Quilt Market Giveaway #3

Today’s the final day of International Quilt Market so let’s have one more giveaway of new quilting titles. Today’s features are from Kansas City Star Books.

1308776176 WelcomeHomeFront Wall300 Quilt Market Giveaway #3

Welcome Home by Cheryl Wall has those warm, familiar country colors we’ve grown to love. They’re used in several quilts and other projects all inspired by the idea of “home.” Try using wool as recommended for the “Love at Home” pillow, or embroider details on the “Home Sweet Home” framed picture. You’ll enjoy all of the country warmth within this book.

1314828874 faithfulcoverFINAL300 Quilt Market Giveaway #3

More warm and homey quilts are found in Sarah Maxwell and Dolores Smith’s Faithful & Devoted: To My Adelaide, A Quilted Love Story. This book is based on a series of letters exchanged during the Civil War between Charles Tenney and Adelaide Case, and the letters are fascinating glimpses into wartime, hardship, courtship and propriety. History buffs will be delighted.

1314827806 retroquilts coverFINAL300 Quilt Market Giveaway #3

Then we shift gears completely for Quilt Retro by Jenifer Dick. Modern quilt designs using lots of solid fabrics are fun and quirky here. In addition to several quilts, there are potholders, placemats and table runners. All of the samples are beautifully quilted, which is like bonus inspiration!

Leave a comment by midnight Tuesday, Nov. 1 and we’ll randomly pick a winner for each of these books. Winners will be announced here next week. Good luck!


About Diane Harris

I'm an editor for Quiltmaker magazine in Golden, Colorado, USA. For six years, I wrote pattern instructions, product reviews and how-to articles. Then I spent four years as QM's Interactive Editor, working to generate much of our online content. Now I'm back to patterns and how-tos, which is a great fit for me. I still love writing about quilt-related topics for Quilty Pleasures, and I always have my finger on the pulse of the quilting world. I teach a variety of quilt classes and give guild programs, too. Reach me by email: editor@quiltmaker.com.
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67 Responses to Quilt Market Giveaway #3

  1. Lin H. says:

    I have some grandmother’s garden flowers from the 60′s already done. I would love to get some inspiration from the retro book. I want to do something “groovey” to finish these blocks.

  2. Niki says:

    What wonderful treasures to add to a quilt library. I too am hoping it’s not too late to enter. Thanks so much.

  3. judith Prichard says:

    I love the books. I hope it is not too late to enter.

  4. SewLindaAnn says:

    Oops, scratch that last comment I was reading 1 for a 7!

  5. SewLindaAnn says:

    I was so excited to see that I still had time to enter! I do love anything to do with houses and retro. Sometimes I wish I could narrow down my interests, but I can actually say I really enjoy all types of patterns.

  6. Mary says:

    Both books look interesting and especially Fathful & Devoted with all that piecing–the more pieces in a block=the more variety of fabrics to use !

  7. Karen Brrasington says:

    I would love to win those books!!

  8. Barbara Young says:

    I love to hear or read about new ideas when it comes to Quilting.
    Thank you for the chance of winning your Quilting books.

  9. Debby Hughey says:

    Kansas Star Books are wonderful. I always learn something from every one I’ve seen.

  10. Annaleena says:

    Very interesting looking books. Thanks for the chance.

  11. Pam says:

    What interesting looking books! I would enjoy any of them.

  12. Nancy Sue says:

    What wonderful books! My list for Santa just got a bit longer :)

  13. Kathy says:

    I would love to have one of these books! Lots of colorful, great projects! Thanks!

  14. roseann says:

    I love the history and relationships associated with quilting. Sarah Maxwell and Dolores Smith’s Faithful & Devoted: To My Adelaide, A Quilted Love Story is right up my alley.

  15. Wendy B says:

    would love a chance to win….what fun to be at Quilt Market!!! Soooo looking forward to the blog tour!
    sugary hugs
    Wendy :O)

  16. Helen says:

    Since I love to read and quilt, any would be a welcome addition!

  17. Nancy Crawford says:

    They would be great to add to my collection for inspiration. Maybe IQA next year.

  18. Carol Vickers says:

    These look like wonderful books!!!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks!

  19. Heather says:

    Quilt Retro is calling to me! Thanks for the chance to win a book. For we beginners, inspiration and practical information of any kind is always most welcome.

  20. Cathryn H says:

    How fun to think I could win a new book just for leaving a comment. Specially since I couldn’t go to market.

  21. I would love to win a new book. Just in time for a new project.

  22. Wonderful books, all three are ones I have been interested in.


  23. Claudia says:

    I was just looking at an ad for those books. Can hardly wait for the blog tour.

  24. Carol C says:

    What an interesting group of books. Thanks for the give away.

  25. Tara A says:

    These books look great!

  26. Sandy A in St. Louis says:

    Would love to win any of these! Haven’t seen the “Faithful & Devoted” book yet, but will be looking for it, that’s for sure!

  27. Barb Colvin says:

    I was just thinking about building a house quilt yesterday! Welcome Home would be a great help. I’d love to read those letters in the second book, too.

  28. Sarah Marshall says:

    The love story one sounds so sweet! If I don’t win, I may have to just go out and get it anyway. Thank you for all the giveaways!

  29. Denise Nehl says:

    All of these books look like they would be a great addition to my library!

  30. duff says:

    Quilt Retro is on my list of books to buy! Please enter my name in the hat to win a copy?

  31. Donna Amos says:

    All of these books look great. Thank you for the give-a-way.

  32. Janet Frank says:

    Love to add these to my “library”….wonderful giveaway ….thanks!

  33. Lyn says:

    Thank for the giveaway; I’d love to win one of the books.

  34. fleurette says:

    A wonderful selection of quilting books. Iwould love to read Faithful and Devoted. lovely giveaway, thank you.

  35. Nancy B from Many LA says:

    Thanks for the giveaway – I really love the Welcome Home book!

  36. Kaye M. says:

    In the Welcome Home book, I like how Cheryl combines House blocks with lots of little traditional blocks to fill in small spaces between the houses. It makes a great updated version of a house sampler quilt!

  37. Robin says:

    Nice giveaway! Thanks for the chance.

  38. Jo Anne says:

    Such interesting looking books, especially the one about the quilt designed around love letters.

  39. Love the Welcome Home from Kansas City Star. Would really like to add them all to my library!!

  40. Kate says:

    Lots of neat stuff to try, thanks for the chance!

  41. Jacqueline Hanrahan says:

    Three more books to add to my christmas wish list for sure! :)

  42. I would love to win these books as here in India such books are very rarely available in shops. I do a lot of piecing and quilting and these sure would be handy to have.

  43. Amanda T says:

    I’d like any of these for my growing library. Thanks!

  44. PattyC says:

    The books look wonderful
    Thank you for the Giveaway ;)

  45. Leanne says:

    The Faithful and Devoted book looks amazing. Even my son would be interested in the Civil War info!

  46. wordygirl says:

    These look great! I love all the different houses on the cover of “Welcome Home”, and have had my eye on “Quilt Retro” for awhile. Thanks for the giveaway.

  47. Rebecca says:

    I’d love to get my hands on that Quilt Retro book! THANKS for the chance!

  48. Karen A says:

    Would love the treat of a new book.

  49. Thank you for another great giveaway! You guys are the best!

  50. Lisa Marie says:

    I saw some blogs about Quilt Retro a while back and it looks especially interesting to me!

  51. Marilee says:

    Trick or Treat….sign me up for a treat.

  52. Jennifer says:

    Any of these would be a WONderful addition to my quilt book library! Thanks for the giveaway!

  53. Georgia says:

    books — books — books!!! Who needs cookies, cookies, cookies!

  54. Nancy A says:

    You can never have too many quilt books can you? Thanks for the review and the chance to win!

  55. Lisa says:

    Thanks for a chance to win one of these three books. They all seem like a great reference on their respective subjects. I’d love to win the “Faithful” title! ~~Lisa

  56. Jocelyn says:

    What a great giveaway! I’ve been wanting to take a look at Welcome Home ever since I first saw it on someone’s blog. Thanks so much! All the books look awesome!

  57. Linda K says:

    Quilt books are like chocolate, can’t get enough of them! Thanks for the chance to win. House quilts are my favorite right now. I’m working on one, using Coverlet fabric, blue and cream- yummy!

  58. Karen W. says:

    I love Kansas City Star quilt books. I would love to try the 12 different blocks in the “Faithful and Devoted” book.

  59. Somehow these books were off my radar until you pointed them out. They all look interesting and I would love to add them to my quilting library.

  60. Kim Q says:

    All three look like interesting books I’d like to own! Thanks for the chance to win. ;-)

  61. Donna says:

    Thanks for the book review. Quilt books are such fun.

  62. Karlene says:

    These all look like great books. Would love to own any of them. I just love browsing through quilt books.

  63. DianeH says:

    I’d love to curl up by the fire with a wonderful new quilting book – thanks for this.

  64. Jackie Njeri says:

    I love your blog and your giveaway. A girl can never have enough sewing books right?

  65. Sunnybec says:

    Thanks for a lovely giveaway. Linda

  66. Martina says:

    The books look all very interesting! Thanks so much for the give away!

  67. Pat V. says:

    I’ve been wanting a copy of Welcome Home, but all three of these look quite interesting. Thanks for the chance to win!

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