In the Spotlight: Anita Grossman Solomon/Giveaway

Anita Grossman Solomon visited us recently and demonstrated some of the tricks in her new book, Rotary Cutting Revolution from C&T Publishing. The techniques are nothing less than astonishing!

10711 In the Spotlight: Anita Grossman Solomon/Giveaway

A block called Anita’s Arrowhead was especially intriguing and so we made plans to feature a quilt called Anita’s Arrowhead in our Nov/Dec ’10 issue. (Buy this issue.)

QMMP 101200 cover 200 In the Spotlight: Anita Grossman Solomon/Giveaway

But we didn’t stop there. Editor-in-Chief June Dudley issued a challenge to staff members, we partnered with fabric companies, and five additional Arrowhead quilts were completed. They can be seen on page 20 of Quiltmaker Nov/Dec ’10.

arrowkits In the Spotlight: Anita Grossman Solomon/Giveaway

Over the next few weeks, each of us will post a little something about the quilt we made. To start things off, I asked Anita a few questions.

Anita Grossman Solomon 21 In the Spotlight: Anita Grossman Solomon/Giveaway

Anita Grossman Solomon

Anita, your methods are so innovative. My response to your book over and over was, “How did she think of that?!?” Is there an answer to that question?

Oh Diane, it just happens. It’s serendipity. The quilt in the book, the Liberty Arrowhead, was made of Liberty of London cotton lawn. I wanted more pink in it so I cut into my Liberty skirt.

Anita cut into her Liberty skirt In the Spotlight: Anita Grossman Solomon/Giveaway

What advice would you give to someone new to the methods in Rotary Cutting Revolution?

• For all piecers, cut fabric for the first block only. For Rotary Cutting Revolution that’s only two squares of fabric. Make the block. It’s your first “pancake,” so to speak. While that block will not usually be a keeper, you’ll become seasoned.

• Make more blocks without cutting all the fabric in advance. See how it goes, especially for scrap quilts. Who can tell how fabrics will look together until they are sewn? Work in batches, incorporating new fabric along the way.

• Move on from that pancake to “minestrone soup” by adding more ingredients, and season to taste.

What’s the next thing up your sleeve?

Getting back on the road to teach. Have rotary cutter, will travel. I’m looking forward to a solid week at Empty Spools Seminars in California next spring to focus on uniquely cut Pineapple blocks. I’m teaching during Session I, March 20 to 25.

Make It Simplerr Scrappy Pineapple1 In the Spotlight: Anita Grossman Solomon/Giveaway

Also there is a book I put on the back burner 10 years ago calling my name. It’s hibernating in a couple of dresser drawers.

Anything else you’d like our readers to know about you, your process or your quilts?

• I’m drawn to the confines of traditional blocks and push as many different fabrics as I can into the composition. It’s the process I love. That a quilt comes out of it is secondary for me.

• If you draw upon my techniques your quilt will always look like your quilt. It won’t be recognized as an “Anita” quilt because my contribution is invisible.

• I majored in art in college; that I never excelled in math or English is an understatement.

Visit with Anita at

To win a copy of Anita’s book, please leave a comment by midnight Oct. 15. You’ll LOVE her ideas!

To come: blog posts about each quilt and giveaways of leftover blocks and fabrics!

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