Say cheese

If you read my bio under Meet the Staff, you know I have sons. My oldest just graduated from college, and my youngest is about to get his drivers’ license, and I have two more in between. We do a lot of hiking and backpacking in the summer, and this is a picture we got last summer.

family ctrail Say cheese

The Eisingers on the Colorado Trail, Segment 5

My son Steve, on the far right, can’t seem to smile for a camera, but I wanted to use this shot for our Christmas card, so I ‘photoshopped’ a little curve into the corners of his mouth and relaxed his eyebrows.

say cheese Say cheese

In my job as graphic designer here at Quiltmaker I use Photoshop a lot. It can be a great tool for quilting too. A few years ago I made this quilt, using printable fabric sheets and my inkjet printer. Instructions for how to make a quilt like this are in our QM special newsstand issue called Quilting with Printed Fabric.

gem lake Say cheese

A Gem of a Lake

The thing about this quilt is that the photo of my husband and four sons is altered in Photoshop. The boy on the left (Steve again) wasn’t actually in that particular snapshot. I ‘photoshopped’ him in from another snapshot taken that day on our hike.
I named this quilt Gem Lake, and after it was printed, a reader wrote to point out that that was NOT Gem lake. She was right. We do a lot of hiking and I had mis-remembered the trail we were on that day. It was actually Cub Lake (I think!)

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2 Responses to Say cheese

  1. Peg Spradlin says:

    Nice to read your blog, Trese. It’s a fun way to keep up with you all on staff.

  2. I think that photo’s going to make a great Christmas card! Who knew that PhotoShop skills would come in handy at holiday time.

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