Quilters and Their Dogs

On the September/October cover of Quiltmaker, we featured an adorable dog quilt named “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie” by Denise Russart.

QMMP 111000 cover 231x300 Quilters and Their Dogs

Can I tell you how much we love that quilt? In fact, we all argued a little bit about who would get to make it.

QMMP 111000 DOG 02 231x300 Quilters and Their Dogs

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Kudos to Denise for designing such a fabulous quilt!  (Shhhh, I have a secret – she has a new dog block in 100 Blocks, Volume 4, coming out in November!)

And since we’re on the topic of dogs, I thought it would be fun to tell you what goes on around here. I’m not sure if you know that we here at Quiltmaker share office space with McCalls, Quilters Newsletter, Sew News and Love of Knitting. Yup, we’re one big happy family.

Joli 233x300 Quilters and Their Dogs

Joli and LuLu - Quilters Newsletter

Not only a big happy human family, but a dog lover family as well. On any given day there will be a dog or two, or three coming to work.

Tricia and Toby Quilters and Their Dogs

Tricia and Toby - McCalls

In fact, they are such regulars, they make the rounds, visiting and accepting treats from all of us who keep a “dog stash” in our drawers.

Colleen and Buster 189x300 Quilters and Their Dogs

Colleen and Buster - Sew News

Our dogs are often used for photo shoots. This is my boston terrier, Sami, posing on the “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie” quilt. He was SO excited to be here that we could hardly get him to sit still. But our awesome photographer, Mellisa, worked her magic and pulled it off. (Isn’t he so cute?!?!)

Sami 2 300x249 Quilters and Their Dogs

Paula's dog Sami - Quiltmaker

Speaking of Mellisa, she’s the biggest dog lover of them all. The sign on her studio door says “Pets Welcome, Humans Must be on Leash”.

QMMP 120200 MKM PENNY 06677621 200x300 Quilters and Their Dogs

Mellisa and Penny - photographer

So, in case you are crazy about “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie” and have to have the kit, it will be available soon in our Quilt and Sew Shop.

Do you have a pet you are crazy about? Who “helps” you in your sewing room? Tell us about it!

About Paula

I'm an Associate Editor at Quiltmaker in Golden, CO. I've been quilting for 18 years, including teaching, long arm quilting, designing, and stash building. I also love to read, run, stitch, play with my boston terrier and spend time with my family.
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10 Responses to Quilters and Their Dogs

  1. Great job ladies!!!
    It’s always great to see people integrating their dogs into their jobs and jobbies, it is not only beneficial for the dogs, but also for all of you.
    The benefits of having dogs around are endless.

    Just in case that you need help with obedience or behavior issues, or are interested on learning more about how to build an even stronger bond with your dogs, I invite you to visit my site, you can also ask questions there and share your dog stories, I bet you have great things to say about your dogs …

    Here is the link, I hope you enjoy it!

    Congrats to you all, you are not only great dog owner, you also make beautiful quilts!

  2. Denise Russart says:

    I wondered who the “lucky dog” (bad pun) was that got to be in the photo shoot. Great pictures of all your furry friends. Alas, I don’t have a sewing companion anymore but the center Schnauzer block in the quilt was in honor of my miniature schnauzer Cricket, whose favorite place to sleep in my sewing room was on top of the bottom shelf of the fabric stash. She’d arrange the neat stacks of fabric into a smushy bed and sleep while I sewed.

  3. Susan says:

    We have a Lhasa and a Doberman. My sewing room is a room at the back of a detached garage, and they both come and see what I’m doing and keep me company while I sew. They always seem to be sleeping where I need to move next, so I have to keep checking behind my chair before I roll it around or I might pinch a paw or tail.

  4. Claudia says:

    Fun stories. When I first saw that dog on the cover of the magazine, I thought he had been in the root beer or shaving cream. I too had furry helpers (and still have one), but the previous three have gone on to their rewards or wait at the rainbow bridge. Several insisted on stretching out next to me when I sewed, with their paw under or near the presser foot. Another thought nothing of trying to help me machine quilt. I’ve been sorting fabrics in my stash the last few days and ran across a few souveniers from them, and a little hair here and there makes me smile.

    My present furball comes down to visit me, occasionally bring in a fresh mouse for entertainment, strop his claws on the back of my sewing chair or my leg, or just talk and talk. He plays with his toys or snoozes on the bed between the piles of fabric. I can’t imagine living without them.

  5. Meredith says:

    We only have farm cats outside, but I do have two little human “helpers” inside. One of them even likes to sit under my feet and has caused my foot pedal to go Indy race car several times. Do they count? ;-)

  6. That quilt is so cute and fun, love it.
    I have a Border Collie and three cats and they are all my buddies and keep me company, sometimes it can get a bit crazy.


  7. VickiT says:

    What a cute post. “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie” is one of my favorite quilts from the last issue. I kept telling my husband how adorable it was and kept showing him. I think he was getting tired of hearing it after about the 5th time. lol

    I have a Ragdoll cat who keeps me company and follows me everywhere. If I leave my sewing room even when he is sleeping he is awake instantly and behind me to see where I’m going. I had to break him of the habit of laying behind my sewing machine because he was always rolling over and pushing against the embroidery arm on my machine which, of course, messed up the design I was working on at the time. To break that habit I ‘assigned’ him one of the drawers in my desk which is in the same room. I pulled the top drawer out and have the little tray pulled out about five inches too for him. The tray has a tiny feeding dish I found at the pet store which is filled with some of his food and once in awhile treats for him. He lays in that drawer although being a Ragdoll he’s much larger than the drawer and is always pushing the tray back in and spilling the food into the drawer onto himself or pushing against my arm if my chair is at the desk while I’m on my computer. And many times he attempts to get onto the desk where he also used to lay when he was much smaller. He would lay next to my laptop and put his head onto the edge of the laptop but then he would get comfy and mover further onto the laptop thinking he was not in my way at all. Yea, he was totally wrong. About a month ago he wandered onto the desk while I was at the sewing machine and when I turned around there he was sprawled out fully covering the entire keyboard and his body over both sides onto the desk on either side of the keyboard. I freaked out though once I ‘encouraged bad kitty’ to get off the laptop as I attempted to use my computer. I am SO VERY LUCKY my husband was home that day or I would have had to wait for him to get home. My rotten spoiled cat had hit some combination of keys that completely flipped the screen totally upside down. No, not the laptop or the monitor – just the screen and what was on that so everything was completely upside down. Yea, that was going to be fun to try to type while reading everything upside down. NOT. WHY would anyone even write a keystroke combination to flip the screen upside down in the first place? Seriously! Is there really a need for this to happen? Of course, the mean mom immeditely said to hubby that it’s too bad I hadn’t known this was possible years ago when all the boys were still living at home. That would have given me so much fun to be the prankster Mom I always was to do this to their computers. LOL

  8. annie says:

    after all that work, I would NEVER let any furrypet sit on a quilt.

  9. Mary Hopkins says:

    I love that your dogs are welcome there! We have three cats and two dogs. At any given time, there will usually be one or more in my sewing room. Ziggy is our big white cat with blue eyes. He is very pretty and full of personality! He is the most “helpful”. I have found bits and pieces of fabric-usually ones that are cut for a project-all over the house. He likes to carry them around to decorate the house, you see! I learned really quick to put my cut pieces in a project basket when I am done sewing for the day!
    Have a happy quilting day!

  10. Jackie Roi. says:

    Awesome article & adorable photos of your furkids :) Yep, I have two ‘nosey’ dogs who lay between me & my sewing machines foot pedal, or wind her-snoozing-self around my chair so I can’t move, or wants eveything that I put into the small trash bin by the machine. Oh, the kitty you ask? She silently gets beneath my chair, meows at the same time she trys to get my attention with frontpaws pulling at my thighs….wiggly sewing line and “ouch’ from my lips. Ahh, gotta love ‘em :D

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