One Dozen UFOs

Last year I set a goal to finish 12 UFOs–one each month seemed doable. I stuck with it pretty well for most of the year and in the end, had a satisfying feeling of accomplishment. I did scramble some in December, but that’s how life goes.

Here are some of my finished projects.

UFO1peg One Dozen UFOs

I started this in a class with Peg Pennell from Nebraska, on which I wrote an article/pattern called Floribunda in the May/June ’08 issue of Quiltmaker. I used it to practice machine quilting/thread painting and a new binding technique. It could still use a few beads and I think it looks like it’s floating in mid-air, but it was my goal so I’m counting it as finished. I did buy a vintage doily that I’m going to paint hot pink and maybe I can use that to help it stop floating.

ufo2margaret One Dozen UFOs

I made these raging pink blocks in a Margaret Miller workshop and decided to sew them into a baby quilt. I was working with mostly fat quarters so I had to get creative with the borders but I like the result. Again, practiced machine quilting on it.

ufo3qnm One Dozen UFOs

This adorable wall hanging, Little House in the Forest, ran in Quilters Newsletter‘s Quilt It for Christmas 2007. Art Director Kath Wright designed it. I pieced mine during a retreat with friends. It was quick to finish. I love how that little house is tucked under a tree.

ufo4selvage One Dozen UFOs

This might be cheating because I started and finished this one, a selvage purse for my daughter’s birthday. I used a pattern called the Swing Bag by Amy Butler. My daughter has not yet carried it. Ahem. If you’re interested in selvages, be sure to visit Karen Griska’s blog,

ufo5crib One Dozen UFOs

These are little windmill blocks that I make constantly when I’m too tired to be really creative. I have hundreds of them. Grabbed a bunch of mostly green and blue ones and put together this baby quilt. Used it to practice machine quilting with a technique called Just Leaf It by Kim Stotsenberg. It’s a great technique, easy to learn and very forgiving. I highly recommend it.

ufo6frenzen One Dozen UFOs

“Happy” is a small wall piece I finished up to give as a graduation gift. I started in on a play day with friends: stamped on it, thread painted, added beads and buttons and watercolor pencil. Just freeform fun!

Coming soon: part 2 with the second half of One Dozen UFOs. How about you? Any UFOs to be finished? Have you set a UFO goal for 2010?

About Diane Harris

I'm an editor for Quiltmaker magazine in Golden, Colorado, USA. For six years, I wrote pattern instructions, product reviews and how-to articles. Then I spent four years as QM's Interactive Editor, working to generate much of our online content. Now I'm back to patterns and how-tos, which is a great fit for me. I still love writing about quilt-related topics for Quilty Pleasures, and I always have my finger on the pulse of the quilting world. I teach a variety of quilt classes and give guild programs, too. Reach me by email:
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11 Responses to One Dozen UFOs

  1. Enjoyed studying this, very good stuff, thankyou . “Management is nothing more than motivating other people.” by Lee Iacocca.

  2. Susan Guzman says:

    Diane . . . Fantastic! Love your use of fun, colorful fabrics! Perhaps one of these days I can squeeze some time in for extra-curricular quilting! Can’t wait to see Part 2 . . .

  3. Great job on finishing your UFO’s! I love “Happy” the best.

  4. They are all great projects! Doesn’t it feel good having them all finished and ready for displaying/gift giving? LOL, I think your DD is maybe waiting for spring? ;)

  5. They are all wonderful pieces, but I think the last one is my favorite, love freeform quilting and embellishments.


  6. Holly (The Daughter) says:

    My plan all along was to auction it off in this here comment section. Let’s start the bidding at $100! :)

  7. Diane Harris says:

    Thank you, Mary. I always think the same thing about quilts by Becky Goldsmith. She makes happy quilts!

  8. Mary Flynn says:

    About now I’m loving the colors in your post today…it is so darned dark and dreary out. Your quilts make me feel happy and energized!

  9. June says:

    You can tell Holly if she doesn’t want to carry that purse, I will ;-)

  10. Diane Harris says:

    Thank you Brenda! What a nice thing for you to say!

  11. I love your sense of style Diane. Your work never ceases to amaze me and make me smile. I am so jealous that you finished your Peg Pennel piece. I actually got mine out the other day and THOUGHT about working on it. Mine is intended to be a gift for my Hawaii son, who’s trying to find a job on the mainland, so it might end up being a piece to remind him of where he once lived.

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