Treasure Hunt 2010 Sponsor: Stitchin’ Heaven

StitchinHeaven 125 Treasure Hunt 2010 Sponsor: Stitchin Heaven

We’re having a contest called Quiltmaker’s Treasure Hunt, and today we’re featuring contest sponsor Stitchin’ Heaven.

Look through their website for a Treasure Hunt button (shown below). Click on the button on their website for an entry form and a chance to win.

QM THcontest button 1252 Treasure Hunt 2010 Sponsor: Stitchin Heaven

Stitchin’ Heaven is an active online quilting resource as well as a full-service brick & mortar quilt shop in Quitman, Texas. Be sure to check out their block of the month programs as well as their extensive links to free quilt patterns.

bunk camp smore Treasure Hunt 2010 Sponsor: Stitchin Heaven

The Bunkhouse

There are also trips, retreats (check out the Bunkhouse) and patchwork parties! If it’s kits you’re after, they have those too!

Stitchin’ Heaven has generously donated twenty-five $25 gift certificates for Treasure Hunt winners. Quiltmaker extends sincere thanks to Stitchin’ Heaven for its sponsorship.

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I'm Interactive Editor for Quiltmaker magazine in Golden, Colorado, USA. For six years, I've been writing pattern instructions and product reviews, and doing a host of other tasks necessary to help produce a national pattern magazine. Now I work remotely from rural Nebraska to generate some of our online content. I manage the QM Scrap Squad, our blog tours and our Quilt-Alongs. I have one of the best jobs in the world.
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6 Responses to Treasure Hunt 2010 Sponsor: Stitchin’ Heaven

  1. I have looked everywhere for that dog gone Treasure Hunt button and I can not fine it anywhere! Guess I must be blind! I’ll be back to check again. See Ya!

    >>This is an old post from 2010 . . . watch the blog throughout October and November for the 2013 sponsor posts :-)

  2. Hi there. Wanna say thanks for all the posts u made. Actually i am in holiday and read some of your post by my smartphone. The think is that the most blogs are not good enough to display on an smartphone, but your blog … I will come back for sure, if i arrived home. Thanks

  3. Gold Berlin says:

    Greatfully post! It´s really nice to read and very interessting. Hope more posts like this cooming soon. Greatz

  4. I mistyped this website and luckily I found it again. presently am at my university I added this to favorites so that I can re-read it later regards

  5. Lillian says:

    Whooppeeee! I love Stitchin’ Heaven. I would love to win a gift certificate to their store.

  6. Niki says:

    Woo Hoo! We love Stitchin’ Heaven! The Treasure Hunt has been exciting!!

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