Saying Thank You; Giveaway!

QM scrap squadB3 Saying Thank You; Giveaway!Sometimes you just have to say thank you! That’s what Quiltmaker is doing today, in honor of the 2011 QM Scrap Squad.

Ruthie Saying Thank You; Giveaway!
Ruth Wasmuth
Carol Saying Thank You; Giveaway!
Carol Vickers
Kim Saying Thank You; Giveaway!
Kim Brandt
dionne Saying Thank You; Giveaway!
Dionne Gordon
pat Saying Thank You; Giveaway!
Pat St-Onge
Donna Saying Thank You; Giveaway!
Donna Amos
Linda Saying Thank You; Giveaway!
Linda Ferguson
Jane Saying Thank You; Giveaway!
Forest Jane

This talented group of eight select QM readers has worked really hard all year and produced an amazing array of scrappy quilts to inspire you. They started with Rhapsody in Bloom from #138, March/April ’11. The original quilt looked like this:

13464 pattern img Saying Thank You; Giveaway!

Rhapsody in Bloom, a Doug Leko design

Here’s what Dionne Gordon did with it:

PSdionne1 Saying Thank You; Giveaway!

Dionne Gordon's version of Rhapsody in Bloom

The next project was Julie Herman’s design, Raspberry Dessert from May/June ’11, #139:

QM RaspberryDessert111 Saying Thank You; Giveaway!

Raspberry Dessert designed and made by Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts

Look at the serenity created in this version by Ruth Wasmuth:

ruthRasfulldownsized Saying Thank You; Giveaway!

A calming version of Raspberry Dessert, made by Ruth Wasmuth

Third in line was Spinout, designed by Barbara Cline. Here’s the original quilt as it appeared in #140, July/Aug ’11:

spinoutresized Saying Thank You; Giveaway!

Spinout, designed by Barbara Cline, pieced by Denise Starck and quilted by Donna Smith.

Look what Pat St-Onge did with it!

patfull Saying Thank You; Giveaway!

Pat St-Onge's holiday version of Spinout

After Spinout came Linkin’ Logs, a design by QM’s Editor-in-Chief June Dudley. It was patterned in #141, Sept/Oct ’11 as a back-to-school quilt perfect for a dorm-sized bed.

13687 pattern img Saying Thank You; Giveaway!

Linkin' Logs, designed by June Dudley

Donna Amos used vintage feedsacks to create a quilt with a completely different mood, below.

donna11 Saying Thank You; Giveaway!

Donna Amos made this version of Linkin' Logs

Kim Brandt did a great job on her Very Hungry Caterpillar version of Linkin’ Logs, below.

kim112 Saying Thank You; Giveaway!

Kim Brandt made this version of Linkin' Logs.

And I have to show you the quilting from the back side:

kim13 Saying Thank You; Giveaway!

Gorgeous quilting adorns Kim's Linkin' Logs quilt.

Linkin’ Logs lent itself to so many great interpretations. Here’s a feminine beauty by Linda Ferguson:

linda4 Saying Thank You; Giveaway!

A Linkin' Logs interpretation by Linda Ferguson

The Nov/Dec ’11 Scrap Squad project was Dream Catcher. The original quilt was part of the Infinite Variety exhibit of 651 red and white quilts in NYC last March.


13769 pattern img Saying Thank You; Giveaway!

Courtesy American Folk Art Museum, New York. #76 Daisies Quilt; Artist unidentified; United States 1890-1930. Collection of Joanna S. Rose. Photo by Gavin Ashworth.

And for a real change of pace, look at the dreamy version created by Forest Jane below:

DreamingtheBluesSm1 Saying Thank You; Giveaway!

Dream Catcher by Forest Jane

The final QM project was Hip to be Square from the current issue, Jan/Feb ’12 (No. 143). The original quilt by Elizabeth Dackson is below.

hipdownsized Saying Thank You; Giveaway!

Hip to be Square appears in the Jan/Feb '12 issue of Quiltmaker.

And next we have the Carol Vickers version, which she says “is the brightest quilt I’ve ever made.”

carol2 Saying Thank You; Giveaway!

Carol Vickers made this Hip to be Square quilt.

And if all of that wasn’t enough, many of the Scrap Squad quilts became an exhibit in the gallery at the offices of Creative Crafts Group in Golden, Colorado, where Quiltmaker is based.

gallery1 Saying Thank You; Giveaway!

Our quilt gallery in Golden, Colorado featured Scrap Squad quilts for several months.


gallery21 Saying Thank You; Giveaway!

More gorgeous versions of Raspberry Dessert!


gallery3 Saying Thank You; Giveaway!

Scrap Squad members put their own spin onto Spinout.

As a grand finale, look for a group quilt the 2011 Scrap Squad made using designs from Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks. That quilt will be featured in the upcoming Quilts from QM’s 100 Blocks issue, which promises to be spectacular when it appears at quilt shops and newsstands by March 6.

Once again, our sincere thanks to each member of the 2011 Scrap Squad. You’ve shone so brightly! What a great year it has been!

Let’s have a giveaway! I have fabric and a book for three lucky winners who leave a comment by midnight Thursday, Jan. 26. No question to answer, just let us know you were here. The winners are comments 158, 190 and 115. Check your email to see if it’s you. As soon as we get shipping info, the prizes will be on their way.

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