100 Blocks Volume 3: Tweet Street

Hi Everyone:

I hope you’re enjoying our 100 Blocks Volume 3 blog tour. It has been so much fun going to all of the different designers’ sites.

Today’s my day on the blog to share my block with you. I had been playing around with this design on graph paper, but couldn’t seem to find the right fabrics. I was looking for something fun and colorful.

QM BEAM 300x300 100 Blocks Volume 3: Tweet Street

Tweet Street

Nothing seemed to be speaking to me, until I saw the Spring Street collection by Carolyn Gavin for P&B Textiles. The white print with the little birds and flowers was fun and playful and just what I was looking for. I added the teal tone-on-tone from this collection and the orange and green from Little Bear Counts by Linda Hohag for P&B Textiles as well.

I envisioned many settings for this block in a quilt, so I played with some designs in Electric Quilt. The first design is with the blocks set straight.

Tweet Street 2 300x300 100 Blocks Volume 3: Tweet Street

Tweet Street 1

This setting forms some nice diagonal lines across the quilt. Next, I rotated every other row—like a Streak of Lightning set for the Log Cabin.

Tweet Street 3 300x300 100 Blocks Volume 3: Tweet Street

Tweet Street 2

Next, I formed diamonds with the blocks.

Tweet Street 4 300x300 100 Blocks Volume 3: Tweet Street

Tweet Street 3

So far, I think this setting is my favorite. I tried one more with a diamond in the middle.

Tweet Street 5 300x300 100 Blocks Volume 3: Tweet Street

Tweet Street 4

Leave me a comment by midnight mountain time on Monday, May 9th letting me know which setting is your favorite and I’ll randomly choose one lucky winner to win a copy of 100 Blocks Volume 3. Debra Cannon, comment #25, is the lucky winner! Congratulations!!


About Carolyn

I'm the Creative Editor for Quiltmaker magazine. I've been quilting for almost 30 years. I'm an avid quilter, but I also enjoy scrapbooking, knitting, reading, and hanging out with friends and family.
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176 Responses to 100 Blocks Volume 3: Tweet Street

  1. Debra Cannon says:

    Wow, just saw that I was the winner. OMG, thank you so much! I hope I am not to late to claim the prize?

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  4. michele sanderson says:

    it is cool to see how the pattern changes when you shift things

  5. MILLY says:

    i like tweet street 3 the best.

  6. judy oachs says:

    I like #4 best as it seems to flow like a bubbling brook.y.

  7. Anne says:

    I like number 4… I can almost see stars trying to pop up on Number 1 though… Thanks for letting us see your block

  8. Linda K says:

    My favorite is #3, love the pinwheels it creates! And that bright, cheery fabric is just great. Thanks for this fun time. The ideas are spinning in my head.

  9. I like them all but the diamond layout is my favorite. What a fun and versatile block!

  10. I think I like # 3 the best. You did a great job with the designs!

  11. Karen says:

    I like the first one!

  12. Leslie Schmidt says:

    I like the block all by itself! But for an actual quilt, I think I would choose #4. It is a very fun block.

  13. Carol Oliveri says:

    I just love setting #4!

  14. Carol Oliveri says:

    I just love #4!!!

  15. Helle says:

    Cute fabrics! #1 is my fav. Thanks for the chance!

  16. Nancy says:

    Tweet Street 4 is my favorite. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  17. Debbie says:

    I really like this block, Carolyn! My favorite setting is the first one. Thanks for counting me in.

  18. Deb says:

    Tweet Street 3 is my favorite! All are great.

  19. Barbara says:

    its has to be Tweet Street 4! That’s a great arrangement.

  20. Donna says:

    Well I would have to say I like the first and forth, very versatile.

  21. LisaT says:

    My favorite is version 3 with the diamonds – very nice!

  22. E. Engman says:

    Number 3 is probably what I would make, though number 4 has possibilities, too.

  23. Sarah E says:

    Tweet Street #4 is my favorite. I also like #2, in part b/c of the visual illusion that makes the straight lines across the quilt look slightly not parallel. But after a while that illusion makes my head hurt, so I go with the ripple effect created by #4.

  24. Julie says:

    I like Tweet Street #2 because it looks like birds flying in the “V” formation. I like #3 because the block placement creates the look of the holes of a bird house.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  25. fleurette says:

    I love the fabric collection you have chosen and all the designs are lovely but my fav is #1.

  26. Christie B. says:

    I can’t decide, but, #4 keeps drawing my eye back to it! That is a great block to play with! HUGS… and stitches

  27. Beverly Atkins says:

    I’m torn between 2 and 4. I can envision sunggling under #2 and hanging #4 on the wall. Guess I have to go for snuggles with #2.

  28. Old Buckeye says:

    I second (or tenth?) the notion that this is a very VERSATILE block! Allows for much playfulness.

  29. I love number 3, what an amazing versatile block :)

  30. My favorite is Tweet Street #3. I hate to see the blog tour end. It’s been fabulous meeting new designers and revisiting with some I know. Again, thank you for sponsoring this event! Can’t wait until the 10th to find the magazines and buy one.

  31. Sue says:

    Love the fabric! Can’t decide between # 3 & # 4.

  32. Valerie Boudier says:

    I like Tweet street 4

  33. Sheri says:

    Hmmm….hard to choose but I think I would try Tweet Street 1 first…….then all the others!

  34. Julie in WA says:

    Your block makes up nicely into very fun quilts! I was surprised at all the options you presented!

  35. Maryellen McAuliffe says:

    Great layouts! I love EQ. It makes it so easy to play! And fun.

  36. jackie lorenz says:

    I like one the best. I also like the colors that you chose. This pattern would make a quilt for babies, teens and adults.

  37. Becky S says:

    Great block!!! I love setting #3. Thanks for the chance to win.

  38. MoeWest says:

    I like layout 2. And I like your choice of fabrics. I’m a sucker for any fabric with birds.

  39. VickiT says:

    What a great looking block. And the quilts you’ve posted are awesome but I have to say I REALLY love Tweet Street 2 and Tweet Street 4. They are just wonderful.

  40. Ann says:

    They are all great, but my favorite is #4. I really like this block.

  41. Carol C says:

    Very versatile and creative block. I really enjoy your designs in QM. My favorite setting is #3. Congrats for being chosen for the magazine.

  42. ~Kathleen says:

    I like Tweet Street 3 the best. Great color selection. :)

  43. Jamie says:

    Tweet Street 4 is my favorite. I like how the diamonds fan out over the quilt like ripples on a pond.

  44. Joyce Mitchell says:

    Love the block and all the settings, but #2 is my favorite.

  45. Kaye M. says:

    My favorite is Tweet Street No. 2. I like the zig zag design, it makes a very happy quilt.

  46. Tammy says:

    I think my favorite one is “Tweet Street 4″. I can see that quilt laying on my bed looking very nice!! he he Thank you for the giveaway and keep up the good work!

  47. laura says:

    You got my smile immediately with this block. Great fabric choice and pattern. Number 1 gets my vote.

  48. Chris says:

    Number four gets my vote. Love the color choices.

  49. Linda C says:

    I love #4, but I might try them all! It might be fun to add one as the border to #4.

  50. candace says:

    My pick is TweetStreet #3 Great block!

  51. Lynne in Hawaii says:

    I like Tweet Street #3 because of the movement caused by the secondary windmills. Next is Tweet Street #4.

  52. Billie K says:

    That’s to hard. I guess number #2, but I do like them all.

  53. Patty says:

    I think I like tweet street 4 the best but 1 is pretty cool too.

  54. Ivani says:

    It’s a very versatible block, but I like # 3 set.

  55. Lyn says:

    I vote for #3; love the diamond shapes, and it will blend into a room better. (#4 will draw all attention a bit too much, imho, kinda like a large bull’s eye…)

  56. Karen says:

    Very Pretty. I like #3.

  57. Judith Hogan says:

    A hard decision but I like Tweet Street 2.

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  59. Barb in MI says:

    My fav is Tweet Street 3. Thanks so much!

  60. Christy says:

    I love the versatility in this block. I think I like setting 3 the best.

  61. Dana says:

    I like #3 the diamond blocks. Great choice on the fabric, it’s perfect. Thank you.

  62. dianne bondaroff says:

    Tweet Street 4 gets my vote. Love how it radiates out.

  63. kim Z says:

    Love the patterns, pretty neat!

  64. Deanna S says:

    I like #3, thanks for the give away, something I would truely enjoy

  65. Subee Mohr says:

    The fabric fits the spirit of the block you designed.
    I am crossing my fingers here in Indiana!
    XOXOXOXO Subee

  66. Sandi P. says:

    I think I like the diamonds best also, but they are all really nice.

  67. They all look fun but think I like #3 the best

  68. Candy in MI says:

    My favorite is #4. I like that it seems to have round edges on the square blocks when viewed from a distance.

  69. quiltcookie says:

    Tweet Street 3 is my first choice but they are all really cute.

  70. Dana says:

    I like the streak of lightning setting best!
    nelfamily at windjammercable dot net

  71. Pat V. says:

    I like Tweet Street 4 the best.

  72. MarciaW says:

    I like setting #2 as looks like lots of birds flying.

  73. Kylie C says:

    I like #3 the best, love secondary designs.

  74. Janet says:

    Tweet Street! I love the name. And the block. # 4 is my favourite setting.

  75. DianeY says:

    I liked #3 the best with #4 as a close second

  76. Sherry Book says:

    I like your block especially the fabrics you used…and cute name! My favorite version is 3…or 4…or both! Can’t wait to see the magazine so I can see all the blocks in person.

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