Thoughts on Mess-Ups and a Giveaway!

We’ve all had them: quilting mess-ups. I had one this morning!

messups1 Thoughts on Mess Ups and a Giveaway!

I’m binding a softly-colored scrappy quilt I made recently. I chose these soft stripes on a textured woven cotton from Moda, from an old group called Seaside Rose. Since the fabric is woven I assumed it had no right or wrong side and I sewed all the strips together with diagonal seams, not worrying about right or wrong sides.

messups2 Thoughts on Mess Ups and a Giveaway!

But wait! I discovered there is clearly a right and wrong side to this fabric—of course I made the discovery after the strips had been sewn together.


Should I take them apart? Or can I leave them be? How should I make this decision?


Since I have mess-ups on a regular basis, I’ve grown accustomed to asking these questions and then deciding:

1. What’s the purpose of this quilt? Does it need to be worthy of the quilt police, or is it to be well loved?

how to draw police Thoughts on Mess Ups and a Giveaway!

2. Who is this quilt for? Is it for my best friend’s 50th birthday, or for my toddler great-nephew?

 Thoughts on Mess Ups and a Giveaway!

3. How much time have I spent? Is this a one-month quilt or a five-year quilt?

calendar Thoughts on Mess Ups and a Giveaway!

4. How much money have I invested? Is it Japanese fabrics that cost a whopping twenty bucks per fat quarter, or is it fabric from the guild’s garage sale?

College Recruiting and Money Thoughts on Mess Ups and a Giveaway!

5. How much time and money will it take to fix the problem? If it’s less than a few hours, to me it’s not that big of a deal. If it’s going to be months, and hundreds of dollars in extra fabric that must be purchased? Hmmm.

 Thoughts on Mess Ups and a Giveaway!

6. And for me, the most important question of all: Is this going to bug me forever if I don’t take it out?

Today I decided that yes, this is going to bother me, so out come those stitches. It actually only took me about 10 minutes to unsew and resew all of the seams. Time well spent. Onward!

smiley face Thoughts on Mess Ups and a Giveaway!

How do you decide? Leave a comment here by midnight Friday, Sept. 2 and I’ll choose a winner who will get a variety of fat quarters to play with. The winner is Joanne Pringle. Congratulations!

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