Creative Spark! EQ7 Giveaway!

1 Creative Spark! EQ7 Giveaway!

Today I’m pleased to introduce Creative Spark, a new feature from Quiltmaker and The Electric Quilt Company. We’re so excited about this new idea—and to celebrate, we’re giving away one copy of EQ7 quilt design software courtesy of The Electric Quilt Company.

EQ7 L3d Creative Spark! EQ7 Giveaway!

You’ll see Creative Spark in print and online for each regular issue of Quiltmaker. It’s a portfolio of ideas you can use to take a quilt project in a new, different or alternative direction. In the current (March/April) issue you’ll find Creative Spark on page 50 and online here.


If you use Electric Quilt’s quilt design software, Creative Spark’s quick tutorial will introduce you to expanded options for recoloring your quilts—EQ tools you might not find on your own. I’m probably an advanced beginner when it comes to EQ, but I learned so much from this issue’s Creative Spark. I’m excited to start using the coloring tools I discovered!

Variation 1 35815 Creative Spark! EQ7 Giveaway!

Can you believe the images above and below are of the same quilt design? Only the value and color placement have changed. That's what Creative Spark and EQ can do.

Variation 3 35818 Creative Spark! EQ7 Giveaway!If you don’t use EQ, you can still appreciate the recolored diagrams and take inspiration from all the possibilities. Can you believe the two images above are of the same quilt design? Only the value and color placement have changed. That’s what we’re talking about.

Since we’re giving away one copy of EQ7, maybe you’ll be visualizing all the possibilities for your own quilts very soon.

EQ7 L3d Creative Spark! EQ7 Giveaway!

For your chance to win, please leave a comment and tell us why you’d be excited to win a copy of EQ7. Comments will be accepted through midnight Monday, March 26. And please watch for Creative Spark in each issue of QuiltmakerThe winner is Sharon Finkenbine, comment #619. Congratulations, Sharon!!!

1 Creative Spark! EQ7 Giveaway!


About Diane Harris

I'm an editor for Quiltmaker magazine in Golden, Colorado, USA. For six years, I wrote pattern instructions, product reviews and how-to articles. Then I spent four years as QM's Interactive Editor, working to generate much of our online content. Now I'm back to patterns and how-tos, which is a great fit for me. I still love writing about quilt-related topics for Quilty Pleasures, and I always have my finger on the pulse of the quilting world. I teach a variety of quilt classes and give guild programs, too. Reach me by email:
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1,155 Responses to Creative Spark! EQ7 Giveaway!

  1. Reesa Zuber says:

    This would be a wonderful acquisition to take my skills to another level.

  2. Barb D'Angelo says:

    EQ allows your imagination to take flight, such a quick and easy of stepping outside the box in your quilting by examining the possibilities of recoloring beyond traditional ideas.

  3. Kathryn Fama says:

    EQ has been on my wish list for quite a while. I love the design process and am often doodling with graph paper looking at possibilities and colour ways. Eq7 would be a dream come true
    cheers Kathie


    I would be so excited to win this progam because I could give up the graph paper and colour pencils. I enjoy the graph paper portin of desinging but hat colouring them. I can’t imagine how much fun I could have with EQ7,

  5. Barbara Myrick says:

    Wow! I can’t believe it’s the same quilt.

  6. Barbara Myric says:

    Wow! I can’t believe they’re the same quilt.

  7. Eunice Ehmen says:

    Although I have sewn most of my life, I have more recently started quilting, and I love it. I do not have any quilt design software, but have had my eye on the EQ7. How great that would be in expanding my possibilities. I love the idea of designing my own quilts!

  8. Edie Smith says:

    I have friends that have shown me EQ6 and all that they do with it. I have not felt creative enough to design my own quilts, but it would be great to start playing with the EQ7 and see what I might be able to create. It would bring another whole new dimension to my quilting life.

  9. Shannon Kratochvil says:

    I would love to design my own patterns. This would be a dream come true.

  10. Jane Jones says:

    I would love to have a copy of eq7 – I draw my designs on graph paper with colored pencils – this would be so much better!!

  11. Gloria Cromer says:

    anything that teaches about quilting is always welcome —-I would love to win a copy of this software–thanks

  12. Julie Thomsen says:

    To win! Oh, what great things I could do. I am not sure if I would be able to do these things that the software can do.

  13. Vicki says:

    Wow! I’ve wanted to try this and never had the money to purchase EQ – winning would sure bring my design abilities up a notch!

  14. Kathy L says:

    EQ7 looks like it would be the best thing to help me with my own “creative spark”. I would love to win it! Thanks.

  15. Nancy B says:

    I would love to win EQ7. I have never had any of the EQ software so this would be a real treat that I could spend hours enjoying! Thanks for the give a way.

  16. Lonnie Hosfelt says:

    I have 6 grand children that I sew for all the time. Each Christmas I have to come up with new ideas cause I’m asked around my birthday in October the following question: ”
    “Well Nanna what are you making us for Christmas this year?” This would help me with awesome ideas. I am disabled and sewing is therapy for me.

  17. Pam says:

    I have seen EQ software for sale for many years and have always wanted to try, but alas, I am not very good on the computer and would hate to spend money on something and find out I can understand how to use it. If I win one, I can give it a try.

  18. Jan says:

    I have EQ4. So much has changed since then and it’s such a fabulous product – it would be such a thrill to win a copy.

  19. Becky says:

    I LOVE EQ and to have this new version and all the creative options are great!

  20. Susan Kelly Templin says:

    Thank you for adding the EQ tutorial feature. EQ7 would be a delightful extension of my quilting life. After retiring I began learning to make quilts from the many patterns and instructions from gifted designers. After a while I was able to make a few of my own design decisions, but still using the new patterns developed by professionals. Lately I’ve tried doing “my own thing” a few times, but would be so much more able if I had the assistance of EQ7.

  21. Jane says:

    I’d loooove to win :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Kitty Hindle says:

    Pick me! Pick me! I love my old EQ software (about 3 versions back I think) and I want all these new bells and whistles but I can’t afford to buy it. So many quilts, so little time!

  23. Sher Henry says:

    I would love to have the opportunity to use this software. From all the reviews I have read this is a fantastic aid to the quilting world. I have been using graph paper to design my quilts and it seems like there are so many more opportunities open to you when you use the EQ7 software. Thanks for the opportunity to win this software.

  24. Darla says:

    I would love to have a program that I can use on the computer, I worked for an hour and a half planning a quilt the old fashioned way yesterday. Then I still wasn’t sure it would look good. The EQ7 would be a welcome tool.

  25. Nancy says:

    Unless I buy a kit, I have a hard time with the design process. Having recently watched a demonstration of this software, it seems like it would be a huge time saver instead of the trial & error method I seem to use.

  26. Mona Kuntz says:

    I don’t know if EQ7 will make more more productive, faster, and better as a quilter, but I’d like to try. Please….let me be the winner. ;-)

  27. Debbie Steffan says:

    I would love to have EQ7. to upgrade my EQ5

  28. Kathy Laing says:

    That is amazing!!! Being able to see the variations achieved with the different color placement in the early design stage would be phenomenal. Thanks for bringing exciting advancements to the program. I would love to be able to use this tool in the planning stages.

  29. Linda Cartwright says:

    I would love to have a copy of EQ 7. There are so many possibilities to learn and play with!

  30. Laura Salter says:

    Would love to have this. Since becoming unemployed a couple of years ago, I have had more time for quilting.

  31. Robbie Lloyd says:

    With EQ7 the ability to create my own designs would be a dream come true

  32. I already have it and love it – I couldn’t do the design work I do without EQ7!

  33. Mary Mahan says:

    I would love to win this software. I need help with colors and this way I could see what I like before I waste fabric.

  34. Carolyn Ford says:

    I am the quilting project leader for my 3 granddaughters’ 4-H club. The girls love to use my EQ6 to design “original” quilts to enter into the fair. Last year the 3 girls received a Grand Champion, Reserve Champion and a blue ribbon for their first quilts! Think what they could design with EQ7!!!

  35. christine says:

    Oh how wonderful! I have been wanting to get this for a long time now. I would love to put all the ideas I have in my mind in to color, and play around with my ideas. Thank you for such a wonderful give away!!

  36. Suzanne LaFlex says:

    This is awesome! I haven’t worked with any of the eq’s before I am excited for the opportunity.

  37. I would love to win, because I need all the creative help I can get :)

  38. Cheryl Hank says:

    I have started designing some of my own patterns and EQwould make it so much easier . I would just love to win this software !

  39. Sue W says:

    I have lots of designs done in Adobe Illustrator and I would love to have EQ7 to translate those into the correct pattern dimensions. I just like being able to make my own designs. Sounds like an awesome program.

  40. Aunt Marti says:

    My goal is to make 52 quilts this year. EQ7 would really help me create some original designs!

  41. Mary Jo says:

    I have never used EQ at all, but would love to have the opportunity to try it! It is hard to design a pieced quilt when you only have pad and pencil and then have to color everything in! I think EQ would light that creative spark that could set the world afire for me!!

  42. Jan S. says:

    What a great assistant for quilting. It would help so much in designing quilts!!!!
    Thanks so much for a chance to win.

  43. Linda Hord says:

    I played with a copy of EQ at the Houston Quilt festival and wanted to purchase it there, but keep putting it off to buy other things. I would love a copy to have for my own. :-)

  44. Suzanne Havlicek says:

    I am a disabled quilter who could definately put the Electric Quilter software to good use….I am specializing in memory wall quilts but could branch out if I had this program. Thanks for the chance to win it since I am on disability and can’t afford it on my own!

  45. Rhonda Mullins says:

    Have loved EQ since the very first one and would love to update to the new and improved 7. They say it is amazing. Thank you for this change.

  46. Patricia Bandy says:

    I would be so excited to win the EQ7, it would just open my world up to endless possibilities and creativity , to be able to use this program to design my own quilts would just be a dream come true.

  47. Jeannie Simon says:

    Woo hoo!!! EQ 7!!! I’d love, love, love to win it!!!!

  48. Charlotte Hebrank says:

    I would love to win this software. I love making quilts and this program would help me with original designing.

  49. ILENE SAGATH says:


  50. Sheryl Yoder says:

    Linking Quiltmaker and Electric Quilt Company? — now someone did have a creative spark! I have EQ 6 and love it but having this upgrade and tutorials would be the greatest! I know I’d benefit from the new version and could make lots more original quilts to donate to our Communities in Schools fundraisers! Thanks for the giveaway.

  51. Carol Ramsey says:

    I WANT ONE! I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Helen Krompak says:

    This would be so exciting; imagining all the design possibilities is too delightful!

  53. Sharon Griffith says:

    hi to tell you the truth I would love to have a copy of EQ7. Sometimes I feel like I have all these ideas just jumping in my head and not the speed to put them on paper…..this would be so helpful…..thanks even for the chance although there are so many so good luck to everyone…..

  54. Sue says:

    I recently designed and made my first original quilt. It was a great experience and now I want to do more, but getting the ideas transformed into actual quilts is very difficult and time consuming for me. EQ7 would SO help me with this process. I hope I win it, but, congratulations to whoever does if it’s not me. Thank you for the opportunity.

  55. Quilter55 says:

    I just started quilting again a couple of years ago. It is really fun. I think EQ7 looks amazing. What a great tool for designing your own quilts. I have just started to learn paper piecing and I think EQ7 would really lend itself well to paper piecing. Thanks for the chance to win this fabulous product.

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