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flowerbasketmulti Pin It!Over the years, I’ve collected lots of different pins—from quilt shows, different guilds I’ve belonged to—you name it, I’ve got a pin from it. Right now, they’re sitting in a plastic bag, neatly tucked away in a drawer. I’ve always had plans to make a quilt on which I could display them, but just haven’t gotten around to it.

FeatheredStarNewColors Pin It!While I was in Houston for International Quilt Market, I saw a special exhibit of pin collections sponsored by the Pin Peddlers called “EVERY PIN TELLS A STORY…Celebrating 25 years of Pin Collecting with the Pin Peddlers.”

15434nalanis Pin It!The exhibit is dedicated to the memory of Mrs. Billie Sue Henry, the original “Pin Peddler.” Each collection of pins was beautifully displayed on a small quilt.  After seeing this exhibit, I need to put making a quilt for my pins higher up on my priority list!

Here are a few of the quilts in the exhibit:

IMG 1915 242x300 Pin It!

The Pin Tree, made by Sandi Irish

IMG 1916 296x300 Pin It!

From Dawn to Dusk, made by Gyleen X. Fitzgerald

IMG 1919 300x281 Pin It!

Lynn's Quilt Pin Collection, made by Lynn G. Ellis

IMG 1924 300x286 Pin It!

Pinned to the Past, made by Michal "Tammy" Wachsmann

IMG 19261 300x300 Pin It!

The Show Pin Quilt, made by Sandi Irish

Do you have a collection of pins? What have you done with yours? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below.


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I'm the Content Director for Quiltmaker magazine. I'm married with three grown sons and one adorable grandson.I've been quilting for over 30 years. I'm an avid quilter, but I also enjoy photography, scrapbooking, knitting, reading and hanging out with friends and family.
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18 Responses to Pin It!

  1. Pam in KC says:

    I made the smaller wall hanging from the Sandy Irish pattern. Funny story. On quilt shop hop through Iowa, I first saw the pattern, but I didn’t get it. A year later I call the store and try to describe it, to no avail. The following year I drive from KC to Minneapolis for a work trip and stopped in the shop. Still can’t find the pattern. On my way home, I stopped in Sandy Irish’s quilt shop – spot the pattern and yelled “there it is”. Sandy and the customer she was helping looked at me funny, so I had to explain myself. I almost didn’t make that stop, but I’m so glad I did.

  2. Helen says:

    This is a bit long but worth reading…I have a friend named Ann who wears a “pin hat” that weighs 8 lbs. Ann has become so well known for her pin hat [that] two years ago while she was out to lunch at a diner – about thirty miles away – my friend Ann commented on the waitress’ many, many pins (most relating to the restaurant where she worked for over twenty years). The waitress said that maybe she has alot of pins but she “heard of a woman who has a “pin hat” that weights almost eight pounds!” When the waitress went to get Ann’s lunch…she, Ann dashed outside to her car, put on her “pin hat” and went back inside and sat down in the booth …I can only imagine the waitresses surprise when she saw Ann and her eight pound hat!

  3. Patricia Blair says:

    Love the idea of the Christmas tree, this is one I am going to do for sure. I have a fair amount of quilt pins that I need to do something with. I have collected hockey pins from my sons hockey career of approximately 20 years and what I did is put them in an album that I made. The album was made with felt and the cover had a hockey scene on it.Each page was made using double layer of felt, similar to a cloth story books you make for children. It was easier to put the pins in an album than display all of them on any type of wall space. Hope this might be of some use to someone.

  4. Dini Zwerver says:

    We’re travellers…….all our live and since we’re retired even more……we love (steam)trains and I started to collect pins for every ride we did…..but now we’re traveling so much more with our RV (last half year we toured the USA & Canada, with our own rig shipped over from Germany, where we live) my collection of pins is exploding….
    I had them on our door in the RV but it doesn’t fit anymore….. so this ide of a quilt where I can put them on is great !! I’ll plan a train quilt and a travel quilt……oh, what a good idea ;-)

  5. Nadine B says:

    I made a small wallhanging for my husband one Christmas to display his collection of Summerfest pins. It was a nice surprise for him.

  6. Bev says:

    Had made the same wall hanging as Lynn and I love having a place to view all my pins. My grandson suggested that I add my ribbons to the bottom of the wall hanging and so now I have a trophy place too!

  7. Peg Spradlin says:

    Mine are in a shadow box but I only have about a dozen. Now that I’ve seen those pin quilts, I need to get me some more pins!

  8. Kate says:

    Im still enough of a newbe quilter that I havent collected that many yet. Mostly Guild pins and teachers, those are on my name tag I made. Hopefully Ill have that many over the years! Neat ideas.

  9. Cathy Going says:

    Just ‘love’ the quilting pin display quilts!!!! Several years ago my friend embroideried a cute wallhanging that had a stack of fabric behind a lady that is stitching, it says ‘Behind every quilter is a stack of fabric’—I knew exactly what i was going to do with it when i saw it..I dug out all my pins and it is now a ‘display’ for my pins. Even though i’m not a huge collector of quilt pins i added all types of pins so they are no longer hidden away somewhere

  10. Jennifer says:

    I have a wall quilt for all my pins, though nothing as nice as any of these! Mine is a 20×12 center of white on white fabric with my favorite autumn fabric as a border/binding. But after seeing these I’ll have to make a better one. The christmas tree is my favorite.

  11. TxGal says:

    Carolyn, you’re not alone ! I have enough IQF quilt pins, plus others, for a pin quilt. Despite good intentions, they still reside in a drawer. They deserve a display … somehow I missed seeing these quilts last week at Festival. Thanks for the PINspiration !!

  12. Marge P says:

    If I knew how to put a picture on here I would show you the wallhanging I made to showcase my collection of pins. I started saving pins of old time sewing machines – used to order from Clotilde and for a long time they always included a wonderful collector’s pin of an antique sewing machine. I also have added several quilt shop pins, breast cancer pins, a MrB’s pin and various other pins I have collected over the years. It hangs in my sewing room and gives me much joy when I happen to look up at it. I stored all my pins in jewelry boxes until I made this and am very happy and proud of myself for getting the W/H made so the pins can be shown off. I really do love them.

  13. Claudia says:

    I have no idea how many of these pins I have. Not just “quilty” pins, but from everywhere I’ve been, if possible. Friends and family brought them back for me too as they are small and don’t take up much room for a keepsake.

    I did make the “Quilt Diva” by Amy Bradley (sp?) and put a few on there, but most are in use are on my bulletin board. I use them as push pins and they liven up the place. Any garment that I happened to attach all of them to would be too heavy to wear.

  14. Paula Wedig says:

    I also wear my pins on my nametag to the quilt clubs I belong to. I also have given them to members of my clubs for special events that they chaired. One was the block that she had taught us to hand piece.

  15. Jocelyn says:

    I have started a collection of pins. I made a small wall hanging and I’ve added my pins to the quilt. They are fun to collect.

  16. Lisa Marie says:

    I don’t have a pin collection, but I think the Christmas tree with the pins is a great idea!

  17. Mary C in WA says:

    I wear mine on my Name tag that I wear to quilt Guild. I attached 1-1/2″ gross grain ribbon to the bottom and pic them on there. I want to make a lapel/collar for them, I’m getting too many.

  18. Kristen says:

    I have so many of these pins, though not nearly as many as these. I have done nothing with them…and I need to, I just love these ideas (and of course, if I make one with enough spots, it is an excuse to get more!) :)

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