*Q&E: What’s Your Thread Stash Like? Giveaway!

 *Q&E: What’s Your Thread Stash Like? Giveaway!

We had a lively discussion about fabric stash here recently, and we started wondering about another kind of stash. How much thread do you own? What kinds of thread do you buy? Do you embroider by machine?


threadssulky1 300x197 *Q&E: What’s Your Thread Stash Like? Giveaway!

A gorgeous assortment of Sulky threads!

Our friends at Sulky have sent us some of their thread stash for a giveaway! Leave a comment describing your thread stash by midnight, May 31 and we’ll pick several random winners. (Yes, that’s a long time for the giveaway to be open but we want to include people who may not hear of it until they read the May/June issue, as well as the readers of Quiltmaker’s Quilting & Embroidery.) Winners have been chosen and notified. They are Dennis, Thunder, Karen and Kathleen. We loved hearing about your thread stash! Thanks for commenting generously on Quilty Pleasures.


QM20311 *Q&E: What’s Your Thread Stash Like? Giveaway!

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535 Responses to *Q&E: What’s Your Thread Stash Like? Giveaway!

  1. Donna K. from N. TX says:

    Missed the deadline, darn it. Could use some wonderful Sulky thread!

  2. rose says:

    Sadly lacking even one 100 yrd roll of silky Sulky, mainly bits and bobs of other brands, mostly inherited or picked out in discounts baskets. My mother and were only saying yesterday after I had been to the shop to purchase a small quantity, just how much thread costs…but without it nothing much happens so we find the money somewhere!

  3. Cathryn H says:

    My thread stash is a combination of colors and various kind of threads. Mostly I have white, tan, grey, and black for piecing quilts. Then I have various colors for doing the quilting by machine.

  4. Kathie Bugbee says:

    My thread stash is nothing like most I’ve read here :( I could really use some to beef it up in my sewing room :) I have some, grey, white, black and beige. k.bugbee@att.net

  5. Amy C says:

    I have to confess, I haven’t tried Sulky since I purchased my Bernina. I use lots of Superior Masterpiece and King Tut threads. I also have several spools of Mettler thread because that is what is readily available in this area. I do like to embroidery since I purchased my Bernina. My dealer sells Isacord thread for embroidery.

  6. angela d. says:

    I have probably 30-40 spools of thread – mostly cotton. I use it mostly for quilting and making bags. I do make some clothes too. I don’t embroider though. thanks for the opportunity!

  7. Claudia says:

    My machine loves Sulky (behaves well) and so do I. Of course, we have room for more–Sulky!

  8. Mom C says:

    I have several boxes of embroidery thread, I don’t use as much of it as I used to. Lately, I’ve been buying the larger spools so I don’t run out of thread as often. I get in sewing mode and use all the spools I have that remotely match then I go stock up again. It’s either feast or famine as far as my thread is concerned.

  9. Pam Vercellono says:

    I have been using Sulky thread since the first home embroidery machines came out! I own the threadbox full of the original spools of rayon, have another larger box of the 12 wts., variegated, and cottons, and of course, the slivers, and metallics! LOVE THEM ALL!!! I’ve told my husband, if there’s ever a fire…SAVE THE THREAD!

  10. Jennifer T. in WI says:

    What?! I’m supposed to have a thread stash? Let’s see…there’s tan, grey, off-white, ecru and black plus one spool of King Tut (purchased last Friday).

  11. Tammy Hempel says:

    My thread stash is quite pitiful!! I think IF I stretch it maybe 10 spools. I would really enjoy having a big stash!!~ I would not know what to do first!! he he thank you for this giveaway!!

  12. Sally Turner says:

    Hmmmm, yes I guess you could call it a “stash”. I love threads as much as I love fabrics. Been sewing since I was about 9 or 10. Couldn’t wait to retire so I could get back to quilting. I was introduced to Sulky threads when I bought my Bernina [in preparation for retiring] and fell in love with it and the wide range of colors and types. “Harriet” was a wonderful teacher and loved, loved Sulky! She showed us how to do everything with it. So I began to buy it every time I was near a store that carried it….but then it gets used up so fast…..It sews so beautifully and the colors are so great! I never have as much as I would like…sew constantly and always need new colors, etc. What a joy it would be to win some once! Here’s hoping……….Sally

  13. Leah Davis says:

    When I first bought my embroidery machine, my husband surprised me with 100 spools of Robison-Anton rayon embroidery thread. I added to that stash with Sulky metallics, twist, variegated and also Superior variegated. I have 2 large hanging thread holders (that each hold more than 100 spools of thread) and they are both full.

  14. Marie D. says:

    Most of my thread stash was gifted to me by my uncle after my aunt (his wife) died. Some of it is on wooden spoons and most of it is probably between 20 and 50 years old. This is the reason I started to quilt. I feel I need to use it, but it doesn’t always suit my purpose. A new stash of Sulky would be very welcome.

  15. Carol Vickers says:

    Until recently, I’ve not thought of thread in terms of a “stash” — just fabric. But I’ve accumulating a variety and would love to win some!!!!

  16. Rita W in Kearney says:

    My thread stash is pretty small compared to many of my friends. It is an area where I must focus so that the fabric stash does not get too big an ego. I LOVE the Sulky threads. They shine, sew well, and really polish up a project. Thanks for the chance to win some.

  17. Tamara Carr says:

    I really don’t have alot of usable thread. I may have maybe 4 or 5 spools of usable thread. I have alot of the older wooden spools in my older blue ball jars from my grandma. I am new to quilting, my machine does a few fancy stiches i am wanting to try out and this would be perfect! It would be nice to finally win something!

  18. Diane says:

    My thread stash is growing as I do more and more applique! So much to choose from!!

  19. Debi T says:

    I have all kinds of threads from embroidery rayon to quilting cotton, twisted colors to everyday sewing thread. I even have some old spools from my mom and grandma.

  20. Susan Means says:

    Oh my gosh!! I have more thread than I care to count. I have embroidery thread, serger thread, sewing thread, hand quilting thread, longarm quilting thread, and the list goes on. Of course I never have the right color I need either !!!!!!!

  21. KathyD says:

    I love thread. My guess is I have have well over 500 spools. Mostly embroidery poly and rayon. I have some Sulky 12 wt and 30wt for quilting and I like there metalics. More thread is always a guilty pleasure!!!

  22. CathyC in Alberta says:

    I have about 100 or more spools of thread…mostly cotton of various weights. I would love to win some Sulky as have recently gotten into doing more machine quilting and applique. Used to hand quilt or send my tops out for the machine quilting.

  23. Jan Sheets says:

    *I have mostly Coats Dual-Duty + Machine quilting thread + Upholstery thread + Bobbin thread + Multicolor (varigated) Cotton + Metallic.
    *I also have SULKY Cotton, Polyester & Metallic.
    *I have Gutermann Cotton
    *Mettler Metrosene Polyester
    It may sound like a lot of thread but I only actually have about 25 spools in all. I would love to win some in this contest to increas my stash!
    I do machine embroidery but without an embroidery machine. I use my free motion foot and guide it myself to make my version of machine embroidery.

  24. Maureen Flax says:

    I have quite a bit of thread, most of it is too old to use. Why do I keep it??? I would really appreciate this giveaway!

  25. PageZ says:

    I have mostly vintage thread adn some contemporary thread in neutral colors. I would SO love to win this giveaway b/c I am wanting to start quilting and embroidery (:

  26. Jessica says:

    I have a drawer and a half of sulky threads for my embroidery projects! All sorts of colors, and I love the varigated ones!

    I have a drawer of random coats & clark that I use for piecing/quilting.

    =) come on random number generator!!

  27. Shelly Womack says:

    My thread stash? My threads are strictly a component. My fabric; a formality! Together it’s Pomp and circumstance!!

  28. Evelene Sterling says:

    I have a small stash compared to others, it is 15 spools only:(
    I would love to win to build up my stash. Thanks for a chance to win.

  29. LAURA says:

    I machine embroider and have the Madeira chest which is fabulous! Then I have various Brother, Sulky, Mettler aqnd odd Madeira threads as well as some beautiful glossy spools my husband bought me when in India!! I LOVE thread almost as much as fabric. Hehe.

  30. KT. in MI says:

    Have about 20 spools, mostly the neutrals for piecing. Would love to try some of the colorful and variegated threads to enhance quilting.

  31. Pat V. says:

    I don’t have much of a stash, just several spools of the neutral colors I usually use for piecing. I’d like to experiment with some decorative top-stitching sometime soon (but I’ll need some thread…)

  32. Judy Chambers says:

    My thread stash can be described as paltry, puny, pathetic. I have a few spools so old, they are on wooden spools. Now how old is that. If it wasn’t for my friend and her stash, I’d be on the road to the store constantly. Man, I need my own 21st century threads so I can see what I could do! Both of my quilting friends have loads of thread, and then there’s me. I really need to catch up to them and quit borrowing!

  33. Grammy Peggy says:

    Thread I have:
    1. A buy in bulk size pickle jar full of all purpose threads.
    2. A plastic tote full of Maxi lock. 3. A rack of embroidery thread plus an over flow– coats n clark mostly with a few sulky
    3. A vintage sewing basket full of vintage spools of thread (wood spools) that I have collected.
    4. 2 spools of quilting thread – I have just finished my first quilt!!

    There is no such thing as too much thread or fabric or patterns or . . .

    Because I am collecting for my offspring who sew now and those who will sew in days to come!

  34. Katie Wilson says:

    My thread collection includes those beautiful Sulky rayon and metallic threads, but there are never too many! I use Masterpiece and Aurifil for piecing, along with bottom line. I love variegated threads for quilting, especially King tut and YLI. Such yummy colors. And I do have a few spools of hand-quilting thread left over from a previous lifetime!

  35. racheal robinson says:

    I used to get frusturated while sewing. My machine would sound awful, jam up and make my “fun” hobbie into a headache. Then about 13 years ago I attended a sulky class. It came with a small assortment of fancy threads. I was hooked!! It changed my sewing! I recently started quilting and I go through SOOO much more thread than my garment/craft projects ever did. I would love to win a “stash”!!!! I have to put projects on hold now until I hit a sale and can afford to buy the thread that I know will make my projects have that extra special touch! It would be such a treasure to have a adequate supply whenever I need it! Thank You!

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