From Quilt Blocks To Quiltbox + Giveaway

For generations, quilters have used traditional block designs for their heirloom quilts. When Dave Grunenwald was looking for designs to showcase his woodworking and marquetry skills, he found his inspiration in some of these same quilt blocks.

We featured 3 of Dave’s Quiltboxes in Quiltmaker’s November/December ’11 issue. QMMP 111200 INSPIR 063792i1 e1318523541799 300x209 From Quilt Blocks To Quiltbox + GiveawayWe fell in love with them and asked Dave to share a little more with us:

How did you get interested in woodworking/wood marquetry?

I’ve been a hands-on kind of guy for as long as I can remember. I used to make my own toys out of wood–little cars, space ships and such. Now I have a business with a partner restoring antique pool tables. The tables often have lots of wood inlay flowers and vines. To restore them, I taught myself marquetry. I fell in love with the woods, and I’ve been making boxes for the last 15 years or so.

What inspired you to use quilt block designs for your boxes?

My girlfriend Beth told me that I should be using quilt block designs. I said, “What are quilt blocks?” But once I saw all the great designs, I was hooked. As I read more about them, something from my art training (MFA) told me that these are great folk art abstractions. Take the log cabin block, for example. Beth told me the little red square in the center represents the fire in the chimney. That’s a great abstraction!tower From Quilt Blocks To Quiltbox + Giveaway

The woods are stunning. Do you have favorites?

I’ll use any wood that has real character. I like the tropical woods with striking grain as well as the beautiful domestic walnut, maple and cherry. My favorite light colored wood is Tamo, Japanese ash. My favorite dark wood changes a lot. Right now it’s redwood burl. I use no stains. I choose the woods for their color and character. My favorite box is always the one I’m making now.

We see 4″, 6″ and recipe box sizes. Do you have plans for other box sizes?QMMP 111200 INSPIR 063790i e1318523206568 300x277 From Quilt Blocks To Quiltbox + Giveaway

Right now I’m experimenting on a 5″ cube that will have the quilt block design on all 5 sides with the design running right across the opening. I’ll probably do a 7″ box a little deeper than the 6″ for a good dresser top box that will be ideal for men’s watches, keys, cell phones and such. Boxes for stationary are also on the drawing board.

To see more of Dave’s Quiltboxes, visit his blog at where you’ll also find the link to his online shop. While you’re there, sign up for his newsletter, get behind the scenes glimpses into Quiltboxes, and look for coupons and giveaways.

Speaking of giveaways, here’s your opportunity to win a Quiltbox. Leave a comment by 12 noon MST on Monday, December 5, 2011 and tell us what traditional quilt block you think would look great in wood. We’ll draw three winners at random. Each winner will receive one of the featured Quiltboxes shown above.

So many wonderful block suggestions. Congratulations to our winners! The random number generator picked #189 NancyD., #238 Karen O and #127 Jennifer. Quiltboxes are on the way to your homes.

About Eileen Fowler

I am an Associate Editor at Quiltmaker. My quilting hobby, that began over 20 years ago, turned into a career when I was hired by Quiltmaker in 2008. My quilting passion is slowly taking over every nook and cranny in my house. I have a supportive husband who makes it all possible.
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241 Responses to From Quilt Blocks To Quiltbox + Giveaway

  1. Thanks to all for the great suggestions.
    I’ve did Attic Window in a 4″ version and you can see them at the Art Fire store.


  2. Jean Kester says:

    I missed the cut off time for the giveway, but I hopped over to Daves and signed myself up anyway, what amazing talent!

  3. Bonnie Favorite says:

    I collect wooden boxes and I love to quilt, so a box with a quilt block on it would be awesome. My favorite is the Storm at Sea. Gorgeous!

  4. Karen O says:

    I think Jacob’s Ladder would look great!

  5. The Prairie Queen would be exquisite in woods!

  6. Debbie Helm says:

    I think the Bethlehem star would be great.

  7. Silvia Wright says:

    Love these boxes. How about Mariner’s compass.

  8. Rita Goshorn says:

    ocean wave would be a very meaningful block for me. i would love to win one of the boxes! thanx for the opportunity to do so.

  9. Merna says:

    I would love a chance at any of the boxes, they are simply stuning.

  10. Charlotte says:

    I think Kansas Troubles would make an excellent choice!

  11. Jill says:

    I’d like to see attic window.

  12. Jannette says:

    I LOVE his Storm at Sea! Gorgeous!
    I’d love to see a Kaleidoscope box…….

  13. Dave G says:

    I’m doing Attic Window, Calico Star and Snail’s Trail in the small size right now.
    Don’t for get to sign up for the newsletter, you could win one of our new ornaments and have a chance at the New Years Day giveaway!

  14. Lee Ann says:

    The boxes are beautiful! I would love to see a feathered star box.

  15. Mary Lou Britton says:

    I’m doing a 9-patch, set on point now and can easily see it in some striated light and dark woods. Thanks.

  16. Denise Nehl says:

    They look Beautiful! I would love to have one of these.

  17. What a wonderful idea. Much better than the pillowcases I’ve been using. I’d love, love, love one of these with the LeMoyne Star centered right in the middle. It would sit out in the living room for all to see.

  18. Nicki Nawrot says:

    Thanks for the giveaway, I love log cabins. they would look great.

  19. Would love to see “Seven Sisters” done in wood!

  20. Barb Epple says:

    Drunkard’s Path would be exceptional with light and dark woods… !!!!

  21. debbie shaw says:

    bear paw!

  22. Beth Vilsack says:

    My favorite quilt is the double wedding ring. I think that would make a beautiful box!

  23. Kris Scharfenberg says:

    The boxes are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Landa says:

    These boxes are truly beautiful. I love quilt patterns made of wood. I have a pin and earrings made of wood that I purchased at a quilt show. Would love to have a box.
    Robbing Peter to Pay Paul would make a nice box.

  25. Julie Hallquist says:

    When my grandpa was alive he made me a jewery box with two differnt woods and i still have it. I would love one of your boxes. Julie

  26. Lynn says:

    I’ve always loved the churndash block and think it would look wonderful on these beautiful boxes!

  27. Darlene Jacolik says:

    These boxes are beautiful. I think a Mariner’s Compass would be stunning.

  28. Kay Mc says:

    I’d like to see some kind of a basket block in wood. I would be thrilled to own one of his boxes.

  29. Cathy Good says:

    I think the Ohio Star would look cook on one of his boxes!

  30. Cyd Runde says:

    Tumbling block would be gorgeous!

  31. Bev Lawler says:

    I love your wooden quilt block boxes. I have always loved the Bear Paw block.

  32. Susie McKinney says:

    I love the quilt boxes! I wouldnlike to see the Dresden Plate or Bear’s Paw!

  33. Joesa roundtree says:

    These are beautiful boxes!!! Very talented. I haven’t been quilting to long , I just started less than a yr ago. But I think lots of stars or cute hearts.

  34. Susan Kruse says:

    Your Boxes are beautiful and You will keep very busy if you try to put to wood all the suggested blocks! Here is another idea to consider… True Lover’s Knot!
    It would be good as a single block… or in multiples of four! Good luck!
    To see it check:

  35. Nancy Myers says:

    I am merzmerized by the Storm at Sea block and think that would look lovely in wood.

  36. Pinwheel! I’ve been considering several possibilities of quilts; all including pinwheels.
    The boxes are fabulous. Nostalgic!

  37. Deb Martens says:

    It would be lovely in a lone star block pattern.

  38. Michele Holt says:

    Beautiful… I have a quilt block pin made like these boxes. The rich wood colors are just perfect for quilt designs! Everyone has such good suggestions for blocks to use…I am working on a kaleidoscope quilt — I’d love to see it in wood!

  39. Sally King says:

    How about a Bear Paw to keep that lid down. lol

  40. Blazing Arrows would probably work up well. Thanks for the opportunity to enter your great giveaway!

  41. Cindi C says:

    The boxes are beautiful! And the use of quilt block designs adds so much to it. I love a churn dash block. I’ll bet he’s done lots of those.

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