I Drank the Kool-Aid

To drink the Kool-Aid: a metaphor commonly used in the United States and Canada that refers to a person or group’s unquestioning belief in an ideology, argument, or philosophy without critical examination.molly11 I Drank the Kool Aid

Rose Star block seen at mollyflanders.blogspot.com (used with permission)

It seemed harmless enough.

I wanted to start a new project to be sewn by hand.

molly22 I Drank the Kool Aid

And another from mollyflanders.blogspot.com (used with permission)

Plenty of people are doing the same thing—just look around the internet and you’ll see dozens of Rose Star Blocks.

molly33 I Drank the Kool Aid

Be still my heart! (used with permission from mollyflanders.blogspot.com)

I first saw them at mollyflanders.blogspot.com. Her color choices are fabulous!! All of the blocks above are by the blog author there. I think they’re amazing.

Clare, also known as selfsewn, who blogs at summerfete.blogspot.com, wrote a tutorial on the block and started a Rose Star Block Party on flickr, and from there it seems to have really taken off.

frederick11 I Drank the Kool Aid

Three blocks by Frederick at orangeexplainsitall.blogspot.com (used with permission)

I was so attracted to their shapes and colors, the interplay of transparency and luminosity. I looked and looked at these blocks and I was completely seduced. Frederick at orangeexplainsitall.blogspot.com has posted many lovely blocks.

frederick22 I Drank the Kool Aid

Another block by Frederick—the fussy cutting is wonderful! (used with permission)

I poked around on Flickr and found a generous quilter (Kreatives von mir) who was sharing a pdf of her draft. Perfect! I hit “print.”

hand1 I Drank the Kool AidThis is a 3″ hexagon, not bad at all! Fits nicely on a letter-size sheet of cardstock. I’m getting excited. Let’s label and cut out the templates for English paper piecing.

hand22 I Drank the Kool AidNot bad at all, except…I push a pesky thought aside and pick out some fabrics. Oh so cute!! This is going to be great!

hand5 I Drank the Kool AidI pull together the supplies—not much is needed! Just neutral thread, a thimble (Clover’s are wonderful), a needle and scissors. This is going to be so portable!

hand6 I Drank the Kool AidLet’s get started. I pick up the center hexagon which is 3″ from tip to tip. Very user friendly.

hand8 I Drank the Kool Aid

View from the back

It turns out great!

hand7 I Drank the Kool Aid

View from the front

Now let’s start on the little kite shapes. I cover one with fabric. It’s a bit of a struggle. I hesitate.

I try again.

I sigh.

Third try.


hand9 I Drank the Kool AidI spread out all the little shapes and I am…overwhelmed!

There are so many of them!

They mated and multiplied while I was busy sewing.

Oh my gosh, there seem to be millions!

hand4 I Drank the Kool AidAnd they’re so tiny. Egads, my thumb practically covers one patch! Who thought of this? Am I nuts? Why would any sane person agree to do this?!

fete11 I Drank the Kool Aid

Seen on summerfete.blogspot.com, where you'll also find the tutorial (used with permission)

But then…I go back to those luscious photos, colors spilling all over themselves, fabrics playing tag, and polka dots singing the song of a siren, I tell you.

I take a deep breath and pick up my needle again. Because yes, I’m afraid I have already drunk the blessed patchwork Kool-Aid! Stay tuned!



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6 Responses to I Drank the Kool-Aid

  1. Claudia says:

    1. I love hexies.
    2. I’m supposed to get something done today?

  2. mary says:

    These are so fun to make! And the quilts will be wonderful !

  3. Wow it is so hard to stop once you get the hang of it and it goes much faster after the first one is completed. I was only going to make one in the beginning thinking it’s too fussy but it is unstoppable. Thanks for letting us inspire you!

  4. selfsewn says:

    hehe great post…keep going you’ll be glad you did!!

  5. kaholly says:

    Very impressive. I love doing handwork! I might have to set myself up for trying at least one.

  6. Barb J says:

    Yes, I agree that they are cute. Adorable, as a matter of fact. But what do you DO with them? They don’t appear to fit together; the angles look wrong. You could applique them onto a plain block, maybe? Sorry, not convinced!

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