the fibers twice with pressure.


10 flat Angelina 300x225 QM Scrap Squad: Jills Old Gory
Pressed Angelina

The result is a dense mat of fabric with lots of straggling fibers. I attempted to use the 007 Bo-Nash bonding agent to fuse the pressed Angelina to the black fabric, but was unsuccessful. It seems that the bonding agent doesn’t bond on the cooler silk setting and I just ended up with Angelina and bonding agent pellets—nothing sticking together.

Then I tried using the Mistyfuse to attach the Angelina to the black fabric. This didn’t work so well either. So I gave up on using the black fabric altogether.

One thing about Angelina fibers is that they are very easy to over heat and burn. This is why a cooler setting on your iron is needed and you have to be sure to not over-press. When you burn the Angelina, the color changes. The ultraviolet Angelina changed to a metallic green when it was over-pressed.


11 ran flat Angelina thru GO 300x225 QM Scrap Squad: Jills Old Gory
Angelina on GO! circle die

I did still use the black circles to be sure the Angelina fabric was big enough for the GO! die and thick enough not to see through it. When I had Angelina fabric that was sufficient, I put it on the die…

12 ran Angelina thru GO 300x225 QM Scrap Squad: Jills Old Gory
Angelina through GO!

…and ran the die through the AccuQuilt GO! This was an easy way to get the bubbles out of the Angelina fabric.


13 resulting dots of Angelina 300x225 QM Scrap Squad: Jills Old Gory
Trimmed Angelina


You can see above that the individual fibers go everywhere. They were all over the pressing sheet, all over the die and all over the ironing board and floor. Using the GO! helped to contain some of the fibers.


14 MF to back 300x225 QM Scrap Squad: Jills Old Gory
I was worried about applying Mistyfuse directly to the Angelina because I didn’t want to burn the bubbles. After some experimenting, I found that by pressing the bubble with the Mistyfuse side up, I could see through the pressing sheet to tell when the Mistyfuse was hot enough and would stick to the Angelina.
15 pressing MF 300x225 QM Scrap Squad: Jills Old Gory

You can see in this picture that the square of Mistyfuse is sticking to the pressing sheet so I know it was heated enough for it to stick to the Angelina as well. I could then carefully peel the pressing sheet off the Angelina and the Mistyfuse stayed on the bubble.

The next task was fusing the bubbles randomly spread out so things weren’t too cluttered.

16 attach Angelina to quilt step 1 300x225 QM Scrap Squad: Jills Old Gory

I used a second pair of hands from my friend Barb when she was over for a quilting day. We’d remove a bubble and use the iron on a hot setting to heat up the quilt fabric.


17 attach Angelina to quilt step 2 300x225 QM Scrap Squad: Jills Old Gory

When the fabric was hot, Barb stuck the MistyFuse-backed Angelina bubble to the quilt…


18 attach Angelina to quilt step 3 300x225 QM Scrap Squad: Jills Old Gory
Press Angelina dot to hot quilt with candle’s bottom

…and used a large candle with a flat bottom to press the bubble to the quilt. The candle helped stick it to the quilt without either of us burning ourselves or the Angelina.


19 dots attached to quilt 300x225 QM Scrap Squad: Jills Old Gory
Angelina dots fused to quilt
21 quilted Angelina dots 300x225 QM Scrap Squad: Jills Old Gory
Raw edge quilted Angelina bubbles

When all the bubbles were fused down, I quilted large circles all over and stitched over the Angelina bubbles at the same time for a raw-edge applique feel. When the quilt was finished, the bubbles all seemed to poof up and the effect is quite nice!

22 appliqued cauldron 300x225 QM Scrap Squad: Jills Old Gory
Appliqued Cauldron

Above is the cauldron after quilting. I satin stitched all three pieces down with matching thread. I’m so pleased that the orange fabric gives the spooky brew the motion of a rolling boil. I can’t decide if that boil or the bubbles are my favorite part of this quilt!

20 finished top 225x300 QM Scrap Squad: Jills Old Gory Finished “Old Gory” quilt (that’s not a typo)

I did decide not to use the squares in the outer border. I didn’t want to break up the print in the border fabric. I like to name my quilts with a play on the pattern name so I have dubbed this quilt Old Gory!

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13 Responses to QM Scrap Squad: Jill’s Old “Gory”

  1. Jennifer S says:

    Jill, great use of non-traditional materials. It is so cute!! Great work! :)

  2. Ruthie says:

    Oh my gosh! I love this!

  3. Cathy says:

    Jill I just love your write up of the process. Sorry it took so long for me to comment. You did a great job and your quilt turned out so nice. Hugs

  4. Where did you find such a fabulous brew fabric. Talk about how a fabric design just fits the concept so perfectly. The angelina tutorial (or explanation) was great. I’ve never played with that type of fiber but someday I may need to! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Jackie says:

    A great Halloween quilt, and the orange fabric for your brew is absolutely perfect!

  6. Claudia says:

    I have some Angelina fibers I’m planning to pull out and play with soon. I’ve never heard of “007 Bo-Nash bonding agent”. I do understand you didn’t use it, but can you elaborate on what the product is, please?

  7. Regina says:

    Love how all the colors and textures work together – it’s such a fun quilt! I especially love how you used the candle in the pressing process – very clever!

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  9. Jennifer says:

    What an ordeal to get through all of that, but the finished product is fantastic! I love the whole thing!

  10. Jean says:


  11. Kristie says:

    Jill, I love that!! Great idea!

  12. Susan C says:

    Very cute! I have some Mistyfuse but haven’t used it yet. You gave lots of good tips. I love the orange fabric used for the “brew”‘ it really looks likes it’s boiling & bubbling. How will the Angelina fibers hold up to use? Will this be a wall hanging? I’ve never used them but they do give a great effect!

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