Baby Quilts Adorn Birthing Center

My first grandbaby was born this week in Seattle. The halls of the birthing center in the hospital were lined with a variety of baby quilts!

IMG 20120104 215834 822x1024 Baby Quilts Adorn Birthing Center

Clowns perform antics to create an alphabet in this machine embroidered baby quilt.

There was so much to see in these little gems. My impression was that they were made by many different quilters at different levels, but each one was unique and filled with love!

There were no placards with quilt names and no credit was given for any of the quilts. Perhaps the donors just wanted to spread some baby love and were not interested in being recognized as the makers. I’m sure I have seen the clown alphabet above, but can’t find it online. If you know the source, please let me know in the comments.

IMG 20120104 215906 751x1024 Baby Quilts Adorn Birthing Center

A vintage Sunbonnet Sue quilt provides a touch of folk art.


It was a nice warm touch to this hospital—sometimes hospitals feel cold and sterile, but not this area! There was baby sweetness on every wall. The vintage Sunbonnet Sue above shows how each quilt is on a mat, nicely framed under glass. Such a great idea for this environment—the quilts will never get dusty.

IMG 20120104 215917 1 819x1024 Baby Quilts Adorn Birthing Center

One of my favorite quilts at the birthing center! Simple squares around a hand embroidered block. Pink floss outlines a stork with a bundle of baby.

I’m sorry the pictures are mediocre. I had only my phone available, the lighting wasn’t good and the glass was reflecting the fixtures.


IMG 20120104 215852 803x1024 Baby Quilts Adorn Birthing Center

Machine embroidered Raggedy Ann blocks are featured in this crib quilt.


IMG 20120104 2159321 1024x819 Baby Quilts Adorn Birthing Center

This quilt reminds me of "My Little Pony."


IMG 20120104 215953 776x1024 Baby Quilts Adorn Birthing Center

A cute litte Irish Chain with animals.



IMG 20120104 2200111 750x1024 Baby Quilts Adorn Birthing Center

Three-dimensional Pinwheels are great for little fingers to explore.



IMG 20120104 2201041 845x1024 Baby Quilts Adorn Birthing Center

Another alphabet quilt with applique and embroidery. It's bright and happy!



IMG 20120104 2202241 1024x971 Baby Quilts Adorn Birthing Center

This was a cute little transportation quilt.



IMG 20120104 220116 801x1024 Baby Quilts Adorn Birthing Center

Who doesn't love a Teddy Bear quilt?

These quilts were a good reminder that a baby quilt need not be fancy to be well loved. Whatever your skills (or lack of), go ahead and make one and gift it with your best wishes to the next little person in your life.


IMG 20120104 2202523 764x1024 Baby Quilts Adorn Birthing Center

And perhaps my favorite quilt of all, Sues and Bills with oversized heads—folk art at its best.

And the best part of the whole thing, of course, was the new baby my daughter and her husband brought home. I’m enjoying this tremendously!
photo 848x1024 Baby Quilts Adorn Birthing Center

My new grandson!

If you need a quick baby quilt, how about Quiltmaker‘s Super Sized Nine Patch, a design by Anita Grossman Solomon? Quick, easy, fun!
184 pattern img Baby Quilts Adorn Birthing Center

Super Sized Nine Patch from Quiltmaker and Anita Grossman Solomon is a free pattern online. Enjoy!

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11 Responses to Baby Quilts Adorn Birthing Center

  1. Congratulations, Diane! Is this your first? A friend sent me the link today to this story. I live in the San Juan Islands just north of Seattle and she knows I love quilts. Have been here only 8 years and all the grandkids were born in Portland so never got to see the Seattle Birthing Center. How wonderful that they hang quilts! Nothing like a quilt to make things feel cozy. Visit my blog Quilt History Reports sometime. I also do a blog for The Quilters Hall of Fame and wrote an article about Bonnie Leman when she passed. The story about Bonnie has received the most “hits” of any posts on the TQHF blog. It was such a pleasure to finally get to visit the QNM hq in 2005 when the American Quilt Study Group met in Golden for their annual research seminar We meet in a different city each year. It was also a huge delight to finally visit the Rocky Mt. Quilt Museum. Keep up the good work at QNM. It is the one quilt magazine I have faithfully subscribed to since I began quilting in 1980. From the very beginning Bonnie also covered quilt history. I think that is partly why I have stuck with it all these years….in addition to its great patterns and quilt photos.

  2. Congratulations on your grandson. He is adorable. Thank you for sharing all the quilts at the birthing center. If only more hospitals would do that, it wouldn’t be such a scary place. And you are right, much love goes into making all quilts. It doesn’t matter how professional they are.


  3. Donna Amos says:

    Congratulations on the new grandson. He looks precious. Nothing better that being a grandma! Love the baby quilt collection.

  4. Peg Spradlin says:

    Congratulations on your new grandson. Being a grandma is the best thing in the world.

  5. Cathy says:

    How wonderful!!! Congratulations Grandma. Not sure if this is your first but you are now entering the wonderful time of your life. Enjoy. Hugs

  6. Kaye M. says:

    No matter where you go, there is a quilt story to be told! Congrats on the new baby! Have you made his baby quilt yet???

  7. Ruthie says:

    What a wonderful display of baby quilts and congratulations on your new grandson. He’s adorable!

  8. Claudia says:

    Congratulations. If you would like info on the blue and white one with pieced animals, I think I have that book. And as a former resident of Seattle, I can attest that on any given day, you can see each one of those means of transportation. Obviously, made by a native. And there are even buildings and mountains in the backgrounds.

  9. Amy C says:

    He is precious! Congrats Grandma.

  10. MarciaW says:

    Congratulations on the grandbaby! Thanks for the tour of the quilts – and the calendar that received today.

  11. Mary Winegar says:

    What a wonderful assortment of baby quilts. They are all wonderful. Congratulations on your new grandson.

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