Print or Digital: What’s Your Opinion?

Would you please take a moment to answer a quick one-question survey about how you like to receive quilt patterns and info?


About June Dudley

I'm the Editor-in-Chief of Quiltmaker magazine. I have enjoyed quilting for many years. And I love to collect fabric, thread, books and all things quilty. I especially like batiks, bright colors, florals, dots, stripes and anything purple or teal.
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3 Responses to Print or Digital: What’s Your Opinion?

  1. Sue says:

    Living in Australia postage is the BIG killer to buying overseas. I like both but pdf means I can buy from anywhere in the world and it is instantly on my laptop saved for me to print when I want it.

  2. michele says:

    i think there’s room for comments on this one. I like pdf patterns, but i don’t think they should cost as much as paper ones if I have to use my printer and ink ( and boatloads of tape!) to construct it before use.

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