*Giveaway & QM Scrap Squad: Spinout by Kim

QM scrap squadB1 *Giveaway & QM Scrap Squad: Spinout by Kim

Today’s featured Scrap Squad member is Kim Brandt from Poughkeepsie, New York.

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Kim got right down to brass tacks when she shared her thoughts about Spinout. I loved what she had to say and maybe you will, too:

“While making Barbara Cline’s Spinout I got to thinking about how my quiltmaking has changed over the years. In the old days, if everything was not perfect I would redo it, or unsew it and start again.

“Then I got to thinking about being a perfectionist. Was it helping me enjoy my favorite pastime? No, it was robbing me of the joy I had while creating at my sewing machine. So now I enjoy the process a lot more by letting my errors be a part of my creation.

kim1 *Giveaway & QM Scrap Squad: Spinout by Kim

“In this quilt I have a recycled shirt with the pocket still intact. (See the pocket just above?)


kim2 *Giveaway & QM Scrap Squad: Spinout by Kim

I have stripes that do not line up.


kim3 *Giveaway & QM Scrap Squad: Spinout by Kim

I used two different stripes to make some pinwheels (look closely above) and I used two different border colors because I did not have enough fabric to make them all the same.


kim4 *Giveaway & QM Scrap Squad: Spinout by Kim

Kim pieced the green so it would be large enough.

I had to piece fabric to cover my foundation triangles.  Many of my points do not meet and the binding is also two different colors.


kim5 *Giveaway & QM Scrap Squad: Spinout by Kim

“Do all these “errors” add up to a quilt that will be enjoyed any less by the recipient?

“Can you even see these mistakes from my picture of the whole quilt?

“I have decided to enjoy my quilting and let go of trying to be perfect. I enjoyed every minute of making Spinout and I think you will, too.”

What a great attitude! The whole idea is very interesting. While we don’t want our quilts to be so shoddily constructed that they fall apart during the first wash cycle, there is a lot more to this pursuit than perfection. Kim hits the nail on the head when she focuses on the process. I enjoy having a finished quilt, but I enjoy the actual making of the quilt much more! I don’t think I’m alone.

How about you? If a “1″ signals perfection and a “10″ signals sloppy/shoddy, where do you want your quilts to land? And do you enjoy the process as much as the finished piece? Leave us a comment by midnight on Monday, June 27 and we’ll have a little giveaway: a box full of quilty surprises! The lucky winner is Linda K! We appreciate everyone’s honest feedback. Thanks for commenting!

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Read about Spinout and its designer Barbara Cline.

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