Giveaway Winner and Label Questions Answered

The random winner of the giveaway related to A Quick Quilt Label Method is #46, Pat S. Pat shared a really nice idea in her comment:

I like to add a picture of the recipient to my labels. I have also added a comment on a funny memory, or a few words of thanks, etc. It’s worth the extra touch because the person that receives the quilt cherishes it so much more!

Pat gets a fabric bundle and a copy of Quiltmaker’s Small Quilts, plus a custom label of her choosing. Congratulations, Pat.

Several people asked about the fabric I use for labels. I buy prepared inkjet fabric sheets and don’t mind paying for the convenience. You can certainly prepare the fabric yourself: get Bubble Jet Set or a similar product (or make your own) and follow the instructions, then iron the treated fabric to freezer paper and cut it to 8.5″ x 11″ so it will feed through your printer.

I have used many brands of prepared fabric sheets but I have not tested them all for durability on a quilt that is washed repeatedly. I would definitely recommend heat-setting with an iron (use a dry iron after you print the label).

I love Electric Quilt‘s EQ Printables, and have also used products from Jacquard, Blumenthal Craft, Dritz/Printed Treasures and June Tailor. They all seem to have slightly different characteristics: some are more stiff, some are more colorfast, etc. It would probably make a good blog post to test several and share the results. I love it that there are different fibers, weights and finishes available now.

Thanks for your participation and for the great label ideas you all shared.

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4 Responses to Giveaway Winner and Label Questions Answered

  1. Phyllis Eager says:

    Do you have to use pretreated fabric to make a label? What happens if you just use plain fabric to make a label and heat set it ? Will it fade away?

  2. Loretta Woods says:

    I make quilts for my granddaughters with different themes in things
    that they are intereste in at the time. Example: A quilt named
    “Wicked” for the granddaughter who is in love with the Broadway Play.
    I took a picture of her with the playbill and put it into my pictures.
    Then did exactly as you did but added the picture to document along
    with all the other information.. Hopefully they will remember what
    they looked like and what they were into at that age. They are fun
    to do and each one is different.

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  4. Pat S says:

    Wow…thank you, Quiltmaker! It’s a great feeling to finally win one of these contests!!!!

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