100 Blocks Volume 5: Some-Bunny

I love love LOVE wool applique. If I had to go live on a desert island and had to pick 3 things to take with me, one of those things would be my drawer(s)(dresser)(closet) full of wool applique projects. A drawer would count as one thing, right? Of course, on a desert island one wouldn’t have much use for wool quilts, but that is TOTALLY beside the point, is it not?

For my block in Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, Volume 5 I decided to make a wool appliqued bunny block. Perhaps he needs a name?

QMMS 120022 STODDARD4 300x300 100 Blocks Volume 5: Some Bunny

Some-Bunny by Paula Stoddard

My favorite way to do wool applique is using fusible web and appliqueing onto flannel. Many think that you have to applique wool on wool, but that’s not true. You can applique wool onto flannel and regular ol’ cotton fabric.

Have you tried it? Would you be interested in a blog post tutorial on wool applique?

My bunny block actually started out as a redwork embroidery block, which is another addiction of mine. (Perhaps the second thing I take to my island?)

rabbit 297x300 100 Blocks Volume 5: Some Bunny

Redwork Bunny

I’m designing a bunny quilt for the next Quilts From Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks issue, so if you like Some-Bunny, keep an eye out for it!

Giveaway: Leave a comment by 12 noon MST on Friday 5/4 telling me if you have ever tried wool applique for a chance to win a copy of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, Volume 5 and prizes from Troy and Northcott. Or if wool applique isn’t your thing, tell me what you’d take to YOUR desert island!

Congratulations Annie K! Your comment was randomly picked to win a copy of 100 Blocks Volume 5 and prizes from our sponsors Troy and Northcott. Thanks for all the comments!!

If you are collecting all of the Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks issues, but missed out on 100 Blocks, Volume 1, you’re in luck! We’re excited to offer all of the patterns from Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 1 through My EQ Boutique! You can read more about it here.  P.S. Stay tuned for more info on Volume 2!


About Paula

I'm an Associate Editor at Quiltmaker in Golden, CO. I've been quilting for 18 years, including teaching, long arm quilting, designing, and stash building. I also love to read, run, stitch, play with my boston terrier and spend time with my family.
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226 Responses to 100 Blocks Volume 5: Some-Bunny

  1. Jamie says:

    I have never tried wool for applique. perhaps I should.

  2. Wendy says:

    Yes- I have tried wool applique as a pillow for a friend. It turned out beautiful and very rich looking. Love the bunny!

  3. wanda says:

    I have wanted to work with wool, I am a newbe. I love the rabbit block and I am going to making it. thanks

  4. Janet says:

    Such a cute block! I have done a little bit of wool applique. Wool is impossible to buy where I live so I haven’t had an easy time to collect a small stash. I have done more redwork though :)

  5. margaret says:

    Never tried wool – though love the effect, I have to say. The bunny looks just so cute in redwork, and I’m “ear”-marking the design for a diaper bag I plan to make soon. Do hope I’m a winner of the book !

  6. Wilma Searcy says:

    No, I have not tried wool. I am surprised to learn that it can be combined with cotton. Your bunny is so cute. I like it in redwork, too. The way he is peeking over reminds me of “Kilroy was here.” That dates me! During WWII there was a popular drawing of a face peeking over an edge, with 2 hands holding on.

  7. Kathleen says:

    No, Paula, I haven’t tried wool applique, although I do have a kit for it that I won a couple of Christmases ago, so I guess I’m running out of excuses as to why not. Working too much, maybe? Prizes from Troy and Northcott sound wonderful! Please count me in. :)

  8. Betty says:

    I’m allergic to wool, so that is out for my desert island. I would take a bin of scraps, a box of thread and some needles.

  9. I’m allergic to wool so I’m not drawn to wool applique. Instead, I’m a scrappy patcher. On a deserted island, I’d be happy with my scraps and fat quarter collection), a rotary cutter with endless blades, rotary mat, rulers, thread, needles, thimble and finger cots. Oh yeah, I need my frame too! While we’re at it, throw in a maid, cook and very handsome fisherman to care for me while I quilt…. AND a copy of 100 Blocks!!!

  10. Anita says:

    Love wool applique, nice to not have to turn under edges and adds such great texture. Cute bunny :)

  11. Laurie B says:

    Oh boy – I am just starting wool applique and am loving it so far. I am making a BOM with Raspberry Rabbits – it’s been fun and I enjoy the wool and the stitching that is going along with it! You should check it out – it’s still early in the year to join in. Such fun and the patterns are free! It’s going to be adorable!! Glad to see you’ve got another block in the magazine – they have become such a great resource to have in a quilting library :)

  12. Donna Joy says:

    I am so drawn to wool embroidery, love the look, but I’m allergic to wool. So I would take embroidery to my deserted island. Thanks for sharing your block .

  13. Claudia says:

    I’ve done a lot of garment making with wool, but not applique. And, of course, I’d take “Ears” Some Bunny. Who can leave home without their bunny?

  14. ritainalaska says:

    i haven’t tried wool applique yet, so i’d gather up everything one needs for this intriguing technique and head off to my desert island to keep me occupied while i’m there.

  15. Doris Rice says:

    I haven’t tried wool applique yet but have purchased some wool and have a pattern in mind to start it. My friend does it and absolutely loves it. She has been my inspiration.

  16. candace says:

    Love your bunny block! I’ve never tried wool applique but it looks like fun :D

  17. Cindy M says:

    Love the bunny block! I’ve never done wool applique before but the more I see it, the more I like it. It could be somewhere in my future ;-) In the meantime, I’ve recently gotten hooked on English paper-piecing hexagons so I think that’s what I’d take to my deserted island.

  18. Tammy says:

    I have been wanting to try wool applique and this block looks like a great one to try it on, I do LOVE doing redwork, too.

  19. Cherie says:

    I’ve never tried wool appliqué. The only thing I’d take to a deserted island would be my bug spray…deserted islands tend to have a lot of bugs…eew!

  20. ANGELA BARGER says:

    haven’t tried any applique yet but this sure opens more opportunities and ideas. would not have thought about different applique fabric to block fabric.
    a deserted island, hmm books, quilt tops, batting, backing and frame.

  21. Rose says:

    I’d take my husband, he could be quite handy to have around to do the work while I eat bon bons and quilt to my hearts content. Boy what a dream that is.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  22. Melissa Slofkosky says:

    I have never tried wool applique. I would take a stash of my quilt fabrics and quilt thread, and patterns. I would do hand piecing on the island. I love the bunny block.

  23. Brenda says:

    I have done some wool applique and love it!

  24. arlette says:

    I never tried wool applique before, I’d love to give it a try :) , about the dessert island I’ll bring the magazines from yours, my sewing machine and fabrics, I’ll day dream if I could do that :)

  25. Anda says:

    Never done wool applique! I would take my sewing machine and fabric on a desert island to quilt! awolk at rogers dot com

  26. Kaye M. says:

    I have never tried wool applique but your bunny is so cute , you are really tempting me to give it a try!

  27. Cindi C says:

    I just bought a wool applique kit to try it. I’ve been wanting to for a long time and finally broke down ready to take the plunge. I love looking at all the different items that have been made using wool. Any tips? Your block is really cute. Thanks for the giveaway.

  28. LizA. says:

    Hhmmmmm, I’ve never tried wool appliqué and I’m not sure I’d want that on a desert island…..can I bring the entire contents of my sewing room?

  29. Margaret R says:

    I have never tried wool applique. It is something I have thought about but never tried. I would take my machine, my stash and a generator. I don’t think I could go more than a couple of days without my machine.

  30. I love Some-Bunny! I have done wool appliqué and I find it very satisfying.

  31. LJ says:

    I’ve never tried wool applique and I would never have thought to use it on anything other than wool. Thanks for the tip. Your bunny is some-bunny, that’s for sure. Well, I think I’d take a newly-won issue of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks!!

  32. E. Engman says:

    I don’t do much wool applique, but have done a lot with non-wool felt. I think a tutorial would be a super idea.


  33. Sandi S says:

    Your bunny block is adorable both in wool and redwork. I have never tried using wool.
    I would probably take some hexigons and fabric to work on the island. Thanks for the chance to win some prizes.

  34. Janet Wright says:

    Yes, I even won a ribbon, It is kind of funny, cause I hate hand work, like binding,, but I like the fact of no roll over with woll. I made my sewing buddies these cute mats with pennies around them. Cute they were. If you email me I will email you a picture of them if you are interested. I love your block.

  35. Nancy B says:

    I’ve done a some wool applique and like it a lot. There are just so many things I like to do and so little time!

  36. Anne C. says:

    I love the look of wool applique, but I haven’t yet tried it. I hope to soon. By the way, I would take my iPod loaded with Sting songs to a desert island. :-)

  37. Jill says:

    I have kits to do wool applique, but have not done much of it. I would take quilt magazines on the deserted island.

  38. Kate Brown says:

    I have never tried wool applique but it is on my list of to do’s! I would love if you did a tutorial.

  39. trillium says:

    I haven’t tried wool applique and would like to see a tutorial on it.

    I’d bring lots of triangles to a desert island.

    trilliumcreates AT gmail DOT com

  40. Sheryl W. says:

    No, I haven’t tried wool applique yet, but I love applique so I’ll have to give it a try. Congrats on making the magazine!

  41. Diantha Howard says:

    I have never tried wool applique, but I would like to some day. I might bring some hand quilting to the desert island.

  42. Sharon says:

    Yes, I have tried wool applique and I love it. The wool gives my primitive and civil war quilts an extra spark. I like the fact that wool doesn’t ravel and I have less preparation than with turned applique. Thanks!

  43. Mary Morris says:

    I’ved neverf tried wool applique. There are soo many techniques yet to learn. Maybe I need sewing equipment and fabrics on that desert island so I can learn a few things.

  44. annmarie says:

    I’ve never tried wool applique. I’d have to take lots of books and some embroidery projects to my desert island (and of course my bikini – ha ha). Oh and a cute guy would be nice too! Love your bunny – thanks for the chance to win Vol 5.

  45. Sallie says:

    I have never tried it, but you little bunny would be the perfect project to give it a try. Thanks for the giveaway!

  46. Annie says:

    I haven’t tried wool applique, but it’s intriguing.

  47. SewLindaAnn says:

    Hey Paula!! (had to say it) I love wool, but I always have to work inside on it because it’s so warm usually in Georgia. I have taken a rug hooking class, rug braiding class (of course they are all still in progress:) I have a couple of shelves full that I’ve been lucky enough to get from thrift stores. I have a picture of a quilt from a very old magazine that I would like to copy. I’d have to take a bunch of things on an island because I like to play with a lot. I don’t need a magazine, but I’d like my name put in the hat for all the other stuff!

  48. Angela N. says:

    Name: Peekaboo! or peekaboo bunny :)

    Ive never tried wool applique, well, ive never really tried wool at all. Shame? If i was stuck on a island, id take the sprocket quilt along pieces i have been working on. Its all hand pieced.

  49. Victoria M. says:

    Oh what a cute block! Congratulations.

    I love wool applique but haven’t tried it yet. I have purchased some wool pieces and am really hoping to find time soon to get started.

  50. Sandy A in St. Louis says:

    I have two wool kits here to do but haven’t started them yet. I am a little scared to start them in case I do something wrong. There is a lady in my guild who made a queen size wool quilt, so I am going to see if she is going to offer a class. She did once before but I couldn’t go.

    Thanks for the cute block! I love the redwork version, too!

  51. lindawwww says:

    I have never tried wool applique but it’s a technique I’d like to try. Your block is very cute.

  52. gilda wonson says:

    I like wool applique, just don’t do much because the wool is so expensive. I love the rich colors.

  53. Marge in Louisiana says:

    I’ve never tried wool applique as most of the patterns that I saw were primitive style which is not to my wanting to do. To the desert or deserted isle, I would take all my applique projects, my sewing machine (I’m going where there is electricity G) and all my fabric. I can dream can’t I? Fantasy Island or desert. No telephone or interruptions so I had best take a cook so I can sew.

  54. Robbin says:

    I love to look at wool applique. I’ve bought wool. I’ve bought patterns but haven’t taken the plunge. Maybe if I were on an island I would have time to tackle it.

  55. Pam C says:

    I have not done much applique at all. I am now trying to teach myself needle turn, so wool may be next!

  56. Debra Bartlett says:

    Love the redwork. Bunnies are so cute. I haven’t done any applique, but this looks like something I would like to attempt.

  57. CathyC in Alberta says:

    I have done a penny rug with wool applique and really enjoyed it. Your bunny reminds me of my youngest grandson’s favorite stuffed animal. He must have it when going for his nap or nite sleep…”Fluff” has to be found!! If I was going to a desert island I would take all my fabric, along with lots of needles and thread. I love handwork.
    Thanks for a chance to win.
    CathyC in Alberta

  58. Patti Nash says:

    I want to try wool appliques on some mittens I plan to make. Haven’t done it yet.

  59. Patty Happel says:

    I’ve never tried wool applique, but I love your bunny. I may try doing him in all cotton. I would take my stash with me with some needles smuggled in

  60. LIsa's Chaos says:

    I have not tried wool applique but would sure like to. Love your bunny, both ways!

  61. Marie says:

    Your bunny is too cute! Maybe his name could be Stitches? I love applique and love wool, its so soft and easy to use. If I were stranded on an island I definitely want my applique projects, and my favorte quilt to lay on while I wait to be rescued.

  62. Diane Telfer says:

    I love your bunny block and how he looks like he is peeking in the window! Yes, I have tried wool applique and love it.

  63. Cecilia Young says:

    I’ve never tries working with wool. I do like machine applique though. I really like your redwork bunny. :)

  64. Joyce Mitchell says:

    Love Some-Bunny sometime. I’m sure someone else already said that. I’ve never tried wool applique but I’ve enjoyed reading about it in all the quilt blogs I subscribe to. Thanks for the chance to win.

  65. Renie Rowland says:

    I have never tried wool quilting –something I should try. Really cute block

  66. Mary Jo Baird says:

    Have never tried wool applique but it sure is pretty! Like yourself, my other addiction is redwork embroidery! I use it quite a bit to embellish towels I give for gifts, and make redwork wedding samplers, too!

  67. Kathi Miller says:

    I’m not a fan of regular applique but I do like wool applique. I think what sold me is that you don’t have to turn under the edges. Goes waaaay faster than regular applique!

  68. I have two redwork blocks. But the wool, I have never worked with it. I purchased some for a project. Congrats to your publish block and I look forward to reading the next Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 5 issue. Thanks, Judith

  69. I am Wool CRAZY and have done several projects in wool!! LOVE it!! Thanks for the chance to win your magazine…ALSO love your block…I am SEw making this block!!

  70. I have not tired wool applique but I am getting my stash started! I find wool a very comforting fiber. I come to quilting from a knitting and spinning background.

  71. Lorraine says:

    I have never tried wool applique, but I love your little bunny. I’d take a redwork project to the desert island…and chocolate!

  72. Joyce Carter says:

    I have never tried wool applique, but I love to do needle turn applique so I would take a large basket filled to the brim with applique projects along with a ton of books to the deserted island.(P.S. Could I possibly take Kelvin Costner with me,too?) Thanks for the giveaway.

  73. marci says:

    i love wool applique…. but ahven’t tried it yet!!
    thank you

  74. 4dreamsr says:

    I have done some wool applique with hand blanket stitch. I did enjoy working with the wool. Thanks for a chance to win.

  75. kwiltnkats says:

    I’ve not tried wool applique…yet… I’ve been recently working with wool making dolls and like working with it. I’ve seen some fabulous wool applique projects so my juices are probably at a simmer right now. Your red work bunny block is something new so far from what I’ve seen with Volume 5. Now on my island…would have to be a knock me over fella who knows how to cook and doesn’t mind cleanning because I’d want to spend all my time sewing anything that makes me happy at that momment in time! Sandi

  76. Love the bunny. Congrats on being chosen for a block.

  77. Kate says:

    I love wool applique and youre the one who taught it to me! Hi Paula, we miss you at ACQ but know you are now such a super busy quilting publishing pro, something had to give. Another darling block and we still hope you would do a kitty….
    Best wishes, Kate and the gals at ACQ

  78. Madeline says:

    I’ve never tried wool applique at all. I think a tutorial would be helpful incentive to get someone like me to try it. If I were going to live on a desert island, I would be as eccentric as you. I would take a swimming pool! Because while I love to swim, I dont want those critters in my water! Then I would have to have ice cream in abundance, and lots of fabric with a needle and scissors.

  79. Janis T says:

    I have some wool but haven’t played with it yet. I love the redwork bunny!

  80. Peg Wood says:

    I have not tried wool on anything…including wool, flannel and cotton. So I would be a totally newbie and would like a tutorial available. I’m afraid my whole sewing room would have to go with me to that island!

  81. Nancy Noah says:

    I have never tried wool applique, but I sure have seen some beautiful quilts made this way. Love the bunny block.

  82. Evelyn Breutzmann says:

    I have not tried wool yet, but sure would like to!

  83. vickie van dyken says:

    Cute block….how about peek a boo bunny?? He just looks like he is playing peek a boo to me!! LOL Thanks for the opportunity to win :)

  84. Karen A says:

    I’ve not tried wool applique. I do like working with wool in my sewing so I should try the applique.

  85. Judy says:

    I have liked just about everything I have seen done with wool applique but have not tried it yet. It is still on my someday list. The bunny is darling.

  86. Wendy says:

    I do think that your redwork bunny is especially cute. I’ve not tried wool applique but have tried and do like machine applique using cotton fabrics.
    I’d take lots of dye-ready white fabric and some liquid sun dyes to the island and use all the fab different shape foliage leaves to help create one of a kind patterned fabric. Oh, and lots of sunscreen :)

  87. Sharon Judkins says:

    I have never tried wool applique but I see so many quilters/bloggers that have that I think maybe I would someday.

  88. Haven’t tried wool yet. I have too many other adictions to take on one more. I’d meed my Kindle app and as many books as I could cram onto it for any time on a desert island.

  89. I have tried wool aplique once. Fun. Hugs Jofrid

  90. Jenelle Boxberger says:

    I’m not a fan of hand applique, but machine applique is doable. On my island I would need an endless bag of ice cubes.

  91. A.J. Dub says:

    I have not tried wool applique mostly because I haven’t seen anything that appealed to me. This is very cute!

  92. Billie K says:

    I have not tried wool applique, but would love to try someday.

  93. Karrie Smith says:

    Cute block! Congrats! I haven’t tried wool applique. I would take quilting books to my desert island to drool over and fabric and a needle and thread. Thanks for the chance to win :)

  94. Mo says:

    Nope, never tried wool applique, but yours sure looks cute. I’d take my little boy to the desert island. Also some things to hand quilt.

  95. Annie K says:

    Love the way the bunny is just peeping out over the edge of the block… too cute!

  96. Carin says:

    I haven’t tried wool applique yet but would like to!

  97. Jennifer P says:

    I have never tried wool applique but would probably take batiks onto my island…they are so beautiful and they wear like iron! Thanks for showing us your really cute bunny blocks.

  98. sandy says:

    I love bunnies – lots of bunnies!!!! I have never tried wool applique but would love to try it.

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway. I can’t wait to try this.

    Thank you

    sandyb720 at gmail dot com

  99. VickiT says:

    I have never attempted any wool applique although I’ve not ruled it out. I just have so many other things I want to try first. I guess since the wool wouldn’t be my first choice to take to my dessert island, I’d have to say it would be lots and lots of cotton quilting quality fabrics. At least I can make a sail with my cotton fabrics. haha

    LOVE your bunny. It’s super cute and kinda reminds me of that little guy we used to see everywhere when I was younger; Elroy. LOL Maybe you’ll need to start something similar with your bunny and have all kinds of people create your bunny with that same saying but instead it would say ‘Bunny was here’. :)

  100. Donna Amos says:

    I’ve tried wool applique and really like it, but 2nd to quilt piecing. The last thing I made was a rabbit jumping over some flowers on a 5″ pin cushion. Had aqua background, tan bunny and pink flowers. Hand stitched around the bunny and flowers. Would like to make more, and I really do like the red work pattern also.
    Thanks for the giveaway

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