*Giveaway & QM Scrap Squad: Spinout by Kim

QM scrap squadB1 *Giveaway & QM Scrap Squad: Spinout by Kim

Today’s featured Scrap Squad member is Kim Brandt from Poughkeepsie, New York.

4THOZE8FOMXG *Giveaway & QM Scrap Squad: Spinout by Kim

Kim got right down to brass tacks when she shared her thoughts about Spinout. I loved what she had to say and maybe you will, too:

“While making Barbara Cline’s Spinout I got to thinking about how my quiltmaking has changed over the years. In the old days, if everything was not perfect I would redo it, or unsew it and start again.

“Then I got to thinking about being a perfectionist. Was it helping me enjoy my favorite pastime? No, it was robbing me of the joy I had while creating at my sewing machine. So now I enjoy the process a lot more by letting my errors be a part of my creation.

kim1 *Giveaway & QM Scrap Squad: Spinout by Kim

“In this quilt I have a recycled shirt with the pocket still intact. (See the pocket just above?)


kim2 *Giveaway & QM Scrap Squad: Spinout by Kim

I have stripes that do not line up.


kim3 *Giveaway & QM Scrap Squad: Spinout by Kim

I used two different stripes to make some pinwheels (look closely above) and I used two different border colors because I did not have enough fabric to make them all the same.


kim4 *Giveaway & QM Scrap Squad: Spinout by Kim

Kim pieced the green so it would be large enough.

I had to piece fabric to cover my foundation triangles.  Many of my points do not meet and the binding is also two different colors.


kim5 *Giveaway & QM Scrap Squad: Spinout by Kim

“Do all these “errors” add up to a quilt that will be enjoyed any less by the recipient?

“Can you even see these mistakes from my picture of the whole quilt?

“I have decided to enjoy my quilting and let go of trying to be perfect. I enjoyed every minute of making Spinout and I think you will, too.”

What a great attitude! The whole idea is very interesting. While we don’t want our quilts to be so shoddily constructed that they fall apart during the first wash cycle, there is a lot more to this pursuit than perfection. Kim hits the nail on the head when she focuses on the process. I enjoy having a finished quilt, but I enjoy the actual making of the quilt much more! I don’t think I’m alone.

How about you? If a “1″ signals perfection and a “10″ signals sloppy/shoddy, where do you want your quilts to land? And do you enjoy the process as much as the finished piece? Leave us a comment by midnight on Monday, June 27 and we’ll have a little giveaway: a box full of quilty surprises! The lucky winner is Linda K! We appreciate everyone’s honest feedback. Thanks for commenting!

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Read about Spinout and its designer Barbara Cline.

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142 Responses to *Giveaway & QM Scrap Squad: Spinout by Kim

  1. barbara corbitt says:

    my quilts are not contest perfect, nor do i want them to be. i do all my peicing and quilting by hand and what quilts i dont keep for myself, i give away each quilt is unique as the people i give them to. i guess i think the way amish quilters do, nothing is perfect in this world and they intentionally make mistakcs in their quilts because they believe that nothing and nobody is perfect but God.

  2. Margaret says:

    My main problem is I want all my quilts to be #1 – and I’m my worst critic. I have realized that they don’t have to be absolutely perfect to look perfect and to be enjoyed.

  3. Connie says:

    I think I am about a 5. I enjoy the process more than the finished quilt and am not as fussy as I used to be about perfection. Now if I am making something as a gift I try to be at least a 2.

    I really love your quilt and I have the magazine with that pattern, can’t wait to make it. My post above is a old email address that doesn’t work. Sorry

  4. Connie says:

    I think I am about a 5. I enjoy the process more than the finished quilt and am not as fussy as I used to be about perfection. Now if I am making something as a gift I try to be at least a 2.

  5. JoAn GODFREY says:

    i strive for a 5. not too fussy, but having fun in the process. being too fussy can make it a chore, instead of fun. in all my sewing i have always done the best job i could at the time then forget it and enjoy the product.

    i am probably too late to get this in the contest, but i love the topic.

  6. Nancy Myers says:

    I would rate my quilting as a 5. I have used my domestic machine for smaller projects. For larger projects I learned to use a longarm that I can rent at a local store. I actually like the longarm more than my domestic machine and I have become much better each time I use it. I have become better at making less starts and stops each time I quilt and that makes me happy.

  7. Barbara Ensor says:

    I try for a #1, but realistically I don’t intend to enter quilt shows or have my quilts judged. I have a Polish background, so I call my mistakes my Polish mistakes (not Amish). They aren’t for humility, but to acknowledge the work is not perfect.

  8. Anya says:

    I’m probably a 3 or 4…no perfection for me…I love the process of creating something with fabric, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. And I know that most of mine won’t be (I’m really learning that with my Jane Stickle quilt!). Thanks for the chance!

  9. Bruce Wilkerson says:

    I have been quilting for nearly 20 years now, and while I consider my skills to be much improved, my quilts are definitely not 1s. I’m working on my challenge to myself, a New York Beauty, and have just sewn my first curved seams! Yes, only now. I’m having a blast even though each block isn’t “perfect!” I love these so much that I make a few and then arrange/rearrange them on my design wall! I learn all the time from other seasoned quilters and pros, and I have learned that it isn’t a bad thing to “unsew.” Maybe I’m a 3??? I design blocks for our guild’s Quilt University and that has made me really focus on my work. I’ll retire in a few years from my public job, but my quilting life and career is just beginning!

  10. Wendi says:

    I have finally come to terms with many of the techniques I can not master, but I work hard at the ones I have learned to do……Accepting that I can’t do “everything”, I enjoy what I can do a whole lot more.

  11. Kate says:

    I guess Im a 4 ish. I also have gotten less tough on myself as Ive gotten older. Its not worth the stress. Some things do have to be right for the next steps in the quilt to work, but Im not that talented to have perfect stitching like Sue Nickels does, or perfect matched points like Deb Caffrey does. Ive taken classes from both this year and learned ways to improve my work but if it doesnt come out perfect thats ok with me. Practice will create improvement and I want to get to the stage where all the different ways to do something are tools in my toolbox that I know well enough that I can pull one out and apply it to the project without every tiny step being detailed in the instructions. Then Ill feel like an acomplished quilter. Quilting is a journey more than a destination.
    And I think Kims quilt looks great too!

  12. Nancy Kindlund says:

    Hmm, like to think somewhere between one & five on the perfectionist scale. If something really bothers me, I try to fix it. If I don’t feel it’s that noticeable, then I don’t. I quilt for me, my sanity, & the pure joy of it, so that works for me! I am also working on not pointing out my mistakes to others, as most people would never notice them anyway, right! And besides that, no one is perfect, why should we expect our quilts to be….

  13. debby says:

    I am new at quilting it depends on how hard the quilt pattern is, always strive to be a 1.

  14. PattyS says:

    I work hard to make my quilts a 3 or 4. However that doesn’t always happen. I have actually taken a quilt top apart because of unlined seams. Then when I realized I was stressing my self out I decided not to be so critical of myself. No one else seemed to notice my mistake. So now I enjoy making my quilts.

  15. Monica says:

    It would be nice to care less about the finish product but admittedly I am a 1 or 2 person. I am less than perfect in real life but quilting is the one thing I know I do really well. And if a project doesn’t at least fall into a 3 or 4 range I get frustrated and it becomes a UFO for another day.

  16. Jules says:

    I couldn’t agree more, I have long suspected that as the quilt makers, when we are making a quilt because our focus is on the smaller area while we sew that part, we notice every little flaw, and when the quilt is finished our eye is immediately drawn to the little imperfections, but for everyone else who sees the finished product, they look at the quilt as a whole and appreciate it’s beauty, the work that’s gone into it, the fabrics, the quilting, they just love it…….once I realized this I freed myself up to enjoy my quilting even more and not get hung up on a little wobbly line or a slightly mismatched point……I don’t do shoddy work, but I accept that not every piece is gonna be perfect, I’m only human after all :) if I had to rate my work I would say usually around a 3

  17. Cindi says:

    I think my quilts are probably a 3 or 4. And I find that the more I relax and enjoy the process the better they turn out! I love the process. Usually a pattern jumps out and calls to me, then choosing the fabrics, cutting and piecing it back together. Then I get really excited about the end and getting it done, only to turn around and ask myself “what’s next? I keep busy between quilts with other sewing projects. I love bags, tablerunners etc that can be done quickly.

  18. Beth says:

    My quilts have improved over the years, but I’m still not at a 1. I think I’m close to a 2 on some and 3 to 4 on others. The more I quilt the better I get. I try not to rush the last few seams, because that’s when I’m most likely to not line up properly and have my “oh well, who cares” moment. When I’m all done, I sometimes find that I’m the one who cares.

  19. Donna Schuttig says:

    I get extatic when my points meet or i haven’t cut them off on my stars, however, the little things that aren’t perfect give each quilt it’s own perfect personallity!!! Even mix and match borders and binding add to the quilt’s uniquness!!! I love it:)

  20. Tracey says:

    I would think my quilts run about 4 to be honest…. I’m sure I can find some 5′s even a 6 or so in there too! I’m self taught, never taken a class ever! I’m a youtube hound and have learned everything I know (so far) from forums, youtube videos, magazines and picking friends brains. I never protest to be good at my quilting, but I definitely have a good time doing it. I get so excited when I find a new pattern, or when I come across good sales to add to my stash. I just purchased my first “real” sewing machine (love my husky) and almost salivate at the thought of working with it. When it comes to my sewing, I’m like a little kid in a candy store!

  21. Sally says:

    I’m not a quilter, shame on me. But, I admire those who are. I have a quilt that was hand sewn around l893 that is less than perfect by today’s standard, but one of my most valued possessions as it was made by my great-great grandmother. I used to love being at my grandmother’s house on quilting day, and sitting under the quilt frame listening to the ladies talk. My grandmother quilted until she was 103 years old; she was by then blind, but the only thing we had to do for her was thread the needes; we’d do several at the time. She used a square piece of cardboard to cut her pieces.

    Wow, y’all have me on a journey back in time. Thank you!!!!

  22. Vicki says:

    I think my quilts rank a 2 or 3. I will rip out pieces to try to match better, but I will only try twice, after that it goes in the best it can. I don’t get to quilt as much as I used to as I babysit my grandchildren, but I know this time will go by quickly and I can catch up on my quilting in the years to come.

  23. Cathy Koester says:

    I never did strive for perfection when I began quilting. I’m not that kind of person. But my quilting has improved over the years and the journey to a finished quilt is still very enjoyable.

  24. Jan K says:

    In many cultures, being perfect can only be accomplished by God. So I do the best I can to quilt as well as I can. Few of my quilts are 2′s; most are 4′s or 5′s.

  25. Jen E says:

    My family thinks they are a 1 so that’s what is important!!

  26. Lynette says:

    I helped my ex other in law piece and quilt years ago and watched my great grandmother. Have made a few crazy quilt [pillows for family but never made my own quilt from beginning to end. I am beginning one or two or??? now. My winter will be filled with hours of stitching!!

  27. nrnoodle says:

    I have been quilting for 16 years. I strive to make all my stuff to come out to at least a 2 but there are days when I am lucky to get a 6.

  28. Lee Ann L. says:

    Well, I want my work to be a perfect 1; however, while I am in the process, I’m constantly learning; thus, my work is never perfect. I strive to be perfect. But, my work lands around a 3 or 4 whenever I try new things. As long as I’m happy in the process, I’ll continue playing. :-)

  29. Paula says:

    I would say I strive to be a 1, in years past I was the rip/tear queen, but as I get older and wiser, I just go with the flow, I would say I am a 3-4 because I hand quilt most every quilt I make and I know I could do better if I used more variety in my patterns ! Almost every quilt I make has at least one pinwheel block, I do love them so……

  30. Lorri Ackland says:

    I’m lucky to get a 3 or 4 from my Quilts and when I give them away, that person thinks they are #1. I enjoy the process as much as the finished piece!!!

  31. Michelle Gronholz says:

    I would like at least a 3, I also think one person’s perfection may not be another persons. I like the creative/design elements that are there in each of my quilts, and most people would not notice the creative/design elements that are in there. :-)

  32. Deborah in Atlanta says:

    I’m fairly new to quilting, and think I might be at a 5. My last quilt was a paper-piecing quilt, and I did much like the triangle where Kim pieced the small piece of green to it. I had many blocks where my fabric didn’t quite meet. I just sewed more fabric to it and kept right on going. I know I’ll never be a 1, but that’s okay. I’m satisfied (pretty much) with the finished quilts I’m producing now.

  33. Jane says:

    I really enjoy piecing a new project and being able to use fabrics left from other projects. I feel really great that I have been so smart to use up these “scraps” that some would just discard. I just made a wall hanging for my oldest granddaughter’s high school graduation and I found in my stash a piece leftover from making window valances for her parents first house. It went with the wall hanging so that became the backing! The backing is as old as she is and looked as great as she did. that just made that a little more meaningful for her. She is a teenager who seems to have a great feel for the classics -books, music and movies as well as all of the new ones out. So I felt that was a good match for her. Scraps are as important as the new pieces we acquire.

  34. Charlotte says:

    I try and make perfect quilts but the lines almost always do not match up but my husband says that what makes my quilts what their are unique like me.

  35. missouriquilter says:

    Like Kim, I enjoy the process. I make many different size quilts but probably the ones I enjoy the most are made for our local Hospice. Those who receive these are very thankful to be remembered and are not critical. My quilting is probably somewhere between and 2 and 3 but I have never made anything that is perfect. I love to make scrap quilts and see the finished product. The process is the enjoyment!

  36. MaryBeth says:

    I always STRIVE for a 10 (never gonna happen, LOL) but I’m happy with something that looks good when viewed from a galloping horse!! I took a class from Jenny Raiment that was called cosmic something or other. I kept messing up which offered “design options” and I ended up with a little wall hanging that I love and called “Cosmic Lemonaide” (as in when life hands you lemons….). I love your quilt, Kim – it looks great even though I’m not on a galloping horse!

  37. Debby says:

    I am probably a 3, I do rip and resew once in a while but I don’t mind ripping. I’m usually just ripping a small seam, though once I ripped a border off a quilt (lap size) but that was because I didn’t like the fabric I used and I found a different one that worked much, much better!

  38. Sharon says:

    I am not perfect, so why should I insist that my quilt be perfect? I always try to do my best. I have learned that if one never point out the flaws, others will never see them. Most of my quilts are a number 2 or 3. What amazes me is that others think my quilts are much better than I do.

  39. Mary Russell says:

    I piece tops for the fun of it and usually give the completed project away. I strive for #1 but I learn from the process. My quilter is a perfectionist so I hope that my “mistakes” will quilt out.

  40. shavonna says:

    I try to get everything to line up but nothings perfect,lol. I have a lot of tops put together,some are good but others are not, but I love sitting at my machine and have the tops come together.
    I’ve made baby quilts up to king size tops. I’ve used fiber-fill and old blankets(my ex-mother-in-law told me about that one)to fill the quilts.
    Needless to say; I do love to quilt!

  41. I am of the same mindset that not everything needs to be show quality perfect when creating a quilt. It’s more fun to enjoy creating than it is to cry in frustration when I accidentally have a pucker in my Quilting, or I have to piece together my borders. Sometimes my meandering stitches cross each the! The shame! If it isn’t awful, and doesn’t affect the quality of the construction, I leave it for the most part! No one has ever criticized, they all compliment. I’m already my own worst critic, and if I say it’s fine, it’s fine! I’m probably about a 3 or 4, and there’s no shame in that! The quilt above is beautiful and I would never have a cross thing to say about it!

  42. Liz says:

    I’ve been quilting for 3 years and would like to think that my quilts would be a 2 or 3, but of course, I aim for a 1, but that will probably never happen.

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