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QMs CountdowntoXmas1 Free Christmas Pattern   Stocking

As of 7 weeks ago, I have a new grandson. Parker Stephen Beam was born 10/24/10, bringing much joy to our entire family. He needed a stocking to go with the ones I made for the rest of his family.

Parkers stocking Free Christmas Pattern   Stocking

Parker's stocking

Here are the instructions to make this quick stocking:


You’ll need 4 different fabrics for the patches on the front. From each one, cut 3 – 4 1/2″ squares. From one of them, also cut a
2 1/2″ x 6″ rectangle for the toe and a 2″ x 7″ rectangle for the hanging loop.

You’ll also need:

  • 3/8 yard for the lining and top of the stocking (under the cuff) – cut a
    3″ x 12 1/2″ rectangle across the selvage and save the rest for the lining
  • fat eighth (9″ x 20″) for the cuff – cut a 7 1/2″ x 16 1/2″ rectangle
  • fat quarter (18″ x 20″) for the back
  • fat quarter of muslin*
  • batting: 13″ x 20″*

* You’ll need these if you quilt the front like I did. You can also skip the quilting step if you choose.

I arranged my squares in diagonal rows by color for the stocking front. Sew the lining rectangle, squares and toe rectangle together as shown below.

pieced squares for stocking2 Free Christmas Pattern   Stocking

Piecing for stocking front

If you’re going to quilt the stocking front, layer the muslin, batting and pieced stocking front. I quilted a casual wavy line over the seam lines.

stockinggrid 181x300 Free Christmas Pattern   Stocking

Stocking Pattern

On a 12″ x 20″ sheet of paper, draw a 1″ grid. Following the grid lines, copy the stocking pattern above and cut out along the solid lines. Lay the stocking front on the backing fabric, wrong sides together. Position the stocking pattern on top, matching the top of the pattern to the top of the stocking front. Trace around the pattern and cut out the stocking. In the same way, cut out the stocking lining.

All seam allowances are 1/4″.  With wrong sides together, sew the stocking front to the back. Turn the stocking right side out. With right sides together, sew the lining front to the lining back. Insert the lining into the stocking.

I used an embroidery machine to add Parker’s name to the cuff. You can also hand embroider or use a pigma pen to add a name. To center a name on the cuff, fold the cuff rectangle into quarters and lightly press. Add a name to the top right quadrant of the cuff. With right sides together, join the 2 short sides of the cuff. Turn the cuff right side out and fold in half along the crease (the raw edges will be at the top).

To make the loop for hanging, fold the 2 long sides of the rectangle to the center and press. Fold again and stitch close to the folded edges. Fold in half. Matching raw edges, baste the loop to the inside of the lining on the right side.

Insert the cuff inside the stocking, matching raw edges and the seams on the right, with the right side of the cuff to the right side of the lining (the name side of the cuff will be facing the front of the stocking). Sew around the top of the stocking. Fold the cuff over the seam to the outside of the stocking.

stockings Free Christmas Pattern   Stocking

Stockings on the mantel

What “quilty” decorations do you have in your house? Leave me a comment by Friday, 12/17 at noon MST, and I’ll randomly draw a name to receive a bundle of holiday fabric. The winner is commenter #15, Lisa. Thanks to everyone for your comments.

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I'm the Content Director for Quiltmaker magazine. I'm married with three grown sons and one adorable grandson.I've been quilting for over 30 years. I'm an avid quilter, but I also enjoy photography, scrapbooking, knitting, reading and hanging out with friends and family.
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27 Responses to Free Christmas Pattern – Stocking

  1. Carol says:

    Thank you for the very cute stocking pattern, and congratulations on the new grandbaby! I have several small wall quilts that I have made over the years, and I love to get them out each year. I also have a larger red/white/and green quilt over the back of my couch.

  2. Cecilia Young says:

    Congratulations on your new grandson! For the first time I have 2 granddaughters for Christmas! They are great, aren’t they? I have a quilt on the wall and a table topper on my coffee table. I hope to make stockings for next year. Thanks for the pattern.

  3. Carol Sc says:

    I, too, have quilty stockings, as well as a couple of wall hanging for Christmas. …and, on our entertainment center, along with the Nativity, I have a couple of Jim Shore’s quilty figurines — love em.

  4. Debi says:

    We have a small wall quilt of different mittens. I made this approximately 12 years ago when our kids were little. Each mitten is made of different Christmas/Winter fabrics and sewn with a blanket stitch onto the Christmas/Winter fabrics. It was one of my first attempts at quilting and holds a special place in my heart! Merry Christmas!

  5. bonnie says:

    I made a tree skirt a few year back, two years ago I made Christmas Stocking for the grown children and all the grandkids, not all of those were quilted, some were felt applique. This year it was a new table runner for Christmas. I have a wall hanging panel that needs quilted and a Santa face that I just won’t get done this year. So for next year I will make the Santa and I want a Christmas Quilt made with a star pattern of some sort.

  6. Marcia W. says:

    I made my one and only quilty decoration for Christmas. Still need to hang it – 12 Days of Christmas wall hanging. Thanks for the pattern.

  7. I LOVE making quilted table toppers with tea towels and potholders to match. I have a square kitchen table so I make square table covers for almost any reason or season! I also make decorative table runners for my coffee table at Christmas!

    Fun! Vanessa in Oklahoma

  8. Congratulations on the new addition!


  9. Lisa says:

    Congratulations on your new addition to the family. Thank you for a cute stocking idea, I love it! My quilty decor is a wallhanging and two bed quilts with a few things in the works! Thanks for a chance to win some lovely fabric. ~~Lisa

  10. Barb says:

    Aren’t grand babies the best? Just had our 11th on Dec. 8th. I am in the process of making a Christmas quilt. Wish I had started it sooner. Made all the stockings many years ago but just may have to update them after seeing so many cute patterns in blog land. Thanks for sharing yours.

  11. Mary says:

    Thanks for sharing the pattern. I have a tree skirt, lots of wallhangings and table runners, and one quilt. I’m hoping to get a couple of more quilts made before next year.

  12. Candy says:

    I have wallhangings galore! Snowmen, wreaths, and trees. I also have placemats and a table runner that I sewed from charm squares received at a quilting retreat several years ago. Several of the wallhangings decorated my office during the holidays until I retired this year.

  13. lisa says:

    I have a cute tree skirt that was made from blocks abandoned when a project got too overwhelming. It was an inherited project so I just turned the littel tree blocks into a tree skirt (this was back in teh template days that it was started) and a really cute wall hanging I just got up.

    I do need to make a stocking. My littlest one doesnt have one yet, my aunt had to make five last year and I told her H’s wasnt as important as my step-cousins who entered the family. in the mean time I might make her a quilted one in the mean time (compared to knit) and use it for guests in the future

  14. Linda (Petey) says:

    The quilt rack in our family room is now showing a Christmas quilt with blocks showing symbols of the season: church, angel, package, stocking, etc. It was lovingly hand-quilted for us by my mother-in-law.

  15. Hector says:

    I just finished making six table runners, and I am now back to working on my own stuff. Next years gifts are starting as soon as holiday fabric goes on clearance.

    And congrats on the grandson.

  16. Deb says:

    Congratulations on your new grandson! I have a table runner and quilted placemats. Hopefully by next Christmas I will definitely have a Christmas quilt.

  17. Deb G. in VA says:

    I have 2 Christmas tree skirts, 2 table runners, several paper pieced ornaments and several quilted ball ornaments. No Christmas quilts yet, but I have several on my wish list!

  18. Esther says:

    As of right now the only quilty holiday decor are our stockings. I made them last year after the arrival of our second baby. It makes me so happy to look at them every day. My next project is to make a lap size quilt with holiday fabric for snuggling under and reading Christmas stories to my little ones.

  19. Kaye M. says:

    Congratulations on having a new grandson! I made our little grandson a new stocking last year. Now that he is 2 yrs. old he will enjoy digging into it. I hang stockings that I made for our kids and grandson. I also hang a Log Cabin Christmas wreath quilt and 2 other small quilts that i made. Last week I made a new Christmas table runner as my old one was 30yrs old! Don’t you think it was time to replace the old one????

  20. Cathy Good says:

    I take down my regular quilts and in their place I put up Xmas quilts, one big tree quilt, one small tree quilt, a big Santa quilt and a winter scene quilt. And on my couch I lay a Block of the Month quilt done up in Xmas fabric. It all looks so festive!

  21. Jennifer says:

    Funny you should ask! We just put up our quilted mantel scarf up last night. I made it years ago and my hubby asks for it to be put up every year!

  22. Ann in AL says:

    I made a red and green quilt a couple of years ago, which by the way won Honorable Mention at the quilt symposium, I love to have that on the bed this time of year. It is very special to me because it is the first quilt I ever entered in a quilt show.

  23. Sandra Timmons says:

    Congratulations! A new baby! What fun! I have a green and white christmas tree quilt on the back of the couch and a red and white pom pom wreath hanging from the front window in between the lig hts with a red and white Christmas tree.

  24. Linda Robinson says:

    Congrats on the new grandbaby. There is nothing better than being a grandmother!! I have about 6 Christmas wall hangings and 2 lap quilts. It is so much fun to get them out every year.

  25. VickiT says:

    Oh how fun ~ A new baby in the house during the holidays is such fun. Congratulations Grandma!

    I am new to quilting so I can’t say there are too many ‘quilty’ things in my house yet much less for the holidays. Hopefully by next year I will have many things to show off around my house.

  26. Linda says:

    I have a tree skirt (new this year), a stocking for me made by a quilting friend and a stocking for hubby, wall hanging, table topper, a couple of Christmas quilts on the back of quilts and chairs and several “Jim Shore” decorations.
    Congrats of the grandson, there is nothing like grandchildren is there?
    Thanks for the pattern, very cute!

  27. Jocelyn says:

    Very cute. Thanks for sharing. And congrats on the new grand baby :-)

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