The Mysterious Bonnie Hunter

Bonnie’s not really mysterious, but she sure has fun with mystery quilts! The QM staff have enjoyed getting to know Bonnie Hunter through her blog and in person when she traveled through Colorado in 2008 and we got to spend some time with her.

Let me tell you a little bit about Bonnie. She’s a prolific quilter, a lot of fun and she makes great scrap quilts. She has a workable system for using her scraps (Scrap User’s System in Jan/Feb ’09) and for making one quilt while she’s working on another (Leaders and Enders in Jan/Feb ’08). If you ever have the chance to hear Bonnie speak, go! When I heard her speak, I sat there thinking “I can do this–I should do this–It’d be so simple to set up a system like hers.” She’s inspiring.

6535 pattern img The Mysterious Bonnie  Hunter

I’m so glad that we’ve been able to introduce Bonnie to QM readers and, in our July/Aug ’09 issue we’re starting a mystery quilt designed exclusively for us. It’s called Christmas Lights and part 1 is now available in the magazine.


bonniehunterbundle The Mysterious Bonnie  Hunter

Special Offer: If you’ve missed any of the previous Quiltmaker issues that feature Bonnie’s articles and patterns, we’ve got a Bonnie Hunter Special on sale now. You get 4 issues that feature Bonnie’s articles and patterns, including July/August ’09 to start the Mystery series all for $10.99.

1061 shirttailscover 300 The Mysterious Bonnie  Hunter

Book Review + Giveaway: Bonnie is also the author of a book called Scraps & Shirttails: Reuse, Re-Purpose, Recycle! The Art of Quilting Green, published by Kansas City Star Books. This book is filled with Bonnie’s ideas to recycle everything from stash fabric to thrift store finds. Bonnie will help you tame your scraps and turn them into quilts, and the book has 12 fun patterns as well. Leave a comment mentioning your favorite quilt-related blog  by 12 noon Mountain time on Friday, June 19 and I’ll select 5 different people to win a copy of Bonnie’s book!

About June Dudley

I'm the Editor-in-Chief of Quiltmaker magazine. I have enjoyed quilting for many years. And I love to collect fabric, thread, books and all things quilty. I especially like batiks, bright colors, florals, dots, stripes and anything purple or teal.
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187 Responses to The Mysterious Bonnie Hunter

  1. Rose says:

    I just found Bonnie’s Quiltville blog today and have already started one of her scrap quilts. What a wealth of information she has on her site! She is now my new favorite blogger and I would love to have her book.

  2. Gosh – spoilt for choice! So many great blogs all around the world but I guess I should really vote for Bonnie’s Quiltville as that was the first blog I really tuned into and was my introduction to a great number of online friends who I would never probably have hooked up with otherwise

  3. Linda Dennison says:

    My favorite blog site is I love Bonnie’s website, it has really given me a new appreciation for scrap quilts. I made my first scrapquilt (string) after finding her site.
    I love this idea, this has given me more new blogs to explore.

  4. Patty says:

    I try to read lots of blogs, but Bonnie’s is one of my favoritess.

  5. Linda Wright says:

    I have found so many wonderful quilting blogs but I always like to check out Crazy Mom’s and Sisters Choice. Would love to win Bonnie’s book. Scrap quilts are a favorite.

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  7. Bonnie totally rocks and I also enjoy Bunny Hill Designs blog as they are both super sources for inspiration!!!!!!! Don’t forget to support Bonnie on her cycling for a cancer cure – every one, every bit can make a difference!!!!!!!!!!

  8. This is AWESOME!! One of my bee girlfriends LOVES, LOVES, LOVES scraps AND crumbles….this will be fun to share/do together. Thank you to my gal pal in Virginia for bringing me to this fun site! Can’t wait to start the mystery. :)

  9. Johanne Gagne says:

    My favorite blog is Bonnie’s. If have made many of her patterns as Charity quilts with our quild.

  10. Tina Gordon says:

    I stumble across blogs all the time when I’m mindlessly surfing quilt-related sites (the sewing machine rumble keeps the kids up; therefore, I surf), so I can’t really come up with a fav. Maybe I should start bookmarking some.

  11. Delia says:

    I am really love Bonnie Hunter’s blog. I can’t imagine the the time and effort she shares with the quilt world. Not to mention her hints, patterns, etc. I am so impressed with her. I I also like the Japanese quilts so I also like this blog…

  12. Maureen S says:

    I have to admit Bonnie’s site is the only one I follow regularly. Being strapped for cash, I find her scrap patterns perfect for me. I make my quilts out of material from shirts, etc all the time. This enables me to make one for a family member, then one to donate. She is a real inspiration to me!

  13. Judi R. says:

    Bonnie’s blog is my favorite place to be with my morning coffee. The problem is sometimes it becomes lunch-time coffee too. There is so much great information there……….I just love it!
    I was thrilled to see her associated with my Quiltmaker Magazine again. Please enter me in the drawing. I’d love to have her book!

  14. Another Sheila says:

    Bonnie’s site was probably one of the first I found as a new quilter 10 years ago and Quiltmaker was the first magazine I subscribed to. I once bought the first (100? 50? can’t remember) issues of Quiltmaker on ebay and still have them. I subscribe to a lot of quilting blogs thru Google Reader; if I don’t have much time to read many entries about ‘life,’ I head straight for the quilty inspiration: (alpha order)
    Alycia (
    Keryn (
    Linda (
    Mary ( and her
    Mereth (
    Patsy (

  15. Linda says:

    I love reading Bonnie’s blog, love her patterns too!

  16. BJ says:

    I read 68 quilting blogs, so picking one as a favorite really wouldn’t be fair. A few I really enjoy are Kim’s Quilting Adventure, Crazy Mom, Sew Mama Sew, Oh, Fransson, and Mary Quilts…and of course Bonnie’s.

  17. I just found this Blogand I enjoying reading everyone comments. I also reads Blogs from, Pam Bono, Quilters Newsletter, Twitter, And Facebook Quilters.

  18. Laurie says:

    I read Bonnie Hunter’s ( and Karen’s ( almost every day. They feel like friends even though I’ve never met either of them. Both have projects that inspire me and adventures that make me smile.

  19. Sandra Rocca says:

    I have, within the last year discovered Bonnie, her blog and her fabulous website. I love all three! She is a talented, creative artist and a generous woman who always thinks about others. What a gem! It’s so much fun to follow her thru her blog! She is a great inspiration to us all!!

  20. Karen says:

    I read Bonnie Hunter’s and Anne Sutton’s (Bunny Hill Designs) blogs regularly. They post frequently and share a bit of themselves and a bit of quilty knowledge with their readers.

  21. Cherie Moore says:

    My current favorite is Tonya’s blog. Having a blast with the free pieced lettering. I came to Tonya’s blog via Bonnie Hunter’s blog when the two of them did Love on a Shoestring Budget project together.

  22. Kim says:

    I love Bonnie’s blog and even blog about my quilts made from her site and mysteries!
    She is truly an inspiration to all of us at her quiltville chat group too. I can’t wait to see how the new mystery works up then we all post pictures and start chatting about the quilt.
    Happy Sewing

  23. Helen O says:

    I have a subscription to Quiltmaker, so I really enjoy your site.
    There are a lot of blogs that I read, but I like Bonnies ( for all the help and I also like Bunny Hill. Sometimes I spend way too much time reading the blogs and not enough time sewing. Sew much to know. Helen

  24. Deb Poland says: and Are by far my fav’s. I love them both.

  25. I love reading Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville! She is such a generous quilter. I like Judy L’s patchwork times too. So many blogs~ sew little time! ;)

  26. Sheppard says:

    I LOVE bonnie’s blog, then the Yahoo group about Stashbusters. “maryquilts” is fabulous. I also love just clicking through the links on one blog to another and another – just browsing through the world of quilting blogs.

  27. I love so many quilting websites & blogspots I would hate to start naming them and forget to mention one. I am currently working on basket BOM and (red delicious)
    I have made many of bonnie’s quilts and I have not been unhappy with a single one!

  28. Debbie Worley says:

    I regularly follow Bonnie’s blog as well as Patchwork Times. I also read lots of blogs on the StashQuilts webring as well and the Quilt Mavericks webring. I just picked up the magazine to start the mystery quilt. I can’t wait!!!!

  29. Lisa Mathis says:

    Bonnie’s Quips and Snips is one of my regular reads, as well as PamKitty Morning, Patchwork Times, and Don’t Look Now is a new favorite. I’ve been begging my guild to have Bonnie come and now she’s booking so far in advance. Boo hoo! I’d love a copy of her book!! Lisa

  30. Tricia King says:

    My top 2 are Bonnie Hunter’s blog and Judy Laquidara’s blog. I love Bonnie’s style of quilting.


  31. Brenda Johnson says:

    Hi, one of my most favorite magazine is Quiltmaker and I hope you never quit making it…As for Bonnie…Life dealt me some really horrific issues to deal with and declined quilting since 03. I decided that I got a second chance at life and wanted to begin quilting again…I was only a beginner when I had started back in 99, so I wasn’t sure where to start or how to start…I came across Bonnie’s site Quiltville and read and read and thought this lady has given me all the inspiration I need…So I’m happy to say, I have sewn one top yet to be quilted and have 6 projects on the go…I have all your magazines since back in 2000. I believe I have missed some but that was due to becoming very sick with cancer…Thank-you so much for a wonderful magazine.
    As for blogs I have many many ones…Your’s and Bonnies i just love. I enjoy going to Moda Bake Shop, Any blog that has video and tutorials. I also like Quilter’s Tv…

  32. LeeAnn says:

    I follow so many blogs, is hard to pick just one. I do enjoy Bonnie’s blog and will certainly add Quiltmakers blog to my long list of blogs….thanks for the chance to win Bonnies book and offering one of mysteries in your wonderful magazine!

  33. Susan says:

    All of these blogs were filled with great ideas! But “Say Cheese” made me laugh outloud because I have some “can’t smile for a picture” people in my life too. Imight use Theresa’s technique for creat a little smile. Plus the picture printed on fabric is priceless. I’d really like to try that!

  34. Norma in Baton Rouge says:

    I have several favorite blogs – of course Bonnie Hunter’s, and Mary Johnson’s http..// and the one I go to 1st each day is Judy Laquidara’s http..// I also have a subscription to Quiltmaker because you have the best patterns!

  35. Judy C in NC says:

    My favorites have to be Bonnie’s Quiltville’s Quips and Snips and because of the humor, sometimes chaos, quilt stories, tips, life experiences, swaps and the compassion, sharing and friendship from such a warm, loving and caring community of quilters.

  36. Christina D says:

    I check out Bonnie’s Blog daily. It’s my “Go to” starting point for blog reading. She inspires me with her creativity.
    Christina D

  37. Marion says:


    My most loved quilt related blog is the one from Bonnie, because her discriptions are so wonderful, and so easy, that I don’t need often a dictionary.

    Greetings from Germany,


  38. Jackie says:

    For the last couple of years my only access to the computer world of quilting was for only 25 minutes @ my local library, which didn’t give me enough time to explore blogs. Thank goodness for my Quiltmaker magazine subscription, my brand new home computer :) and now being able to visit websites I found within your magazine, I visited Bonnie’s website and clicked around where I found your blog! Love it! A whole new world of quilting has opened up to me while visiting the recommended blogs and I’ve signed up many of them. Thank you! Oh yes, Bonnies was the first I joined :)

  39. Pat says:

    I was lucky to attend two wotkshops and two lectures while Bonnie was in Wisconsin last November! She is sweetie :)

    I love all the different fabrics she *sews* together.

  40. Louisa says:

    Here’s one I try to follow: Thanks

  41. Martha says:

    I love Bonnie’s blog. She’s so creative. I also like to read taylorsfarmhouseattic. She has great music on hers. Checking blogs has definitely increased my daily computer time.

  42. Lesley Gosselin says:

    I love Bonnie’s blog. I find her style of quilting and blogging to be something that I really relate to. I check it daily :) She is amazing. I am so happy she is getting national recognition for her talent! Go Bonnie!

  43. Sue Phillips says:

    I have made several of Bonnie’s quilts and they are so easy and l cut left over pieces into 2.5″ squares for leader and enders.
    I follow a few :) blogs, a simple quilter and Kims big quilting adventure are my favourites. Love Bonnie too!!!

  44. Linda Ferguson says:

    Quiltmaker is one of my favorite magazines. I am new to looking at their block but will start checking often. I have started Bonnie’s mystery and have enjoyed her website & blog.

  45. V says:

    I’m always late for these things! oh well. ;-) great giveaway anyway!
    favorite blog? that’s tough i have a whole list.. maybe christine @ a simple quilter

  46. Stephanie says:

    I really like Bonnie’s quilt patterns and have made two of her patterns on her website. They went to recipients before I could take a pic but were very much appreciated and loved. Keep up the good work Bonnie. I check you website almost every day!

  47. Mary Burn says:

    Bonnie is my favorite blogger. There are so many interesting blogs that it is really hard to choose a favorite — but I do think Bonnie is great.

  48. Kathie says:

    I can’t wait to take a workshop with Bonnie. Love the way she uses scraps.

  49. Vivian says:

    Although many other people have already mentioned some of my top blogs (Bonnie’s “Quiltville”, Judy’s “Patchwork Times”, Mary at “MaryQuilts” and AmandaJean’s “Crazy Mom Quilts”) I’d also like to add Wanda at “Exuberant Color” (, Finn who encourages us to use our orphan blocks (, Amy at “Park City Girl” who hosted a Bloggers Quilt Festival this spring (, and “Anyone Can Quilt” for her oh-so-chic, shabby chic style (

    And your readers will point you to even more!

  50. Wendy says:

    Well obviously this blog and Bonnie’s Quiltville’s blog are in my regulars. I also enjoy several mentioned above. Some other good ones I like are PatchworkPottery.blogspot and and

  51. Heather says:

    Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville blog is my absolute fave! I also check in on Mary Quilts, the Selvage blog and Mark Lipinski from time to time and oh yeah, Kimberly Camou’s blog Divine Inspirations is a good one, too.

  52. Wow, it’s so hard to choose one fav from the zillions on my blog list. Bonnie’s is certainly on the top as well as Kim at and Judy at and Libby at and Tonya at and Marlene at but I could go on and on. I love all the blogs where there is more than just quilty content. I enjoy the peek into the daily lives of these inspiring women. When there is humor thrown in they are doubly good!

  53. Joy says:

    Bonnie Hunter’s is one of my fav’s

  54. florence says:

    being a new quilter i stick to the ones i can learn from like crazy mom, oh franson, to name two off my head. I would just love to read bonnies new book,,,,,,,i have heard nothing but great things,,,,,so i hope i win one.

  55. anne richardson says:

    I am new to exploring blogs and happened on Bonnie’s “Quiltville” blog. It is now in my favorites box. I am inspired to hunt for more blogs. You can tell I am really, really new at this computer stuff. I have read the comments and will look for the other blogs the readers mentioned. I need to be careful or I can see my quilting time morphing into blog reading time. :-) Anne

  56. Cory says:

    Even though I just subscribed, this blog is quickly becoming on of my favorites. and Bonnie’s blog has been a favorite for quite a while. And, no, I’m not saying that just because you are giving away Bonnie’s book. :-) I would love to win her book. Take care and God bless, Cory

  57. Janet says:

    There are so many quilty related great blog sights but Bonnie’s takes the cake (and the quilt, too. Hahaha!) Her generosity with so many of her patterns and advice is the BEST!!!

  58. Carol says:

    I can’t choose just one! Three websites I check everyday (or several times a day!) are,, and Mary, Judy & Bonnie inspire, teach, and entertain!

  59. Sandy says:

    Favorite quilt blog is Bonnie’s.

  60. Jill says:

    I love Bonnie’s website and blog. I am just starting to find quilting blogs and am enjoying them so much. Thanks for having Bonnie’s mystery in your magazine.

  61. Michelle says:

    Wow. How to choose just one??? or even two dozen. If I read ALL of the quilting sites, I would never get any sewing done. And that would be a sad day for sure. I really enjoy Bonnies blog for one. “Moose on the Porch” for another, she is a local gal where I live and also a friend. I look forward to doing ANOTHER “Challenge” from Bonnie.

  62. Ann says:

    Bonnie Hunter’s blog is one of my favorites. I also love Crazy Mom Quilts and Judy Laquidara’s Patchwork Times. There are so many wonderful quilting blogs, it’s difficult to just pick one. Thank you for a chance to win Bonnie’s book, “Scraps & Shirttails”.

  63. Nyla-Jean says:

    My favourite quilt blog? Why Bonnie’s of course! She’s been a huge influence in my quilting. Thanks for the chance to win her book.

  64. Juanita says:

    I have two favorites: Bonnie’s and I recently discovered Quilted Cupcake that I like a lot.

  65. Maxine says:

    My favorite quilting blog is “Moda Bakeshop.” There are so many quick and easy patterns.

  66. What a great contest! One of my favorite blogs is Patchwork Times written by Judy Laquirdara
    Judy has wonderful patterns, hints, recipes, amusing life-stories. I also love Bonnie’s site, too. Thanks for the generous offer to give-away some of Bonnie’s books.

  67. Arlene Eyerman says:

    I have to say Bonnie’s blog is my favorite. I started to quilt a year ago, my mom got me doing it. My first quilt was the mystery quilt Carolina Crossroads and I have done all her other mystery quilts sometimes more than once! I do go to other places but she is my all time favorite and I would love for her to come to southern Ca. sometime! It is because of her that I subscribe to your magazine Quiltmaker.

  68. Robyn says:

    Bonnie’s is one of my absolute favorite sites. I check it daily. She has such great patterns and tips and I love looking at her photos. Especially the ones she quilts, the closeups. They’re very inspiring.

  69. Hilda says:

    I love Tanya’s Lazy Gal Quilting blog (, and then I go from hers to all the ones she links. And instead of sewing…I end up surfing for hours…but now that I’ve had surgery on my hand, this is a good thing.

  70. Sue P. says:

    I can’t stand blogs! They are so addicting and full of great ideas. I get so carried away with reading them that I don’t get any of my projects done! The only quilting blog that I have in my favorites is I enjoy reading it and seeing all of the comments!

  71. Karen L. says:

    Well, I would also have to say that Bonnie Hunter’s blog is my favorite as it is always the first quilt related blog I check when I get on the computer. I found her blog when she moved just West of me in NC. It seems like she can make a quilt from nothing!!! How does she do that? Also, she has turned out to be a most generous person sharing patterns and mystery quilts with all of us for zero dollars. In this day and age, it does not get any better than that! Everyone who is the least bit interested in scrap quilts (or beautiful quilt designs for that matter) should definitely buy her book. Well worth the dollars spent.

  72. christine collins says:

    I have to say that Bonnie Hunter is my favourite blogger

    She has such a busy life, but still manages to quilt professionally, blog, write a book, add free patterns to her website and travel all over the US….spreading the scrappy love……

  73. Patty Mancino says:

    Thanks for getting Bonnie Hunter into your magazine! My favorite blog is Alycia Quilts, with the help of her quilting friends, she just donated over 700 quilts to soldiers!

  74. Desi says:

    I love Bonnie’s scrap quilts and her “it just makes sense” scrap user system. It really works! I’m looking forward to working on her new Christmas Lights Mystery Quilt.

  75. While everyone has listed my blogroll of favorites so far (and I was delighted to find my own blog listed as a favorite, btw!) there is always ‘that’ blog that inspires you and lets you know and feel the true joy of quilting and reminds us all just how much quilts and quilts fill the places in our hearts and souls.

    I nominate Julie’s blog at
    I have the ability to talk about life, community quilting, charitable quilting and give away thousands of free pattern links…but Julie really quilts ;)

  76. Jo Vdmey says:

    I discovered reading blogs a few years ago when I recovered from surgery. Reading blogs makes me feel like I have one huge quilt guild. It connects us to the world. Quilting blogs reinforce for me the good in the world as these ladies share their knowledge freely with others. I have learned so much through the blog world! My all time long read blog is Bonnie Hunters. She is the reason I have linked here and read Quiltmaker magazine!
    My next long awaited blog is
    I love reading here blog!
    I used to read other blogs to but I lost them when I had a computer crash and have never found a link back to them. Sigh! This has taught me to back up!

  77. Brebda Turner says:

    Thanks to Bonnie’s blog I subcribed to Quiltmaker. I love her scrappy patterns and hope to use up a lot of my fabric, doing the Christmas Mystery! :-)

  78. paula mirfield says:

    Yet another Bonnie fan and have made several of her quilts. I’m totally in awe of how “scrappy” looks and because of her, I’m not so intimidated by quilts with lots of little pieces. I too have a subscription to your magazine because of her articles. THANKS

  79. Elke Lindl says:

    I like Bonnie Hunter quilts. I like the scrappy look and that anybody can take shirts for making them.
    I like the blog of
    too. She make scrapquilts too.
    Bonnie is a great person.
    It is bad, that she isn´t living in Germany.
    Elke from Germany

  80. Lucy Dufendach says:

    My favorite, after Bonnie’s blog, is Lurline’s place.

  81. I started my journey into quilting blogs because of Bonnie’s blog at Quiltville. Now I have my own blog I enjoy “lurking” at many fun blog links and I would love to win Bonnie’s book. :)

  82. Di says:

    I currently have more than 130 blogs in my Google Reader, including Bonnie’s and most of the favourites listed in these comments (though I’ve picked up a couple of new ones – when will I find time to stitch?!?!). However my current favourite is My friend Linda is such an inspiration, in so many ways – as you’ll discover if you pop over to her blog. Currently we are each working on our own version of a gorgeous quilt, Snowball Medallion, designed here in Australia by Emma Jansen at It’s fun to check on each other’s progress!

  83. Mary Ellen says:

    I’m a new Quilter and have enjoyed using the Internet to learn about quilting, tips on quilting, patterns to quilt, & fabric. I have been enjoying Bonnie Hunter’s Blog because she not only talks about quilts & quilting, but includes personal highlights. I look forward to trying one of her patterns and have already started using Leaders & Enders.

  84. Anna says:

    I began my own blog after lurking on the blogs for about a year. I have had the pleasure of meeting other bloggers. I continue reading blogs- they offer so much inspiration and new ideas.
    I do enjoy Bonnie’s blog but there are some others that I continue to visit- Kim from Kimsbigquilting adventure and judy laquidara from Patchworktimes and Sharon at redgeranium cottage and taniwa and Tonya ‘s lazygal blog . I also read a number of Australian blogs meggie life’sfreetreats and rhubarbwhine … My blog list has about 190 wonderful quilt blogs to enjoy – Nice book that are you are giving away- Bonnie’s blog is always an inspiration…
    Whomever wins the book will be a lucky winner..
    Regards from a Western Canadian Quilter,

  85. Jill says:

    Love Bonnie’s site. Also love Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

  86. Carol Coombs says:

    My all time favorite blog is, Bonnie Hunters quilting blog. It is just packed with information and motivation. Next in line is Patchwork Time with Judy.

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