The Cat in the Hat Keeps Pins in Tins: Giveaway

Our friends at Robert Kaufman are celebrating Dr. Seuss fabric–and it’s very fun. We ended up with some extras, so I thought I’d do a little giveaway.

 The Cat in the Hat Keeps Pins in Tins: Giveaway

 The Cat in the Hat Keeps Pins in Tins: Giveaway

Put on your red and white-striped thinking cap and leave a comment with something quilty in Dr. Seuss-style for a chance to win 2 yards (1 yard of each fabric shown above) by 12 noon MST on Tuesday, September 28. We’ll pick two winners (creativity counts for this one!)

(9/28 update: entries are closed–now in deliberations . . . )

About June Dudley

I'm the Editor-in-Chief of Quiltmaker magazine. I have enjoyed quilting for many years. And I love to collect fabric, thread, books and all things quilty. I especially like batiks, bright colors, florals, dots, stripes and anything purple or teal.
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45 Responses to The Cat in the Hat Keeps Pins in Tins: Giveaway

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  2. Andrea West says:

    ‘When I wish to make a wish
    I wave my hand with a big swish swish.
    Then I say,”I wish for fabric!”
    And I get fabric right in my stash.
    Sew, sew sew,…
    if you wish to wish a wish,
    you may swish for fabric
    with my Ish wish stash.’

  3. Naturally, I meant I just tweeted about it.

  4. I didn’t get back in time to enter, but it was fun reading everyone else’s entries. Thanks for a fun contest. I just tweet about it.

  5. Lisa England says:

    Fabric’s like candy,
    It has such allure.
    I have a whole roomful,
    But still I want more.

    I look at it daily
    And sometimes I sew it,
    If the pile’s getting smaller
    Nobody would know it.

    I make quilts for babies,
    For sisters, for friends,
    The long list of projects,
    It just never ends.

    But never before
    Have I quilted with Suess,
    I’m anxious to try it,
    To really let loose!

  6. Shelly Womack says:

    I built a quilt for my friend Milt
    With old shirts he gave away.
    Once complete with plaids and prints
    An unusual color way.

    Milt said about the quilt I built
    About the greens, the reds
    And many blues,
    “I like this quilt, I do, I do!
    It matches my left shoes!”

    Milt Looking at the quilt I built
    Named every shirt he wore.
    Where and when he bought them,
    each and every store.

    Milt took the quilt I built and said,
    “ I like this thing you do –
    This quilty quilt you built;
    You made my old shirts new!

  7. Ann Tilton says:

    Pins and needles and sissors they flew
    on fabric of yellow and red and blue.
    Faster and faster she sewed in the ditch,
    some of us wondered if she was a witch!

  8. Sherry Jagels says:

    one quilt, two quilt, red quilt, blue quilt
    quilts over here, quilts over there,
    there are quilts everywhere,
    oh my oh my
    what shall I do,
    make another quilt, that’s what I’ll do.
    do the dishes? no, oh, no
    i’d rather quilt for the show.

  9. ellen says:

    My daughters, now 46 and 43, thought Dr. Seuss was the best doctor in the world and wanted him for their doctor!

  10. I would loved to maked a quilt out of Dr. Seuss My childened have Dr. Seuss books when they were little.

  11. Susan says:

    Dr. Seuss has provided a timeless legacy for young and old to share the love of reading. And now Robert Kaufman has created another opportunity to share the joy through animated fabric.

  12. Tina says:

    What is this? What do I see when I look?
    My favorite Cat is not only in my book!
    I think I will build a quilt with this Cat
    to comfort a child from Project Linus.
    I will! I will! I will do just that!

  13. Carol Morgan says:

    Dr Scuss and the Cat in The Hat brings back memories to me as I used to read them to my kids and they are 41 and 37 now, and now my 6 year old Grand Daughter reads them now. I still have the books from when my kids were small. Love the fabric too

  14. Trudi says:

    Look at me, look at me
    Look at me now.
    It is good to be quilting
    But you must know how.

    You need to read books
    And take classes you see
    Before you’re a quilter
    A quilter like me

    These quilts, they can take you
    To places unknown
    Like Bali, the Orient, or just
    The quilt shop downtown

    Where you’ll find yourself deep
    Into patterns and pins
    And books and machines
    And the best bargain bins

    Oh the fun that you’ll have
    On this journey you’ll take
    Oh the beds that you’ll cover
    And the wall quilts you’ll make

    Till your stash has finally
    conquered your space
    And you regretfully say
    As you stuff one more case.
    Oh, hubby, dear hubby,
    We need to buy a new place!

  15. Alice Lawson says:

    Oh me, oh my
    Do fishes like this really fly?
    They’re on my bed
    They’re in my head.

    I wish I had
    Some fabric and thread
    So I could sew something
    Before the fishes are dead!

  16. Anita V says:

    A needle, a thread
    what to do with that?

    A thread, some fabric,
    oooooh no….

    A thread, some fabric AND a needle
    you can sing Feedle dee deedle

    ’cause now you can sew
    and that’s what I do!

    pfff as a dutch woman it’s double so hard but I like the fabric and your blog!

  17. joan niebuhr says:

    I like to quilt
    A quilter I am
    My name is Joan
    and I quilt at home
    I sew and Quilt
    and quilt and sew
    I have no guilt
    I like them both

  18. SheilaC says:

    Green Eggs and ham?
    No, I don’t like them Sam I am.
    Green fabrics and thread?
    That sounds great, Sam I am!
    Green cutting mats?
    Yes, Yes, Sam I am!
    Green buttons and trims?
    You are the best, Sam I am!
    Greens in fabrics, bows and trims
    Are what I need to make me grin!

    Thanks for the give away

  19. Marcia says:

    The Cat in the Hat blows in the wind.
    The Cat in the Hat keeps pins in tins.

    Pink fishy is slopping around in a bowl.
    Pink fishy’s tea is getting cold.

    Is that a quilt that I do spy?
    Nope, it’s just Cat in the Hat in the sky.

    If quite a thread I do spin
    Then some Dr. Seuss I will win.

  20. Cats with hats,
    Fishes with wishes.

    Kaufman and Seuss
    Make fabric I use.

    Stitch and clip,
    Kaufman is hip.

    The quilt is now done
    With Seuss fabric I won.

  21. Diana says:

    One yard, two yards, red yards, blue yards.

    Quarters here and fat eigths there.
    Sewing things are everywhere.

    I do not like to sit and _itch.
    I’d rather stitch and stitch and stitch!

  22. Stephanie of Austin says:

    My name is thing 2,
    and all I wanna do,
    Is Celebrate Seuss,
    With my blocks and my boots.

    Thing 1 just might gloat,
    when I create her a tote
    with Celebrate Seuss
    yup, thats what I wanna do!

    Image link: (copy and paste into a web browser)

  23. Cecilia Young says:

    Oh, the quilts you can quilt
    if only you would quilt!
    You can quilt with reds
    or you can quilt with blues.

    But the best quilt of all
    would be with matieral
    by Dr. Seuss!

    I have enjoyed reading all of the other comments and am awed by the talent! Thanks for the giveaway.

  24. sharon gates says:

    the sun did not shine
    it was too wet to play
    so I quilted my quilt
    all that cold cold wet day
    I quilted and quilted
    and would you just look at that
    my quilt is all done for my cat in a hat

  25. Kathleen in Long Valley says:

    Stitch, Quilters, Stitch!
    You and I, we get that Itch!

    Quilters, Look, Look!
    My quilt from a Dr Seuss Book!

    Instead of Needles, I used Teedles,
    Zutters are now my Cutters,

    And my Gatting I just can’t live without!

    Flying Cakes on Yellow, Fishes on Red,
    Spinning sillies dancing in my Head!

    If I’m clever – (am I ever??)
    I just might, might, MIGHT
    Be stitching with Dr Seuss that night!

  26. robin says:

    A quilter who quilts
    Dr. Suess, it would seam,
    Has unlimited help
    She can quilt up her dream!

    From Thing 1 and Thing 2
    then to Hopping on Pop
    Of course Fishes in teapots
    Make awesome quilt tops!

    Is there fabric of Whoville?
    And Mulberry Street?
    Of the Lorax, or Horton?
    That would really be neat!

    Oh the quilts I would quilt!
    Oh the stitches I’d stitch!
    Oh the blankets I’d build!
    I’d stitch one of the Grinch!
    I’m just ITCHING
    to stitch up a quilt
    of the GRINCH!

    But alas! We shall see . . .
    If I do get a stash
    Of this Dr. Suess fabric
    Without paying cash.

    There are other poems, too!
    And their authors quite clever.
    I don’t know if I can
    Make my rhymes sound much better.

    All I can do is to sit, sit, sit, sit -
    Think what pattern would be fun
    To quilt Suess
    If I won!

  27. Becca Abney says:


    There’s quilting today.
    Quilts are off to Great places!
    They’re off and away!

    You have blocks in your head.
    You have threads on your shoes.
    You can quilt yourself
    any pattern you choose.
    You’re on your own. And you know what you know.
    And YOU are the one who decides where blocks go.

    You’ll look up and down quilts. Look ‘em over with heart.
    About some you will say, “I don’t choose to make art”
    With you head full of blocks and shoes full of threads,
    You’re too smart to think quilts belong only on beds.

    And you may not find any
    You quite want to sew.
    In that case, of course,
    You’ll tweak the pattern just so,

    With fabric so fair,
    And needle in the air

    Pretty quilts can happen
    and frequently do,
    by people as quilty
    and lovely as you.

    And when things start to happen,
    don’t worry, Don’t stew.
    Just sew right along
    And keep quilting too.


  28. Regina says:

    Every Who down in Whoville liked Quilting a lot, but the QueenBee, who lived just north of Whoville – did not. The QueenBee hated Quilting – the whole Quilting season. Now, please don’t ask why; no one quite knows the reason. It could be, perhaps, that her stitches were too tight. Or it could be that her bobbin wasn’t threaded on just right. But I think that the most likely reason of all may have been that her fabric stash was two sizes too small.

    And what happened then? Well, in Whoville they say that the QueenBee’s small stash grew three sizes that day. And then – the true meaning of Quilting came through, and the QueenBee built a stash the size of *ten* Quilters, plus two!

  29. Linda says:

    Do you love it, to sew I can
    Oh I love it, sew Linda I am

    I would love it here to sew
    I would love it don’t you know

    I would love it here and there
    I would love it, everywhere!

  30. lisa says:

    fabric, thread.
    make somethign for the bed.
    cutting, pressing, sewing,
    mabe add a litte zing.
    quit before you’re wilting.
    Ahh, you must be quilting.

  31. Katy (France) says:

    I cannot cut!
    I cannot piece!
    I cannot sew!
    I cannot bind!
    Listen, my dear…
    Even though you can’t sit under it or hang it on the wall,
    a quilt is a a quilt, no matter how small,
    Cut left and sew right and pin low and stitch high.
    Oh, the things you can create if only you try!
    You have pins in your cushion.
    You have fabric in your stash.
    You can whip up a nine-patch as quick as a flash.
    You’re not on your own.
    We all sew when you sew.
    You are the quilter who quilts heirlooms, covers and thows…

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  33. Lis says:

    I cannot do this
    I cannot rhyme
    I want to win
    but lack the time
    I’m off to make
    Green eggs and ham
    Good luck to you
    who have the skills
    I cannot do this
    I cannot rhyme.

  34. Kerry says:

    One fish, two fish,
    white fish, blue fish.
    No, no Cat!
    Bad Cat! You cat in a hat cat you!
    Woopsadaisy, cat in a hat!
    What will Mum say when she comes back!
    What fun, oh what fun!
    Just like when we were young!
    Such a whimsical quilt it could be!

  35. Andee in AZ says:

    I am really hoping you tell me in some of the words from Dr. Suess:
    Today is your day.
    This fabric is off to Great Places!
    It’s off and away!

    You have fabric on your mind.
    You have not feet but yards to win.
    You can use it for any pattern, any whim.
    You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the gal who’ll decide where to go.

  36. Kristen says:

    One print
    two print
    red print
    blue print

    Black print
    blue print
    old print
    new print.

    This one has a little star.
    This one has a little car.
    Say! what a lot of prints there are.

  37. June says:

    Been searching for Seuss
    Since grandbaby arrived
    A quilt I would make
    But no fabric I’d find

    Now it’s here so I’ve heard
    If only I’d win
    Lots of quilts I would make
    For all of my kin

  38. Jocelyn says:

    yellow and red,
    red and yellow,
    fishys and cats galore.
    swirling and swirling
    around and around
    how could we ask for more?

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  40. Who would like bright fabric and thread?
    Would you use them in a house?
    Could you use them with a mouse?
    *I* would like bright fabric and thread!!
    I would use them in a house and with a mouse!

    Too fun!!

  41. Wendy Cushing says:

    Please let me win.
    Do not forget me.
    I am now GLAD that I got up today!

    I am new at tweeting.
    Found your blog- -on my way.
    Now that it is bookmarked.
    I shall never forget you when I play!

    I’ve been sewing forever.
    Collect childrens literature too.
    Its a match made in heaven.
    What is a girl to do!

    I now find myself dreaming,
    of what I can do.
    With this fabulous fabric.
    That I now NEED thanks to you!!

    P.S. It is way too cute and this was such fun putting my thinking cap on! Now back to my dreaming!

  42. Heather says:

    From Here to There
    From There to Here
    Miles of Fabric Everywhere!

  43. The sewing room upstairs is filled to the brim
    With paisleys, and calicos and pink ruffle trim.
    The Unfinished objects are eagerly waiting
    For binding and hemming and a little creating

    For sure, I know, like a hole in the head
    I need more fabric to stuff under the bed.
    The husband will scream if arrives through the door
    Another brown box with anything more

    But so many boys being born to my friends
    The quilting demand never shall end
    Always on the hunt for a most suitable print
    For those boys, here is a hint
    No more trucks, or airplanes or solids of blues
    Please Robert Kaufman, I need Dr. Seuss….

  44. Nancy Sue Phillips says:

    When announced two yards of Cat
    will be given away if you don’t chat,
    but give your answer in Seuss-like style,
    you may find new fabric added to your pile.

    But wait! What’s that? A little birdy you hear?
    That says, “There’s too much in your craft room, Dear!”
    Well, take no heed, and take no haw.
    That’s my husband,… not my Pa!

    For I will tote stash in the car,
    but for this fabric, I won’t have to drive far.

    I read Quilty Pleasures on a blog.
    I read Quilty Pleasure in the fog.
    I’d write this required poem in a tree,
    ’cause a diehard quilter is what I be.

    hehehehe….that was fun!!! nsue21702 at gmail dot com

  45. Heather Macmillan Griffin says:


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