Quiltmaker’s Block Party in Williamsburg: Register Soon!

With all of this quilty fun online, can you image what it will be like in Williamsburg, Virginia the first weekend in August? Gather some fantastic 100 Blocks designers, sprinkle in some QM staff, and stir well with fabulous QM readers for a fun-filled time full of quilty pleasures!

Quiltmakers Block Party 600 Quiltmakers Block Party in Williamsburg: Register Soon!Check out all of the details for Quiltmaker’s Block Party in Williamsburg, Virginia. Hope to see YOU there.

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Win a copy of 100 Blocks Volume 5: Leave a comment by 3 pm on Thursday 5/3 and tell me what fun place you’d like to see Quiltmaker throw a Block Party in the future.

Congratulations to #17, Jennifer, who would like to see Quiltmaker throw a Block Party in Boise, Idaho. So many great cities were mentioned–wish we could visit every single one. Thank you to everyone for your suggestions.

About June Dudley

I'm the Editor-in-Chief of Quiltmaker magazine. I have enjoyed quilting for many years. And I love to collect fabric, thread, books and all things quilty. I especially like batiks, bright colors, florals, dots, stripes and anything purple or teal.
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38 Responses to Quiltmaker’s Block Party in Williamsburg: Register Soon!

  1. Afton Smedes says:

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  2. Madeline says:

    If there were a block party in Greensboro, NC, I might be able to go, and I’ll bet Bonnie Hunter would be there too!

  3. Keven Ellis says:

    I’d love to see a retreat in Charleston, SC. It is such a beautiful city!

  4. Keven Ellis says:

    I would love a party in Charleston, SC!! Oh what a beautiful city to be quilting in.

  5. A.J. Dub says:

    San Diego! Or better yet Carlsbad, CA, nice and close. :)

  6. Carin says:

    How about Sweden!

  7. robin says:

    Winnipeg, Manitoba!

  8. Julie in WA says:

    Oh, please come to the greater Seattle area! I know there are great scenic retreat centers out here…there has to be. I just have not gone to one…why don’t you host one here and then I can go?!!!

  9. jmniffer says:

    Minneapolis, MN sounds good to me.

  10. Judy says:

    I would love a Block Party in CA.

  11. Lee says:

    I think Michigan would be a wonderful place for it!

  12. Chris says:

    I would say in the Midwest!

  13. Lorri says:

    How about near Davenport, Ia.

  14. Diann Cornell says:

    Florida, Sarasota or Tampa

  15. I would love to see a block party in NWA (northwest Arkansas Fayetteville, Rogers, Bentonville, Springdale), home to the new Chrystal Bridges museum. Link: http://crystalbridges.org/
    In Rogers you have The Rabbit’s Lair (fabric store). Link: http://www.therabbitslair.com/
    Lots of places to shop and eat in Fayetteville.

  16. Patty Ryker says:

    I think it would be great to do one in the Western part of Montana. There is a great deal of history and heritage in this area. And a block party would be just too much fun and opportunity to learn and share.

  17. Alherta Price says:

    I also vote for the Atlanta, Georgia area as that is close for me and I know a couple friends who would probably go also but Panama City is a pretty place also..

  18. Carla G says:

    Since I’m not in the USA, how about a block party in Western Canada! :)

  19. Karlene says:

    I love where you are having it since it is close; so sad I can’t go though. You should have one right there in Colorado as those Rocky Mountains are so beautiful. I miss Colorado and would love to have a good reason to have a trip back there.

  20. Let’s have a block party in Atlanta!

  21. Becky Greene says:

    I would say Milford, PA, but I don’t see that happening. Sooooo… how about NYC?

  22. Jennifer says:

    Boise, ID!

  23. Kristin M says:

    In Arizona would be good!

  24. Lee Ann L. says:

    Anywhere in Texas would be fabulous as I cannot fly (get panic attacks & physically sick).

  25. Patti says:

    Some place in Wisconsin would work just fine for me. Thanks.

  26. Barbara says:

    Where I live in Portland, Oregon. August is the best time of the year here. Heck, you can even stay at MY HOUSE!!

  27. Rhode Island would be a wonderful place to have a party, lots of wonderful things to do, the ocean and you can visit the surrounding states in a day. Boston is only a few hours away and who wouldn’t want to visit the quilt museum.


  28. MarciaW says:

    Florida would be a great place

  29. Gill says:

    How about the UK????

  30. Robyn Brown says:

    Pigeon Forge

  31. Donna says:

    Panama City, FL would be perfect!

  32. arlette says:

    Well since I’m not in the USA, what about a block party in my country?, it would be amazing, I’m sure both will have a blast!!!!!!!!!

  33. LizA. says:

    How about Seattle?

  34. I’d love to see a block party in Orlando, Tampa or Sarasota, Florida! I’m going to miss being in Williamsburg by two weeks! (Rats!)
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of 100 Blocks!

  35. Mary says:

    How about Branson, Missouri? Beautiful country with lots of things to see and do.

  36. SewLindaAnn says:

    I live in metro Atlanta (Roswell, Georgia) and we have at least 10 quilt shops within a 60 mile radius. Soooooo…wouldn’t it be a great place to have a block party! There are guilds and just so many awesome shops. Even a spot in Chattanooga, TN would be nice. Lots of places to stay, and it’s driving distance from Atlanta, Nashville and many other surrounding areas. Have I intrigued you yet?

  37. Angela N. says:

    Denver!!! Colorado! :)

  38. Doris Rice says:

    Well, since I live in Texas, I would like to see a block party somewhere in Central Texas.

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