Quilt Tops for Giveaway!

coveroptimized2 Quilt Tops for Giveaway!Our March/April issue features some beautiful color options, and today we’re hosting a giveaway for three of them. A new quilt top could be on its way to you shortly.

In case you’re not familiar with the idea of color options, for many patterns we create a second quilt top using completely different fabrics and colors. We hope this invites you to imagine the possibilities for that pattern—to consider how it would look if you chose a different color recipe. We show the color option in print, near the end of the pattern.

Here are some examples. The original quilt Around the Town is shown below.

townopt Quilt Tops for Giveaway!

Around the Town designed and made by Dawna Baker.

And here’s the color option made in fabrics from Everything But the Kitchen Sink by RJR Fabrics. We’ll give this one away!

towncoloropt Quilt Tops for Giveaway!

Around Town color option in Everything But the Kitchen Sink fabrics from RJR fabrics.

Here’s the quilt from March/April called Calico Clockworks, made in Timeless Treasures fabrics.

calicoopt1 Quilt Tops for Giveaway!

Calico Clockworks designed by Susie Ennis and made by Donna Benham. Fabric: The Pixie Pops by Katie Plitt for Timeless Treasures.

And here’s the beautiful color option made from Covent Garden fabrics from Benartex. This one’s up for grabs too!

calicocoloropt Quilt Tops for Giveaway!

Calico Clothworks color option in Covent Garden fabrics from Benartex.

Kay Mackenzie‘s Petal Path is shown below in Memories of Provence fabrics by Monique Dillard for Maywood Studio.

petalopt Quilt Tops for Giveaway!

Petal Path designed and made by Kay Mackenzie. Fabric: Memories of Provence by Monique Dillard for Maywood Studio.


And here’s the very different color option in Petal Pushers by Windham Fabrics. You could own this quilt top soon!

petalpathcoloropt Quilt Tops for Giveaway!

Petal Path color option in Petal Pushers fabrics from Windham Fabrics.

We’ll drawn for random winners from people who answer this question by midnight Friday, February 24: What’s your favorite project from the March/April ’12 issue of Quiltmaker and why? You can page through your issue or view the online table of contents. We’re anxious to hear your answers!

The winners have been chosen and notified: Sue, Chris and Margaret. Please check your email so we can get the quilt tops on their way. Thanks to everyone for the great feedback on this issue. Watch for more QM giveaways!

About Diane Harris

I'm an editor for Quiltmaker magazine in Golden, Colorado, USA. For six years, I wrote pattern instructions, product reviews and how-to articles. Then I spent four years as QM's Interactive Editor, working to generate much of our online content. Now I'm back to patterns and how-tos, which is a great fit for me. I still love writing about quilt-related topics for Quilty Pleasures, and I always have my finger on the pulse of the quilting world. I teach a variety of quilt classes and give guild programs, too. Reach me by email: editor@quiltmaker.com.
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958 Responses to Quilt Tops for Giveaway!

  1. SewLindaAnn says:

    That’s a tough question. I LOVE the series of Patch Pals, really love them. They’re all appealing and fun. Being a avid gardener, I am attracted to the garden theme and chain reaction appeals to my clean, fresh modern thoughts. I like the others, but these 3 are my faves.

  2. Carla G says:

    My favorite is Chain Reaction! I’ve never seen this pattern before and just love how it looks like X’s and O’s. Very cool quilt! :)

  3. Annaleena says:

    My favorite is Minnesota homewarming quilt. I have always wanted to try that several stars block.

  4. Ann Magwood says:

    Chain reaction has an interesting appeal to me as I see it as a board game, snakes & ladders. The colors used have a swirl in a darker color, that remind me of the snakes on the game board. Some of the prints give you the impression of the ladders in the game. The colors give you that spring feeling that make you want to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

  5. Rita says:

    I usually don’t like the row quilts but I love the Petal Path because of the the applique dressed it up so much and could be very fun to make for our 2 granddaughters. I love the petal pusher quilt in both color and was thinking of our 2 granddaughters when I saw it in the pink shade and I could add a ladybug or butterfly as well. Gave me the idea of make a purple one and a pink one for our girls for their Christmas. I love the original quilt of Around the Town in it’s Southwest colors and how rich it looks but the second one made like it, lost it appeal to me with the color change that was made to it. To my eye the Around the Town has wonderful possibilities in darker color tones only since it has first glance it has the S.W. look. So I have to say to me the Petal Path is my favorite because it works well in all color tones and has lot of different possibilities.

  6. toni-anne says:

    Petal Pushers has pushed my joy button! It reminds me of spring and the renewal and bursting forth of new life that takes place. A quilt like this could light up heavy hearts.

  7. Pamela Reim says:

    I am very fond of the Around the Town quilt. while I am not that much of a traditionalist, I liked the way the classic blocks came together differently with different fabrics.

  8. Ruth Ann says:

    First of all I opened my magazine today! Love it!! My favorite item (if I have to pick just one) is CHAIN REACTION!! I am getting ready to do a lap quilt for a very dear friend who is donating a kidney to her husband and what an appropriate name!! I have started it this evening with paper piecing but am not very exprienced. I checked out the squad but could not find any info of any of them paperpiecing…..left a comment on one of their blogs so am anxiously waiting for a reply. Hate to switch to piecing now as I already have my pattern sheets printed!?!?! DID I say I TRULY LOVE THIS SITE!!!! Back to sewing!!

  9. Lee Ann L. says:

    I love the Around Town. I always loved Stars of any variation. Thank you for a chance to win.

  10. Sherryl says:

    Bunny Patch is just too cute!!! I mostly make baby quilts which I give to friends and family when a new addition to their family is expected. Think Bunny Patch would be perfect for a little one to treasure.

  11. Nancy Hager says:

    I really like the colors in Hidden Treasure. So that is my favorite one from the magazine. my second favorite is Minnesota Homewarming- love batiks.

  12. Penny Lynn says:

    Have to go with Petal Path, I am going to try to do one of them, would love to win it, of course, who would not? I love Quiltmaker Magazine…

  13. Gail Tucker says:

    Love the ‘controlled’ scrappy colouring in the Minnesota Homewarming. Lots of cool blues/violets/green with the warmth of golden accents. And I just love batiks of all sorts and will aim for a similar colour palette when I do it.

  14. Marjorie Poffenberger says:

    I loved the quilt Petal Path! I am looking forward to spring so much. I love the applicques of flowers.

  15. Lyn Fitzsimons says:

    My favourite project is Petal Path because I love applique and also because this quilt lends itself to bright, summery colours. What could be better!

  16. Margie Kay Calamusa says:

    I like the Quiltmaker’s Garden because it is so soothing to think of being outside in the warm air quilting. Oh my, what could be better unless you had someone to quilt with you. I am pretty much still a “Topmaker” but I have started putting some stitches in our guild quilt. I get so many quilting magazines and I love almost all of them.

  17. Anne C. says:

    Hidden Treasures is definitely my favorite in the issue. The zigzag inner border and the checkerboard outer border add interest, and I love star designs, too. I also like designs that seem to morph according to the particular block one focuses on. Such a beautiful quilt.

  18. Katy (LethargicLass) says:

    I would have to say the different size paper piece geese as I am just starting to fall in love with paper piecing :)

  19. Denise Cheke says:

    I have to say that one of my favorite patterns (although I like them all) is Around the Town. There’s just something about stars that make my heart sing! I’m eager to give it a try. Thanks for entering my name to win a quilt top!

  20. Jean says:

    I have recently retired and am enjoying spending extra time quilting. I love making quilts for my grandchildren and I am anxious to try Bunny Patch.

  21. Polly Hada says:

    LOVE Petal Path and Kay MacKenzie, but my favorite would have to be Chain Reaction simply because my daughter and daughters-in-law prefer more modern quilts and Chain Reaction would be perfect for one of them. Thank you for your wonderful magazine and the opportunity to win a quilt.

  22. Jackie Nelson says:

    I love Petal Path.

  23. Lisa Ellis says:

    The March/April issue was my very first issue of Quiltmaker. I thoroughly enjoyed paging through all the various quilt patterns and I love the color options which really helped me imagine a lot of possibilites. But my very favorite quilt was the Quiltmaker’s Garden. This quilt made me feel like I was in a beautiful English garden. A gazebo covered in flowers has always been something I’ve wanted to build in my own yard and this quilt actually looks alot like the one in my imagination. I’m pretty sure having this inside the house will be easier than building it outside. I’m thoroughly enjoying this magazine and can hardly wait to try my hand at some new patterns.

  24. SusanD1408 says:

    I love the petal path, so pretty and lovely.

  25. Sue Foster says:

    I enjoy using scraps and I found the Chain Reaction pattern a great home for those “special” fabrics that needed to have “friends”. I have already cut the strips, just need to get the background cut. There were several other quilts in this months magazine that I hope to get made. I look forward to every issue of your magazine.

  26. Sherry Fox says:

    I LOVE the pedal path with the windham bright fabrics. Love those colors and they make me think of the upcoming spring happy colors

  27. Kellie Verts says:

    I Love Around the Town but right now I have some wonderful teal & white zebra print fabric from Henry Glass called OuLaLa I think and I can’t wait to use it in a quilt for my Grandaughter using my favorite for the month “Petal Path” with the companion fabrics it will be SOOOOO cute.
    Thanks so much for the amazing work you do – Quiltmaker is TOPS!

  28. Candace Gregory says:

    I like calico clockworks in convent garden fabrics because blue and white are my favorite quilt color combination. I have been working on a blue and white star quilt for several years. The red in the clockworks quilt is a nice touch.

  29. Lynn D says:

    Took awhile to get the pictures to come up of the quilts.
    Like the Hidden Treasure, stars and waves. but mostly like the Petal Path
    by Kay. Made me want to go out and plant a garden and walk in one.(will go out now to look for Monarchs). and I would normally never pick that fabric as like brighter, but
    it is very nice and grounding . Thank you for the learning .
    Diamond Fortune might like in teal,purple and blues.
    Lynn D

  30. Denise Matthieu says:

    I appreciate Minnesota Homewarming by Pat Speth. I’m drawn to the all-over pattern and the color contrast. I’m new to quilting and am just learning what I like for myself – I like this one.

  31. Lynn Hahn says:

    I love the Petal Push quilt. Especially since spring is right around the corner!

  32. Debi in Montana says:

    I really love the petal path. After a long winter, I am so ready for spring.

  33. I love the cover project. It’s easily broken into BOM size portions, and I always like a project with different blocks so that I can do it as my own personal BOM.

  34. Deborah Law says:

    It’s so hard to pick a favorite…but I think the Petal Pushers will be my choice. I am sooo looking forward to spring and this brings a bit inside. The weather keeps teasing us going back and forth from warm, sunny days to cold, rainy and windy. Fabric doesn’t do that, it lets us keep our mood however we want it! Sunny fabrics and flowers, here I come!

  35. JackieReilly says:

    I have to say petal pushers! I have three daughters and we all love anything pink and lime green! My poor husband is totally out numbered! I like how the applique flowers pull out the flowers in the fabric.

  36. Ruth Jones says:

    Whoops hit the button too soon. My favorite is the” petal pushers” in the pink but again I like them all

  37. Ruth Jones says:

    Giveaway…OMGoss!!!! I like them all!

  38. Nancy woodcock says:

    I’d have to say Calico Clokworks is my favorite. I like a quilt that looks difficult but is easy to put together.

  39. Dorothy Reitsma says:

    I love Hidden Treasure as I like the way different patterns emerge as you look at the different colours.

  40. Karen O' says:

    Petal Path is definitely my favorite; it’s so spectacular. I love applique and have been wanting to make a top combining piecing and applique. Excited about making this one and getting the magazine. I just subscribed because I saw this wonderful quilt in it.

  41. Janis says:

    They are all beautiful. I have never seen a quilt that I didn’t like.

  42. Robin Abraham says:

    I love the colors of the Hidden Treasure quilt. The hidden patterns that happen when you mix the different blocks together make the quilt much more interesting.

  43. Elaine Davis says:

    i like the petal project because it reminds me of spring and all the flowers and birds that come back after a winter’s nap

  44. BA Rickman says:

    I really love them all , but I’m a Kay Mackinsey fan ,and I love this quilt.

  45. Lynn Telke says:

    There are four quilts in this issue I like and will add to my list – Around Town,
    Chain Reaction, Petal Path, and Quiltmaker’s Garden. To pick my favorite it
    would be Quiltmaker’s Garden because I have subcribed to Quiltmaker from
    the very beginning and I believe I have every issue in my magazine library.
    I remember when you used parts of this quilt in past quilts like the birds, and all the various flower blocks. Thank you for 30 wonderful years of quilt ideas and instructions.

  46. PJ Simonds says:

    I would have to say Quilter’s Garden! What’s not to love it’s gardening and quilting! It’s beautiful and it makes you smile.

  47. Isabel McGowan says:

    Love the cover quilt. Can’t wait to get the magazine!

  48. Janis says:

    I like seeing all of the quilts in two colorways. It shows me how different each would look in another color group, and encourage us to do them in different fabrics too. We learn that not just one color group will work with a quilt.
    I’m not partial to strips, but really like Petal Path made in the Memories of Providence colors, but know that my granddaughters would like the Petal Pushers color way the best as they love pastels. I could see doing this quilt in three different main colors. One of the twins loves pink, and the other is all about purple. Their older sister gave up on pink when one of the twins said she likes it, so hers would be in the blue family, maybe in the aqua side of blue. I love to do applique, so this quilt really speaks to me.

  49. Dwana Zahn says:

    Love the quilters garden quilt, it combines my two loves.

  50. My favorite project is Petal Path, I am a new quilter and I was gifted some wonderful border prints and large print fabrics that I have been wanting to find a way to use. I just took an applique’ class last month and have been looking for a new project to use my new found skills. So this one project fills the bill for both areas.

  51. Joyce Baki says:

    My favorite project is Diamond Fortune for two reasons. I love paper piecing and the pattern reminds me of a kaleidoscope. I have already printed 36 pattern pieces. Friday I visited one of my favorite quilt shops and picked up several Batiks. I can’t wait to start working on it this weekend!

  52. I really like Petal Path. I love flowers and I am really looking forward to spring. I would like to make one for one of my nieces. Thank you for such a great giveaway. I would love to win one.

  53. Mary Thoma says:

    I like the chain reaction. I find the colors appealing and the design interesting.

  54. Patty Albertson says:

    I love your magazine. My favorite from this Mar/Apr issue was Chair Reaction. It looks so hard but I can tell the directions make is come out easily. What a great pattern. I can also use it for some scraps I have been saving up. I have 4 quilts to make for Spring and this one will be one of them. Thanks again.
    P.S. I always love the scraps articles. I have so many scraps in my closet. Thanks.

  55. Vickie Van Dyken says:

    Petal Path gets my vote!! Love love love the colors in the bright version. Okay I like the original to :-) It’s just a cool looking quilt!!

  56. Lyn says:

    My favorite is Quiltmaker’s Garden because it combines two hobbies I enjoy– gardening and quilting! Also, the different flower motifs can be used to make pillows in different shapes and sizes.

  57. I flagged a few things in this issue: the Chopping Block, Chain Reaction, and because I love paper piecing, Diamond Fortune would have to be my favorite!

  58. Sue says:

    I am new to this web thing and quilting. I really am excited to learn to quilt. I love the chain reaction and all the colors.

  59. Denise S. says:

    I am redoing my bedroom completely, redoing the walls, painting the furniturem redoing the chairs and all of it is inspired byQuiltmaker’s Garden. It is breath taking. Every where you look there is another treat to look at. It is soothing and wonderful. I am going to make this so I have my own little hide a way from all of my life’s happenings. I also loved the Jogger story, just think a great story to inspire me in other aspects of my life. Chopped saved me when I found myself in a little procrastination pickle. I am in a BOM swap and had brain freeze, I didn’t have alot of time to make a block and needed to get one in the mail ASAP. I came across chapped, whipped up a block in no time, loved it so much I made 3 more the next afternoon. Thank you for the Magazine, always a pleasure.

  60. Jennifer J says:

    I love Petal Path. I am all about flowers and springtime, and this quilt makes me happy just to look at it.

  61. Susan says:

    I LOVE the Petal Path quilt! I have always loved quilts that have both applique and piecing but my true reason for voting this my favorite quilt is plain and simple. It’s got CLASS!

  62. Sandra Arendsen says:

    I just love Minnesota Homewarming I love Pat Speth’s beautiful designs that come from simple piecing. It is stunning in the batiks but you could make it work with Christmas fabrics as well.

  63. lucia says:

    I love the Everything but the kitchen sink quilt top. I love everything about it…the colors, the patterns. It just speaks to me…how beautiful!

  64. Barb Johnson says:

    I love the Hidden Treasure quilt, and how the borders use pieces of the blocks from the center of the quilt. Great Idea! It really has my creative juices flowing!

  65. E. Engman says:

    Petal Path–I love this type of strip quilt with the applique flowers. Both colorways are charming. Lots of potential.


  66. Kim says:

    I had to run out to buy this issue – before I even knew that I could win a quilt top – because it has my friend, Kay Mackenzie’s Petal Path pattern in it. I would love to win this in the Petal Pusher colour way, so please enter me in the draw to win this one. It’s my favourite in the issue. Thanks!

  67. Patricia says:

    I’m sew in love with Quiltmaker’s Garden! Thanks for the chance to win one of your beautiful quilt tops!!

  68. Jeanine Soos says:

    I really love Quiltmaker’s Garden. I hope to try one this year. Thanks for the chance to win a quilt top.

  69. Karen A says:

    I love the Petal Path quilt. It is a simple design dressed up with applique.

  70. Sheila says:

    My favorite would have to be the Quilt makers garden , I love the fact it has the pieced background with appliqué . Just beautiful !

  71. Karen O'Briene says:

    Petal Path inspired me to subscrib_e to the I’mmagazine. Can’t wait make it!

  72. Mary Ann Wolf says:

    I live in Minnesota so I have to pick Minnesota Homewarming! It is a beautiful quilt with so many interesting elements.

  73. Janet Evans says:

    I have fallen in love with the Petal Path. So colorful and happy. A must do!!

  74. Marianne from Western Australia says:

    Petal Path is my favorite. It fits the Country theme I am decorating my home in.
    Petal Path in “Petal Pushers” would look fabulous in my granddaughter’s room.

  75. Brenda Hulsey says:

    I adore all of then but if I had to choose one then it would be Quilt maker’s garden.

  76. Kathy Martus says:

    I love all of the quilts, but I think that my two favorites are “chain reaction” because of the use of fabrics and the way it “flows” and “pedal path” in the fabric option, petal pushers. This quilt reminds me of the “flower power” of the 60′s and 70′s. It also gives me inspiration to try more applique, which I always seem to shy away from.

  77. Kathy from Tucson says:

    I love the Quiltmakers Garden as it is already Spring here!

  78. Carol Hydeman says:

    I love all of these tops. I gifted myself with a Handi Quilter Sweet 16 so I’m practicing and will be ready to finish one of these should I be so lucky as to win!

  79. Susan Van Meter says:

    I just love the whole magazine, but if I had to chose it would be the quilt ” Around Town”. It would make a good scrapy quilt. Also “Petal Path” in pastels caught my granddaughters eye, so it’s on my list to make. Thanks for a great magazine.

  80. Mary Stephens says:

    My favorite would be Petal Pushers, when my magazine come in the mail I started putting my pinks and purples together to start this quilt for my grand daughter, she is so into pink that she would like nothing better than this pretty quilt.

  81. Love the “Around the Town” original pattern…love it. All those earthy colors….just warm, earthy, and welcoming….

  82. Quiltmaker’s Garden series is my favorite, it uses a variety of blocks, it looks challenging, it’s colourful, showy and will be interesting to quilt on my long arm. I would love to win any quilt tops; I will quilt them to provide warmth and love to the hundreds of families who lost their homes and all their belongings to a wild fire in Northern Alberta last summer.

  83. Rori says:

    Too many favorites but if I had to choose just one, it would be…Around Town. I like the block designs used in this quilt and how it looks equally fabulous in both color ways ( particularly the Color Option!!!-I love vintage fabrics)

    I also have to mention the “Patch” series. It is so wonderful. My sister & I made Beary Patch for the first child of a neighbor near our father that really helps him out. We made it from reproduction prints. I will submit a photo of it. It came out beautifully!

  84. My favorite is the quilt on the cover. I am not sure if it is the color choice or the design that is calling my name but this quilt is definitely on my “to do” list. I love the combination of pieced blocks, paper piecing and applique. It would be the perfect quilt for me to make because it would allow me to stay in my comfort zone with piecing and to step out of the box with paper piecing and applique. In my opinion, this is the best cover quilt in many issues.

  85. KRISTY EVANS says:

    Chain Reaction would be my favorite. Thanks for the great quilting magazine!

  86. Kathryn Sabel says:

    My favorite is Petal Pushers by Kay. It makes you smile just looking at it and I long for spring to come with my kaleidoscope of color tulips bring me!

  87. Jennifer P says:

    My fave is the Minnesota Home Warming. I love the colors, the big pieces and the traditional pattern done up in more modern batik. It would go perfect in my house without even painting any rooms!

  88. Rose may Daley says:

    My vote is everything but the kitchen sink. I’m a huge fan of any fabric that is or looks like vintage. If I were to win this quilt I wouldn’t have to go through my stash and pick fabric. LOL Love the quilt!!

  89. Teri says:

    Calico Clothworks (in Covent Garden fabrics) is my favorite. The color palette is nice and I love the movement.

  90. Kathy Pennell says:

    I never met a quilt I didn’t like, but I especially like the Petal Pushers by Kay. It is so cheery on this dull day.

  91. Marlene Shobert says:

    Quiltmakers Garden

  92. Sharon Bailey says:

    When I saw “Quiltmaker’s Garden” on the cover, I knew immediately that you had used some block designs from the last 30 years, because I have been a subscriber since the second issue (I missed the first one but looked for it for years). I loved looking at the blocks in “Quiltmaker’s Garden” and remember seeing them in older magazines. I linger over every issue when it arrives, and sometimes go back and look at copies of the older ones, too, and try to adapt them to today’s rotary cutting techniques. I have made so many quilts from designs in QM, and this quilt will be one of them, too.

  93. Donna says:

    I love Around the Town. That has such design and different shapes and the colors in this is so beautiful.

  94. Barbara says:

    I like Pedal Pushers . It is bright and cheerful, just the thing to fight off the winter blues. A great project for these drab days.

  95. Billie K says:

    Petal pushers in Memories of Provence.

  96. Regina Harris says:

    Quiltmaker Garden is my favorite as it reminds me that spring is just around the corner and I love a variety of colors.

  97. Linda Jones says:

    My favorite is Diamond Fortune. It’s very different and I love paper-piecing. Hidden Treasures and Chain Reaction were next on my list. The whole magazine was very interesting this month.

  98. Nita says:

    I love the Quiltmaker’s Garden cover quilt for its beckoning to spring–it really brightens up a wintery day. Would love to receive any of the tops! Chain Reaction looks like a fun thing to do with the TONS of scraps I’m still saving and adding to. As always, there are several quilts in the issue that call out to be made. So much fun, so little time…

  99. Dee Johnson says:

    Around the town in civil wars is ery appealing, but loving the Petal Path.

  100. Kylie C says:

    I love chain reaction! I’ve been looking for a simple quilt to make up for my newest nephew and this jumped out at my immediately. I’m planning on piecing it in blues and greens with Kona Snow as the background.

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