Theresa “Graduates” from Quiltmaker

After working as the graphic designer on Quiltmaker magazine for over 26 years (sometimes part-time, most recently full-time), Theresa Eisinger “graduated” from our pages at the end of last year and enrolled in nursing school. It’s been a longtime dream of hers and, although we miss seeing her every day, we’re thrilled for her. She’s almost done with her first semester and knows that this was definitely the right choice.

The good news is that she left us with a file full of designs, so she hasn’t disappeared from our pages at all. And we’ve already seen a new quilt from her since she’s been in school–she worked on it over Spring break. Here are two of her designs that have appeared in print since she left our staff.

12171 pattern img Theresa Graduates from Quiltmaker

Summer Siesta 96" x 96", designed by Theresa Eisinger, pattern in Quiltmaker May/June '10, kit available.

12410 pattern img Theresa Graduates from Quiltmaker

Potpourri Petals 26.5" x 37", designed by Theresa Eisinger, pattern in Quiltmaker's Small Quilts Summer '10, kit available.

We had a farewell party for her. Let me first explain that I had a really bad case of laryngitis. The day I headed to the bakery to order a farewell cake for Theresa, I could not talk at all–in fact, I couldn’t make a peep, a squeak, a croak–absolutely no sound whatsoever. So I took a picture of the last quilt of Theresa’s while she was still on staff, wrote out what I needed and headed to the bakery. “Can I help you?” they asked as I walked in. I nodded and handed them my note, thinking that I was really glad I wasn’t at the bank, and pointed my way through the order.

11414 pattern img Theresa Graduates from Quiltmaker

Petit Jardin 18" x 21", designed by Theresa Eisinger, pattern in Quiltmaker March/April '10, kit available.

I was thrilled with the cake Child’s Pastry Shop created using a picture of Petit Jardin (above) as the inspiration. Look at the details they created from frosting–the fabric designs in the watering can and flowers, the variety of scrappy greens in the background and even buttons for the flower centers! (And it tasted great too.)

petit jardin cake 300x275 Theresa Graduates from Quiltmaker

Cake inspired by Petit Jardin

At her farewell party we presented her with a quilt (the pattern will be coming in our Nov/Dec ’10 issue) that was made by her Creative Crafts Group co-workers, which include the staffs of Quiltmaker, Quilter’s Newsletter, McCall’s Quilting, SewNews and Creative Machine Embroidery.

TheresasFarewellQuilt 299x160 Theresa Graduates from Quiltmaker

Theresa's Farewell Quilt

Besides her quilt design abilities (she is so good with clever-but-still-simple designs), we do miss Theresa’s care and compassion (which is why we know she’ll make a fantastic nurse) and her quick laugh. But we still get to see her for an occasional lunch–she’s not too far away.

Theresa Cake 215x300 Theresa Graduates from Quiltmaker

Theresa with Petit Jardin--the quilt and the cake.

TheresaPeg 300x264 Theresa Graduates from Quiltmaker

Peg Spradlin, Theresa's sister and a longtime home sewer for Quiltmaker, came from Nebraska for Theresa's party.

Since I’m months late in posting this, and it’s our Small Quilts Celebration week, leave a comment by noon MST on Friday, May 14 telling what your dream job is and I’ll pick a random winner of our Small Quilts issue.

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