One-Yard Wonders

oywonders4 One Yard Wonders

One-Yard Wonders is a new release that just arrived in our office for review. Storey Publishing has packed it full of great sewing projects—101 projects, to be exact. Focused on general sewing more than quilting, it would make a great gift for any young sewer you know.

pantry One Yard Wonders

One of my favorite sections is their novel idea of a “sewing pantry”explained like this:

Here’s a list of the 40 essentials we think you’ll want to have on hand, not just to complete your projects, but to ensure a frustration-free sewing experience every time! Just as you wouldn’t attempt to cook a fabulous recipe without your essential cooking utensils, and…basic ingredients, so you must keep your sewing pantry stocked with some fundamental sewing necessities.

Lists of “25 Equipment Must-Haves” and “15 Necessary Notions” follow. Comparing sewing supplies to a pantry, I think, is a really helpful idea.

The authors are Rebecca Yaker, owner of Hazel and Melvin’s Room (an online boutique) and Patricia Hoskins, co-founder of Crafty Planet. Together they organize the No Coast Craft-a-Rama, an independent craft fair.

Eleven chapters cover everything from home items to storage, toting, pets and fun stuff for kids. Full-size patterns and a list of more than 70 contributors (with blog addresses!) will keep you busy, online and off, for weeks.

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3 Responses to One-Yard Wonders

  1. Pat says:

    How exciting about the sewing pantry!! A truth is a truth and I was so glad to hear that other quilters had discovered the same thing as I have, that is, comparing quilting to cooking. Whenever I beat myself up about all the fabrics, notions, etc I accumulate I just remind myself that fabric is the “ingredients” of a quilt like flour, sugar, salt and all the other basics. Kits are like quick mixes (cake mixes, etc.) and all my notions are like my “kitchen tools.” I never beat myself up whenever I have to go buy another ingredient to complete a recipe so why should I feel guilty that I have to go buy another piece of fabric to complete a quilt! Thanks to the authors for cementing my “quilting to cooking” comparison idea.

  2. Sherri says:

    Looks like a wonderful book…love the idea of a sewing pantry too!

  3. Love that sewing pantry. I really need to reorganize my sewing room.
    It looks like a tornado hit it;)


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