What is the Double Stitch?

Handwork has made a come back over the last several years. Everything from hand piecing and quilting to hand embroidery provide the perfect take-along project. Kathleen Brown and DeLoyce Tyler or Mountain Patchwork created a simple hand-embroidered block, Dresden Lane, for our May/June ’10 issue. Learn more about these two designers.

Mtn Patchwork1 285x300 What is the Double Stitch?

Kathleen and DeLoyce

We’re two friends who combined our love of quilting, handwork, and embroidery together to form Mountain Patchwork in 2003. We have both sewed and quilted for most of our lives and enjoy sharing our ideas and projects with others.

Our patterns are small projects which are pieced and quilted by hand. We include a small amount of embroidery and buttons as embellishment to each pattern to add a bit of interest and fun. Our pieces are sewn together with our Double Stitch, which is a warm and primitive stitch. It is a simple running stitch – no fine hand quilting for our projects.

We love traditional quilt blocks and the versatility they offer the quilt maker. We find that when watching television, waiting for an appointment, watching the kids’ sports, or any other small chunk of time, that’s long enough to get so much done using the Double Stitch. It is a fun and easy stitch and the projects are totally take-a-long and can be sewn anywhere.

Although Mountain Patchwork encourages piecing and quilting by hand, not all of our personal projects are done this way. We love our sewing machines and all types of quilting. It is a hobby full of love, excitement, creativity, and friendship.

Kathleen & DeLoyce

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  1. Jay says:

    I really like the way a project made with double stitch looks: so nicely handmade. The embellishments add so much to each project, too. Nicely done.

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