Jennifer Chiaverini Visits Quiltmaker

We were thrilled late last year when New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Chiaverini of the Elm Creek Quilts novels submitted a block for our newsstand special 100 Blocks from Today’s Top Designers, Volume 3. This issue goes onsale May 10, 2011 and you’ll find Jennifer’s block there.

When we heard that Jennifer would be in Denver promoting her newest book, The Union Quilters, we invited her to join the QM staff for lunch so we could all get to know each other.

The Union Quilters 250x378 Jennifer Chiaverini Visits Quiltmaker

She flew in from Palm Springs with her mom and went to channel 9 news in Denver for an interview on the noon edition before heading to our offices in Golden.

IMG 96281 300x200 Jennifer Chiaverini Visits Quiltmaker

Carolyn, Jennifer and June

June had requested several books from her publisher and asked Jennifer to autograph them.

IMG 96251 300x200 Jennifer Chiaverini Visits Quiltmaker

We headed to the Table Mountain Inn in Golden for a delightful lunch. Jennifer and her mom really enjoyed the sweet potato fries!

IMG 96301 300x200 Jennifer Chiaverini Visits Quiltmaker

We had polled our Facebook fans earlier in the week and asked what questions they would like us to ask Jennifer. During lunch we asked their questions plus some of our own.

How much research does she do on the historical background of her novels? A lot she said. She starts her research at the Wisconsin Historical Society library in Madison, Wisconsin, which she said was second in information only to the Library of Congress. From there she contacts the authors of any books she read in the library for additional information.

What plans does she have for more stories? The next novel, The Wedding Quilt due out in October 2011, will feature the contemporary Elm Creek Quilters. She will then return to the characters in The Quilter’s Homecoming for another historical novel.

Will a pattern book be written for the Hawaiian quilts from your book “The Aloha Quilt”? The next pattern book will be out this fall and will include patterns for two Hawaiian quilts and the wedding quilt along with patterns for seven other quilts.

What inspired her to write about quilters? Early on, she was taught to write about what she knows. Being a quilter herself, this was a topic she was familiar with. She adds, however, that her novels are about friendship, history and moral courage, and the reader doesn’t need to know anything about quilts or quilting to enjoy them.

Jennifer has also teamed up with Project Linus giving Elm Creek readers the chance to decide the sex of Sarah’s twins. The results will be revealed at the Project Linus Institute on Friday, July 22, 2011 at an exclusive sneak preview of an unpublished Elm Creek Quilts novel.

Leave us a comment by midnight, March 14th and let us know how many of Jennifer’s books you’ve read and which is your favorite. I’ll randomly select 2 winners Tuesday, March 15th to receive an autographed copy of The Union Quilters. [Update: Due to the unavailability of our blog, we're extending this deadline to midnight MST March 15 for comments and the winners will be selected on March 16.] The winners are JayTee, comment #45 and Carol, comment #89.

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109 Responses to Jennifer Chiaverini Visits Quiltmaker

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  2. Christine M says:

    I have read every one of them and loved them all. I’m just waiting for Jennifer’s latest one, The Union Quilters, to arrive in Australia.

  3. Mary Rishavy says:

    I really enjoy her books. Have not read the latest one. There are 3 gals living in our building that share books,so it would be great to get a new one.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I’ve never read any of them, how sad Is that!

  5. Sue Goodin says:

    I have read all of Jennifer’s books and I can’t say I have a favorite because I have loved them all.

  6. Carla Lesley says:

    I have read all of her elm creek quilter books in the series. I am especially drawn to the history the reader learns from her novels. Historical fiction is my favorite and I am a passionate quilter. I must say that I had never been to a quilt camp until I started reading her novels. The quilt camps held at elm creek manor sounded like soooo much fun that I had to find one in my area to attend. Since then I have gone to quilt camp every year and it is truly an enjoyable experience . I cant help but feel that had I not read about it in her first book , The master quilter, I might have missed out on all the fun!

  7. Janet in Richmond, Virgina says:

    I have read all of Jennifer’s books in the order she published them. Each one has built upon the previous one, which really makes them enjoyable. The characters build and their relationships grow and change. It is really hard to pick a favorite, as each time I finish one, that becomes my favorite. I just finished The Aloha Quilter, so I guess that is my favorite…at least until I finish The Union Quilters. I also have all of Jennifer’s Quilting books. I guess you would say I am a FAN. I would love to have an autographed copy of The Union Quilters. Thanks for the opportunity to express the enjoyment I get when I read Jennifer Chiaverini’s books.

  8. A.J. Dub says:

    I believe I have read all the Elm Creek Quilts books, except of course this new one. I just finished the Runaway quilt and loved it. I also loved Sugar Camp Quilt. So I am looking forward to the Union Quilters.

  9. Jacque says:

    I have never had the pleasure of reading one of Jennifer’s books – but boy, do I want to! I’ve heard so many great comments and reviews…just haven’t had the spare change to pick one up. Sure hope I can win!

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