The Stash Discussion/Problem/Obsession Giveaway

It seems like everyone in quilty-blog-world is talking about their stash right now. I wonder if it’s because we tend to “take stock” as a new year begins. I moved from one state to another a week before Christmas, which forced me to come to grips with how much fabric I actually own.

 The Stash Discussion/Problem/Obsession Giveaway

I’m a little embarrassed by it. The fabric acquisition habit was bad before I worked in the quilting industry; now it’s completely out of control. My moving experience with Allied Van Lines went like this:

l96040 1 The Stash Discussion/Problem/Obsession GiveawayA nice guy named Dan came to look over my condo and give me an estimate on the cost to move my things. He made a point of saying that he’d been doing this work for twenty-some years and that he was pretty good at estimating. The company trusted him a lot, he said.

 The Stash Discussion/Problem/Obsession Giveaway

A few days later, the estimate arrived by email. Dan thought my stuff would weigh about 6000 pounds. They shot me a guaranteed price, which means that if your load actually weighs more than they predict, the cost will not increase. (Dan told me up front that he added some “pad” to the estimate, just in case it weighed more than he thought.)

 The Stash Discussion/Problem/Obsession Giveaway

Fast forward to moving day and my stuff being unloaded at my new place. The driver/unloading chief tells me that although Dan estimated 6000 pounds, the load had actually gone over 9000 pounds. Says the driver, “I don’t think they know how much fabric actually weighs.”

agent The Stash Discussion/Problem/Obsession Giveaway

I’m totally loving that guaranteed price thing.

So that’s my stash story; here are other stash-related topics I’ve run across:

My stash research has revealed that I’m not alone. After reading other quilters’ stash stuff, nine thousand pounds is hardly anything at all.

If you’d like to add something from my stash to your stash, leave a comment by midnight Wednesday, January 5. Estimate the weight of your stash. The winners are comments #105, 95, 48, 59 and 76. I chose five because this is a great way to lighten my load! Thanks to everyone for taking part!

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138 Responses to The Stash Discussion/Problem/Obsession Giveaway

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  2. Kayrn says:

    I do charity quilting with 6 other gals at church on Saturdays.
    Recently I made a jeans quilt out of squares I’ve saved from my old jeans. It is 100 X 105 and the gals tied it for me. We raffel for the town of Ukiah to use for their 4 th July fireworks costs. We take turns making these each year. Many of our quilts are made from donated fabric and we repair peoples tattered old quilts. We are making lap quilts for the soldiers in hospitals from donated material.
    We would love to get any cotton donated stash. We could even pay the postage. We have fun & feel good about our quilting together. We are a small community in eastern OR mountains.

  3. kim mabry says:

    I barely have any stash bought some from new fabric from a garage sale real cheap the other day just building on my first quilt so no stash yet, oh just a few fat quarters given to me, so it would be wounderful to get some more fabric would be willing to ppay postage!

  4. Katrina Kahn says:

    That’s one big stash! At least you got a deal on moving LOL! I have been making a lot of projects from my stash lately and I think it’s because when I do the quilt or project feels free to me. I know that it’s not but it feels that way because I didn’t pay for the fabric lately ;-)

  5. I am not worthy!!!!

    But seriously, my stash consists of a double door sliding closet, 4 totes, two 55 gallon garbage bag full of fleece and various piles all over my sewing room and dining room. I’m working on 6 quilts at the moment, have fabric guitar straps in the works, a childrens activity book, doggie coats are coming soon and baby quilts. I know I won’t win anything, I never do, but if you want to get rid of some baby fabrics I’d be willing to pay the postage!!

  6. Aria in Indiana says:

    I wouldn’t even begin to try and estimate my stash. This past fall my sister came and spent a week with me to help me get my sewing area organized and clean out the garage. She had a really rough last 10 years and basically had to sell all her sewing and craft stuff to help get some of what she needed to live on. Now that she’s doing a bit better but is living on disability I sold her one of my sewing machines and then I gave her half of my stash. She was so thrilled with the fabric. Even tho I gave her half of my stash I still have more then what I can use in a life time. I’ll be giving “free” quilting lessons in my home and will offer the person some of my stash for them to use. That is what brings me happiness. Being able to help others. Now all I need to do is get the pain (fibromyalgia) in my body under control and then I’ll advertise the free lessons with free fabric. Happy New Year to all of you quilters out there.

  7. Karen604 says:

    I was thinking about your 3000 pound overage. Quilt fabric runs about 2 yards to a pound. Does that mean that you moved 6000 yards of fabric?

  8. Tiffany says:

    I’m a noobie and have barely any fabric, but I’d probably estimate 10-15lbs. I’d love to have some of your stash to add to mine! lol

  9. delia says:

    I finally got around to organizing my fabric stash to fit neatly in a box, so I would guess 10-15 lbs in total. If all goes well, I too will be moving this year, and the moving process scares me! However, I can’t pass up the possibility of acquiring fabric :)

  10. Sally says:

    I’m sorry that I missed out on the deadline for this one. That’s a great deal that you got for moving your things, it seems! If I had to guess on the weight of my stash, I would say maybe 50 lbs? That’s not including any batting….but I don’t have too much of that stashed.

  11. kwiltnkats says:

    225 pounds. I do have a little bit of an advantage though. I joined Judy Laquardia’s Stash Report on Sundays in late July. I calculated what I had by weight. Although I didn’t end up needing that figure I had 261 pounds that I managed to use 145 yards. Using the calculation of 4 yards equals 1 pound…I reduced the pounds and came up with 225! In the grand skeem of things not much in pounds but certainly better than adding weight. This year I’m continue to particpate in Judy’s weekly reporting which has inspired me tremendously to use what I have first! Sandi

  12. Victoria says:

    I used the 12 oz. / 2 yds measurement that I read on a website this week and believe that I have about 450 lbs of stash. 3ooo lbs blows my mind because I remember unloading 2600 pounds of canned goods for our local food bank and it took 3 of us almost an hour just to unload it from the truck . Yikes!

  13. Jan Mueller says:

    Well, I would first have to get my stash all in one place to even make an educated guess. Let’s see….there is some in the basement, ALOT in my sewing room, ALOT MORE in various stages of (in)completion, my donation bag to my Mom’s church! I guess I never thought of it in poundage. But I’m thinking there is alot. My New Year’s resolution for the past 25 years is to use up alot of what I have before I bring anymore into the house. Guess that is an unrealistic resolution. Doesn’t stop me from still buying and wanting more!

  14. Kimberly L says:

    I really have a small stash from other project that I was working on. (??20 lbs??) I am still new to quilting and making tote bags. But I will LOVE to take your load!

  15. Cyndi Mesa says:

    I’m reading these blogs and am feeling much better about my stash. I recently moved into a new house and thought I was doing badly when I ran out of room for “stash” storage. I had bought a new unit, and took the time as I unloaded each box to refold all the pieces of fabric so they would fit the new storage cubicles.

    By the time I was finsihed, I realized I was already out of space. The stash looked great though as I had arranged it all by color and value. This was the first time I’d ever taken that much time to categorize my stash. Of course, my DH thought I had a lot of fabric when it was all done.

    Now I have to go buy more “stash” storage. Needless to say, I’m pleased to know I really don’t have 9,000 lbs of stash! Keep shopping ladies!

  16. C. Turner says:

    I have been “saving” (fabric) for “retirement ” for years! I probably have about 26 of those 18 cu ft. totes full + some on bolts (maybe another 80 yards). If I were to part with any, it would be the oldest of my collection, which may not all be 100% cotton. Lucky for me, I have not mixed the oldest with the newer stuff, so it will be easy to identify. I only own about 50 or so quilt books, and no magazines, so I guess the weight is better than some would have.
    Love your moving story! I’ll remember that when I move.

  17. Mystica says:

    Thank you for the giveaway and who would not like some fabric!

  18. Some of us are fabric collectors and I have been collecting for quite awhile now so I am guessing that a couple of thousand lbs would not be far wrong_ I have about 35 totes of fabrics and then some pails of scraps – That does not begin to count quilting books, magazines or notions. Some of the comments in this post are too funny for words.
    I am sure you will find someone to give some fabrics to and they will love your treasures.
    Warmest regards from Western Canada,

  19. Kelly says:

    I recently moved across country and I’m here to tell you that fabric has true weight! My husband and son and two daughters found out just how much ten thirty gallon totes and two sixty gallonn trunk totes can weigh. My stash is approximatly twelve hundred pounds and I thank the lord every day for the invention of the wheel!!

  20. Kelsey Rose says:

    I’m a new quilter – I’d be surprised if I have more than 25lbs of fabric. Mine wouldn’t even fill a small 2 shelf bookcase. Of course, it’d weigh more if you start adding in heavier things like rulers, mats, irons, my machine, etc. :)

  21. Paula says:

    Maybe 50 lbs.??? Who knows? It pretty much fills one standard Ikea bookcase, no leftovers hidden anywhere else ;-) Thank you for the giveaway!

  22. NanaPat says:

    I have NO IDEA how much my stash weighs! My only comment is that it resides in two zip codes!

  23. Wendy Kemp says:

    Having just reduced the stash by finishing two quilts for GD’s for Xmas, we’ve been told number 3 is due in June. A little boost to help making peanut (that’s what it looks like on the scan) a quilt would be terrific. …………..9000lbs Wow, that is a serious stash!

  24. Angie says:

    When I moved to Germany I had to mail my stash. I think it was around 600 lbs. I am teaching a beginner sewing class for grades 2 and up at Ramstein Air Base this spring. It would be wonderful to add some of your stash to our class supplies. Thanks for sharing your story and your stash.

  25. Kathi says:

    This will have to be a total guess-timate. I have 16 60-qt. storage tubs that I figure average 35# so that’s 560# ( hmmm. seems like it should be more than that). Plus spare bedroom (my former sewing room) has 8-ft. length of upper kitchen-type cabinets that are stuffed with fabric. Must be another 500# there. I’ll guess-timate 1200 pounds for fabric. Oh wait, I forgot all the full bolts in the closet. Gotta be another couple hundred pounds there. Total is probably closer to 1500 pounds.

    Actually when I think about it, fabric probably isn’t the heaviest part of my stash. The books and patterns are what weigh so much. Then add my embroidery designs, stabilizers and Isacord threads (I have all the colors!)…oh my! I’d probably rival your 3000 pounds.

    Thanks for sharing thoughts about your stash – and for sharing some of the actual stash with us too. This is good therapy for us.

  26. Jackie says:

    Wow, I’m envious of your stash! Mine is only a paltry 500 pounds, give or take 100. I have recently been stash busting by doing scrap quilts, but I could do another 50 and not make a dent! But I love, love, love fabric and all fabric is welcome in my studio. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Jennifer says:

    We moved from Idaho to Montana just over three years ago. I had packed about twenty of those tote boxes ( I think they’re 18 gallons each) of just fabric. Admittedly, I inherited some from my grandmother but most if it was my fabric addiction. So, I’d estimate I have about 1,000 pounds. I’ve been very good about “shopping my stash” over the last year so it’d be great to have a “new” piece from your stash to jazz up the next project!

  28. Martina says:

    Wow, this is quite hard to mesure! But I do not have a very big stash. So I assume about 200 t0 250 pounds?
    Thanks for sharing about your stash and giving away some!

  29. Becky S says:

    Unfortunately, my stash isn’t that big–I would guess maybe 200 pounds. I would be thrilled to add some of your stash to mine. Thanks for the chance to win!

  30. Claudia says:

    PS. You NEVER ask a lady how much she weighs. You ABSOLUTELY NEVER ask a quilty lady how much she weighs. Good grief, Charlie Brown!

  31. karen p. says:

    I don’t know if I can guess either, I’m fairly new to beautiful fabric collecting, so maybe 200lbs?

  32. Carol Sc says:

    I don’t even want to think about how much my stash weighs — I’m guessing, at least, as much as yours. I’ve learned to take a couple of duffles, when I go to Paducah — or any other opportunity for much fabric shopping. One year, I had a big duffle — could hardly lift it — it was like carrying two dead men (and not small men, at that!).

  33. Noell says:

    my stash of fabric is tiny–about 20 pounds. yarn, however, is another story. I’m new to sewing and quilting and trying to make things out of the small stash and worn out clothes–so far it’s working, because I haven’t attempted anything too grand!

  34. Linda Erickson says:

    I have 2 tall cabinets full of fabric, so my wildest guess might be about 600 pounds (as she hangs her head in shame…..). To me half the fun is playing with the fabric!

  35. Esther says:

    If I had to guess, I would say no more than 100 pounds–and my New Year’s resolution is to not buy any fabric (unless it is something specifically needed to finish a project.) However, it doesn’t mean I can’t be the recipient of lovely fabric as a gift! :)

  36. Doina says:

    Thanks for a chance to win!

  37. Theresa Westrup says:

    I would guess I have around 500 lbs of stash and 50 lbs that belongs to my friend…a temporary loan. That’s not as much as yours, so sure, I will take some off your hands.

  38. Ellen Ban says:

    I’d guess my stash to be heading towards 300 lbs… who know’s? How much does a FQ weigh???

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