QM Scrap Squad: Spinout by Jane

It’s time to reveal another Spinout quilt by the QM Scrap Squad. Today’s featured Scrap Squad member is Jane. She loves to play in Electric Quilt and in Photoshop and is always doing something fun with the current Scrap Squad assignment.

spinoutresized QM Scrap Squad: Spinout by Jane

Spinout, patterned in July/August '11 Quiltmaker. Art Gallery Fabrics.


A bit of background: Shown above is the original Spinout which appeared in the July/August issue of Quiltmaker. The design is by Barbara Cline, fabrics are by Art Gallery Fabrics. The QM Scrap Squad got this pattern before it was published and each of the eight members made a scrappy version. These quilts are meant to inspire you to sew from your stash—using up fabric you already own. What could be better?

jane1 QM Scrap Squad: Spinout by Jane

Jane chose to use batiks in a variety of colors and values for her Spinout. She started sending progress pics right away and had these thoughts to share:

“It really helped me when I was cutting out the spinners that I was using batik because there was no right or wrong side of the fabric. I could cut a stack of six paper piecing hunks by folding the fabric, without worrying that the middle layer was wrong side up.

“If I do a pattern like this again, with batiks, I’ll be more careful watching what color the fabric edges near the seam are.  If you look at the spinners made with the outer border fabric, that tie-dye blotchy stuff, you can see that sometimes a yellow blotch piece was sewn to a fuchsia blotch piece, so the spinner doesn’t blend at the seam.

jane3 QM Scrap Squad: Spinout by Jane

“At first I was ‘ordering’ them on my design wall, light, medium, dark; light, medium, dark. But then I didn’t like that palest blue on the edges next to the white, so I started swapping them around. Finally I decided I LIKED an occasional light next to a light, and played more with the placement of fabrics.

Spinback3rows QM Scrap Squad: Spinout by Jane

“After having to get tweezers after the paper in the triangle corners, I started ripping two corners off before sewing the next triangle on. That helped a bunch. It was also much easier to sew if I took much of the previous paper off first, leaving only the row I was sewing to and the row being sewn on.”

jane4 QM Scrap Squad: Spinout by Jane

Here’s Jane’s finished center section. Then she had some Photoshop fun with this shot, and sent us the interesting results.

jane5 QM Scrap Squad: Spinout by Jane

This is an effect called stained glass. Isn’t that fun?


jane6 QM Scrap Squad: Spinout by Jane

And this is called spatter.


jane7 QM Scrap Squad: Spinout by Jane

And something called wave.


Then Jane got back to business (all that Photoshop play must have inspired her).

jane8 QM Scrap Squad: Spinout by Jane

She came up with a fresh border using a Seminole idea.


jane10 QM Scrap Squad: Spinout by Jane

Just one of the helpful steps in Jane's border tutorial!


Then she took the time to write up a tutorial for how to make the border. What a gal! If you want to, you can make yours just like it by following her instructions. The Seminole corrals the whole works, and the multi-colored fabric in the final border helps to pull the whole thing together, like a little exclamation point in fabric.


jane11 QM Scrap Squad: Spinout by Jane


I think Jane was really smart to use batiks on which you can’t tell the difference between the right and wrong side. She has mixed in a few very lights and a few very darks. They help to keep your eye moving. She wisely scattered the very lights and very darks around so they don’t visually clump together.

This lady is not afraid of color! Look at the variety of blues, for instance: there is icy light blue, blue-green, medium purply-blue and navy. She used pink, red and orange along with mustard, forest green and yellow-green. This quilt is a carnival of color! It makes me want to see how Jane’s home is decorated. I’ll bet it’s fun!

*     *     *     *     *

Still two more Spinout quilts to be revealed. Stay tuned!

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3 Responses to QM Scrap Squad: Spinout by Jane

  1. So impressed with all these quilts on the Scrap Squad. It has been an honor to have my pattern “Spinout” picked for this issue of Quiltmaker.

  2. As I told Jane on her blogsite, I love this quilt! Such colorful and dynamic fun. Make me want to yell ‘Wheeee’ and spin around on a merry go round. Oh, for the good old days when those were allowed on school playgrounds! But now, we can make quilts and still experience that exuberant joy!

  3. ForestJane says:

    My house is actually very subdued! Lots of wood. Brown fireplace, eggshell walls, very pale beige grasscloth from the chair-rail down. Wood and white couches. Any touches of color are from green glass, forest green pillows, green plants, forest green and brown wall quilts, and *lol* brown and white cat fur from my two siamese.

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