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Kari Carr of New Leaf Stitches is a QM 100 Blocks designer. In Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 5, Kari designed Block #424, Blooming Bias Baskets.

carr Cool Tool Giveaway

Blooming Bias Baskets by Kari Carr of New Leaf Stitches

Not long ago, Kari sent me a product to try. It’s her Clearly Perfect Angles tool (also known as CPA) and I love it!

cpa 500 Cool Tool Giveaway

Clearly Perfect Angles is a clear piece of specially marked vinyl that sticks to the bed of a sewing machine/acrylic sewing table with static cling. There is nothing sticky—no adhesive or residue.

This cool tool eliminates the need to ever mark a line when sewing a 45º angle. What a time saver! Clearly Perfect Angles works with three different 45º angle techniques.

kari111 Cool Tool Giveaway

• Sewing diagonally from corner to corner across a square (above) OR

kari222 Cool Tool Giveaway
• Sewing 1/4″ from both sides of an (imaginary) diagonal line across a square (above) OR
• Sewing diagonally from corner to corner across a square that is larger than the Clearly Perfect Angles vinyl

Kari calls herself a recycled home ec teacher, and it’s clear she’s a teacher at heart. She has several helpful ways you can see how the CPA works.

Download a CPA tutorial pdf with techniques for beginners and pros alike

• Watch one of Kari’s videos:
Overview Alignment Techniques

Clearly Perfect Angles retails for $10 and you may find it at your local quilt shop. There are also specials on her website: Buy two CPAs for $18 or three for $24. You could get one for each of your machines or go together with some quilty friends to save a little.

This is a great tool and and great time saver. And now to the giveaway! I have one brand new Clearly Perfect Angles to give to a lucky Quilty Pleasures reader. Leave a comment here by midnight Friday, June 22 and we’ll pick a random winner. This giveaway is open to all readers no matter where they live!

jatc 500 Cool Tool Giveaway

You might also enjoy Kari’s book Just Around the Corner: Quilts with Easy Mitered Borders, published by Martingale.

About Diane Harris

I'm an editor for Quiltmaker magazine in Golden, Colorado, USA. For six years, I wrote pattern instructions, product reviews and how-to articles. Then I spent four years as QM's Interactive Editor, working to generate much of our online content. Now I'm back to patterns and how-tos, which is a great fit for me. I still love writing about quilt-related topics for Quilty Pleasures, and I always have my finger on the pulse of the quilting world. I teach a variety of quilt classes and give guild programs, too. Reach me by email:
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138 Responses to Cool Tool Giveaway

  1. Carla G says:

    This looks like an awesome tool! Thanks for a chance to win! :)

  2. KdB says:

    Kari’s book looks wonderful and I’d love to try her CPA! Any tool that saves time in quilting is a great invention. See ‘About’ on my profile for contact info. Thanks for a great giveaway! :)

  3. Niki says:

    Such a cool tool!

  4. Lynn says:

    I have been looking at the Clearly Perfect Angle tool for a while and wondered if it worked. Glad to know it is a time saver for stitching.

  5. BJ MacKinnon says:

    I’d love to win this tool. Thanks.

  6. Christine M says:

    What a great tool. I’d love to try it out. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  7. Roxanne in AK says:

    What a GREAT idea! I have been working on a design for a quilt that this would be just the perfect tool to help create it.

  8. Karen Z S says:

    Smart tool! Maybe I’ll get to be friends with triangles …

  9. Nancy Myers says:

    I like that this tool does not need tape (which leaves residue) to hold it to the sewing machine. It will save so much time by not drawing lines!

  10. Ann Bowman says:

    Sounds as if it would be useful and simple to use.

  11. Kristin M says:

    Great tool! I like that it clings instead of being a stiff plastic.

  12. Nancy B from Many LA says:

    What a nice giveaway!

  13. Rachell R says:

    Cool tool to win! Saving time by eliminating the marking step? Awesome!
    Thanks for a chance to win and try this new tool!

  14. Leanne says:

    I love HST blocks…this would be a great tool!

  15. Cecilia says:

    I could really use this tool! :-) thanks for the chance to win.

  16. Sew Very Sherry says:

    I struggle with straight lines in HSTs, so, I’d love to try this tool.

  17. Val says:

    This would be great for my half-square triangle quilts.

  18. LaVera Crownover says:

    Such a clever tool to make it easier for the rest of us as we make quilts. A great time saver not to have to do all the drawing of lines. Thanks for showing how to use it!

  19. Beth B says:

    Thanls for the chance to win a very useful tool!

  20. Maria Kievit says:

    That tool would probably help a lot with making flying geese also. Something that I need to finish off for one of my next quilts! Thanks

  21. What a neat tool. I would love to have one. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway.

  22. Boy this would sure get a workout from me! I make jillions of HST’s and have always drawn the lines~ ugh!! Thanks for the chance!!

  23. Ali M says:

    Very interesting tool! That is certainly one part of quilting that could be easier, thank you for the giveaway!

  24. Donna Amos says:

    With so many HST to make this would be a welcome addition. Thanks for the giveaway.

  25. Sher Stiles says:

    Would love to win one of these. I’ve never tried it but it looks like it would save me lots of time and make my quilt block sewing so much easier. I seem to make lots of half square triangles for so many different blocks that this would definitely make my life easier. Thanks for the chance to win.

  26. kwiltnkats says:

    I know this would be helpful to me as many HSTs projects that I work on. Thanks for a chance to win. Sandi

  27. Debra Bartlett says:

    This would help to cut down on my stash by making a lot of hst faster. Then I could go buy some more fabric…hehe

  28. Susan C says:

    I just taught five little girls how to make half square triangles by sewing on either side of a drawn diagonal line. This tool would have made it so much easier!!

  29. Carmen says:

    That sounds like a wonderful tool. I love that I don’t need to use pins. Thanks for the chance to win!

  30. KarenW says:

    I REALLY need this!!

  31. Helen says:

    Wow, what a time saver that tool would be! Would love to win it.

  32. Marcia Herath says:

    I’d love to win this. It’s a great idea.

  33. Wiilma S. says:

    The CPA is just what I need. I spend so much time drawing diagonal lines!
    Hope I win.

  34. MarciaW says:

    You captured my attention with the “static cling no residue” comment. Thanks for the chance to win a CPA.

  35. Kathy MacKie says:

    Wow, I need one of these for sure, thanks for the chance to win one!

  36. Cathy Koester says:

    I use a similar tool that is one of my favorites but it needs to be taped to my table. This looks like a great improvement.

  37. Louise says:

    Would love one of these. It would be a great time savor. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  38. Gwen says:

    What a great tool! Love that it can be left on the machine all the time and nothing to tape down aslo wonderful that it can be used for so many different techniques too! If I don’t win one I’m going to have to look into ordering one for sure!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  39. Jenny says:

    I can hardly wait to try this angler. Hope I am lucky

  40. Sandra McIntyre says:

    It looks like a cool tool for those 45 degree angles. I would love to try it.

  41. NancyA says:

    Looks like a great tool. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  42. Kari Carr says:

    Thank you Diane for writing such a nice review of my notion, the Clearly Perfect Angles. I see some people have a few questions…

    Jo (and others with a drop-in bobbin): There is no need to remove the CPA to change bobbins. Simply lift and roll the front edge back under the needle to expose the bobbin case and when you are done, smooth it back in place. It will be perfect since the back of it wasn’t removed. (The video shows this the best).

    Bonnie: The CPA will “stick” to any smooth surface. It even conforms to curved machine beds and by learning all three techniques you don’t need to have the whole length available (short machine beds). The color-coding really helps for this.

    I’d invite anyone with other questions to please email me! Enjoy! Kari

  43. Stephanie says:

    This is terrific! I can’t wait to share the information with a friend of mine that owns a quilt store. She is always on the lookout for cool new gadgets!

  44. Lin H says:

    I do struggle with trying to get the diagonal correct. What a great tool!

  45. Mary Morris says:

    Terrific time saver!

  46. Well I’d just LOVE to try that little tool out! I’ve tried others and always go back to just marking my angles. Too much set up and take down and set back up again…. Thanks for the opportunity to win one :*)

  47. Maree says:

    cool! thanks for the chance to win! :-)

  48. Tanya says:

    I am always up for new tools…they are like surprise gifts.

  49. Anne Welker says:

    I want this!!

  50. Pamela says:

    CPA sounds like a great tool. It would fit nicely in my sewing room if I win. Wow never t have to draw another angle sounds great!!!!! Happy giveway and thanks for letting me participate.

  51. Kim K says:

    Looks like a great tool to have!!

  52. Debra Reber says:

    Would love to win this!! I love triangles, but drawing lines takes up a lot of time, so this would be great!

  53. Sandra French says:

    WOW!! This is a wonderful tool and I would love to win it. It’s most certainly the next thing I must have for my sewing and quilting. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway.

  54. Bonnie Strait says:

    What if you don’t have an acrylic table? Would you then tape it down – similar to the Angler tool by Pam Bono?

  55. Becky Greene says:

    Thanks for the chance to win – looks amazing!

  56. Janita says:

    This has been on my wish list for a long time. Thank you for a chance to win one. Janita

  57. Janet F says:

    What a time saver this is! With so much fabric & patterns & so little time, this would be wonderful! Thanks for the chance!

  58. Cyd Runde says:

    I am a very new beginner (just finishing my second quilt), and this would really help make accurate angles!!

  59. Hanke Fijnvandraat says:

    A great tool!

  60. Ruth says:

    What a time saver just what I need

  61. Diane VanOsdol says:

    Clearly Perfect Angles would speed up and improve my sewing!

  62. Mary O'Brien says:

    Looks like just the tool I need!

  63. Carri Butler says:

    What a great idea! I would love to get this for all of my quilting friends! Of course, I want one for myself too. :-)

  64. Tammy says:

    great for those half square triangles

  65. Jan Strickland says:

    WOW…. great idea !!!!

  66. I love gadgets and tools. This one looks very useful!

  67. Carol says:

    When I first started quilting, a friend gaveme a tool similar to this one and I found it to be valuable. I have looked for one for another friend and have not been able to find one. Thank you for creating this tool.

  68. Joan Eagan says:

    I love cool looks and this appears to be something to be used every time you sew, definitely not just a drawer filler.

  69. Lee Ann says:

    What a time saver! Thanks for the information!

  70. I always love new gadgets!

  71. Donna Joy says:

    Wonderful invention to help with our seams. I sure need quide lines as I have often been teased for my crooked seams. Thanks.

  72. Patti Feustel says:

    What a wonderful idea!!! Love gadgets to make things go easier!!

  73. Wanda Heath says:

    Oh wow, what a wicked tool. This would save so much time. I stay away from HSTs because of all the line drawing lol.

  74. Maxine Reece says:

    I would love this! I use a sticky note and they don’t always stick.

  75. Teresa Stees says:

    This would be great! I have a piece of cardboard taped to my machine to help.. I’d love to get rid of that…

  76. Christy Schreck says:

    What a time saver!!! Would love to have this — working on a quilt with a lot of HST!

  77. K B Parnell says:

    It is sooo tiresome to have to mark the diagonal lines on the back of tiny squares (and big ones too!) What a great help this tool would be! And I love the fact that it is not permanent and can be removed easily!

  78. Jo Fifield says:

    I love the fact that it is self sticking. It looks like it would be wonderful to use. My machine has a top load bobbin so I would need to remove it every time I put in a new bobbin so the self sticking part would really be nice. Sounds like it’s a winner of an idea.

  79. Joyce O. says:

    I have the plastic tool similar to this one that I have to tape down and then reset every time I take my sewing machine to class. This tool would be great to have.

  80. Mary Ellen says:

    This is a cool tool! I like that it can help joining strips for binding as well as the HST & QST. I liked the tips in the PDF. Thanks for the give-away!

  81. Colette says:

    Wow! This is an amazing concept and must-need tool for any quilt maker! What a great idea (now why didn’t I think of that????). :-)

  82. Gwen W says:

    Great idea!

  83. Vicki says:

    I would love this tool!

  84. Judy W says:

    I have always wanted to try this tool! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!
    Judy W

  85. Gail Fearon says:

    A cool tool indeed! Would certainly make half-square triangles a breeze to do.

  86. Rina Mason says:

    Looks like the perfect solution for HST’s. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  87. Lisa's Chaos says:

    What a time saver! Would love one! If I don’t win I will definitely be looking for it in the store.

  88. Liz Kuntz says:

    Maybe I’ll be able to sew a straight line now! :-D

  89. Ronda Martin says:

    I would love to win this tool! It would be so handy for me as I have trouble with 45 degree angles!!

  90. Liz B says:

    looks like a great tool!

  91. Karen A says:

    This would be a very useful tool.

  92. Deborah says:

    Oh, please, yes, save a beginner from deep 45° angle frustration. I like the idea of such an easy to use toy…

  93. LizA. says:

    What a GREAT tool! I’m one who always draws those lines, no matter ow small because I just can’t eyeball it and get it straight.

  94. Amanda E says:

    I always love ways ways that I don’t have to mark lines!!!!

  95. KT says:

    Looks like a great tool. Thanks for sharing and the chance to win one!

  96. Hueisei says:

    I’d love to win this great tool. Thanks for the chance ^^

  97. kaholly says:

    What a time saver! Why didn’t I think of that??

  98. QuiltSue says:

    I love using HSTs, but hate drawing the lines, so this looks brilliant.

  99. Karlene says:

    Looks like a very useful tool. Thanks for showing it to us.

  100. Judy says:

    This would be a great tool to win as it would save a lot of time.

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