100 Blocks Volume 4: Re-leaf

So glad to see you on Day 4 of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 4 blog tour. If you dropped in on Monday and followed the link to Sonja Callaghan’s blog at Artisania, you got a sneak peek at my Re-leaf block. (If you haven’t checked out Sonja’s Lil’ Monkey block and her fun site yet, do it now! I’ll wait for you here.)

My blocks in Volumes 2 and 3 were Ice Crystal and Sunblock:

ice crystal 150x150 100 Blocks Volume 4: Re leaf

Ice Crystal from 100 Blocks Volume 2

QM FOWLER 150x150 100 Blocks Volume 4: Re leaf

Sunblock from 100 Blocks Volume 3

I could see a seasonal series forming and asked followers in last spring’s Volume 3 blog tour for new block ideas. So many great suggestions! I decided to capture the rich, warm colors of Autumn with a leaf block.

I designed the leaf in EQ. Then I mimicked Mother Nature playing with the colors. To sew up this foundation-pieced block, I chose gradated fabrics in the Shades by Kinkame line from Clothworks. This gave me a variety of yellows and oranges in just a few fabrics. Here is my first attempt:

100 0406 e1320865290211 100 Blocks Volume 4: Re leaf


Hmm…Mother Nature has obviously had more practice at this. I thought the leaf needed more orange and I wanted to see more blending. The green stem didn’t work for me either.

Since the color in the gradated fabrics already blend well, re-making it was easy and the re-sults were exactly what I was looking for. I was “re-leafed”.

QMMS 110062 FOWLER 300x300 100 Blocks Volume 4: Re leaf


If you want to  make Re-leaf without gradated fabrics, gather a variety of fabrics like I’ve done below with my batiks–arranging them from bright yellow-oranges to deep red-oranges. As you are piecing, blend the colors by choosing fabrics a shade lighter or darker than the previous patch.

100 0396 e1320863823377 300x212 100 Blocks Volume 4: Re leaf

I just can’t think of a better way to spend a cool Autumn day than piecing a quilt top full of vibrant color. How about you? Leave a comment telling me what you enjoy best about Fall by 12 noon MST on Friday, 11/11 for another chance to win a copy of 100 Blocks Volume 4.

Congratulations LJ! Your comment was randomly picked to win a copy of 100 Blocks Volume 4. And because I was a little late posting a winner, I’ve drawn a second comment. Congratulations to Beth Patrick, who will also receive a copy of the magazine.

About Eileen Fowler

I am an Associate Editor at Quiltmaker. My quilting hobby, that began over 20 years ago, turned into a career when I was hired by Quiltmaker in 2008. My quilting passion is slowly taking over every nook and cranny in my house. I have a supportive husband who makes it all possible.
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173 Responses to 100 Blocks Volume 4: Re-leaf

  1. I love to see the colorful leaves of fall :D

  2. Karen W. says:

    Neat block. Perfect for this time of year.

  3. natio radison says:

    I think this might be a few minutes too late, but I was reading over and saw that amazing 3D leaf. It is a stunning picture of Autumn. My DH and I joke it is the trees undressing. I love watching the process and then the renewal is also fascinating when the tree put on new clothes.

  4. Brenda says:

    The Fall colors, oranges, reds, &yellows on tree leaves…so pretty!
    Thank you for the chance to win.

  5. Jennifer says:

    I rather like the vivid color in the first block and to mix it with your new one and several other shaded leaves on a quilt would be fabulous. Thanks for sharing the thought process and design choices.

  6. SuzK says:

    I LOVE this block. Fall is my favorite season! I’m a die-hard New Englander-can’t think if anywhere I’d like to live more than here and mostly because of Fall. I love when the air gets cool and crisp and I love when the trees turn color. A clear day with a brilliant blue sky and the sun shining, sitting on the porch in a fleece jacket, sipping mulled cider, doing a little stitching and looking the brilliant colors of the maple trees across the street from me – that’s my perfect day!

  7. Deb G. in VA says:

    I love the cool, crisp air and the leaves changing colors. Plus, I have more time to spend sewing!

  8. The colors of Fall and relief from 100 degree plus weather really charge me up for the season.

  9. Kate says:

    Love the smell of dried leaves when you crunch them. And the gorgous red of a maple tree. Your neat block captures that so well. One to try for sure! Thanks for the chance.

  10. Linda Caldwell says:

    Love the fall colors and as they are represented in this block!

  11. Gloria says:

    Has to be the changes of color and the landscape…..

  12. Amanda says:

    I like the changing colors in nature, the crispness in the morning air, apples, pecans, pumpkins, butternut squash, and football. And I look forward(since spring) to when the clocks are moved back. :)

  13. Nancy Sue says:

    I enjoy the cooler temps! Yep!! Puts me into the quilting mood quickly.

  14. Sherry Caldwell says:

    Oh my… your block is beautiful. The design. The colors. I love it!!

  15. Shannon says:

    The thing I like the most about fall is the smell in the air. The leaves changing and being burned. I love the harvest of apples, corn, ans sugar beets. So many things. You block is great. I can’t wait to see your next one.

  16. Elizabeth says:

    How Unique. I love the colors and shapes in the Ice Crystal. My favorite thing in the fall is the colorful leaves and the smells of a crisp fall day.

  17. Carol says:

    I like crunching through the leaves as I walk.

  18. Cindy J says:

    Color, color, color! Oh and I love the smell of fall!

  19. sara says:

    What I love about Fall is: COLOR lots and lots of color – especially here in New England.

  20. Rachell R. says:

    I am absolutely in LOVE with the snowflake and sunblock !!!!! See my FB post from a Qm pattern “Snowflakes”, that I made a sample block–can’t wait to make a whole quilt with the pattern! I guess I really love diamonds and Mariner’s Compass and stars of all kinds.
    What I enjoy best about fall is all the color! Every year my hubbie and I take a drive up the Nebo Loop in Payson Canyon, UT, and I love the gradations of color, from different elevations and types of trees…especially the deep greens of pine and spruce mixed with yellows, browns, reds, oranges from aspens, maples, oaks and others. I am trying to find the perfect quilt with autumn leaves of all types…I’ve actually started designing it in Quilt-Pro. Thanks for a new leaf pattern!

  21. Jill says:

    You are so clever. I love the block and I love the 100 Block magazines.

  22. Diane O. says:

    Fall is my favorite season. This block is outstanding!

  23. Christine M says:

    I just love the beautiful colours of Autumn (Fall).

  24. Cindy S. says:

    I love paper piecing and love fall colors

  25. Mary says:

    Fall is definitely my favorite season. I love the beautiful colors of the leaves, cooler weather, more time to quilt, the fun of Halloween, family time of Thanksgiving and my birthday in mid-October. Love your leaf block.

  26. Judy says:

    I can’t wait to get the magazine and make your block. I love the rich colors of fall and the cool days after the summer heat.

  27. Stephanie Matz says:

    Gorgeous block. . .and thanks for the color tip! That’s an area I work hardest on because I think it’s my weak area.

  28. Sandra says:

    What I love about fall is cooler days and nights, but not so cold that you have to bundle up. I also enjoy seeing Nature turn its trees from green to all shades of gold. Thanks for the giveaway. Great block, one of my favorite so far.

  29. E. Engman says:

    The tree colors when they change–so breathtaking.

  30. Nancy says:

    Fall in New England represents beautiful foliage, apples, and wonderful temps after enduring the heat of summer. The shorter days allow us more time to rest also.
    Your block is very creative!! Guess the next issue will be spring, huh?

  31. Shawna says:

    I love the change in weather. It gets very hot here in the summer and that is nice but I also enjoy the change and getting to wear heavier clothes. I also enjoy knowing that it’s the beginning of the holiday season and going to get to spend time with friends and family. Thanks for the giveaway.

  32. Lori L says:

    My favorite thing about fall is the changing of the leaves and the smells. There is something magical about traveling throught the woods in the fall. All the critters are preparing for winter, temps are falling, and the colors are the best ever. I really love your block and am glad you mentioned the gradation fabric you used. Would love to win a copy of the magazine and give your block a whirl since I love paper piecing. Thanks

  33. MaryBeth says:

    What a great block. I just love using graduated fabric for applications like this. Good job.

  34. Sandy A in St. Louis says:

    I love all the colors of fall and that it is cool enough to sew in my sewing room, but not too cold yet! :)

  35. Your block is SPECTACULAR – very impressive. I love the beginning of cool weather and the holidays that Fall brings – but the BEST thing is the wonderland of fall colors on the leaves!

  36. Rachel B says:

    love the cool air and colors.

  37. candace says:

    Your block is one of my favorites from this tour because fall is THE best time of year as far as I’m concerned and the many colors of the changing leaves are a HUGE part of that for me. Thanks a ton!

  38. Julie Shirley says:

    Re-leaf is wonderful–such a different approach to a fall leaf, and the colors are just super and vivid. I think that’s what I enjoy most about fall: the vivid colors, cooler temps, and beautiful blue skies contrasting with the colored trees.

  39. What a great addition to your 100 block collection! As far as autumn goes, I am really enjoying the tasty apples!

  40. Wendy B says:

    being in the tropics we dont have fall, or autumn as we know it in the southern hemisphere……but when I visit down south, I love the changing colours….we just don’t get that here. I also love being able to see it on other people’s blogs…..makes me feel I’m not missing out so much!

  41. Bev Gunn says:

    Re-leaf is wonderful and great colors! I am still looking at any trees that still have leaves attatched and enjoying the colors of fall.

  42. KarenInTucson says:

    My favorite thing about Fall/Autumn is everything. It is my fave time of year and I am always making quilty things in the fabrics and colors.

  43. I love the fresh apples from the north Georgia mountains. Love driving to the orchards and stocking up on many variety of apples.

  44. Glenna Reynolds says:

    Love your block and I really love the changing colours in the fall!

  45. Janet says:

    I love the colours of fall and the cool but beautifully sunny days.

  46. Sally says:

    I love leaf blocks. You. Have a different twist to those I have made before.

  47. Congrats on being in the 100 Blocks issue! Really enjoyed your blog post! Maybe that should be (re)ally enjoyed your post. My favorite part of fall is staying warm, with the fireplace, the coffee or hot chocolate or little dogs (otherwise known as furry heaters) in my lap. Thanks for the giveaway.

  48. kim says:

    Beautiful block, I love your ice crystal block. Thank you for the giveaway.

  49. Mary Janice says:

    I love the leaf block the design and colors are a winning combination.

  50. Deborah says:

    I like making no fuss meals in the crock pot while I sew or knit. Both of my hobbies start gaining steam in the fall!

  51. Leanne says:

    I love the beautiful colours and the crispness of the air at this time of the year.

  52. Beth Patrick says:

    Fall means Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas – warm family evenings and crisp mornings.
    I live in Texas,, we don’t get a lot of seasons here, so I cherish whatever I get!

  53. Rita Goshorn says:

    love the color changes in the fall! the color here in my part of alaska is different and is reflected in my batiks … more yellows and golds, russets.

  54. Wendy says:

    Even though I love Summer the best, I like to see the color changes in the Fall. Also like walking in the woods on a sunny fall day. Thanks!

  55. Sallie says:

    Gorgeous! I love the cooler weather of fall! Thanks for the giveaway!

  56. Dianne Giles says:

    Seems like most people like the colours! I really like fall (autumn here down under) because it is a transition from summer to winter, one extreme to the next! Thanks for the chance, Dianne

  57. Nancy says:

    The changing colors of fall is my favorite. Which reminds me, I have a quilt top of fall leaves that is probably about 10 years old that I need to finish. Thanks for the giveaway!

  58. Celine says:

    I love the golden colours of fall when the trees start to change colours but I don’t like the dark nights. Thanks for the giveaway

  59. Cindi C says:

    Fall is my favorite time of the year. The cooler weather, still comfortable during the day, cooler at night! And the colors! Congrats on being in the 100 Blocks issue! Love your block!

  60. Tamsyn says:

    Beautiful block! I love fall because it means cooler temps and snow are on the way. Yippeee!

  61. Joan M. says:

    I love all your blocks. The gradations and blending of colors gives individual creativity free reign. Thanks for participating. Thanks also for the chance to win Volume 4!

  62. Jackie Warren says:

    I love the fall colors. I want to head to a fabric shop and start buying all the beautiful colors. I am planning to make a “leaf” quilt and have just found the block……Thanks for the chance to win.

  63. Annmarie says:

    Another GREAT block. Ice Crystal & Sunblock were 2 of my favorites from the previous volumes. Awesome coloring in Re-Leaf. Thanks for the chance to win Vol 4!

  64. Julie in WA says:

    Really beautiful! It would lovely in greens as well, all those great spring greens!

  65. Irene says:


  66. Carrie P. says:

    wow! the leaf is so dramatic done with those fabrics. stunning!
    We have been having an awesome fall here in NC and the colors are just as bright as your leaf. I have been enjoying every day.

  67. Mary Flynn says:

    I love the crisp cool air of Fall especially after a very humid Summer. Nothing like going for a cool walk with colorful leaves under foot. :-)

  68. tammy k. says:

    what i love about fall is the promise of all the good things to come. thanksgiving, Christmas, the new year, snow! and the colors of the trees are so inspirational to get me quilting.

  69. Darlene Jacolik says:

    I love the seasonal change that comes with fall and the anticipation of the holidays that comes along with it.

  70. Debbie says:

    I love the vibrancy of the fall colors. The jewel tones and the richness of the colors are just stunning at this time of year.

  71. Wish you had done this a year or so ago! I have a TV watching cozy blanket that I appliqued maple leaves on. I like this block so much better. Another sofa blanket? Think so.

  72. SewLindaAnn says:

    I don’t know if it’s this particular time in my life, or just the refreshing Fall weather but the name of your Re-leaf just resonates with me. I’m loving the change of colors happening and the idea that winter is coming and a chance for nature (and me) to rejuvenate.

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