Sulky Thread Giveaway: Round Two

Quiltmaker is happy to partner with Sulky for the second in a five-part thread giveaway. (Part 1 winners are listed at the end of this post.)

logo Sulky Thread Giveaway: Round Two


You’ll learn more about thread and have many chances to win a great 3-pack of Sulky Blendables.

 Sulky Thread Giveaway: Round Two

Win a three-pack of Sulky Blendables!

Here’s a short thread lesson to make your quilting life easier.

You may have noticed that thread comes loaded onto spools in two different fashions. Viewed from the side, if the threads run horizontally and lie right next to each other, the thread is stacked. The Sulky Blendables shown above are stacked.

If the thread runs diagonally and crosses itself, the spool is crosswound. In the photo below, the thread on the right is crosswound. You can see that it’s different from the stacked spool on the left.


threads1 Sulky Thread Giveaway: Round Two
Stacked (left) vs. Crosswound thread

Why does this matter? Because you want the thread to feed differently from the spool depending on how it is wound.

Watch a short video here.

Stacked thread is intended to feed off the side of the spool. For the best results, use a vertical spoolpin (points upward) for stacked threads. The spool should rotate freely on the spoolpin.

disc Sulky Thread Giveaway: Round Two

Small piece of felt fits over spoolpin, sits underneath spool and helps spool to rotate freely as thread unwinds

The small piece of wool or flannel that slips over the spoolpin and sits beneath the thread helps to accomplish this.

machine1 Sulky Thread Giveaway: Round Two

Crosswound thread should feed from the top of the spool as shown.

Crosswound thread is intended to feed off the top of the spool. A horizontal spoolpin (spool on its side) works well for crosswound threads. The thread slips off the top of the spool; there is generally no “pull” involved and the spool is stationary (it does not rotate).

43199 Sulky Thread Giveaway: Round Two

Thread stand

A thread stand next to the machine also works for crosswound threads. In this setup, the thread unwinds from the top of the spool and feeds upward into the machine. Your dealer can suggest a stand that works well.

productimage picture horizontal spool pin 23 Sulky Thread Giveaway: Round Two

A spoolpin attachment, this one from Handi Quilter

If your machine has only one spoolpin, check with your dealer to see if an attachment exists to give you the other orientation. The dealer may have other suggestions as well. (They’re a wealth of information and we don’t use them enough!)

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 Sulky Thread Giveaway: Round Two

Sulky Blendables

For a chance to win some luscious Sulky threads, leave a comment below by midnight  Friday, April 20 answering this question: How is your spoolpin oriented? Did you learn anything new from this post?

Winners in the first round are Sallie Whiteside in Texas, Kay Lee in Colorado, Diane Hicks in Ontario, Canada and Donna Gross in Alberta, Canada.

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