QM Shorts: Alzheimer’s Benefit Quilts


 QM Shorts: Alzheimers Benefit Quilts


The Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative has been receiving small format art quilts called Priority: Alzheimer’s Quilts since 2006. They convert those quilts to cash for Alzheimer’s research through monthly online auctions, online sales, and at International Quilt Festival in Houston each fall. They are supported by quilters all over the world.


1017560569 QM Shorts: Alzheimers Benefit Quilts

Change and Transition by Michele Bilyeu


The April online auction is currently underway. Have a look and see the nice variety up for sale, including the quilts shown here.


1017560429 QM Shorts: Alzheimers Benefit Quilts

Little Logs by Ann Scott


AAQI has taken in 9968 quilts at the time of this writing.



1017560774 QM Shorts: Alzheimers Benefit Quilts

Leftovers by Lori Loff

They are nearing a milestone of 10,000 quilts. If you’d like to make and donate a quilt, read the guidelines here.


1017561715 QM Shorts: Alzheimers Benefit Quilts

Happy Daisy by Susan Cleveland


Most people know someone who has been affected by this illness.


1017561815 QM Shorts: Alzheimers Benefit Quilts

Solar Eclipse by Nancy Lee Chong

Take a minute to read about all the ways you can help today. And thanks in advance from Quiltmaker and the AAQI.


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7 Responses to QM Shorts: Alzheimer’s Benefit Quilts

  1. Dayana says:

    In 25 years of quilting and monvig around so much I have belonged to a number of guilds. The best was in West Texas 15+years ago. They were most of all friendly.They employed a buddy system, so no one new ever sat alone. All wore name tags. There was a welcome gift of a few fat quarters donated by a member who included her name and contact info.Keeping the group interested, included service projects of quilts and teddy bears, guild challenges and a quarterly exchange your scraps table.We had a number of people who felt so good about their quilting that they were encouraged to display locally, submit to magazines and fabric manufacturers where they ended up published and accomplished winners in shows. Information was to be shared and many of these accomplishments were celebrated with cakes and cookies.Small groups were encouraged and there were some quilt challenges between the groups.All these years later I am still connected to these ladies although only one still attends that guild (the rest of us have moved too far away to attend.) One woman is Godmother to my daughter, another has made a name for herself in the flag and banner making area. Another has explored the clothing making route and has shown up in the winners circle for some national competitions.The rest of us have watched out children grow, made them clothes and quilts to snuggle under, we have donated quilts and teddy bears to school and church auctions and reveled in our sisters’ accomplishments.

  2. Kathy Kennedy-Dennis says:

    Thank you for honoring the AAQI with this post. Each time a quilt is sold, we are closer to a cure. Thanks to all of the quilt makers and quilt purchasers!

  3. Thanks so much for highlighting the good works that AAQI does – it’s an amazing organization with a very dedicated group of volunteers, but we couldn’t do it without publicity like this. Thank you Quiltmakers!

  4. It’s an exciting time for the AAQI! I would guess that we’d be registering our 10,000th Priority Quilt any time now. Over $700,000 raised for Alzheimer’s research! It’s just amazing what quilters can do!

  5. Ami Simms says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful blog post about the AAQI’s April online auction. We are so grateful for Quiltmaker’s enthusiastic support of our mission. You ROCK!

    Ami Simms

  6. JoAnne T. says:

    Thank you for spreading the word on this wonderful organization. They are doing so much good and selling such pretty quilts that it is always easy to find one I must buy!

  7. Leslie Frost says:

    Thanks for a great post about AAQI!

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