QM Scrap Squad: Jane’s Hip to Be Square, Giveaway!

QM scrap squadB3 QM Scrap Squad: Janes Hip to Be Square, Giveaway!Today’s Scrap Squad quilt is by Forest Jane who lives in Memphis. You can peek at Jane’s blog here.

hipdownsized QM Scrap Squad: Janes Hip to Be Square, Giveaway!

Here again is the original Hip to Be Square quilt, designed by Elizabeth Dackson. Fabrics are Delighted! by The Quilted Fish and designer solids for Riley Blake Designs.

And here are Jane’s thoughts:

I made my blocks just a little bit bigger to be able to use the AccuQuilt shape die cutters I already had. My chisel shapes finished at 3” x 6”, which meant my corner squares finished at
3” x 3”. I didn’t change the size of the center of the block at all.

jane11 QM Scrap Squad: Janes Hip to Be Square, Giveaway!Here’s a single block I drew in Electric Quilt. My blocks all finished at 12.5 inches. I made 36 blocks.

jane22 QM Scrap Squad: Janes Hip to Be Square, Giveaway!I sewed them together in groups of nine, like you see above, rather than doing six rows of six. This way the middle of the quilt only had one long seam to sew. (Great idea, Jane!)

jane33 QM Scrap Squad: Janes Hip to Be Square, Giveaway!And here’s the EQ drawing I did where I added an inner 3-inch olive green border, and figured out how many chisels I’d need for the 6-inch chisel picket fence border.

I used a square-in-a-square block to connect my picket fences at the corners, and that inner square (4.75 inches cut size) is also available in the AccuQuilt dies, but I don’t have it yet. The square-in-a-square uses the identical finish-at-3-inch half-square triangles that I cut to finish the chisels, only instead of the beige and tan and khaki, I decided it’d look better with some of the dark fabrics I’d used.

jane44 QM Scrap Squad: Janes Hip to Be Square, Giveaway!Cutting the triangles and the chisels on the AccuQuilt made the whole process for this king-size quilt go so smoothly! I would never have planned a quilt with this many chisel shapes without the cutter. It made the half-square triangle cutting a breeze too, and having all the dog-ears cut off before I sew—what a timesaver! Put the fabric on the die (I was using right and left sided chisels, so the fabric could be upside down or rightside up) and crank it through.

jane55 QM Scrap Squad: Janes Hip to Be Square, Giveaway!

When I flip the mat over, some of the triangles usually stick to the mat, and some stay on the dark gray foam that surrounds the blades. Some people say they use dryer sheets to eliminate this static cling, but it doesn’t bother me that much. I don’t care if I pick them up off the mat or off the foam.

You can see above that I’ve marked the foam with a white sharpie. This makes it easier to see exactly where the blade is, and also allows me to put even tiny fabric scraps on the foam and see if they’re big enough to cut a half-square triangle.

jane66 QM Scrap Squad: Janes Hip to Be Square, Giveaway!Here’s a closeup of some of the fabrics I’ve used.

toby QM Scrap Squad: Janes Hip to Be Square, Giveaway!Here’s my top being pressed. Toby volunteers to press everything especially if I’ve already ironed it all warm.

jane77 QM Scrap Squad: Janes Hip to Be Square, Giveaway!And here’s the whole thing, hanging on the library shelves.  The quilt is too big to hang on the fence!

*     *     *     *     *

Another beauty—I tell you, these Scrap Squad gals are the best! We haven’t had a giveaway lately so let’s send some fat quarters to someone who wants to make a scrappy quilt. Leave a comment here by midnight Friday, Jan. 13 and we’ll choose two random winners. The winners are Becky, Diane and Kathy. Congratulations, and thanks for all the great comments!

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I'm an editor for Quiltmaker magazine in Golden, Colorado, USA. For six years, I wrote pattern instructions, product reviews and how-to articles. Then I spent four years as QM's Interactive Editor, working to generate much of our online content. Now I'm back to patterns and how-tos, which is a great fit for me. I still love writing about quilt-related topics for Quilty Pleasures, and I always have my finger on the pulse of the quilting world. I teach a variety of quilt classes and give guild programs, too. Reach me by email: editor@quiltmaker.com.
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93 Responses to QM Scrap Squad: Jane’s Hip to Be Square, Giveaway!

  1. Julierose says:

    Stunning scrap quilts…

  2. Robin Farley says:

    This is a beautiful quilt. I love the deep rich colors you chose to use. It looks large enough for two to cuddle up under on a chill night. Most of all the pattern looks complicated at first glance, looking at how it was made, shows the easy and simplicity of making a quilt that will be appreciated and loved by all !

  3. Dortha Clemmons says:

    I love scrappy quilts. I also like looking at different ones that people make. Thanks for showing us pictures.

  4. Rachelle says:

    Lovely quilt, those colours are so warming.

  5. wordygirl says:

    I love seeing all the colors in her scrappy quilt come together. Makes me want to raid my stash and get started. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Carol says:

    I love making scrap quilts, and have enjoyed seeing the Scrap Squad adaptations. This has been a great series over the past year!

  7. Nancy Sue says:

    Your quilt is wonderful!!! I’m with Toby! Give me a warm quilt, a book from one of those shelves and I’m a happy camper. Beautiful job!

  8. Kathy h says:

    Your quilt looks great. I love the scrappy quilts that blend so nicely.

  9. Sandy A in St. Louis says:

    I love scrappy quilts! Please count me in. :)

    Love how she changed the block up. It makes it look so different!

  10. Linda says:

    Wow, what a big difference those little changes make! Love your quilt!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. Brenda says:

    I’d love to add your fabrics to my scrap quilts. thanks for the chance to win!

  12. Cecilia says:

    I love the way this quilt turned out. I love scrappy quilts. I just finished my first scrappy quilt, using the pineapple block and it turned out gorgeous. Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. Linda says:


  14. deb smith says:

    This is your best quilt yet, Jane! I’m in awe.

  15. Leanne says:

    Almost everything I’ve made lately has used scraps. My two oldest boys (7 and 9) want to learn to sew too, so they’re into my scraps too…I’ll soon need to replenish the scrap bag! Winning some fabric sure would help!

  16. Jennifer says:

    I’m so thrilled at how well this pattern turned out using scraps that I’ll be making a scrappy one. Winning fabrics to make it with make it extra special. Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Myrna says:

    I hsve been quilting since 2000 and have a LOT of scraps. I have only made two scrap quilts so far and need to take the time to cut, organize, plan and sew another couple, at least. With the accuquilt go, the cutting will be quick, easy and exact so why am I waiting? To find the perfect pattern! And I LOVE this pattern; your quilt is amazing. I just might have to try it.

  18. donna says:

    Scrappy are the best!

  19. Linda E in AZ says:

    Thanks for this quilt writeup using Accuquilt dies; I’ll have to try it that way.
    Scraps are my middle name….

  20. Judy W says:

    This quilt is great for a scrappy look. I am itching to try a scrappy look quilt. My ‘stash’ can always use a little boost. Thank you. Judy W

  21. Anne P says:

    Scrappy quilts are my favourites – I very rarely make any other type.

  22. Carol says:

    I just love scrappy quilts – probably because I am always trying to use up my very large stash! This looks pretty easy and turns out beautiful!

  23. SewLindaAnn says:

    Love scrappy anything, but seriously enjoy seeing all the different renditions of a quilt and meeting new bloggers. It’s a lot of fun!

  24. Landa says:

    Beautiful quilt! I’ve never made a scrappy quilt, but now I must try one. This pattern is a good one to start with.

  25. Cathy says:

    I like this version the best so far. There are so many creative quilters out there!

  26. Amanda Wulf says:

    Beautiful quilt! You did a wonderful job on it! I like the scrappy look and what a great pattern to do that with!

  27. Niki says:

    I am working on my first scrappy quilt and find it challenging to get out of my “matchy” box, but am in LOVE with playing with all the different fabrics. Love this pattern.

  28. KT says:

    Love this version of the quilt, especially the borders! Thanks for sharing!

  29. Hannie says:


  30. Ann H. says:

    Scrappy quilts are my favorite. This pattern is a great one for scrappy, and I love how the border holds it all in! I think about the old days when women had to use scissors to cut out their blocks and I so appreciate my rotary cutters, but seeing how the Accu-Cut cuts off those dog ears…..well, now I may just have to have one, too! Beautiful quilt, Jane!

  31. Sharon W says:

    Love the scrap quilt. Thanks for having a give away.

  32. Christine M says:

    I just love your scrap quilt.

  33. Wilma Searcy says:

    This scrap quilt is to die for! I enjoy the scrappy look much more than the boring “all the same fabric” look. I save every little scrap of fabric from my projects for further quilts. Please choose me for the giveaway. I need more SCRAPS!

  34. ritainalaska says:

    scrumptous scrappy! great pattern! i use my scraps for applique, so it would be nice to win some extra fabric for the scrappy quilt on my butcket list … haven’t made one yet.

  35. Patricia smith says:

    Jane, your quilt is superb! After reading your process I am openly coveting that AccuQuilter! Really nice!

  36. Lee Ann says:

    Just love what you did with the scrappy look. I am envious that I don’t have a cutting machine, the pretrimmed must be a real pleasure to sew…

  37. Deanna says:

    OH, I could give your fat quarters a happy, scrappy home. Thanks for the chance, and the nice pattern.

  38. Marcia Herath says:

    I love the quilt and always love more fabric.

  39. pat adney says:

    Love that scrappy quilt!

  40. MarciaW says:

    I really enjoyed learning how Jane adjusted the pattern so she could use her AccuQuilt GO! Hope to have one in my hands this year too! This is a great pattern.

  41. Jeanne Provost says:

    Wow! What a beautiful quilt, thanks for all the directions, never thought to use the
    accuquilt for all those quilts pieces. Will have to check it out next time in the fabric store.

  42. Diantha Howard says:

    I have tons of scraps from years of sewing clothes, which i want to turn into a quilt. I like this one, especially the light “chisels” against the dark.

  43. Debra Dixon says:

    I’m a big fan of scrap quilts and I really like the way Jane steps everything out.

  44. Cathy Byrd says:

    YAY! Scrappy! Just “sew’ interesting!
    Toby could press my seams – what pretty eye’s he has. I have two Canine seam pressers! Willie and Bratley – I’d paste a photo in if I could – Willie’s a Westie and Bratley is Jack Russell/Westie – he’s Brindle – I call him a “jackwestie” He’s nothing like a Jack Russell as far as hyper goes – he’s very docile and loving
    OK – OK – I know – get back to the quilting stuff –
    I guess it’s worth repeating – seems to be my new slogan here lately -
    One girl’s scraps are another girl’s stash :-)
    Happy Scrappin’ Y’all!
    Cathy Byrd
    byrd at gulftel.com

  45. Bev Gunn says:

    Wanted an Accu-Cut for Christmas, but my daughter claims she never got that email! Would love some new fabric for my stash-have been using up to make small scrap quilts for kids!

  46. Karen A says:

    Scrap quilts are so classic. I love them!

  47. Ruby says:

    Scraps and a cat….doesn’t come better than this..both are beautiful…now off to EQ7.

  48. Just gorgeous! I love scrappy quilts!! It is always wonderful to get new scraps to incorporate with the old. ;-) Thanks for the chance!!

  49. Louise N says:

    I was never a scrappy fan until about a year ago – I started saving more of my own scraps and buying some at garage sales. I was amazed at how quickly the ol’ scrap basket filled up, and now one of my new year’s goals is to get all those little pieces cut into even littler pieces. And once they’re sorted, I can go to the bin and start scrapping! Your quilt is great and inspiring – would love to win some FQs to add to my collection so that someday I can make something as beautiful.

  50. Linda K says:

    It’s a fabulous quilt! Thanks for showing the closeups, too, of the fabrics used. It’s always hard for me to be really scrappy. I tend to worry too much about whether the fabrics ” go together”. Thanks for the chance to win!

  51. Gwen Windham says:

    Scrappy is my FAVORITE kind of quilt! LOVE scrappy!!! Scrappy makes me happy! :-) (so do fun giveaways, THANKS!)

  52. I love scrappy quilts! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  53. DebrafromMD says:

    Scrappy quilts are my favorite. Glad to see the Accuquilt can be used for this project.

  54. Diane says:

    What a great scrappy quilt! Scrappy and in darker country colors is my favorite! Also love the pieced border.

  55. Janet says:

    Love the scrappy quilts! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  56. Sandy says:

    Wow! So pretty; scrap quilts are awesome!

  57. Dana says:

    What a wonderful quilt, I love this scrappy thing you have going.

  58. Hueisei says:

    I want to try the scrappy quilt. Thx for the chance :)

  59. Terry B. says:

    What a fun quilt! Scrappy quilts always get me excited and delighted. My cat, Rex, looks just like yours and he loves laying out on anything I start putting together! Hope I win something for this!!!

  60. Like how Jane used her “tools” and adapted the pattern to work best for her. That’s working smart:) The scrappy version of this quilt is stunning! Have a great weekend!

  61. Deb G. in VA says:

    I love how your quilt turned out! Thanks for the giveaway!

  62. A.J. Dub says:

    I love your scrappy take! Beautiful. It looks like fun to make as well.

  63. Tamsyn says:

    Love the scrappy!

  64. p510 says:

    Love the scrappy look.

  65. Diana Cruz says:

    I love scrappy quilts and this one is a beauty. I have already been cutting scraps of rectangles and squares for a few years now and this may be the source to get them all sewn up. Thank you for sharing.

  66. Patricia says:

    I LOVE the vibrancy of this quilt!!! Beautiful work, Jane!! And thank you, Quiltmaker, for the chance to win!

  67. DianeH says:

    Love all the scrappy fabrics in that amazing quilt. Thanks for a chance.

  68. Sunnybec says:

    Wow that is a really lovely quilt. Thanks for the giveaway.

  69. Jeanne says:

    Love this scrappy quilt which I might make. Thanks for the giveaway too.

  70. SusanC says:

    I love scrappy quilts and this one is beautiful. I especially like the border and how it uses some of the same shapes as in the blocks. Great job!

  71. Valerie Boudier says:

    Lovely scrappy quilt and I’d love some fat quarters

  72. Jannette says:

    When I first started quilting, I made only very organized, “every-block-the-same” kind of quilts. I thought that scrappy quilts were nice, but they weren’t for me (control issues, anyone?) Well, I finally made a small scrappy quilt, and guess what? I’m hooked!
    I loved the Hip to be Square quilt as soon as I saw it, and Jane has done a great job with her interpretation of it. One of these days I’ll have time to start my own!

  73. DebbieKL says:

    Great quilt! Looks like it was a lot of work!

  74. Cathy says:

    I would love some fabric for my next scrappy quilt. A girl can never have too much fabric. lol

  75. Meredith says:

    Beautiful quilt! I just got Electric Quilt 7 for Christmas. What a joy it’s been to use!

  76. Cindy Prince says:

    Beautiful quilt, Jane! Nice to see work done by a fellow Mid-Southerner, too.
    And thank you to the QM Scrap Squad for today’s giveaway – here’s hoping today is my lucky day!
    Cindy in Mississippi

  77. Dawn says:

    What a GREAT quilt and the color choices are wonderful. (Picking colors for a quilt is the hardest part for me!) Thanks for this chance to win FQ, I am an addict!! Good luck to everyone!!

  78. Diana says:

    I love scrappy quilts and this one looks great. I might try doing a smaller version of this one, too.

  79. Gidget says:

    Beautiful… I just think those colors are warm and cozy!

  80. jennifer says:

    so pretty

  81. Cathie Foard says:

    I have been thinking about an accu-cutter, but didn’t think I would use it all that much. Seeing what you did with it is helping to change my mind! I really like the chisel point blocks, and I love scrappies. I think I will add this to my list, only in a smaller size.

  82. Carol Vickers says:

    Jane, you quilt is breathtaking. The border is wonderful. I am so impressed how easily you switch sizes and make it all work. Beautiful.

  83. Laura Neal says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  84. Edit Takacs says:

    I love quilt. Thank you giveaway!

  85. Colette says:

    I think this will be my next scrap project (in the middle of a Bonnie Hunter project right now), and that Accu Quilt machine-thingie looks like just the ticket. After day three of hand cutting my current project from scraps, I’m looking at another two days more of cutting. Throw in a hot tub for my aching back and we’ll be all set!

  86. Very nice job on this quilt. Scrappy quilts are my favorite!

  87. Kathryn Lee says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I love scrappy quilts and I’m thinking I’d like to give this pattern a try.

  88. Pamela Coughlin says:

    I love the colors and the way the white sets off the whole quilt. Makes it look like you are looking through windows. Thanks for sharing and having a giveaway. What a pick me up for winter!

  89. Virginia M. Zajesky says:

    Your quilt is gorgeous. As I was scrolling down the pictures I wasn’t impressed but when I got to the finished product–WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Leonore Neumann says:

    This is an absolutely stunning quilt. There is so much visual interest in a scrappy quilt. Thanks for showing the pics of the accuquilt cutting process. I had made the assumption the this system “must” be very wasteful of fabric, but your photos corrected that misconception.

  91. robin says:

    That’s a lovely quilt – I love the border. :)

  92. Cathy Justice says:

    Beautiful quilt, I love the pattern.

  93. Jo Anne says:

    Beautiful quilt! Scrappy is the best. I appreciated your comments about using the AccuQuilt cutter. As one of Quiltmaker’s Treasure Hunt winners, I am hoping to receive one in my prize package.

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