Sulky’s Tips for Longarm Success: Giveaway Part 5

Quiltmaker is happy to partner with Sulky for the last in a five-part thread giveaway.

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logo Sulkys Tips for Longarm Success: Giveaway Part 5


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Sulky of America has several longarm machine experts among its national educating staff. Sue Moats, who works on a Gammill, and Evelyn Byler, who works on an APQS machine, have compiled hints and tips for using Sulky specialty threads on a longarm. Here is just a sampling of the extensive info available on Sulky’s longarm page.

Gammill machine Sulkys Tips for Longarm Success: Giveaway Part 5

Q. I’ve been afraid to use Sulky specialty threads on my longarm machine. What are the basics for doing this?

A. While all Sulky threads can be used on LA machines, some may need special handling. Some of the most important things are to sew more slowly; use a soft, smooth thread in the bobbin; and use a needle with a larger eye, even when the thread seems very thin like the Sulky Original Metallics, Sulky Sliver Metallics, and Sulky Holoshimmer Metallics. It is not unusual to need to adjust the top tension on LA quilting machines when using decorative specialty threads.

Q. What about tension adjustments?

A. Adjusting tension can be more challenging on LA machines than domestic home sewing machines since there are no numbers or notches on LA machines. To simplify it, keep a log of how much you have turned the top tension either up or down (1/8, 1/4, 1/3, etc.) so you can find your way back to the setting you prefer when using what is your most common quilting thread.

Q. Why would I want to try the entire Sulky Line?

A. Cost. Thread is one of the smallest investments we make relative to the time, effort and money spent on fabric and notions. I prefer to spend slightly more to get the quality I can count on with Sulky Threads. Sulky also gives you the option to buy smaller spool put-ups, so, for the same investment, you can try a wide variety of Sulky fibers and colors for the same cost of several large cones. If you want more, virtually all of the Sulky Thread line is now available on Jumbo cones, over 840 SKU’s. If you have a quilting business with a resale tax number, these can be ordered right from

Another very important fact: The color you got from Sulky last year and the color you get today are the same. No more mismatched dye lots if you run out. Sulky’s computerized color matching minimizes dye lot variance. This means you can begin with the old stock while you order more with confidence.


 Sulkys Tips for Longarm Success: Giveaway Part 5

This post is the last of a five-part giveaway. Leave a comment below for your chance to win some luscious Sulky threads by midnight Sunday, June 3. Congratulations to our winners: Glenda from TX, Diane from OR, Mary Ann and Sue both from MN. Thanks to everyone who left a comment. Answer this question: Of all the Sulky threads, which one would you most like to try? We’ll announce winners here.

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220 Responses to Sulky’s Tips for Longarm Success: Giveaway Part 5

  1. Christine Brough says:

    l would love to try some of your multicolored blended threads. l am a new quilter and l have caught the bug as they say. l see many years ahead quilting. I have seen your threads at a recent quilting show and they look fabulous!

  2. ester nelson says:

    I love Sulky thread, and have used it often, but I’ve never used the blendables. I would love to win and be able to try them out. Thanks for the chance!

  3. Deli says:

    I would love to try the Sulky Holoshimmer Metallics, in my country Indonesia it is not available.

  4. Regina says:

    Since I haven’t had a chance to try Sulky threads, I would be happy to try any of them. Thank you for the chance to try them.

  5. Nancysue says:

    Joyce Drexler’s”Preferred Greens are beautiful!

  6. Carol Pahl says:

    I’m new to machine embroidery and machine quilting. Would love to try some Sulky thread.

  7. Nanci Timmmins says:

    I would love to try the new Blendables!

  8. Carmen says:

    I haven’t tried Sulky before, so I’d like to try Sulky Cotton.

  9. Vicki Sprain says:

    I am a long arm quilter and have tried many different threads for quilting my customers’ quilts. The only one brand that I haven’t tried yet is Sulky. A fellow long armer friend tried the Polylite thread and raved about how wonderful it quilted on her machine. I really want to try Polylite now too!!!

  10. Pam says:

    I always use Sulky in my domestic machine, but have never tried it in my LA. I’m going to try.

  11. Sharon Meyer says:

    I do love using Sulky threads and i would love to win the blendable threads . Thanks for the chance to win.

  12. miklaw says:

    So many gorgeous colors! Would love to try some Sulky…

  13. Bettie Johnson says:

    I never thought Sulky would work on my long arm. I would love to try any of Sulky’s thread.

  14. Amanda says:

    I would love to try the Blendables.

  15. Patsy Pirnat says:


  16. TX JennyWren says:

    Your threads are so beautiful. My favorite color is green, so I think I would try the blendables in shades of green. Thanks

  17. DeAnn Oliekan says:

    I haven’t used them yet, would love to try any!

  18. Dawn Nelson says:

    I would luv to try the Sliver Metallics for some added dimension to my quilting.

  19. Renee Stapleton says:

    I have used your rayon threads for embroidery and it gave beautiful results. I really like your invisible thread for quilting. I would love to try the blend ambles threads.

  20. Ella Mae Collett says:

    I have tried your blendables, I still use them, want to use them in 3 table toppers, I want to sew. Right now I have to wait a bit. BUT I really do love them!!!

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