Quilty Tidbits

A few quilty tidbits for today…

planefabric Quilty Tidbits

1. I was in Nebraska (where I’m from) a few weeks ago and made my first visit to the International Quilt Study Center and Museum. It’s a wonderful facility and if you have the chance to go, make the most of it! It’s worth noting that you can view their entire collection in an online gallery, and the search engine they have is fantastic.

In the gift shop I picked up this interesting fabric with blocks of geometric designs and some airplanes thrown in.

I had selvage information so I googled “echino ni-co etsuko furuya kokka” and found the whole collection by Kokka. I love this blend of 45% cotton/55%linen. I’m thinking I’ll make a bag. Stay tuned…

uglyblock Quilty Tidbits

2. I’ve been wanting to make some Spiderweb blocks so I did a trial run the other night. But I think the block (above) is just plain ugly. Maybe it’s because the red fabric leans too much toward orange. It’s a nice fabric by itself but it didn’t work with the scraps I grabbed. Moral: everyone makes some ugly blocks.

3. In stark contrast are the blocks below:

juliesblox Quilty Tidbits

When I was in Nebraska, I led a UFO (quilters’ lingo for UnFinished Object) session and Julie from Hastings brought these amazing hand-pieced sunburst blocks. She also brought along a seed packet from which she drew her color inspiration. What a wonderful idea! Julie’s stitches are so tiny I had to look very closely to see that they were not machine stitches. Lovely work–and she’s well on her way to a fabulous art quilt. Julie used Marti Michell’s Perfect Patchwork Templates, Set F Sunburst.

That’s it for tidbits!

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2 Responses to Quilty Tidbits

  1. Jean says:

    I think your spiderweb block is pretty..just add some more of that color through the rest that you make and it will balance it.

  2. Terry says:

    Oh my…those sunflower blocks are absolutely fabulous!! :0)

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