Marie Bostwick: Path to Cobbled Court Giveaway

Quiltmaker recently had the pleasure of getting acquainted with Marie Bostwick, author of the Cobbled Court series of novels.

marieabout2 Marie Bostwick: Path to Cobbled Court Giveaway

Marie Bostwick

Marie’s books often include a quilt theme or tie-in, and she herself is a quilter who is always up to something interesting. You’ll find Marie’s blog to be a fun read.

QM10512 Marie Bostwick: Path to Cobbled Court Giveaway

We’re pleased to include Marie’s Path to Cobbled Court quilt design in the May/June issue of Quiltmaker.

cobbled Marie Bostwick: Path to Cobbled Court Giveaway

Path to Cobbled Court by Marie Bostwick

This boldly graphic quilt goes together easily and would be great in many different color schemes. QM Graphic Designer Denise Starck put together a few possibilities.

cobblecourt clropt1 Marie Bostwick: Path to Cobbled Court Giveaway

How about some girl colors?



cobblecourt clropt2 Marie Bostwick: Path to Cobbled Court Giveaway

Or maybe some Jo Morton-type colors?



cobblecourt clropt3 Marie Bostwick: Path to Cobbled Court Giveaway

Or the classic blue and yellow is always good!

Kind of makes your head spin with the possibilities!

Now there’s exciting news on Marie’s front: The release date of a brand new book, Ties That Bind, is just around the corner—April 24!

tiesthatbind Marie Bostwick: Path to Cobbled Court Giveaway

In celebration, Marie and her publisher have generously provided books for giveaway to QM readers.

threadingcover Marie Bostwick: Path to Cobbled Court Giveaway thin2 Marie Bostwick: Path to Cobbled Court Giveaway

For your chance to win the entire series of five Cobbled Court novels or the brand new Ties That Bind, leave a comment by midnight Monday, April 23 letting us know you checked out Marie’s website.

Then make plans to head to your sewing space and whip up your own version of Path to Cobbled Court!

Congratulations to Robyn Brown of Lakesite TN who won the entire series of Cobbled Court novels and to Debra Lee of Haubstadt IN who won the new release, Ties That Bind.

*     *     *     *     *

Read excerpts from Marie’s books.

Check out Canton Village Quiltworks and the “Spotlight on Marie.”


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194 Responses to Marie Bostwick: Path to Cobbled Court Giveaway

  1. I just finished reading ” a single thread ” hated to see it end, was excitment in every page felt like I was right in and part of the story it was that good and I see in the book front you have others about quilting hope to find them with the same peoples. Thank you Marie and a blessing for many more years of wonderful writing PERFECT IN EVERY WAY.

  2. Joanna Vlaming says:

    Saw Marie’s books, Cobbled Court Series, advertised in a quilt magazine, went on holidays to the States — live in Canada–went to bookstores looking for the series, found all of them except the first one “A Single Thread”, came home and ordered from a bookstore , started reading them could not put them down until I was finished the series. I loved the books and I am also a quilter. When reading them, it was like you were part of the Quilting Circle. Looking forward to reading more of her books. Passed them on to my sister and she is enjoying them.

  3. Phyllis Barton says:

    Enjoyed reading “A Single Thread”. Looking forward to reading more and also about the quilt patterns since I teach quilting at the community college.

  4. Cindy Hair says:

    I have read the first three books and own them. I want to get the next ones soon.

  5. Eileen Caspers says:

    I really enjoy Marie’s books.

  6. LouAnne Sassone says:

    I’ve read her first 2 books and am waiting for the library to send me notice that #3 is available for me. I love it when quilt magazines offer different color variations for a pattern. Sometimes a pattern doesn’t click for a quilter until she sees it in “her colors”! I know I’m late for the contest, but I enjoy her books so much, I want to move to New Bern!

  7. Pat says:

    New to her books but have read so many great reviews, will definitely be checking these out! Thanks for the opportunity to enter and I just checked out her webstie. Will be registering shortly.

  8. Jessie Llewellyn says:

    I added Marie’s website to my favorites. I have “Ties That Bind” on my TBR list. I believe I saw info on the book in my Romantic Times mag & thought that it would be a good read.

  9. lizzie says:

    I would love to win Marie’s books. I read the first two and they are wonderful! Keep writing marie!!

  10. KIKI W says:

    Love the website. So glad I found it.

  11. Carolyn Linderman says:

    LOVE Marie’s books!! (I can’t believe that there are quilters who enjoy reading who haven’t read them yet — I try to do my part by spreading the word!) I also enjoy beFRIENDING Marie on Facebook; she often responds to comments left on her page and definitely makes everyone feel like part of her family. If ever I have the opportunity to meet her in person, I’m sure that she will be just as sweet, down-to-earth and genuine. Thanks Marie, and Quiltmaker magazine for including her!

  12. Laura Palmore says:

    Marie’s books touch the heart of all women because her characters in fiction are as diverse as in real life. I truly believe it is because she stays in touch with the real people in her life…her family….her friends..and her fans. I don’t usually buy books because I read too fast and so many but I have everyone of Marie’s!

  13. Jeanne Lex says:

    Talked my lqs, The Quilted Crow, Boxborough, MA, in to carrying Marie’s books. They’re going like hot cakes ! Sold out right away – even my reserved copy !

  14. Mary Ellen Zeitz says:

    I’ve read every one of Marie’s books (and enjoyed them very much). Ties That Bind has been pre-ordered; impatiently awaiting it’s delivery. Hope to catch up with Marie at Quilting by the Yard in Vernon.

  15. Joyce Best says:

    What a great contest. Would love to win the series of novels.

  16. Debby says:

    I have not yet read any of Marie’s books, but you can be sure I will in the near future. I really enjoyed checking out the website. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  17. Gail C-P says:

    I met her at the Vermont Quilt Festival, she was very nice! I love when 2 favorite things blend together….quilting & books!!

  18. Debbie Nicholson says:

    I am so excited that the next book is out tomorrow and can’t wait to get my hands on it.
    I have been on her e-mail list for a couple of years and love to check her blog regularly.
    The folded block she has posted certainly looks like more than just a traditional pieced block.

  19. matkeltri says:

    I went to the website. I’d never seen a folded block before. :) My mom loves quilting and would love these books.

  20. Phyllis S says:

    Can’t wait. Loved the past Cobbled Court books and know the new one is going to be as much of a blessing to me and my friends. Have recommended these good reads to many.

  21. Heather A says:

    Wonderful website. I am in awe of someone with so much talent. Creative people are magic and Ms. Bostwick has a double dose of creativity with her writing and her quilting. What a great prize this would be to win.

  22. Teresa Young says:

    I am new to quilting so I am glad to check out Marie’s website for inspiration – I can’t wait to read the Cloobled Court series.

  23. Marla says:

    Checked out the great website. great books are a joy for all.

  24. I am so thankful to have come across your book series. I love reading them. I love reading your posts on Facebook and that you share your lovely designs with all of us. I can’t wait for the newest book! Thank you for a wonderful giveaway.

  25. I not only love your books, but the woman behind them. I love reading your posts on FB everyday. You keep us laughing!

  26. Grace says:

    I visited Marie’s website! Can’t wait to read her books!

  27. Karen Ruetz says:

    Love Love LOVE Marie’s books. Can’t wait for her newest one to be released so I can spend time with these Cobble Court Quilting Friends. Please enter me in this latest contest. xoxox

  28. rhonda says:

    Love quilts love books!!great giveaway

  29. Patricia A. Turner says:

    I would love a chance to win these books. This is a new author to me and I would love to check her out. So please enter my name. Thank you very much.

  30. Kathryn Creekmore says:

    I feel like I have been waiting forever for the next Cobbled Court book. I get so involved I can’t put the book down until I’m almost completely done. I then like to take my time because I know it’s going to be a while before I can get the next installment. I love these characters!

  31. Sharon says:

    I’ve visited Marie’s website. As a crafter myself, I love it. Thanks for the chance to win a great giveaway!

  32. Cheryl Netzke says:

    I am a member of Marie’s website and have read all her books. Can’t wait to get her latest, The Ties That Bind. I know it will be a beautiful read. Marie is an amazing quilter, an inspiration for all, whether through her books, or through her quilting.
    I also have Quiltmakers’ latest issue, with Marie’s pattern for Path to Cobbled Court
    Love you, Marie :)

  33. peg says:

    OOPS… hit the enter too quickly on the previous comment. I follow Marie everyone… facebook, blog and of course all her books. Hope that doesn’t make me a stalker!

  34. Pam Wells says:

    Love the website and the books look interesting!

  35. Paula says:

    I was on Marie’s blog and was intrigued w/the store “Quilting by the Yard”. They are offering 10% of Marie’s book sales at their store to her favorite charity. Since her charity and mine share a common theme (women and domestic violence), I might have to figure out a way to get there and order the book from that store! :)

  36. Debbie Goldshto says:

    Marie’s books are great…..but most of all she is a wonderful, caring person. Thanks to you, Marie!!

  37. Carla H. says:

    If I were granted 3 wishes today, the first one would be a shopping spree to buy the unlimited fabric to make the Pathway to Cobble Court quilt in an array of bright colors, the second one for my schedule to clear so I can sew uninterrupted, and the third for the time to read “Ties That Bind” from cover to cover if I so desire. . . (the unlimited fabric is to make quilts to donate). Thank you for the opportunity to participate.

  38. Marg McCulloch says:

    I have been following Marie for several years and am a fan of hers on Facebook, as well as a reading friend on her website. I enjoy her books and recently bought the Quiltmaker magazine with her new pattern in it. I would love to win her new book!

  39. Karen Pollard says:

    Not only is Marie a super talented writer, her quilts are absolutely gorgeous. I love reading her books because when she talks about quilting, you know she is familiar with the whole process. When I read her books, I get lost in her characters. I find her character development to be one of the very best!

  40. what a fantastic quilt! and the books are wonderful. thank you for the chance to win!

  41. Priscilla Benson says:

    I love Marie’s quilt and the folded log cabin. I’d love to have copies of her books to read. Quilting and Reading are my two favorite hobbies.

  42. Kat Safris says:

    It was a happy day when I found a new author, Marie Bostwick! I really love your books!

  43. Jan Redding says:

    I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of Marie’s new book, Ties That Bind. I love the Cobbled Court Quilt series. I checked out Marie’s web site to see what she’s been up to lately.

  44. Carol C says:

    I’ve never read Marie’s books but would love to win them. I enjoy reading books with quilting tie-ins.

  45. Nichola Spoerl says:

    Her quilts are fantastic. I’d love to win her books.

  46. Pam Sartin says:

    I will expect to see more of these quilt patterns now; very nice. The website was marked on my sites. I have always loved her books; very heart warming expecially for us quilters. I can’t wait for ‘Ties That Bind’.

  47. Chris P says:

    When I saw a sneak peak at Canton Village, I had to jump over to Marie’s blog and read. I would love to win her books, I have not read them before. Thanks for a chance.

  48. I have 3 of Marie’s books…very fun reading. How exciting that she has a new one to enjoy!

  49. Mary says:

    I try to check out Marie’s website every few days – her books are great!

  50. Sue in AZ says:

    So excited the newest book is finally coming out! Will be buying it if I don’t win. Marie’s website and blog led me to this amazing opportunity!

  51. Kathleen says:

    Wow, Quiltmaker, I LOVE Marie Bostwick’s books! I’ve checked out her website and have been signed up there for forever. Thank you for a great giveaway, I’d love to win some of Marie’s books. :)

  52. annmarie says:

    I’ve read all of Marie’s books to date and would love to win a copy of
    Ties That Bind – thanks for the chance! Her web site is great too – she’s a busy gal.

  53. Nancy Sue says:

    I’ll need to put her books on hubby (and Santa’s ) gift list. Popped over at Marie’s blog and love her opening statement of the her blog being a community with reader interaction :) !! Thank you for giving me the road map to her blog :)

  54. Sandra says:

    Registered at her website, can’t wait to read the books, and can’t wait to make one of these quilts!!

  55. Julie Lingscheit says:

    I read 3 of Marie Bostwick’s books last summer, in quick succession. I am happy to learn that there is a 4th book that I didn’t know about, and now a 5th! I do enjoy her writing!

  56. Madeline says:

    I read Marie Bostwick’s blog about folded log cabins, very informative. I had been wondering about this “folded block” technique. Would love to win her books. She gives directions in a way I can understand!

  57. Debra Lee says:

    I love books of any kind and these sound great!

  58. Terry phelps says:

    Love these books.. Would love a set of my own..

  59. Hueisei says:

    A complete collection of books and quilts all together in one place.

  60. Sarah V. says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading Marie’s Cobbled Court Quilts series and have introduced others to it. Just recently, one of my friends asked, “Isn’t it time for another book by Marie Bostwick?” We were thrilled to find another would be published so soon.

  61. Carole M. Howard says:

    Very interesting blog. I enjoy reading quilt related stories.

  62. Maria Kievit says:

    I think I have read one or two of her books previously. I even thought I had it in my own library here at home, but can’t find one of them. Thanks for the giveaway.

  63. Julie A. Boster says:

    Marie Bostwick is such an enjoyable author to read ! I have read, A Single Thread,and I am looking forward to reading the next four novels in the Cobbled Court Quilt series. Quilting,Reading,& Chocolate! some of my favorite things. To win these novels would be such a wonderful surprise. HAPPY QUILTING! Julie

  64. Kate says:

    Just discovered her books from my quilt guild library. Really good!

  65. Bev Gunn says:

    Okay, another blog site to read on a regular basis. Very interesting. Will be back.

  66. Leanne says:

    I’ve never read Marie’s books, but I’ll be looking for them now. I love her blog…I had to stop myself from diving into the archived posts! Thanks for the chance to win.

  67. Liz says:

    LOVE her books and would love to win them.

  68. Claudia says:

    Sewing, reading and photography. This day is getting off to a good start. I found the link to the Alliance For The American Quilt challenge not long ago and have it on my pile of possible efforts for this year. Kudos to Marie for supporting women and families caught in domestic violence–definitely a dirty little social disease.

  69. Landa T. says:

    This is my first introduction to Marie Bostwick. However, I love novels that have a tie to quilting and read every one I can get my hands on. Her folded log cabin block is most interesting; I hope she posts her finished quilt.

  70. Donelle says:

    I love Marie’s books. Even if I don’t win, I will be purchasing her new book and now that I have her website bkmked, I will be a regular visitor.

  71. Debbie M says:

    Sure I’ve been to Marie’s site. That folded log cabin is amazing. I have Marie’s first “threads” book.

  72. Jody Moore says:

    I love the Cobbled Court books! I’m one of Marie’s Facebook friends and love hearing her share the experiences she has had. Although I am not a quilter, my Mother is and I enjoy helping her pick out the patterns and colors for her quilts.

  73. Donna H says:

    Marie’s books were recommended to me by a quilting friend but I’ve yet to try one. Looking forward to the opportunity. Thanks for the chance to win some. Her website is wonderful!

  74. KT says:

    Thanks for introducing Marie to us–I’m looking forward to trying out her books! I also want to check out some of her favorite quilt shops.

  75. Pam Rosensteel says:

    I love the quilt on cover of quiltmaker. Anyone know the pattern?

  76. Dolly says:

    I am looking forward to reading the books whether I win or not. I am interested in being on Marie’s reading friend list. Thanks for calling this exciting blog to my attention.

  77. ritainalaska says:

    have read a few quilt/mystery novels with relish. would enjoy reading marie bostwick’s books, too. enjyed the browse through her blog, thank you.

  78. sandra pipitone says:

    LOVE her books and can’t wait to get this one!

  79. Debi T says:

    I’m so glad my friend let me borrow 2 of Marie’s books. They were excellent!

  80. mel says:

    I was not aware of these books. I’ll have to check them out.

  81. I’d love to win this giveaway. I really enjoy quilt-related novels, and hers look very enticing. It’s also cook that she actually makes quilts!

  82. Karen A says:

    I haven’t read any of Marie’s books yet, but I plan to. Her website was fun too.

  83. donna says:

    Liked Marie’s’ website. I am intrigued by the sampling of her new book and alittle eye candy in her blog. I am going to go pick up Marie’s first book!

  84. Carol Johnson says:

    what a great gift to win!

  85. Tara A says:

    I’ve read the first two books. Loved them! I’ve checked out the website. It’s great!

  86. The book covers look like works of art. I bet they would look wonderful facing out on the bookshelf.

  87. Mystica says:

    New to me. Thanks for sharing.,

  88. Lynn D in NC says:

    Love her books, and her website – visit frequently.

  89. Jannette says:

    I checked out Marie’s blog, and I see that I’ve missed one of her Cobbled Court novels! Winning all of them would sure solve that problem! I’m also adding her blog to my must-read list.

  90. Ida Lawson says:

    I have not read her books, but I will start looking for them. I love novels that include my favorite activity, quilting!!!

  91. Kathy Howard says:

    Oh, I signed up at her web site a while ago.

  92. Margery LaPointe says:

    Looking forward to the newest book. I am sure it will be as wonderful as the previous ones. My two enjoyable past times: reading and quilting, put together it is great.

  93. Kathy Howard says:

    I have been following Marie on Twitter for quite a while. She books all sound fantastic. I would love to read all of them, as I haven’t had a chance to do so.

  94. Susan Gilliam says:

    I checked out her website and love all of her books! I’m excited about this new book that’s coming out! I also subscribe to Quiltmaker and have the new magazine with the new quilt pattern!

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