Quilt Tops for Giveaway!

coveroptimized2 Quilt Tops for Giveaway!Our March/April issue features some beautiful color options, and today we’re hosting a giveaway for three of them. A new quilt top could be on its way to you shortly.

In case you’re not familiar with the idea of color options, for many patterns we create a second quilt top using completely different fabrics and colors. We hope this invites you to imagine the possibilities for that pattern—to consider how it would look if you chose a different color recipe. We show the color option in print, near the end of the pattern.

Here are some examples. The original quilt Around the Town is shown below.

townopt Quilt Tops for Giveaway!

Around the Town designed and made by Dawna Baker.

And here’s the color option made in fabrics from Everything But the Kitchen Sink by RJR Fabrics. We’ll give this one away!

towncoloropt Quilt Tops for Giveaway!

Around Town color option in Everything But the Kitchen Sink fabrics from RJR fabrics.

Here’s the quilt from March/April called Calico Clockworks, made in Timeless Treasures fabrics.

calicoopt1 Quilt Tops for Giveaway!

Calico Clockworks designed by Susie Ennis and made by Donna Benham. Fabric: The Pixie Pops by Katie Plitt for Timeless Treasures.

And here’s the beautiful color option made from Covent Garden fabrics from Benartex. This one’s up for grabs too!

calicocoloropt Quilt Tops for Giveaway!

Calico Clothworks color option in Covent Garden fabrics from Benartex.

Kay Mackenzie‘s Petal Path is shown below in Memories of Provence fabrics by Monique Dillard for Maywood Studio.

petalopt Quilt Tops for Giveaway!

Petal Path designed and made by Kay Mackenzie. Fabric: Memories of Provence by Monique Dillard for Maywood Studio.


And here’s the very different color option in Petal Pushers by Windham Fabrics. You could own this quilt top soon!

petalpathcoloropt Quilt Tops for Giveaway!

Petal Path color option in Petal Pushers fabrics from Windham Fabrics.

We’ll drawn for random winners from people who answer this question by midnight Friday, February 24: What’s your favorite project from the March/April ’12 issue of Quiltmaker and why? You can page through your issue or view the online table of contents. We’re anxious to hear your answers!

The winners have been chosen and notified: Sue, Chris and Margaret. Please check your email so we can get the quilt tops on their way. Thanks to everyone for the great feedback on this issue. Watch for more QM giveaways!

About Diane Harris

I'm an editor for Quiltmaker magazine in Golden, Colorado, USA. For six years, I wrote pattern instructions, product reviews and how-to articles. Then I spent four years as QM's Interactive Editor, working to generate much of our online content. Now I'm back to patterns and how-tos, which is a great fit for me. I still love writing about quilt-related topics for Quilty Pleasures, and I always have my finger on the pulse of the quilting world. I teach a variety of quilt classes and give guild programs, too. Reach me by email: editor@quiltmaker.com.
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958 Responses to Quilt Tops for Giveaway!

  1. Nancy L Nelson says:

    I love the Quiltmaker’s Garden. It has both applique and patchwork. This kind of quilt fulfills my need for variety and order. The garden theme is one that I really enjoy.

  2. Leslie says:

    thanks for the giveaway for the Newest magazine!
    I was going to say the cover quilt, Quiltermaker’s Garden was my favorite, but on reflection, I’m going to have to say Petal Pathway! I am an applique fanatic, so I have to go with Petal Pathway!
    Take care, Leslie

  3. Barbara DeMir says:

    Absolutely love Quilmakers Garden. Love the vines, birds, the windmills, Everything about it. Am planning on making it in the future. So will be saving the magazines so I can.

  4. Kathy Essex says:

    I love the Minnesota homewarming pattern. It’s got great colors and the design is beautiful with the colors.

  5. Grace Capuano says:

    Around town in the above colors really swept me off my feet. It say’s classic home so elegantly so it just jumped to my attention. I don’t usually go for this type of classic pattern but this one is done just so, that I have to pick it. Sure hope I win it that would be so nice.

  6. Minnesota Homecoming is my favorite. I love stars and this would be a good stashbuster to make for Quilts of Valor for our Military Veterans! I also like the chain quilt among others.

  7. Karrie Smith says:

    I really like the Calico Clockworks. There is SO much movement to this quilt pattern!! I clicked on the link to the different colorways. I am so excited to get this issue so I can start working on some new projects. This almost looks like an entirely different quilt when all you do is simply change the colors! I think that’s what makes this art so amazing. It’s a good pick for this issue because it reminds me of those spinning pinwheels that you stick in the yard when you are planting flowers with your Mom on the first days of Spring. It brings up a lot of good memories. That’s why I love to do quilting.

  8. SueAnn W from Richmond says:

    I would have to say that Quilt Makers Garden would be my favorite project in this issue. Thank you for the chance to have a surprise arrive in my mailbox!

  9. Diana Dunbar says:

    I love the “patch” quilts featuring the bunny in this issue. I look forward to each month to see what animal is next. I have made the turtle and making the bunny in the near future for a toddler quilt.

  10. Kathy Mullin says:

    I love Petal Path. It fun, quick, easy. And…you could work on it away from your machine. I like projects that I can take with me to do on a trip.

  11. Donna in Wisconsin says:

    I would say my favorite project is the “Bunny Patch”. It is very cute and looks very easy to make. I plan on making the quilt for my 2 year old great granddaughter, in browns and off whites, the same colors of her pet rabbit. The reason I brought the March/April 12 issue was because of your two articles the “Chopping Block” and the “Get Your Geese in a Row”. I have a hard time making the flying geese block and this article will help me a lot.

  12. Carol Hofstetter says:

    It is so hard to choose just one.It would be easier to tell which of my children is my favorite.I really like the scrapy Around Town.

  13. I love Kay’s Petal Path, that would be a fun one to do for spring.


  14. Lari Black says:

    Minnesota Homewarming! I love batiks and the colors are among my favorite, its a beautiful quilt!

  15. Connie Hendryx says:

    I love the Minnesota Homewarming quilt!! wow…and it would go really well in my piano room…..!

  16. Linda Kohn says:

    I really like Petal Pusher. It really is so colorful and springy.

  17. Tina Kreske says:

    The quiltmakers garden is my favorite. It joins up my two favorite hobbies. I love to garden and sew. This quilt combines all of the different methods and I could not wait to start it. The day after I got the magizine I went out and brought the fabric to start it. The colors are so pretty and they remind me of my gardens. When I had my house I used to have 9 different gardens in my yard. I am fairly new to quilting, but I have been buying supplies and saving old clothes to use for quilts for years.

  18. Lise says:

    Loved “around town”, those are my colors! I’m already dreaming of this quilt in baby colors, it seems like every female I work with is expecting. I never have time to make a quilt for myself.

  19. Diane says:

    I really like the quilt makers garden. It brings spring into the room!

  20. Linda Nichols says:

    Bunny Patch is my favorite – perfect for my new greatgrandson!

  21. Rhonda Kennedy says:

    The Bunny Patch is my favorite. I have a two year old granddaughter and she already has three quilts from me so a cute holiday wall hanging only seems fitting. :)

  22. Mary Dedrick says:

    I love Hidden Treasures! The pieced border reminds me of jumbo rick-rack which I’ve never outgrown. I think it would be awesome in Christmas prints as well with the stars.

  23. Rosie Westerhold says:

    LOVE all of the color options. If I won any of them, I would donate them to my guild’s ongoing charity project. These look like the perfect size. I adore scrap quilts, but, sometimes, it’s nice to only have several fabric quilts. My usual motto is the more fabric the better!

  24. Carolyn Block says:

    My favorite quilt is the Quiltmaker’s Garden. You could not have chosen a more perfect quilt for the cover of this issue – I love everything about it!! From the softness of the color theme, to the smallest detail of the watering can, this quilt trly makes you yearn for springtime. Just a beautiful quilt!!

  25. Kitsy Smith says:

    I love the Hidden Treasures quilt top. Blues and Greens are my favorite colors and so much white background really shows off the pattern. Actually, I like all of your quilts, but that one is my favorite.

  26. terry roberson says:

    I love the Scrappy Quilt. It reminds me of the wife of the home making do. She uses all that she has to give her family the warm that is needed for the home. It also displays as a conversational quilt…… A baby’s gown, a piece of a daughter’s/grandmother’s wedding, or some other precious fabric that will trigger memories. What precious memories to have pieces of fabrics that symbols past quilts you make. It allows you to feel warm inside as you snuggle under your scrap quilt remembering the people and stories of quilts your made and lives your touched.

  27. roseann says:

    Hidden Treasures is my favorite because of the clean look and the creative use of the fabric.

  28. Donna Amos says:

    I really like Chain Reaction, but I choose Around Town by Dawna Baker as my favorite because I really like traditional blocks like Churn Dash, Flying Geese, Puss in the Corner. This could be a great quilt in any colors combination of scrap quilting, which has become my favorite way to quilt.

  29. Beverly Choat says:

    My favorite is Petal Path, although I love them all! Would love to win any of them and would be proud to display them in my home. I also like the Around Town quilt. There are not any that I do not like!

  30. Jennifer Adams says:

    Such a difficult decision, but I have 2 favorites…(1) is around the town because of the scrappy look that I adore and (2) petal pushers because the vertical stems and flowrs remind me of my grandmother’s green thumb, always growing flowers. Both are gorgeous!

  31. I especially like the Grampa’s star block! I love getting something for nothing! Of course you can make the half square triangle just for the block but it’s neat they come from connector corners. Also I like that the sashing is in the middle of the block. Now that’s thinking INSIDE the block. lol

  32. janita says:

    around the town would be my favorite because it has a scrappy look to it and it says it is easy but it looks great in design. Lots to keep the eye interested. I would like to make this quilt. Janita

  33. Fran Wessel says:

    I have to say, Petal Path by Kay Mackenzie from the fabric: Memories of Provence by Monique Dillard for Maywood Studio really blew me away. I was so impressed by the fabric, both sophicated and simple. The quilting is beautiful and is exactly the style I’m striving to learn.

  34. AAnnieC says:

    I love the Calico Clothworks designed by Susie Ennis and made by Donna Benham. Fabric: The Pixie Pops by Katie Plitt for Timeless Treasures. I love the motion and the thoughts of summer picnics I can visualize when looking at it.

  35. Ruthie says:

    I like Chain Reaction and plan to make it at our upcoming retreat.

  36. Patti says:

    For me, it’s a toss-up between Bunny Patch and Chain Reaction :-)

  37. Sue Corless says:

    My first choice would be Quiltmaker’s Garden. I really like how such a unique design is put together with basic blocks. I also like Around Town in the alternate colorway. Thank you, Quiltmaker staff, for continuing to give us such nice patterns.

    Sue Corless

  38. Pamela Phillips says:

    “Quiltmaker’s Garden” is my favorite because it brings back memories of my mother and her yard full of flowers. She passed away on Thanksgiving 2011 at 95 and I think this would be a good quilt to make in her memory.

  39. Bonnie Rahn says:

    I really like the Calico Clockwork pattern. I liked it when it was origanally published so many years ago, and especially like it now that it has been simplified some. I have also been following the scrap squad patterns and look forward to each new magazine to see what is new.

  40. JUDE BURNS says:


  41. I desire Modern Makeover in black, white and red, my very favorite color combination. My eyes only see those colors in shop or magazine. Wow!

  42. loura says:

    I like Petal Path because I am a gardener and it reminds me of my garden!!!

  43. carol collins says:

    I also like the petal pusher one. the mystery quilt is a favorite too. love the whole magazine. thanks for all you do carol.

  44. I desire Modern Makeover, my favoite color combination, black, white and red. My eyes only see those colors in a store or magazine

  45. Sharon C. (Canada) says:

    Around Town would be my favourite.

  46. Judy Moore says:

    My favorite quilt is Petal Path in pastels. It is such a happy quilt and speaks to me of the joys of springtime, just around the corner.

  47. Sharon C. (Canada) says:

    I love traditional blocks. Having a scrappy look makes it more exciting….I love to make scrappy quilts! This would be fantastic to win.

  48. Sandra says:

    My favorite is Bunny Patch. Just perfect for my 9 month old granddaughter.

  49. Beverly Smith says:

    I fell for the Bunny Patch and for the Chain Reaction. I would like to do the Chain reaction for my self. But the Bunny Patch is so cute!

  50. Sharon says:

    I really love the Pedal Path quilts, particularly in the red,white and blue. I am new to quilting and have never tried applicae but am hoping to do so soon.

  51. Kay says:

    I love the quiltmaker’s garden quilt; it reminds me of my gazebo; the place that I go to help resolve my life’s problems and find serenity. And it was also the place where my best friend had her wedding, which had a wedding quilt hanging over the altar.

  52. JUDY EBELING says:

    I liked all of them! But since I need to choose one…
    I liked “Everything But the Kitchen Sink” it reminds me of a scrap quilt
    and using the extra fabric left from other quilts.

  53. Barbara Covington says:

    I love “Around Town color option in Everything But the Kitchen Sink fabrics from RJR fabrics”. It is such a happy quilt. Bright, beautiful, color that brings the reminder that spring is just around the corner.

  54. Donna Kelly says:

    The only thing bad about this that I had to choose just ONE! I love stares so the Hidden Treasure was one option, then the Around Town is just awesome, and so is the Quiltmaker’s Garden. Oh my, what to do? Oops I left out the Minnesota Homewarming, but not really as it is my choice for this special occasion. I love the main color and the option color, they just look warm, cuddly and inviting. Winning any of the tops would be such an honor. Thanks for having this contest, this is one of the reason I love the Quiltmaker, you think about the people reading and learning from your magazine and in this day and time this is wonderful.

  55. Elaine Pittman says:

    I like Petal Path best of the three but I like Grandpa’s Star for the use of many colors. It would use up a lot of small pieces of fabric. Thanks for a wonderful magazine.! I scan the patterns I like into a file on my computer, burn a disc when it gets big and give the magazine to my quilting friends.

  56. Deanna Watson says:

    I like Minnesota Homewarming. It just pops out at you. Love the colors but can imagine it in my own colors too. I love the magazine and look forward to it. Keep up the good work.

  57. Becky says:

    I would choose either the minnesota homecoming or around the town. I am not a very experienced quilter and have nots done many quilts with alot of triangles. I can see minnesota homecoming as different shades of blues and greens and highlighted with a few darker colors like grey or dark brown. For the around the town I would like to try pastels alternated with bolder colors, like baby pink/red, etc row by row/ I think it might be fun!

  58. cheri says:

    My favorite quilt is Around Town, I love the traditional blocks. I am a true lover of star quilts so I also have to put a vote in for Hidden Treasures. I love the way you can see the secondary stars as the blocks come together. The border work just set the quilt off. It makes me want to pay more attention to my borders. Thank you so much for a great assortment of quilt options in each magazine. Great work from the staff at Quiltmaker, I look forward to each issue.

  59. Pamela Gray says:

    My favorite is the Minnisota Homecoming. It reminds me of when I was a kid and received kalidascopes for Christmas. All the different colors and shapes reminde me of simpler and wonderful time in my life. My second favorite is the Petal Path. Plants and flowers are afraid of me, so I like to make my quilts with a lot of flowers, that way I can’t kill them and can have my own garden.

  60. marilyn d. says:

    oh, it has to be minnesota homewarming! after all, i live there, and right now, the home could use some warming. no snow doesn’t mean it’s warm, here, yet. love the warm feel the colors give the quilt–it is charming!

  61. Linda Liles says:

    I love the Everything but the Kitchen Sink. It just hits my fancy! Hoping to get a free top of this quilt!

  62. Elizabeth P. says:

    I guess I’d have to say “Bunny Patch” is my favorite; at least it is the 1st of the several that I plan on makingfrom this issue. In fact I plan to make at least one of each of the Patch Pals Collection. Some for my soon to be here grandchild, and the rest for the Linus Project.

  63. Nancy B says:

    I just love quilts! I love the history of quilting and the story that they tell.
    I think scrappy quilts are my absolute favorite because they remind me of my grandmother’s quilts.
    My favorite is Everything But the Kitchen Sink, the colors of the fabric and the pattern remind me of my grandmothers quilts.

  64. Oops – I got so excited I missed the correct name – Petal Path!!!!

  65. Definitely Petal Play!!!! Those colors set my creative juices flowing! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  66. Pat Judd says:

    I love the Quiltmaker’s Garden. Just love the colors and the beauty. Makes me think Spring is here and everything is in bloom. Makes me smile.

  67. Helen Petrik says:

    My favorite is the “Around Town” quilt. It looks complicated until you look closely to see the blocks repeated. What a great pattern for using some of my stash!

  68. Karen says:

    I LOVE the Quilter”s Garden – it has all the things I love beautifully arranged. Just might have to arrange time to make this one.

  69. Candy Baril says:

    I love Lee Heinrich’s CHAIN REACTION – I have never seen this pattern before, it caught my eye as soon as I turned the page. This quilt has a very nice refreshing look. I can envision all of my grandchildren loving this quilt -when it comes to color options the sky is the limit!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your beautiful quilt tops.

  70. It was love at the first moment I took the issue from the mailbox! I so want to make the cover quilt, Quiltmaker’s Garden. It combines my two main passions, quilting and gardening. I have had to force myself not to start on it immediately but instead complete my long overdue Christmas 2011 gift to a friend. It’s almost done and then I willstart on creating my garden.

  71. Margaret Minneman says:

    I really like Around the Town……..because I LOVE stars. Thanks for a great magazine!

  72. Tammy Hempel says:

    My favorite quilt pattern is the Quiltmaker Garden. This quilt reminds me of spring in full bloom. I enjoy sitting on my patio and watching all the birds in my back yard flying and showing off for a mate. My backyard comes to life after the long cold winter.

  73. Letty Shirkey says:

    Loving Addicted to Scraps, because it build up ways to use up the scraps. Also, the basic illustrations presented are both challenging and encouraging for Chain Reaction. Love the way it is presented in different colors.

  74. Sue says:

    The freebie foundations seem to be the answer to a problem I’ve been having with an orginal design I’m working on because a light bulb went off and now I can see how to get exactly the size flying geese that I need. I like the various quilt patterns but right now I’m space challenged and unable to work on larger quilts.

  75. Karen Mayham says:

    Petal Path is my favorite … I follow the artist’s blog and really enjoy her style and techniques.

  76. Glenna Denman says:

    I love the traditional blocks in different sizes in Around Town, but I found so many quilts I would love to make in this issue.

  77. Barb Matthews says:

    The Hidden Treasure quilt really caught my eye. Love the colors! But more importantly, every time I look at it I see it in a different way.

  78. Vickie LeBlanc says:

    I love the Minnesota Homewarming. It’s just really vibrant and pretty.

  79. Mary Ferreter says:

    The Quiltmaker’s Garden is my favorite. Very stunning. I like the asymmetrical design of it, and all the different blocks and techniques. I have been thinking about creating a “garden/flower” quilt for some time. This gets me motivated to pursue it further than just thoughts in my head.

  80. Donna Brockman says:

    My favorite is the Quiltmaker’s Garden. I love the variety and the way the vine climbs up and over the gazebo drawing your eye around the quilt. Beautiful!

  81. Lauri logsdon says:

    I really like Hidden Treasure. It is a pattern that I could easily make and I love the fabric selections used on the sample.

  82. LAVINA CHAFFIN says:

    I am a beginner quilter. I helped my mother quilt when I was growing up and she belonged to the quilting bee
    at church. We always had a quilt on the frame. However, I never learned to make the stitches like these ladies
    did. I like the quilt Around Town and Everything but the Kitchen Sink.

  83. Ruth Crump says:

    I am thinking of trying the Around Town pattern. I really love the colors. thank you

  84. Linda Smith says:

    Diamond Fortune is my favorite of these shown, but I am not good a paper piecing. I hope to learn to do it better one day soon.

  85. Neecie Selby says:

    I love the Quilter’s Garden, and especially how you did it in the other fabrics version. It POPS! To me it shows vibrancy, and new possibilities, like Spring.
    I also love the bunny quilt pattern~ it is AdOrAble!!
    Love your magazine~ always stirs my creative juices.

  86. Louise says:

    I love the Petal Path Project – just learning to hand applique and I love it.

  87. Mom C says:

    I really like Around Town. Love the flying geese and the blocks. I was planning to make that one. Enjoy the magazine lots.

  88. Beverly says:

    I like the Quiltmakers Garden. I am ready for warm weather and can’t wait to start gardening again.

  89. Judy Crowell says:

    My favorite is Grandpa’s Star. I have been faithfully saving those “bonus” triangles for something, and since I love star quilts, this one really caught my eye. It will definitely be a project on my to-do list!

  90. Maura T Callahan says:

    I am a novice quilter who just subscribed to 3 quilt magazines and I have to say that by far Quiltmaker is the most accessible and fun! Both the Minnesota Homewarming and Hidden Treasures look doable for my skill level, but I am fascinated with the Classic Update of the Calico Clockworks and am going to try that one.
    And thank you so much for giving those great instructions on the 4 different ways to put the Flying Geese together! I have a feeling that Quiltmaker and I are going to have a long and fond relationship :-)

  91. Darlene Jacolik says:

    I love your magazine. My favorite in this issue is Quiltmaker’s Garden. Would love to be able to have any of the giveaways.

  92. Judy Toy says:

    They are all beautiful, but my favorite is Petal Path! Makes me think of the upcoming Spring!

  93. Jane Hillman says:

    My favorite is Bonnie Hunter’s Grandpa’s Star. I love the scrappy. Of the three you are giving away- I’d love any!

  94. Donna says:

    I love the Quiltmaker’s Garden. It would make me feel like it was spring all year long. Obviously, spring is my favorite season here in Florida.

  95. Ginny gaige says:

    They ALL are beautiful! No way I could pick one over the other.

  96. Rebecca Mullen says:

    Absolutely fell in love with Quiltmakers Garden—–other than quilting, I love gardening and belong to a garden club. It would also be a hit with one of my 8 granddaughters. Makes Spring feel just around the corner.

  97. pam revello says:

    I love the Petal Pushers.. I love bright colors reminds me of Spring..

  98. MarciaW says:

    I like the Chain Reaction pattern and each quilt that the scrap squad has previewed so far. Yet, I also like the Around Town. Thanks for the chance to win one of these wonderful quilts, as would be honored to have any one of them.

  99. JoAnne T. says:

    I love “Petal Path”! It’s just so pretty and I love red, white and blue. But the project I will actually make is by Bonnie Hunter, her “Grandpa’s Star” is so perfect for my next quilt, which is going to be one from scraps. Her addicted to scraps is my favorite page in every issue.

  100. Kathryn says:

    I have two favorites. I love, love, LOVE the Quiltmaker’s Garden quilt because it’s so fresh and ‘springy’ looking. I also like the Around Town quilt very much though…it’s so homey and comfortable looking that I just might have to make one (in the original colors) to snuggle under while watching TV.

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